Prep Football All-Star teams

Charlie Wedemeyer's greatness has withstood the test of time.

Hawaii Prep World is in the process of putting together a list of every prep football all-star team as voted on by the major newspapers dating back to the 1940s. Below is a year-by-year list of the teams we have put together. Eventually, we hope to have every year represented.


Punahou quarterback Larry Tuileta kissed the championship trophy after the 2013 HHSAA high school football division I championship. Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser

Hawaii’s two major newspapers merged in 2010, resulting in only one All-State football team.

2019: Jayden de Laura, Saint Louis (Offense); Nick Herbig, Saint Louis (Defense)
2018: Dillon Gabriel, Mililani (Offense); Faatui Tuitele, Saint Louis (Defense)
2017: Chevan Cordeiro, Saint Louis (Offense); Kana’i Mauga, Waianae (Defense)
2016: Tua Tagovailoa, Saint Louis (Offense); Kekaula Kaniho, Kahuku (Defense)
2015: Vavae Malepeai, Mililani (Offense); Keala Santiago, Kahuku (Defense)
2014: McKenzie Milton, Mililani (Offense); Rex Manu, Mililani (Defense)
2013: Larry Tuileta, Punahou (Offense); Kelii Padello, Mililani (Defense)
2012: Aofaga Wily, Kahuku (Offense); Kawehena Johnson, Kahuku (Defense)
2011: Kenan Sadanaga, Leilehua (Offense); Benny Fonua, Kahuku (Defense)
2010: Marcus Mariota, Saint Louis (Offense); Juda Parker, Saint Louis (Defense)


Leilehua quarterback Andrew Manley was called up from the junior varsity team midway through the 2007 and led the Mules to a state title. Leilehua again made the final a year later with Manley at QB.

2009*: Ryan Ho, Kamehameha (Offense, Star-Bulletin); Andrew Manley, Leilehua (Offense, Advertiser); Hauoli Jamora, Kahuku (Defense); Beau Yap, Kamehameha (Defense, Advertiser)
*The Advertiser voted for co-defensive players of the year
2008*: Andrew Manley, Leilehua (Offense); Robby Toma, Punahou (Offense, Advertiser); Manti Te’o, Punahou (Defense)
*The Advertiser voted for co-offensive players of the year
2007: Micah Mamiya, Saint Louis (Offense, Advertiser); Kama Bailey, Damien (Offense, Star-Bulletin); Robert Siavii, Leilehua (Defense, Advertiser); Manti Te’o, Punahou (Defense, Star-Bulletin)
2006: Micah Mamiya, Saint Louis (Offense, Advertiser); Miah Ostrowski, Punahou (Offense, Star-Bulletin); George Kauwalu, Saint Louis (Defense)
2005: Kealoha Pilares, Damien (Offense); B.J. Beatty, Kahuku (Defense, Advertiser); Jonathan Overton, Punahou (Defense, Star-Bulletin)
2004: Jayson Rego, Kamehameha (Offense); Mika Kane, Kamehameha (Defense, Advertiser); Kaluka Maiava, Baldwin (Defense, Star-Bulletin)
2003: Jeremy Perry, Saint Louis (Offense, Advertiser); Matt Bell, Farrington (Offense, Star-Bulletin); Walker Vave, Kahuku (Defense)
2002: B.J. Batts, Saint Louis (Offense, Advertiser); Bobby George, Saint Louis (Offense, Star-Bulletin); Wilson Afoa, Saint Louis (Defense)
2001*: Inoke Funaki, Kahuku (Offense); Mulivai Pula, Kahuku (Offense, Advertiser); Jonathan Mapu, Kahuku (Defense)
*The Advertiser chose co-offensive players of the year
2000: Pesefea Fiaseu, Saint Louis (Offense, Back); Chris Kemoeatu, Kahuku (Defense, Lineman)


George Ornellas was the best player in the land in 1994. Dennis Oda / Star-Bulletin

The Star-Bulletin did not recognize players of the year in 1992 and ’93.

1999*: Timmy Chang, Saint Louis (Offense); Ikaika Curnan, Saint Louis (Defense); Houston Ala, Kamehameha (Defense, Star-Bulletin)
*The Star-Bulletin voted for co-defensive players of the year
1998*: Joe Igber, ‘Iolani (Offense); Joe Siofele, Saint Louis (Defense); Houston Ala, Kamehameha (Defense, Star-Bulletin
*The Star-Bulletin had co-defensive players of the year
1997: Joe Igber, ‘Iolani (Offense); Tony Tata, Saint Louis (Defense)
1996: Tafiti Uso, Punahou (Offense); Ed Taamu, ‘Iolani (Defense); Wes Tufaga, Saint Louis (Defense, Advertiser)
*The Advertiser chose co-defensive players of the year
1995: Darnell Arceneaux, Saint Louis (Offense); Chris Paogofie, Waianae (Defense)
1994*: George Ornellas, Saint Louis (Offense); Kautai Olevao, Kahuku (Defense); Peter Salavea, Saint Louis (Defense, Advertiser)
*The Advertiser chose co-defensive players of the year
1993*: Brian Ah Yat, ‘Iolani (Offense); George Ornellas, Saint Louis (Offense); Peter Salavea, Saint Louis (Defense)
*The Advertiser chose co-offensive players of the year
1992: Brendyn Agbayani, Saint Louis (Offense); Jerry Leaeno, Campbell (Defense)
1991: Tasi Malepeai, Saint Louis (Lineman); Joel Lane, Saint Louis (Back)
1990*: Mark Atuaia, Kahuku (Offense); John Hao, Saint Louis (Offense); Ed Siaosi, Saint Louis (Defense)
•The Advertiser had co-offensive players of the year while the Star-Bulletin voted Atuaia and Hao as co-MVP’s.


1980 October 2 – Waianae High School quarterback Michael Beazley waits for the word from Coach Larry Ginoza (probably a fourth-down play, since Beazley has taken his shoe off to punt). Honolulu Star-Bulletin photo by Alexis Higdon

The Star-Bulletin did an All-Oahu team in 1988 and ’89. Previously they chose a back of the year and a lineman of the year.

1989: Mark Atuaia, Kahuku (Offense); Kalei Kaanoi, Saint Louis (Defense)
1988: Micah Matsuzaki, Saint Louis (Offense); Kendall Purcell, Saint Louis (Defense)
1987: Shannon Cabunoc, Saint Louis (Offense); John Correa, Saint Louis (Defense); Sam Bailey, Waianae (Back); Eric Gaspar, Kailua (Lineman)
1986: Richard Stevenson, Kahuku (Offense, Back); Manly Williams, Saint Louis (Defense, Lineman)
1985: Garrett Gabriel, Pac-Five (Offense, Back); Wade Thoemmes, Pac-Five (Defense); George Smith, Pac-Five (Lineman)
1984: Phillip Ke-a, Leilehua (Offense, Back); Junior Tyrell, Leilehua (Defense, Lineman)
1983: Sean Kinilau, Saint Louis (Offense, Back); Russ Oleyer, Kalaheo (Defense, Lineman)
1982: Lakei Heimuli, Kahuku (Offense); Derrick Mahaulu, Waianae (Defense); Al Noga, Farrington (Defense)
1981: Cliff Kaneaiakala, Kaiser (Offense); Kurt Gouveia, Waianae (Defense)
1980: Mike Beazley, Waianae (Offense); Junior Tufono, ‘Iolani (Defense, Advertiser); Moreli Toilolo, Waianae (Defense, Star-Bulletin)


Blane Gaison parlayed a successful career at Kamehameha into a stint with the Rainbows.

The Star-Bulletin released its first All-State team in 1977. The Honolulu Advertiser began with its first All-Oahu team in 1970.

1979: Boyd Yap, Kaiser (Offense, Back); Max Maneafaiga, Waianae (Defense); Leroy Lutu, Pac-Five (Lineman)
1978: Paul Goo, Saint Louis (Back); Wayne Apuna, Saint Louis (Line, Player of the Year)
1977: James Holt, Waianae (Offense, Back); Nathan Fletcher, Waianae (Defense); Mark Tuinei, Punahou (Lineman)
1976: David Hughes, Kamehameha (Back); Casey Kunitomo (Lineman)
1975: Blane Gaison, Waianae (Back), Tom Tuinei, Waianae (Lineman)
1974: Willy Galoia, Farrington (Back), Alfred Harris, Leilehua (Line)
1973: Mosiula Tatupu, Punahou (Back), Fialele Edra, Leilehua (Line)
1972: Alex Kaloi, Leilehua (Back); Tiloi Lolotai, ‘Iolani (Line)
1971: Mosi Tatupu, Punahou (Back); Tiloi Lolotai, Iolani (Line); Wes Lavatai, Farrington (Line), Judah Heffernan, Kahuku (Back); Adam Halemano, Farrington (Back), Clifton Alapa, Kahuku (Line); Kendell Cozo, Leilehua (Line), Alex Kaloi, Leilehua (Back); Malcom Kia, Waipahu (Line).
1970: Kaipo Spencer, Saint Louis; Arnold Morgado, Punahou; Dan Kitashima, Kamehameha; Kale Ane, Punahou


Waianae’s Omega Reyes was the OIA back of the year in 1966.

Both newspapers chose ILH and OIA all-star teams and did not combine them.

1969: Steve Hookano, Kamehameha (Player of the Year); Onosai Tanuvasa, Farrington (Back), Blessing Bird, McKinley (Line); Tom Aalona, Kahuku (Line); Charles Ah You, Kahuku (Back).
1968: Ronald Autele, McKinley (ILH Back); John Parker, Iolani (ILH Line); Bernard Rembert, Radford (OIA Back); Alehandro Clarabal, Waianae (OIA Line); Etuale Suafoa, Radford (OIA Line).
1967: Jim Nicholson, Saint Louis (ILH Player of the Year); Donald Mahi, Saint Louis (ILH Line); George Dudoit, Saint Louis (ILH Back); Greg Kila, Waianae (OIA Line); Francisco Limbago, Waianae (OIA Back); Warren Ellis, Waianae (OIA Back).
1966: John Coen, McKinley (ILH Back); Sanford Obra, Saint Louis (ILH Line); Frank Gaspar, Farrington (ILH Line); Stephen Lorenzo, Waianae (OIA Line); Omega Reyes, Waianae (OIA Back); Daniel Padeken, Waianae (OIA Line).
1965: Stanley Cadiente, Farrington (ILH Back), Ambrose Costa, Farrington (ILH Line); Peter O’Sullivan, Kailua (OIA Back); Eddie Chung, Kailua (OIA Line); Hal Fitchett, Kailua (OIA Line).
1964: Charles Wedemeyer, Punahou (ILH Back); Doug Jacobson, Punahou (ILH Line); Sammy Stevens, Aiea (OIA Back); Richard Downey, Radford (OIA Line).
1963: Warner Wong, Roosevelt (ILH Line); Robert Apisa, Farrington (ILH Back);
1962: Deroy Lavatai, Farrington (ILH Line); Mike Lum, Roosevelt (ILH Back); Robert Richardson, Kailua (OIA Line); Tim Berry, Kailua (OIA Back); Cranston Kamaka, Waianae (OIA Back).
1961: Wayne Williams, Punahou (ILH Back); Glenn Shea, Roosevelt (ILH Line); Walter Maze, Radford (OIA Back); Norman Kane, Roosevelt (OIA Line).
1960: Mike Chun, Kamehameha (ILH Line); Sargeant Napuunoa, Kamehameha (ILH Back); William Apisa, Farrington (ILH Back); Peter Haliniak, Roosvelt (ILH Line); Melvin Saunders, Radford (OIA Back); Gary Thomas, Waipahu (OIA Line); John Kawaa, Waianae (OIA Line).


Theodore “little pump” Searle was one of the best punters of the early 1950s for Saint Louis.

1959: Al Yamashiro, Iolani (ILH Back); Bob Crockett, Punahou (ILH Line); Louis Santiago, Kahuku (OIA); Spencer Kaanaana, Kahuku (OIA)
1958: Douglas Chan, McKinley (ILH Back); Walter Kaohu, Saint Louis (ILH Line); Ken Santiago, Waipahu (OIA Line); Franklin Kaaa, Waipahu (OIA Back)
1957: Francois Wallace, Roosevelt (ILH Line); Dan Cuban, Kamehameha (ILH Back); Jerry Yokono, Waipahu (OIA); Joseph Jerviss, Leilehua (OIA)
1956: Eugene Watanabe, Iolani (ILH Line); Mark Holbrook, Roosevelt (ILH Back); James Tollefsen, Kahuku (OIA); Jerry Yokono, Waipahu (OIA).
1955: George Purdy, Roosevelt (ILH Back); George Naukana, Roosevelt (ILH Line); Kenneth Souza, Waialua (OIA); Bob Tokunaga, Waipahu (OIA); Clarence Young, Castle (OIA)
1954: Talbot George, Saint Louis (ILH MVP); Walter Yamada, Waialua (OIA); Stanley Takenaka, Waialua (OIA); Thomas Shirizu, Waialua (OIA); Dan Bajo, Waialua (OIA).
1953: Alvin Harrington, Punahou (ILH Back); Robert Shiroma, Saint Louis (ILH Line); Maurice Viernes, Leilehua (OIA); Charles Maiawa, Kahuku (OIA) Adam Duncan, Castle (OIA); Wenceslao Bajo, Waialua (OIA).
1952: Donald Chang, Kamehameha (ILH); Alexander Kane, Kamehameha (ILH); Richard Kuwabara, Waialua (OIA), Gerald Welch, Waialua (OIA).
1951: Roy Ryder, Roosevelt (ILH); Raymond Rodrigues, Waipahu (OIA).
1950: Charles Kaaihue, Iolani (ILH Player of the year); Jimmy Olivares, Waipahu (OIA Player of the Year).


Merv Lopes, rear, was a football star for Iolani before he became a legendary basketball coach.