TRENCH WARFARE: Tanuvasa vs. Cabrera

Farrington's Tatum Tanuvasa hurdled over a Maui blocker on Friday night. Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser
Farrington’s Tatum Tanuvasa hurdled over a Maui blocker on Friday night. Bruce Asato / Star-Advertiser

As the rain begins to come down hard at Aloha Stadium, we get set for the first round of the First Hawaiian Bank/HHSAA Football State Championships in Division I.

Tonight’s first game is Farrington (8-2) against Maui (7-2).

In this edition of Trench Warfare, we will feature Farrington defensive tackle Tatum Tanuvasa (6-1, 254) against Maui offensive lineman Logan Cabrera (5-11, 195).

With Breiden Fehoko, featured earlier this year in a Trench Warfare battle against Campbell’s Boss Tafai, occupying consistent double teams, Tanuvasa should have opportunities to make plays against Maui’s rushing attack.

As we wait for kickoff, here are the other Trench Warfare’s we have done this season.

Oct. 4: Farrington’s Breiden Fehoko vs. Campbell’s Boss Tafai
Oct. 23: Mililani’s Rex Manu vs. Campbell’s Amosa brothers
Oct. 23: Campbell’s Josiah Mageo vs. Mililani’s Jordan Agasiva
Oct. 24: Punahou’s Canton Kaumatule vs. Saint Louis’ Fred Ulu-Perry
Oct. 24: Saint Louis’ Tanielu Evaimalo vs. Punahou’s Semisi Uluave
Oct. 31: Mililani’s Andru Tovi vs. Kahuku’s Salanoa-Alo Wily
Oct. 31: Kahuku’s Aleeki Vihimahi vs. Mililani’s Kaimana Padello

As always, this is purely for fun. Each series is scored like a boxing round with a 10-point must system.


Cabrera gets help from Austin Cayanan III on the first play, which is a run right. Another run towards the left and Cabrera does a good job holding up Tanuvasa. Third play is a quick pass and the Sabers punt. Feeling out round their to start. 10-10.


Tanuvasa is out to start the drive and Cabrera matches up against Taoipu Faitele, listed at 6-feet, 328 pounds. Faitele throws Cabrera off on first play and assists on the tackle. Faitele throws Cabrera to the side on the next play but doesn’t pick up the ball and allows the running back to run right by him. Cabrera back with a solid run block on the next play. Tanuvasa back in on second-and-15 after a false start. Cabrera tries to pull on a pass block but whifs on Fehoko, who gets his first sack. Farrington with three down linemen on third-and-a-mile and a solid run block by Cabrera opens a hole that gets an 8-yard pickup. Maui punts. Govs d-line gets the win there. 10-9 Farrington.


Cabrera gives the Govs a different look. Two plays in a row he pulls to the right to help on a run block on Fehoko. Two plays, two big holes and Maui scores on a 17-yard TD run to take a 6-0 lead in the first quarter. 10-9 Cabrera.


Again, Cabrera pulls out to the right, this time on a pass block, as Cayanan III takes over blocking Faitele. Faitele helps plug the hole on the next play for no gain, forcing third-and-1. Maui calls timeout. Cabrera pulls and gets a great block on Faitele to free up the run for a first down. Very undersized, so Maui uses his speed to move him around. Like what I’m seeing. Second quarter begins with Cabrera holding up against Faitele, who is able to push him backwards but isn’t really charing hard. INT by Farrington, but Maui’s o-line did its job. 10-9 Cabrera.


Tanuvasa moves over onto the center as Fehoko moves over to go heads up against Cabrera. Maui tries to block Fehoko with pulling guard Nephi Emelio and Fehoko has none of it, recording his second tackle for loss. Cabrera goes low on Tanuvasa and gets him to the ground, allowing the QB to scramble behind him for a few yards. Third-and-10. Cabrera goes one-on-one with Tanuvasa and takes a shot to the face mask but holds him up, allowing the pass to go right over him for a first down. Cabrera shoots off the line and hits Tanuvasa before getting him past him to the next level for a block on a linebacker. Cabrera pulls to his right on the next play and is there in time for a nice block on defensive back Siaosi Pakileata. Third-and-long and Cabrera opens a hole briefly but the Farrington defense swarms to make the stop and force a punt. All Cabrera after the first play. 10-9 Cabrera.


Cabrera comes flying out to his left and blocks DB Keiki Misipeka 10 yards down the field for a first down. Cabrera gets a piece of Faitele before getting to the next level but Farrington forces the running back back to the middle. Cabrera gets blown up by two Farrington DL on the next play as the run is stuffed up before the back does a good job going back to his left. Cabrera whifs on a block on Fehoko who in turn has a tackle for loss right in front of him but misses the RB. Cabrera finding himself matched up on Fehoko more and more as Faitele goes to the other side. 10-9 Govs.

Real interesting first half. Farrington was content to play pretty basic until Maui caught it off guard on the two running plays that ended up in Maui’s only score. Govs moving around a bit more after that and getting better opportunities to make plays. Tanuvasa and Faitele are splitting time mostly with Fehoko in nearly every play. Sabers up 3-2-1 on the cards going to the second half.


Fehoko, Tanuvasa and Faitele all in on first drive. Cabrera pulls outside and gets his hands on Fehoko but Maui fumbles and it’s Farrington ball. Tanuvasa on the recovery. 10-9 Govs.


Rough start for Maui, which decided not to block Fehoko, who picks up his third tackle for loss. Cabrera went inside and left Fehoko unblocked. Cabrera pulls to his right and picks up a nice block on Faitele. Cabrera tries to pull and run block Tanuvasa but Tanuvasa stuffs the middle and allows the Govs to get a stop. 10-9 Tanuvasa and company.


Govs now ahead 22-6 so this could get interesting if Maui tries to throw more. Cabrera starts off with a block on Faitele but Tanuvasa in from the other side to get the tackle for loss. Tanuvasa and Faitele switch and Cabrera gets the block on Tanuvasa but Faitele gets in on the tackle through the right side of Maui’s offensive line. Third-and-long. Cabrera one-on-one on Tanuvasa and blocks perfectly allowing the first down completion. Tanuvasa claps his hands in disgust. Maui runs right behind Cabrera who doesn’t block anyone but Emelio pulls and delivers a thunderous block on Faitele. Cabrera gets help on a double team of Tanuvasa as Maui goes deep for an incomplete pass. QB had time. Cabrera up field on the next play and puts a nice block on the linebacker, Bryce Tatupu-Leopoldo, to help get a 22-yard run. Cabrera pulls and tries to get a low block on Fehoko. Not much there. Faitele pushes Cabrera back toward the QB forcing a quick throw that is incomplete. Cabrera again caught getting to the next level but finds nobody to get his hands on. Fourth-and-7. Big play of the drive as Faitele whips Cabrera but is beat to the sack by Fehoko. Fehoko putting together a big time game. Govs take it 10-9.


Maui starts with a run left but Faitele just shoves Cabrera back a good 5 yards. Huge play by Faitele. Cabrera with a better attempt on the next play. Faitele busts through again on the next play to get in on a sack. Third-and-10. Penalty on Fehoko. Cabrera helps double team Fehoko stunting inside and a big play by Maui in the pass game. First down. Cabrera opens up a small hole with a nice run block on Tanuvasa. Cabrera helps on a double team of Tanuvasa on next snap. Third-and-short and Cabrera gets a block on both Tanuvasa and a linebacker but the run is to the other side and Farrington stuffs it. Fourth-and-6. Cabrera takes a good shot from Tanuvasa but holds on and the QB runs right to his right beyond the stretched hands of Fehoko to get the first down. Nothing on next play as Tanuvasa can’t muster a pass rush on the double team. Farrington tries a stunt and brings Fehoko to the middle but Cabrera had the discipline to hold his ground and wait for Fehoko to come around. Third down. Cabrera and two other linemen TRIPLE TEAM Tanuvasa and nobody picks up the blitzing middle linebacker who gets the sack. Fourth-and-long. Farrington brings the house. Maui does a decent job picking it up but it’s an interception. Crazy round. Lots of back-and-forth. Cabrera did his part after the first play though and gets the round 10-9.


Cabrera pulls all the way out to the far side of the field to the right but can’t make a block as Tatupu-Leopoldo makes another tackle. Cabrera moves early for a false start. Cabrera pulls and tries to block Fehoko but is slow as the running back already made it through the hole. Quick pass doesn’t give any time for a battle to develop in the trenches. Fourth-and-long. Farrington only with two down lineman and it’s a short run. 10-9 Govs.

Final update: Tanuvasa gets the win 6-4-1. Real solid battle. Cabrera was scrappy. At times he was going one-on-one against Faitele, who outweighs him by about 130 pounds. Maui really moved Cabrera around a lot post-snap and tried to use his quickness to the best of his abilities. At times, when Farrington was able to get him in one-on-one passing situations, the Govs used their size to create havoc. To Cabrera’s credit though, most of Farrington’s success came on the other side of Maui’s offensive line.


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