TRENCH WARFARE: Under Armour AA game

Hawaii had three elite linemen in the Under Armour All-American game, and each of them accounted well for themselves. Photo courtesy Lori Lendio McKeown.
Hawaii had three elite linemen in the Under Armour All-American game, and each of them accounted well for themselves. Photo courtesy Lori Lendio McKeown.

Three players from Hawaii were selected to play in the 2015 Under Armour All-America game today in St. Petersburg, Fla. The game is being shown live on ESPN2 at 11 a.m.

Saint Louis offensive lineman Fred Ulu-Perry (6-3, 307), who is committed to UCLA, is listed as the No. 4 offensive guard prospect by but is expected to play center for the Bruins. Punahou defensive lineman Canton Kaumatule (6-8, 280), who will enroll in January at Oregon, is listed as ESPN’s seventh-overall prospect at defensive end. Farrington defensive lineman Breiden Fehoko (6-3, 290), who will head to Texas Tech after the game, is ranked as the No. 9 defensive tackle.

Here is a list of Hawaii players in the game over the years:
2006: Joseph Faifili, Kahuku
2009: Stan Hasiak, Kapolei
2009: Manti Te’o, Punahou
2010: VJ Fehoko, Farrington
2013: Kennedy Tulimasealii, Waianae
2013: Isaac Savaiinaea, Punahou
2015: Canton Kaumatule, Punahou
2015: Fred Ulu-Perry, Saint Louis
2015: Breiden Fehoko, Farrington

We will try to follow every play by all three players in today’s game.

Fehoko is on Team Highlight (White) while Ulu-Perry and Kaumatule will play for Team Armour (Black). Will we see Ulu-Perry matched up against Fehoko?


Looks like Ulu-Perry is No. 64 and is starting at right guard for Team Armour, which is three-and-out on the first drive. Ulu-Perry with a nice block on an inside run on third down and did his part. Kaumatule, No. 99, starts at left defensive end for Team Armour. Nice rush on second down beating his guy on the outside and could have got a holding call. First down and Kaumatule with a nice physical rush on the running play, driving the right tackle back. Not much on the next two plays but Team Highlight gets a field goal to take a 3-0 lead, 9:17, Q1.

Fehoko is No. 18 so I got everyone identified. Fehoko is out there for the next drive for Team Highlight. Don’t see Ulu-Perry. Looks like they switching out every drive. Fehoko quick off the snap on a run but can’t escape the grasp of the right guard. Third down and a quick throw as Fehoko nearly throws the guard off him but stumbles a bit. Two great explosions off the snap though. Another three-and-out for Armour.

Kaumatule back out for second drive on defense for Team Armour. He gets stood up on a second-down run and a third down throw is quick to the outside. Frist down. Kaumatule gets a bit of rush with his speed but the QB is able scramble away. Kaumatule is blocked to the inside setting up a 58-yard TD run out to his side as Highlight goes up 10-0, 6:18, Q1.

Fehoko is lined up on the coverage team on kickoff for Highlight and gets some TV time. How many big boys you see doing that? Ulu-Perry back in as Fehoko is out. If they get on the field at the same time, good chance they go head-to-head. Perfect block by Ulu-Perry on a second-down run. First down is a pass and three of the four Highlight defenders get after the QB. The only one who can’t is matched up on Ulu-Perry, who gets his hands on him and locks him up. Same result again as the last Highlight defender to get upfield on a pass play is the one matched up with Ulu-Perry, who is a wall. Armour has to punt but a great series for Ulu-Perry.

No Kaumatule to start the next drive. Another Highlight TD. Two crazy good throws by QB Deondre Francois, who is headed to Florida State…

Fehoko back in. Lots of praise from the announcers for Kaumatule, who they say has drawn great reviews all week in practice. Armour really struggled as a bad snap forces third-and-a-mile as the quarter ends.


Fehoko helps force a throw away as Armour punts from its own 1. Highlight returns it for a touchdown and it’s 24-0, 14:31, Q2. Fehoko back on the field on third down and again gets a great jump off the snap on a screen pass. Another punt.

Highlight marches down the field again and Kaumatule comes in inside the red zone. They hold and force a FG. 27-0, 8:26.

Next drive and here we go. Looks like we’ll get Ulu-Perry against Fehoko. Fehoko crashes to the middle against the center both times after the TV break was late getting back to the first play. Armour with a much-needed first down. Fehoko with an inside move on Ulu-Perry and beats him and almost gets a sack as the QB throws it over the middle just in time. You don’t see Ulu-Perry get beat one-on-one much and Fehoko got him there. Fehoko out after the play. Ulu-Perry now up against the No. 1 DT in the nation. Good initial block on second down but his guy eventually gets past him and hits the QB after forcing a throw-away.

Three-and-out by Highlight which doesn’t give Kaumatule a chance to do anything. Armour returns a punt for a TD to get on the board. Nice return off the bounce. Of course, Highlight blocks the XP and returns it for 2.

Interesting to note that the 2015 class is considered to potentially have the best group of defensive linemen in the last 10 years.

Armour just had the No. 1-ranked guard in the country running back a kickoff.

Halftime: Highlight 32, Armour 6


First play of the third quarter is a bad handoff that results in a fumble. Highlight takes over at the 4 and scores two plays later.

Fehoko in. Ulu-Perry out. Fehoko doubled on the first play. Second is a run right at Fehoko who shields initial block but can’t tackle the back as he runs by. Armour throws a pick in the end zone. Still no Kaumatule early in the third quarter. Kaumatule rotates in again in the red zone as Highlight drives. Fumble is recovered by Armour.

Armour coming out throwing the ball allowing Ulu-Perry to show off his pass-blocking skills, which are extremely good. Finally a run and Fehoko gives him the two-handed shot to the chest but Ulu-Perry doesn’t bulge and turns Fehoko around. Armour punts.

Highlight with a punt as Kaumatule is on the field but nothing of substance.

Fehoko back in and just like high school, he is always the quickest off the snap of any defensive lineman.


Third down and Fehoko absolutely trucks the right guard to the ground. Unfortunately he can’t make the tackle but his teammate comes in to get the stop. Fourth down and it’s incomplete. Highlight takes over.

One last chance to see Ulu-Perry and Fehoko go at it but it hasn’t resulted in much so far. Armour offense has been in shambles all game. Quick snap catches Fehoko a bit off guard. Fourth down and Ulu-Perry gives his QB time to throw but it’s way high and Highlight takes over. This game is pretty much in the bag.

Highlight 46, Armour 6

Game thoughts: The game went kind of how it has gone all year with these three. Ulu-Perry continues to show he’s the best lineman coming out of Hawaii this year. Strong with quick feet and every bit as good run blocking as he is pass blocking. I almost feel like he’s a little underrated for just how good he is. I’ve watched a lot of Fehoko over the last two years and I’ve had to warm up to him a bit. He’s got the tools to be a big-time defensive tackle in college, no question. I just continue to want to see him develop his ability to finish plays. He played the best I’ve seen him play ever when it mattered the most, against the state champions, Mililani, in the state semifinals. That was enough for me to think, ‘OK, yeah, I get it now.’ He had two really nice rushes in this game, using his quickness to beat Ulu-Perry once and his strength bull rush a guard to the ground. He’s so quick and explosive off the snap. All that’s left to make him a dominant player is finish those plays and getting the opposing ball carrier on the ground. Kaumatule is an interesting guy. He has the size at 6-8 and the strength at 280 pounds while still posing enough speed to wow you on paper. You don’t always see it translate to making plays on the field though. It’ll be really interesting to see what the coaching staff does with him at Oregon and how he develops. His brother, Luke, has gone through at least one position change at Stanford. Not saying we’ll see the same with Canton but he’s got some work to do to become that imposing, dominant threat at defensive end.

Huge congratulations to all three for making this prestigious game. They have rightfully garnered some serious accolades in high school. Now it’s time to go prove it in college. Best of luck to all three who represented Hawaii well in Florida.


  1. RedAlert293 January 3, 2015 12:14 am

    2006 under armour bowl
    Joseph Faifili Kahuku, Hawaii (Kahuku) OL 6’3″ 295

  2. Jerry Campany January 3, 2015 10:03 pm

    thanks, redalert

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