TRENCH WARFARE: Kaimuki’s Sama Paama

Kaimuki two-way standout lineman Sama Paama is headed to the University of Washington next year. Photo by Dennis Oda/Star-Advertiser.

It was a staple of Hawaii Prep World for two years back in the day. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the resources to keep doing it.

However, for tonight’s OIA Division II title game between Kaimuki and Roosevet, Hawaii Prep World is bringing back its Trench Warfare series, featuring Kaimuki senior and University of Washington commit Sama Paama.

An idea designed to give some due credit to the big boys in the trenches, Trench Warfare is a series that scores a football game like a boxing match. Each series is graded on a 10-9 scale and Paama will be featured on both offense and defense.

We will track his every snap. This is strictly for fun.


A tough loss for Kaimuki. Paama ends up playing a staggering 80 of 116 plays from scrimmage, including 43 of 45 on defense. He finishes with 5.5 tackles, 3 tackles for loss and a sack. The only two plays he missed on defense were when one of his teammates went low on him and he needed to get his ankle retaped.

One of the fun parts of this is getting to know guys you would never know about and Roosevelt’s Adam Soares, the left guard, did a superb job when he was in there. Sure, he got a lot of help on double teams, but all you had to do is look at the difference with him on the field and off of it. Once he left the game in the third quarter with an injury, it was feeding time for Paama, who is an incredible mix of size and speed.

Hard not to compare him to Breiden Fehoko from a few years back. Paama probably a little more athletic. Both incredibly strong. Paama is going to eat up a ton of space on that line in college.


OFFENSE NO. 13: Paama out the first play and in for the second. INT (4 of 5 snaps). Roosevelt with the pick-six.

DEFENSE NO. 12: Another TFL for Paama who just whips the guard to the outside and then drills the running back to the turf. Put this second half on a highlight tape. Now directly over center he jumps early for his second encroachment penalty in the game. Paama with a great job reading a middle screen. Stops on a dime and is right there to help the tackle for no gain. (3 of 3 snaps).

OFFENSE NO. 12: Paama out to start. INT by Kaimuki (0 of 2 snaps). N/A

DEFENSE NO. 11: Paama makes a move one way and the run goes the other way for a big gainer. They try it again and Paama shields the block and makes the tackle for a short gain. Paama has another tackle all but wrapped up and somehow the back escapes but is quickly put down by two other guys. Big third down here. Two runs at Paama have netted nothing after the first big gainer. STUFFED. Paama with the swim move and meets the backer right in the hole. Big collision and tackle for loss. I understand running the ball, but three consecutive runs at Paama net 0 yards. Roosevelt goes for it and as Paama eats a double team, his neighbor gets a sack. 10-9 Paama. (5 of 5 snaps).

OFFENSE NO. 11: Paama out to start and misses all five snaps. Kaimuki punt. N/A (0 of 5 snaps)

OFFENSE NO. 10: Paama gets a breather for one snap and then is right back in. Kaimuki is just going to grind this out. Two yards before the RB touches the back of an O-lineman. Fumble return for TD for Roosevelt but for the purpose of this exercise, 10-9 Paama. (4 of 5 snaps)

DEFENSE NO. 10: Paama stays in despite playing 18 of last 19 snaps. Looks like Soares is still out and this has problems written all over it for Roosevelt as the quarter ends. Snap infraction as the center can probably feel Paama breathing down on him now. Swim move by Paama nearly goes untouched by the center. The QB just barely eludes the sack as Paama came at him full speed. That was a torching. Third-and-long and Paama goes wide over the guard, Samia, in for Soares, Paama just throws him off his left hand, the QB steps up and SACK LUNCH. It has been a bloodbath since Soares left the game on the previous drive. 10-8 Paama. (3 of 3 snaps)

OFFENSE NO. 9: Paama in at guard and Kaimuki is going to run, run, run behind him. Roosevelt with the gang-tackles to force a three-and-out. Kaimuki and Paama couldn’t generate much push on that drive but they line up to on fourth-and-5. No chance. Turnover on downs. Roosevelt’s D-Line won that easy. Rough Riders 10-9 (4 of 4 snaps)

DEFENSE NO. 9: Paama shields a block and is right there to finish off a tackle to start the drive. He is starting to take over on both sides. An injury to a player and Uperesa Samia comes in to try to block Paama and it’s a no contest. Paama takes his left hand and just clubs Samia to the side to force a quick throw on a QB who was about to get destroyed. Three-and-out. 10-9 Paama. (3 of 3 snaps)

OFFENSE NO. 8: Paama at guard to start as Kaimuki goes into its jumbo package. Third-and-2 and they run right behind Paama and the push nets a first down. Paama does his job on all six running plays and Kaimuki breaks two big ones to score, nope, a hold brings it back. Paama out after five plays. One play and he’s back at left guard. Kaimuki running behind him almost exclusively now. Paama makes a hole and now it’s a rushing TD. That was all the offensive line on that 90-play drive. (8 of 9 snaps). 10-9 Paama.

DEFENSE NO. 8: Quick change and Paama is back out there. Roosevelt tries a deep ball and they are lucky it was a quick fade because they tried to block Paama 1-on-1 and there was no chance whatsoever. Give Soares credit for Roosevelt. The kid is not backing down. Three-and-out. 10-9 Paama. (3 of 3 snaps)

OFFENSE NO. 7: Paama starts on the sideline. He generally huddles with the defense after a series and then if the offense picks up a first down or two, you’ll see him out there. (0 of 7 snaps) N/A.

DEFENSE NO. 7: Looks like the tape is off to start the second half. Paama fights off a double team and records his first solo tackle to start the second half. Paama has a chance at a second tackle but Soares gets just enough of him to keep him away. Paama claps his hands in disgust. Roosevelt three-and-out. 10-9 Paama (3 of 3 snaps).

Paama finished the first half playing 39 of 58 snaps (23 of 25 on defense, 16 of 33 on offense). He had to miss two defensive plays after taking friendly fire to his legs. He got his right ankle taped up and didn’t play nearly as many snaps on offense after that. Overall, just a space-eater in the middle on defense. Took him a few plays to get going but once he did, no Roosevelt double team could keep him from moving the line back. A little more inconsistent on offense. He allowed Gusman to get by once to assist on a sack. In terms of a 3-technique defensive tackle, though, with that size and speed, you can see why colleges were banging down the door for his services.

DEFENSE NO. 6: One play. Halftime (1 of 1 snaps).

OFFENSE NO. 6: Paama again starts the series on the sideline. A big play in the passing game and Paama is in on the third play of drive at his left tackle spot. Get to see Paama spring out on the toss sweep to his side but he can’t get a hand on anyone. That right ankle might be bugging him slightly. Gusman tries to go wide around Paama but nothing there on the pass rush. Paama seals the left side to give his QB extra time. Fourth down. Another rush wide and Paama just rides Gusman about 10 yards behind the QB. Ball on the 3 and he moves to right guard. Oh man. He just bullies the entire left side of the defense of Roosevlt and it’s a walk-in TD. That wins it for Paama. 10-9. (5 of 8 snaps)

DEFENSE NO. 5: Paama jumps early while standing right over center. Roosevelt went with the delayed snap count there. No gain as Roosevelt tries to run it at Paama, who eats a double team and allows the guy next to him to make the tackle. Three-and-out. Paama 10-9. (3 of 3 snaps)

OFFENSE NO. 5: Paama again remains on the sideline. He sits out the first five but is coming in after a first-down catch. Timeout Roosevelt first. Paama lines up at left tackle. Roosevelt hasn’t even bothered to put a player across from him. Roosevelt’s Keneke Gusman tries a speed rush around him and goes nowhere. Gusman fakes the speed rush and cuts inside and Paama can barely get a hand on him as Gusman assists on a sack on fourth down. That wins the round right there. Roosevelt 10-9. (4 of 9 snaps)

DEFENSE NO. 4: A bad snap on the punt and Roosevelt has it on the Kaimuki 5. Paama back in. Jumbo on Jumbo. Paama over the left guard and assists on a tackle as Roosevelt tries to run behind the right guard. Senior Chayden Sasaki-Kalamau with the block on Paama. TD Roosevelt. Rough Riders 10-9 (3 of 3 snaps).

OFFENSE NO. 4: Paama remains out on offense. It looks like he’s getting his right ankle taped up. N/A/ (0 of 4 snaps).

DEFENSE NO. 3: After a short kickoff by who else, Paama, he stays in at DT. He stands back a yard or two in front of the left guard and then Haliniak comes down to block and the two exchange words. Might have been a hands in the face. Anyway second play Paama explodes off the snap and nearly bats down the quick pass. He was back there in a hurry. Back over the center and he eats up two blocks to help force a run for no gain. Ogami is giving up 170 pounds to Paama but gets low and uses his leverage to block him well on next play. END 1. Another quick pass. There’s no sitting in the pocket by Roosevelt tonight. Get it out quickly on throws. A nice double team opens up a hole and Paama gets hit by his own teammate low and is a tad slow getting up. Paama has to come out. Taken out by some friendly fire. Bulldogs force a fumble. Rough Rider win that one 10-0. (6 of 8 snaps).

OFFENSE NO. 3: Paama begins the third series on the sideline. After a long run and another play, Paama is in at left tackle. He seals the end beautifully for a run right behind him to the 5. First down. Back to the elephant with Paama at right guard and they run away from him for a TD. Roosevelt bit to the middle. That seal block was good enough to win this one. 10-9 Paama. (3 of 6 snaps).

DEFENSE NO. 2: Second play is a Paama special. He’s been floating around a little between the center and the other side of the guard, but for this play, he goes right over center and just throws the center and left guard back into the quarterback on the keeper. QB bounces off the butt of his blockers and goes outside. Second play is the same. Looks like Paama has found how to attack this offense. Lines up right over the ball and shoves the center and left guard straight back. Three plays in a row. Good luck running up the middle against that. Paama 10-9. (4 of 4 snaps).

OFFENSE NO. 2: Paama at right guard for the first snap and then he comes out for the second play. Bulldogs decide to punt on fourth-and-1 at midfield as Paama sits out last two plays. N/A (1 of 3 snaps)

POSSESSION 1 DEFENSE: Paama lines up right over the ball and is double-teammed by Egan Okami (5-9, 180) and Adam Soares (6-2, 250). Soares with the nice help. Big run on the next play as Roosevelt’s Milton Haliniak (5-10, 200) helps on the double team and pushes Paama straight back. Paama with a little shove at the end but Haliniak got him on that one. One-on-one against Soares is no contest but everything is quick out of the hands of the Roosevelt QB. Haliniak, the left tackle, comes crashing down on Paama and Roosevelt gets a big run out wide left. Okami with a one-on-one block after Paama nearly jumped early. He wasn’t ready and Roosevelt with a touchdown run right up the gap. All Roosevelt on that one. 10-9 Rough Riders. (6 of 6 snaps)

POSSESSION 1 OFFENSE: Paama lines up at right guard to start opposite Roosevelt’s Lio Ilalio. Bulldogs go quick with the run. Second play he moves to left guard and pushes Ilalio about 5 yards downfield. He’s back to right guard on a third-and-long and it’s a quick run away from him. Kaimuki goes three-and-out. Not much action to start. Interesting to watch him move back and forth next to the center. 10-10. (3 of 3 snaps)

Bulldogs will receive.


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