TRENCH WARFARE: Agasiva vs. Mageo

Mililani OL Jordan Agasiva committed to Hawaii earlier this year. Photo by Krystle Marcellus/Star-Advertiser
Mililani OL Jordan Agasiva committed to Hawaii earlier this year. Photo by Krystle Marcellus/Star-Advertiser

Mililani’s 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive tackle Jordan Agasiva gave University of Hawaii fans something to cheer about when he committed to the Rainbow Warriors earlier this year.

We get a chance to focus on him in the first of two OIA Division I semifinals tonight when his second-ranked Trojans face No. 6 Campbell. The Sabers will try and get pressure with 6-3, 230-pound defensive end Josiah Mageo, who has the tough task of trying to bring down Trojans QB McKenzie Milton if he can get past the Mililani offensive line.

As always this is purely for fun and scored like a boxing match with each series serving as a round with a 10-point must system.

Our other Trench Warfare post this year featured Farrington’s Breiden Fehoko against Campbell’s Boss Tafai.

Kickoff is 5:30 p.m.


Mililani throws a quick pass to the left as Agasiva, lined up at right tackle, pushes Mageo away inside. Agasiva run blocks on the next play and pushes Mageo down the field a good 3-4 yards. Not much contact on the next pass rush as Agasiva holds his own easily. Third down right behind Agasiva who pushes Mageo down the field and allows Malepeai to get the first down. Campbell sends a blitz from the other side and linebacker Isaiah Gibson with the sack. Mageo gets by Agasiva too easy on the next play and realizes it’s a screen. He tries to drop back but can’t in time as Malepeai takes a screen 27 yards for a first down. Mililani goes with its jumbo package after a false start. Agasiva pulls inside and opens up a hole for Milton to bounce outside for a 10-yard touchdown run. Got to see Agasiva’s athleticism there which is outstanding for a 6-4, 280-pound senior. 10-9 Agasiva.


Campbell opens with Maunakea Medeiros opposite Agasiva. Mililani tries to run behind AGasiva but Medeiros spins off and makes the tackle. Same running play and Medeiros gets turned around but clogs up the hole. Malepeai slips through for the first down. Agasiva with the solid run block as an 8-yard run turns into 23 yards on the defensive face mask call. Quick pass on the next play as nothing much happens. Sabers rotate senior Isaac Kelly opposite Agasiva as Mililani tries a deep pass. Plenty of time as Agasiva holds him off. Third-and-6 and Mililani lets Kelly slip by as he gets 15 yards downfield quickly on the screen but Malepeai drops it. Fourth-and-6 and Campbell jumps. Brutal penalty. Now fourth-and-1 and Mililani brings in the big boys. Agasiva moves over to right guard and shoves the line back as Mililani runs right for the first down. Agasiva stuffs Kelly trying to rush outside and the Trojans have their second TD on a 21-yard pass. 10-9 Agasiva.


Manu comes inside and blocks off the linebacker as Milton goes behind him for a big gain. Campbell again sends Isaiah Gibson on the blitz and Agasiva chips him just enough for Milton to gain 9 yards on the QB draw. Now Tristin Ludiazo is out on Agasiva’ side and Ludiaza beats Agasiva inside but Milton gets the ball out just before getting hit and it’s another Mililani touchdown. 10-9 Agasiva.

I’m hoping we get to see Agasiva matched up against Ludiazo a little bit more. That would be fun to watch.


Ludiazo opens up opposite Agasiva, who gets help from the left guard on a run play. Campbell tries a linebacker in Nicholas Kernaghan to come off the edge on a passing play but Agasiva has no trouble. Mililani’s tempo making it tough to keep up. Quick screen away from Agasiva’s side is incomplete. Two false start penalties on Mililani and the Trojans call timeout. Milton has all day as Agasiva keeps Ludiazo at bay. As soon as Ludiazo comes inside, Milton sees it and scrambles outside his way for 10 yards. Fredrick Kernaghan gets his turn and actually gets a step but Agasiva is so strong he just pushes him to the side so he can’t get through. Kernaghan gets the assignment again but is stood up. Trojans hike the ball from the 6-yard line and Agasiva is blocking Kernaghan all the way to the goal line. Agasiva buries his guy to the inside and Malepeai goes right behind him for the score. Four TDs in four drives for Mililani as Agasiva is showing why he is as good as any OL in the state. 10-9 Agasiva.


Agasiva picks off Kernaghan as Malepeai runs right behind for the first down. Kernaghan gets some penetration near Milton the next play but is pancaked to the ground. Illegal shift nullifies the play however. Mageo has moved over center and Ludiazo is out to Agasiva’s side. Campbell blitzes Anson Brede to Agasiva’s side and Brede is on one knee as soon as he meets Agasiva. Solid run block on next play allows Trojans to pick up chunks of yards. Agasiva makes his first mistake as he misses a blitzing Solomon Matautia but it doesn’t matter as Milton has a wide open receiver on the play for a TD before Matautia can put the hit on Milton. 10-9 Agasiva.


Agasiva is on the sideline as Mililani is bringing in the backups already. Early night for Agasiva who was just dominant at left tackle. Somewhere, UH OL coach Chris Naeole has got to be smiling.


Agasiva is back in after Mililani gives up an 82-yard TD run. Ludiazo goes at him for two plays and can’t get past the line of scrimmage. Milton is picked off on a deep ball.


Trojans go so fast I missed the first play. Great block on Ludiazo by Agasiva who has him in his grasp 5 yards down the field. Ludiazo charges into Agasiva and goes nowhere as Agasiva gets a grip on him and doesn’t let him go anywhere. After an offsides call on Campbell, Agasiva blocks Ludiazo all the way to the 10 and goes a little extra as the refs have to blow the whistle multiple times. More blocking by Agasiva as Mililani follows behind him on the run. Ludiazo escapes Agasiva’s grasp and has a chance to tackle Milton who runs right but Milton is too fast and scores on the TD run. 10-9 Agasiva.

Mililani went for 2 and Agasiva lined up at guard. Defender went low and Agasiva stepped over him and almost got a block on Matautia, the safety. Mililani ran left though and did not get the conversion.


Campbell again goes low on Agasiva. Who steps over the defender and then runs downhill to block. Trojans’ fast pace causes me to miss next play. Agasiva does a good job picking up the linebacker coming around on the next play. Now he steps up and throws another block on the LB to open up a huge hole for Malepeai but a hold is called on another Mililani player. Unity Kea Cambra gets a good jump but Agasiva and his quick feet meet him outside and stop him in his tracks. Forces Cambra back inside. That was special. Third-and-1 and Agasiva buries Medeiros on the run for a first down. Tyson Tafai blitzes late but again Agasiva picks it up. He’s only missed one blitzer on his side all game. Kernaghan beats Agasiva inside on the a blitz and Agasiva might have gotten away with a hold there but didn’t quite let him get to Milton. One of the few plays he didn’t just dominate. Nice rush by Kernaghan. Campbell doesn’t even bother to send anyone on the next play as Agasiva has nobody to pass block. Agasiva again with nobody to pass block as the Trojans throw another TD. I’m guessing that ends his night. 10-9 Agasiva.

Third quarter is over and Agasiva is on the sideline as Mililani steps back on the field. Can’t overstate how impressive he was tonight. Dominant performance against a Campbell team with some playmakers. Such a big get for the University of Hawaii.


  1. jimmy the lock October 24, 2014 8:54 am

    WHOA! Didn’t lose a round.

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