TRENCH WARFARE: Pomroy vs. Uluave

Kahuku's Kahuku's Salanoa-Alo Wily found room to run once the Red Raiders made a change on their offensive line. Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser
Kahuku’s Kahuku’s Salanoa-Alo Wily found room to run once the Red Raiders made a change on their offensive line. Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser

The Hilo Vikings are looking to become the first BIIF team to win a game in the Division I state tournament.

In order to do that, the Vikings defense will have to stand tall against the Red Raiders.

In the latest episode of Trench Warfare, Hilo senior defensive tackle Kiliona Pomroy (5-11, 250) will wage war against Kahuku’s best offensive lineman, senior Siotame Uluave (6-3, 295).

As we wait for kickoff, here’s a look at our other Trench Warfare battles from 2014:

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As always, this is purely for fun. Each series is scored like a boxing round with a 10-point must system.


Uluave starts at left tackle while Pomroy lines up at left defensive end. Craighlen Lapilio opens up opposite Uluave and throws him back and makes the tackle on the very first play. Uluave battles back on the next play and stuffs Lapilio. Third down and Uluave crashes inside and finds himself against Pomroy who gets off the block quick and makes a tackle to force the punt. 10-9 Pomroy.


We’re going to focus on Uluave against Lapilio. First play is a run and Uluave leaves Lapilio unblocked as he races down the line before peeling back to block a linebacker. Pomroy has to sit out a play since his helmet came off. Third down as Uluave had nobody to block. Uluave throws Lapilio to the ground on third down as Kahuku tries to run behind him but no hole opens and Kahuku has to punt. 10-9 Uluave.


Kahuku ran a fake punt and kept the ball but we’re going to score this a new round anyway. Uluave and Lapilio getting after it as Uluave blocks him way inside. Uluave whiffs on a block as Lapilio beat him with the outside rush but the ball is away. Almost intercepted. Third-and-a-mile. Uluave goes to block Lapilio but Hilo sends a blitz behind and nobody picks him up, forcing a bad throw deep that is intercepted. 10-9 Lapilio/Hilo.


Lapilio is blocked momentarily but eventually get off of it. Hilo gets a sack. Uluave shoots to the linebacker level and puts a hit on Rylen Kaniaupio but the run goes nowhere. Third and long and Lapilio goes nowhere. 10-9 Uluave but Hilo’s defensive line is winning everywhere else.


Kahuku starts on its own 2 and runs right as Uluave is left with nobody to block. Uluave does his part on the next run but the rest of the Kahuku O-line caves in against Hilo’s pressure up front. Quick pass on third down as Lapilio blows past Uluave and Kahuku gets the first down before fumbling. Not a whole lot there. 10-10.


Uluave with a big run block of Lapilio on the first play, driving him back. Lapilio has a chance to get off block and make tackle but just misses the running back. Kahuku runs away from Uluave’s side. Uluave makes the right read to come off the lineman and block the blitzing linebacker, Ofa Fahiua, but whiffs and Fahiua forces a fumble. Kahuku recovers but it’s a huge loss and the Red Raiders are foced to punt. 10-9 Vikings.


Kahuku gets the ball back down 10 and runs two plays to end the half. Couldn’t find Uluave until the very end of the second play. He was at center. Won’t score that one.

Halftime notes: It’s 3-2-1 in favor of Hilo as the anticipated matchup of Uluave against Pomroy hasn’t materialized as Hilo has put its stud on the opposite side of the line. So far it has worked out as the Vikings have shut out Kahuku. Uluave has done well matched up against Lapilio. He’s the most versatile o-lineman on Kahuku and ended the half with two plays at center. Interesting to see where he starts out to open the second half.


Uluave starts at center and opens with a good block on David Pakele to spring a 7-yard run. Third-and-2 and Uluave is down field looking for anyone to block as Kahuku picks up the first down. Uluave gets enough of Pakele to keep him from a tackle for loss as Kahuku runs for 6 more yards. Pomroy down on the play and it looks like he’s cramping (hopefully). He stays down though so it could be worse as now the cart is out. He would be a big blow for Hilo. He looks OK finally getting up but is carted off in the passenger seat instead of on the back. Back to action. Kahuku had been in rhythm. Encroachment on Hilo gives the Red Raiders a first down. HUGE run by Kahuku up the middle as Uluave made it happen, blowing up Tracen Calicdan on a block. Red Raiders inside the 20 as they run behind Uluave every time. Kahuku O-line surging with Uluave in the middle. Third-and-2. Any doubt where they go? False start on the right guard, sophomore Taimane Wily-Matagi. Third-and-7. Uluave pancakes Pakele as again they run straight ahead and get close to the marker. They will measure. First down Kahuku at the Hilo 11. Uluave puts Calicdan on the ground for another big run to the 3. False start on the right tackle. Uluave opens another huge hole as Kahuku runs 6 yards to the 2. Kahuku goes for it again and Uluave makes a block but Fahiua blitzes from the linebacker spot and may have forced a fumble after a hit in the backfield. Vikings ball. 10-9 Uluave but Kahuku with another turnover. Fourth of the game. Third fumble lost.


Kahuku gets the ball right back after three-and-out. Uluave missed a block on Fahiua blitzing up the middle and Fahiua just is able to trip up the running back. Pomroy whistled for a personal foul after the play. Nothing on the next play as Hilo drops its guys into coverage on a pass. Almost like they knew it was coming there. Rain starts to fall heavy. Pitch out to the right leaves Uluave without much on that play. Another personal foul on Hilo. Rylen Kaniaupio whistled for that one. Kahuku fakes the run again and throws and again Hilo is whistled for a flag. First-and-goal at the 8 and Kahuku is whistled for moving early. It was the receiver, Chance Maghanoy. Back to the 13. Uluave pancakes Kamaloni Kauvaka as the run goes right behind him inside the 10 but a hold is called on Victor Tualau. Uuave has two Hilo defensive guys on the ground near his feet but the ball goes out wide left. Almost another Kahuku fumble. Was that a double pancake by Uluave? Kahuku player shaken up on the play. Second-and-22 from the 29. Kahuku tries a trick play as Uluave with a light block on Calicdan and it’s almost a TD, then almost a pick. Third-and-long. Uluave pass blocks Calicdan again and a flag on Hilo for pass interference. Now it’s waived off. Kahuku goes for it on fourth and long and another flag is thrown. No pressure up the middle by Hilo. Personal foul on Hilo. Fourth-and-7 at the 14. Kahuku lines up to kick but Hilo jumps. Now it’s fourth-and-2. Kahuku lines up to kick again. Figured they might go for it. Kahuku kicks field goal. Uluave has been a stud at center. 10-9 Uluave.


Kahuku ball at its 35 with 10:11 trailing 10-3. Uluave with a block on Calicdan as Kahuku throws it for a first down. Uluave and the QB, Samuta Avea, can’t connect on the snap but Avea recovers it. Uluave snaps and drives up the field to put a block on the linebacker but Hilo makes the stop at line of scrimmage. Third-and-10 and another false-start penalty on Kahuku. Kahuku tries a screen but it goes nowhere. Tough round to score. We’ll give it 10-9 to the entire Hilo DL.


Kahuku takes over on the Hilo 25 after Alohi Gilman’s interception. One play and it happened so quickly as Salanoa-Alo Wily looked like he was bottled up in the backfield but broke multiple tackles and eventually scored on a 25-yard run. One play and it looked like Kahuku missed a couple of blocks up front but it’s a touchdown and thus, Kahuku gets it 10-9.


Kahuku with the ball on its 35 tied 10-10 with 5:21 remaining. Calicdan goes low on Uluave who pins him down but the mass of bodies doesn’t allow any running room for Kahuku. Uluave shoots off the snap and gets to the next level but can’t find a linebacker to block. Third-and-2. Calicdan again goes low on Uluave but the handoff is to the fullback straight up the middle and he has plenty of room behind Uluave to rumble for a big gain. Fahiua blitzes up the middle and Uluave gets off and blows him up. HUGE block springs a 31-yard run right up the gut. First-and-goal at the 10. Hilo again goes low on blocks but Uluave steps over and gets to the next level to allow Wily to rumble for 8 yards. Uluave gets one more big block on Kauvaka and Wily rumbles in from 2 yards out. 17-10 Kahuku. 10-9 Uluave.


Kahuku ball on the Hilo 12 after an interception. Kahuku with two short runs up the middle as Hilo’s defensive line crashes all in against the run. Third-and-7. Uluave blocks both Calicdan and a blitzing linebacker as Kahuku runs a boot leg to set up a field goal. 10-9 Vikings as the D-line tries to keep Hilo in it. Field goal is good and that’s probably the game. 20-10 with 50 seconds left.

Final tally is 6-5-1 in favor of Uluave and Kahuku but this was special to watch, because the entire game, and Kahuku’s season, came down to the adjustment of moving Uluave to center. Everything changed from that point on as Kahuku found success running up the middle. The Red Raiders went old school, getting back to that smashmouth football they have always been known for with their starting QB, Wily-Matagi, sidelined with a concussion. It was unfortunate Pomroy got hurt because Hilo may have moved him to the middle to try to stop Kahuku in the fourth quarter. Nonetheless, Uluave deserves the game ball because he was the difference as the Red Raiders march on.


  1. Jerry Campany November 7, 2014 10:44 pm

    This was my favorite Trench Warfare yet.

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