TRENCH WARFARE: Padello vs.Vihimahi

Mililani junior Kaimana Padello will have Kahuku QB Tuli-Wily Matagi in hits sights on Friday night. Photo by Darryl Oumi/Special to the Star-Advertiser
Mililani junior Kaimana Padello will have Kahuku QB Tuli-Wily Matagi in hits sights on Friday night. Photo by Darryl Oumi/Special to the Star-Advertiser

We can’t only feature the Kahuku D-line against the Mililani O-line, could we? Here we go with a bonus edition of Trench Warfare as Mililani sack master Kaimana Padello, listed at 5-foot-11 and 205 pounds, goes up against Kahuku left tackle Aleeki Vihimahi.

As always, each series is scored like a boxing round with a 10-point must system. This is purely for fun meant to shine the spotlight on the horses doing the dirty work up front for both teams.

While we wait for kickoff, here’s a look at other Trench Warfare matchups we have done this season.

Oct. 4: Farrington’s Breiden Fehoko vs. Campbell’s Boss Tafai
Oct. 23: Mililani’s Rex Manu vs. Campbell’s Amosa brothers
Oct. 23: Campbell’s Josiah Mageo vs. Mililani’s Jordan Agasiva
Oct. 24: Punahou’s Canton Kaumatule vs. Saint Louis’ Fred Ulu-Perry
Oct. 24: Saint Louis’ Tanielu Evaimalo vs. Punahou’s Semisi Uluave

Kickoff will follow the Nanakuli/Pearl City OIA D-II game at approximately 9:25 p.m.


Padello is unblocked on the first play as Kahuku runs away. Padello rushes outside and Vihimahi blocks allowing the running back to come inside. Third down and Padello tries a speed rush but it’s a quick pass again. Not much on the first drive. 10-10.


Padello is picked up by a receiver as Vihimahi comes down to block at the next level on a linebacker. Interesting formation. Kahuku again goes away from Padello, who is unblocked on a run to the left. Vihimahi goes 20 yards downfield and hits a DB. Third down and Kahuku lines up Pena Fitisemanu in the backfield to help block on Padello. Quick throw downfield is incomplete and another three-and-out. Not a whole lot worth judging so far. 10-10.


Kesi Ah-Hoy moves out to try and block Padello as Vihimahi comes inside on a pass. Padello burns Ah-Hoy but the pass is off too quickly. Kahuku runs right at Padello who runs out of the play as Vihimahi goes inside with a block to open up a big run by Wily, who just trucked a Mililani DB. Padello beats Vihimahi outside and just comes up short on a sack as Wily-Matagi barely gets it away in time. Again Padello is unblocked and he crashes inside to tackle Wily. Third down and they again let Padello goes unblocked as the play is designed for Wily-Matagi to roll to the other side. Padello almost chases him down but not in time as Kahuku converts a third-and-9. Padello again unblocked as Kahuku runs left for a big gain down to the 20. Same play. Kahuku runs its big set. Padello tries to crash inside and Vihimahi happily obliges as it opens up a huge hole for Wily to score a TD. Kind of hard to score that round. Padello was unblocked most of it but left his space to open up a huge hole on TD. 10-10.


Rex Manu destroys the interior of Kahuku’s o-line on the first play for a tackle for loss. Padello goes unblocked on the next play but whiffs on the sack, allowing Wily-Matagi to roll back his way for a big gain. New QB as Wily-Matagi is hurt. Soli Afalava lines up to block Padello and does a nice job to spring a run. Padello switches stances thinking a run is coming his way. He’s right and almost beats it outside for a tackle for loss but draws a hold on Jrue Williams trying to block out of the backfield. It’s declined and Kahuku punts. Padello is good enough to make one of those two tackles he missed. 10-9 Kahuku.


Padello unblocked as Kahuku runs option to the left. Padello makes a great dive inside to try and blow up the run. Looked like he was tripped from behind but no flag. Third down and Padello and Vihimahi go at it. Vihimahi can’t move Padello as the running back runs right up his back and is eventually tackled by the rest of the Mililani defense. 10-9 Padello.


Backup QB Samuta Avea runs right at Padello who eats up a double team but misses the tackle. Vihimahi held him up just enough. Padello goes with the speed rush outside and blows past Vihimahi to get a big sack of Avea. Shades of big bro Kelii Padello. Padello again with a speed rush but it’s a screen. Manu almost with the pick-six. Kahuku punts. 10-9 Padello.


Padello rushes outside and gets past Vihimahi but is picked up by the guard. That’s the only play Kahuku runs as its halftime. Won’t score that as a round.


Vihimahi with a nice run block on Padello to open up a hole for Wily. Vihimahi blocks the guy inside of Padello, who is unblocked on a run right and dives but misses tackle. Vihimahi again with a nice run block to open a hole. Same running play as Vihimahi crashes in. Padello goes unblocked and again comes up short on a diving tackle attempt. They do it again but this time the run play is slow enough that Padello speeds in to make the tackle for a big loss. Padello steals the round on final play as Kahuku misses the field goal. 10-9 Padello.


Padello goes outside and blows past Vihimahi, forcing a quick throw by Avea. Senior Siotame Uluave takes Vihimahi’s place and pass blocks Padello perfectly. Third down and they bring in a receiver. Uluave blocks Vihimahi trying to go outside and Kahuku tries to run where Padello lined up but the Trojans defense makes the stop. Can understand the play call there. Fourth down and Alohi Gilman helps push Padello way too far up the field. Incomplete. 10-10 round as Uluave came in and looked solid on his 1-on-1 block of Padello.


Padello doubled by Uluave and the back as Kahuku drops a sure TD pass. Padello sneaks through a double team but it’s a quick pass. Kahuku is going to double him on every throw now that it has to pass trailing 20-7 is my guess. Lisiate Tovo helping on the block. They unblock Padello to try and set up a screen but it goes for nothing. 10-9 Padello.


Kahuku goes with the running back, Williams, to block Padello on a run and Williams locks him up. Nice block. Next play they bring Tovo in motion to Padello’s side as he picks him up on the run block. Third-and-4 and Padello finds himself one-on-one on Jed Heffernan. No contest as Padello forces an incompletion with a big hit on the QB. 10-9 Padello.


Padello unblocked on the run. Uluave blocks Padello upfield as Kahuku tries to run to the space Padello occupies before the snap. Trojans’ linebackers are ready to fill though and have done a great job all night. Third down and Padello again gets past the back helping out and then beats Uluave trying to get the second move as he assist on a sack to force the punt. An absolute beat on third down. He can’t be blocked one-on-one. 10-9 Padello.


Not much early on as Kahuku stays away from Padello’s side. No deep drops. Third-and-long is Padello time. Uluave gets help from Williams and they run right at Padello’s spot for a big gain and a first down. Smart. Williams helping out on Padello again. Next is a run away from Padello. Kahuku tries it again on third down and Williams and Uluave double Padello but too many defenders blow up the play. Fourth-and-6. Uluave does a nice job but a dropped pass ends the drive. Uluave will get that one 10-9.


Pitch outside and it’s a fumble. Mililani recovers. Not much to go on there.

Final tally: 6-2-4 in favor of Padello, who was big in the second half. You could tell Kahuku had a game plan for him. They threw a lot of different looks at Padello, including letting him go unblocked on quite a few plays. They would bring a running back over and try to run at the spot Padello occupied knowing he would try and explode around the outside. Once Mililani got ahead 20-7 and Kahuku had to pass, it became tough. As soon as Padello got one-on-one on an obvious passing down, he made them pay. Vihimahi struggled in that situation and was eventually replaced by Uluave, who did a better job. Still, Padello is a tough cover and was a difference maker for the OIA champion Trojans.


  1. Malhabit November 1, 2014 12:24 am

    Padello like his brother are high school players. Too small for college and would get licked by more experienced linemen. Enjoy high school because no chance on the next level (D1) even small for JC.

  2. P19 November 1, 2014 1:19 am

    I think Anae changed numbers earlier this season and strictly plays Dline and special teams. No offense. He’s #99 now.

  3. Jerry Campany November 1, 2014 3:42 am

    Thanks so much, P19, all references have been changed. Trench Warfare isn’t easy.

  4. Hiilei November 1, 2014 1:40 pm

    U must be a Mililani hater!! That’s okay because everybody is starting to hate on them.. Padilla may be small but all the so called div 1 offense lineman in the state and the big boys at Kahuku were getting destroyed from him. Padello has another year and if he gets taller like his dad then we won’t be having this conversation. Hands down he is the best Defensive End in the state for a small guy!!

  5. Kelii Padello November 1, 2014 2:03 pm

    This is KELII PADELLO older brother of Kaimana Padello I would like to thank hawaiiprepworld for writing this article, it brings me much joy to see that my younger brother is doing great as well as the Trojan Nation. And to the commenter above “Malhabit” we may be small but we will give our 110% effort everyTime all DAY so thank you for commenting it just gives me and my brother more drive to prove you wrong and to follow our dreams. And FYI I’m in college right now beating ALL-AMERICAN TACKLES as a TRUE FRESHMAN so thank you. So everyone that reads this comment please don’t ever give up on anything you do, strive for your dreams and don’t let anyone (Malhabit) tell you otherwise. #TrojanNation

  6. posterized09 November 3, 2014 5:35 am

    Kahuku should have mixed up the count.

  7. P19 November 3, 2014 11:38 am

    I’m a Kahuku fan, can’t hate on anyone playing 100% every snap like Padello. The only thing that bugs me, is all this talk of “Mililani dynasty.” Their team is LOADED with weapons but the fact still remains, they would not be where they are without all their transfers, GE’s, etc. No need to drop any names but everyone knows they don’t have that many Samoans living in Mililani lol

  8. Trojan fan November 3, 2014 2:08 pm

    You guys still talking about transfers .every school on this island got transfers .if coach york is a good recruiter right on for him and this community.anyway no matter were there from they play like brothers ! It shows on the field. 11-0 but like I said before can’t beat um so gotta make some excuse !! GO TROJANS

  9. Hiilei November 3, 2014 2:47 pm

    P19: Mililani is no dynasty! They are a good football team and are coached very well by awesome coaches. The kids are understanding the system that coach Rod York is putting in. I think the coaches is the big reason why kids transfer in. As for Dynasty, then we must all be referring to St. Louis Crusaders!! St. Louis are the Champions of all Champions. Until somebody wins it 14 or 16 years in a row, St. Louis is above all

  10. P19 November 3, 2014 4:06 pm

    @Trojan Fan

    What excuses? Is it not true Mililani is loaded with said transfers/GE’s. Not every school on this island have 70% of their starters come in from other communities. I think you meant to say, can’t beat em, transfer, and represent another community.

  11. Trojan fan November 3, 2014 4:57 pm

    What excuse? The excuse that they can’t beat mililani is mililani got transfers.That does not make any sense.How many kahuku boys play for other schools? What I meant to say and what I said is can’t beat um let’s make up an excuse!,What community lost all these so called players that they can’t compete? GO TROJANS

  12. P19 November 3, 2014 7:56 pm

    @trojan fan hopefully you can understand this-

    Mililani=numerous starters from outside of Mililani.

    No transfers/GE= 0 championships for Mililani

    That is all I’m saying.

  13. Trojan fan November 3, 2014 9:59 pm

    There goes the excuses again!!

  14. Dee Lieberknecht November 5, 2014 1:31 pm

    Firstly, THANK YOU KK FOR GIVING YOUR INPUT! We all love and miss you hon’…. and with regard to “recruiting”. Unless PUBLIC SCHOOLS have begun to charge tuition and/or giving players cars for playing football, then the term “recruiting” is being thrown around loosely! Hey, if I’m a parent and I am able to send my child to a better school ACADEMICALLY and it requires a GE….guess what guys, I’m damn well gonna and don’t frickin’ cry about it because my son just happened to DEVELOPE into a pretty good football player! Oh, btw….the coaches didn’t even know who my son was until being introduced to him by Dr. Brummel (only a JV freshman at the time). SO, quit making excuses and pointing fingers all the while, speculating about how who and who arrived at such and such school and assuming why… it’s the parents’ decision and none of your business. If attending a great school with high expectations and NO exceptions made for athletes is called recruiting nowadays, then sobeit. So, I guess my son WAS “RECRUITED” BY AN ENGLISH TEACHER WHO FELT THAT HE WOULDN’T MEET HIS FULL POTENTIAL elsewhere AND I guarantee that if his grades weren’t up to par, Dr. Brummel would have denied the GE, period.

  15. Dee Lieberknecht November 5, 2014 1:44 pm

    FYI: “recruiting” entails some sort of compensation ie: salary, tuition, books, meals etc. Last time I checked, attending a great school, being coached by an amazing group of mentors with character and values and surrounding oneself with players of a similar mind and enjoying the support of a close knit community of parents and teachers don’t fall into this category. SO, if people are going to insist on throwing this term around, at least use it in the right context. Public schools have NOTHING to offer than the things I listed above….the intangibles.

  16. Recruiter808 November 5, 2014 4:37 pm

    Dee, relax and don’t get your panties in a bunch. What did you expect people to say? When anybody wins at anything there is always going to be people talking negative. Grow thicker skin and get use to it because it comes with the territory. And please be honest because we both know none of these transfers came to Mililani for the Outstanding Academics there. Congratulations on winning the OIA Title and best of luck in States.

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