TRENCH WARFARE: Fehoko vs. Tafai

DL Breiden Fehoko goes up against the Campbell offensive line with a first-round bye at stake. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser

Five-star Texas Tech commit Breiden Fehoko is a monster on the Govs defensive line. Double teams and even triple teams aren’t uncommon against the 6-foot-3, 286-pounder, who will follow in the footsteps of older brother V.J. and become a Red Raider in the spring as he graduates early.

Before he gets there, Fehoko has his senior season at Farrington to complete. The Govs have a chance to wrap up a first-round bye with a victory over Campbell on Saturday night at Aloha Stadium. Drawing the task of blocking Fehoko is Campbell senior Boss Tafai, listed at 6-foot-1 and 290 pounds.

Jerry Campany began the trench warfare series a year ago. I will try to continue it. This is purely for fun. Every drive will be graded with a 10-point must scoring system.

Here we go.

Campbell receives the ball to start the game and starts on its 20. Fehoko lines up directly across from Tafai. Fehoko goes unblocked as the Sabers run away from him on the first play. Fehoko is one of two Govs to jump early on the second play. Tafai holds up blocking him one-on-one on the third play and Campbell completes a pass. Fehoko beats Tafai inside but Campbell runs outside and then comes back in. Campbell fumbles and Farrington takes over. Tafai 10-9 for the one-on-one block on play No. 3.

Fehoko blows past Tafai and delivers a shot to Anthony Pablo who gets the ball away in time on a quick screen pass. Fehoko shoves Tafai back on the next play and doesn’t make the tackle but opens it up for the rest of his teammates to swarm in and make the play. Campbell can’t complete a short pass as Fehoko is double teamed by Tafai and the right tackle. Fehoko lines up over the center on third down and is double teamed again. Farrington gets the stop and forces a punt. 10-9 Fehoko.

Fehoko shows his speed and blows past Tafai’s right side but Campbell runs up the middle. Fehoko is doubled on the next play as Timaalii Liulamaga helps seal a block to get a big run. Fehoko makes a move inside but it’s more quick stuff from the Campbell offense. Fehoko tries to bull rush on second-and-12 but is knocked to the turf as the Sabers complete a pass. Third-and-3. Fehoko with a quick move over the center, Atapana Amosa, and blows up the play. Fehoko can’t wrap up the QB for a sack but Jeremiah Pritchard finishes it off to force a punt. Big play by Fehoko there to force the punt. 10-9 Fehoko.

Farrington leads 10-0 after a Ranan Mamiya touchdown run. Campbell might have to start throwing which means more chances to see some trench warfare…

Campbell runs right at Fehoko on the first play as Fehoko misreads it and allows the Sabers to pick up 10. Liulamaga finds himself matched up on Fehoko on the next play makes a great block to allow an 18-yard run. Fehoko has had enough and blows by Arona Amosa but the run is up the middle and he just misses the shoestring tackle. Fehoko moves back over center and makes a great move to go inside but it’s a quick pass outside and Campbell gets a 35-yard touchdown. 10-9 Tafai/the entire Campbell offensive line.

Fehoko has moved around some, going either at the guard or center, so it’s hard to single out one guy he’s going up against. Campbell efficient with its offense running a lot of quick passes when it does throw.

Farrington needs a play from its defense after trying a fake punt at midfield and not getting it. Can Fehoko deliver? Farrington goes with only two down linemen. Fehoko blows past Amosa and forces a quick throw, putting a solid whack on Pablo. Tafai goes one-on-one on the next play and forces Fehoko inside as Campbell runs to the outside for a solid gain. Whistle blows the next play dear or else Fehoko may have had a big hit on the RB. Another quick pass just before Fehoko gets to Pablo. Campbell not running any delayed drop backs. I’m sure Fehoko wishes the Sabers would. Fehoko over center and overcommits to one side as Terell Johnson goes the other way for a big gain. Timeout Campbell. Fehoko bullrushes up the middle as the pass deep is long. He caved in the double team there from Amosa and Tafai. Fehoko doubles on the next play but is hit to the ground coming back the other way. Back and forth on this drive. He busts up the middle on the next play but again Campbell just seems to let him come up and follow behind the hole he leaves by getting upfield so fast. First-and-goal on the 2. Fehoko is stuffed but his teammates get free to make the stop. Tafai got him on that play. Farrington jumps offsides. Second-and-goal at the 2. Tafai explodes off the line and stonewalls Fehoko as Austin May follows behind for the touchdown to make it 14-10 Sabers. Two huge blocks by Tafai win the round at the end. 10-9 Tafai.

Campbell ball at the Farrington 49 with 1:10 remaining in the first half. Fehoko beats his guy one way but Campbell runs right at him the other way. Another quick pass as he goes unblocked on that play. Double team by Amosa and Tafai is effective on next passing play. Johnson runs right but Fehoko spins to look down field and makes the tackle on Johnson breaking back inside. Nice play to force the Saber timeout and a third-and-6. First tackle of the game for Fehoko. Amosa and Tafai stuff him on another double team as Sabers complete a first-down pass. Fehoko tries to go inside but Campbell goes up top and the Sabers score a TD. 20 unanswered. Pablo getting enough time to throw from his offensive line. 10-9 for Tafai and Amosa on the double teams.

HALFTIME. Campbell 20, Farrington 10.

Fehoko found success early going up the middle but Tafai and Amosa really starting to play well together and it has allowed Campbell to run off 20 points in a row. Sabers doing a good job of letting him come upfield and then following in behind in the gap he leaves behind. Would like to see Fehoko hold his spot a little more and then throw guys off and make tackles. He’s obviously strong enough. Campbell using Fehoko’s strength going up the field against him somewhat. Still a lot of football left.

Farrington drives down the field on the opening possession of the second half to cut the Campbell lead to 20-17 on a Challen Faamatu run.

Campbell opens with a run left as Tafai blocks Fehoko. Fehoko runs out of the next play as Campbell runs at him. Liulamanga got him on the block inside. One-on-one on the third down pass and Tafai keeps him away. Pass is incomplete but Tafai again wins the key matchup. Haven’t seen Fehoko show much of a burst off of blocks. 10-9 Tafai.

Mamiya busts loose on a 36-yard TD run. Farrington back up, 23-20.

We almost had to wait longer as a 96-yard kick return for a TD is called back due to a penalty.

More of the same as Fehoko chases the QB on a quick screen. Tafai stands him up on a block on the next play but the Farrington D makes the tackle. Third down. Fehoko catches a slow-footed Tafai and burns him to the left before making the stick on the running back. Tafai claps his hands in disgust. Great play to force a punt. First real dominant stand out play from Fehoko, who notches tackles No. 2. 10-9 Fehoko.

Campbell recovers a Farrington fumble. Quick move inside by Fehoko who draws a hold but the referee picks it up. Thought it could have been called there. Farrington with an interception on another quick pass as Ansen-Joe Faamasino tips the pass to himself and returns it to the 1 but Fehoko hits the QB late and is called for a penalty. Huge mistake there. Farrington coach Randall Okimoto calls a timeout to argue. The refs huddle and they overturn the call. Unbelievable. Huge break for the Govs. Fehoko had a chance to stop but kept going and put two hands right into the head area of the Campbell QB. Looked like a penalty in real time to me. Amosa Amosa has every right to be upset on the Campbell sideline. Wish I had TV to review that one. Touchdown Farrington on the next play. Unbelievable turn of events. Gotta give Fehoko 10-9 there I guess.

Campbell ends the quarter running right at Fehoko who is doubled. Fehoko misses the initial tackle and again but finally wraps up to secure his third of the game as the quarter ends with Farrington ahead 29-20. Fourth quarter starts with Fehoko drawing a double and allowing another Govs defender to go untouched for a sack. Fehoko stood up on third-and-long but pass is incomplete. Fourth down and the Sabers will go for it. Fehoko and Tafai one-on-one and Fehoko tries to go outside but Tafai holds as the QB scrambles left for a first down. Tafai has done extremely well in one-on-one situations. He got a little help from the back toward the end of the play. Tafai blows up Fehoko on the next play and May runs right behind him for 17 yards down to the 2. Tafai and Liulamaga double Fehoko but it allows his teammates to come in and make hit. Fehoko slow to catch Johnson who bursts outside for the score. Big answer by Campbell thanks in large to an o-line that came up with some big blocks. 10-9 Tafai and Co.

I’ll be honest. I missed first couple of plays while doing up playoff results. Back in time to see Atapana Amosa push Fehoko back a few yards on a run. Sabers run away from Fehoko on next play. Tafai and Liulamaga gang up on Fehoko and Campbell runs right behind the for 3 yards. Quick screen negates Fehoko on next play. Fehoko unbocked on next play and runs past the running back but the rest of the D converge. Campbell calls timeout facing fourth-and-3 from the Farrington 34. Tafai goes low and the quick pass is tipped by the end. Farrington takes over. Fehoko 10-9 with help from his Govs teammates.

Campbell’s offensive line gets the job done, winning six series to five, but Fehoko wins where it counts as Farrington holds on to win 29-27 and get that first-round bye. Three tackles in the game for Fehoko who can eat up space, but struggles to make plays and get off blocks at times. Tafai was impressive in one-on-one situations. Fun battle to watch. Wish I could spend more game looking at only the play in the trenches.

Campbell will host Waipahu next week while the Govs will wait for the winner between Waianae and Aiea in two weeks.


  1. trench October 4, 2014 9:23 pm

    Jerry, on the plays where you say Fehoko blows by the O line, the O line is letter hi run free to get out in front of the screen to block down field.

  2. Jerry Campany October 4, 2014 9:33 pm

    Billy Hull is handling this, Trench, he might not have time to answer during the game but he will certainly answer your question eventually.

  3. Billy Hull October 4, 2014 10:00 pm

    That has definitely happened multiple times. Fehoko also was quick enough to get a couple of shots in on Pablo. But like I wrote at half, would like to see him hold the block longer, burst out of it and make plays. Good DT’s take up space. Great DT’s make plays. He gets caught not doing both at times.

  4. trench October 4, 2014 10:08 pm

    Doesn’t play his gaps. Suspect to get burned on screens and draws.

  5. trench October 4, 2014 10:21 pm

    Pac 12 refs appreciate OIA refs

  6. Family October 6, 2014 10:20 am

    great analysis Billy. Kids are told what to do by coaches. Both kids played a great game. Unless you are in a situation, only then you understand. Breiden will go on, in hopes to be coached and mentored by some of the greats. There’s a quote, ” You can never beat those that never give up..” And with that said, with Fehoko’s work ethics, no one can beat that ! I rest my case.

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