TRENCH WARFARE: Kaumatule vs. Tualau

Canton Kaumatule will be tested by Kahuku tonight. Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser
Canton Kaumatule will be tested by Kahuku tonight. Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser

It’s time for the main event at Aloha Stadium as No. 1 Kahuku takes on the school with the most state championships ever in Kahuku.

This Trench Warfare will focus on recent Oregon commit Canton Kaumatule (6-7, 290) going up against Kahuku’s Victor Tualau (6-2, 340).

Full disclosure, I actually have to write the game story for this so I can only do one TW matchup and I might be a little slow with it. I will try my best. I have to try to do at least one though because this battle in the trenches could be the best yet all season in any game.


Oct. 4: Farrington’s Breiden Fehoko vs. Campbell’s Boss Tafai
Oct. 23: Mililani’s Rex Manu vs. Campbell’s Amosa brothers
Oct. 23: Campbell’s Josiah Mageo vs. Mililani’s Jordan Agasiva
Oct. 24: Punahou’s Canton Kaumatule vs. Saint Louis’ Fred Ulu-Perry
Oct. 24: Saint Louis’ Tanielu Evaimalo vs. Punahou’s Semisi Uluave
Oct. 31: Mililani’s Andru Tovi vs. Kahuku’s Salanoa-Alo Wily
Oct. 31: Kahuku’s Aleeki Vihimahi vs. Mililani’s Kaimana Padello
Nov. 7: Maui’s Logan Cabrera vs. Farrington’s Tatum Tanuvasa
Nov. 7 Hilo’s Kiliona Pomroy vs. Kahuku’s Siotame Uluave
Nov. 15: Mililani’s Rex Manu vs. Farrington’s Louis Matagi
Nov. 15: Farrington’s Breiden Fehoko vs. Mililani’s Derrick Fetui-Suapaia

As always, this is purely for fun. Each series is scored like a boxing round with a 10-point must system.


Kaumatule with the bull rush and knock Tualau 5 yards back on his rear end. Kahuku runs away. Kaumatule moves over to the left tackle, Tamatoa Neher, who does a good job blocking the pass rush. They move Kaumatule over to No. 79 at right tackle who is not listed on the official HHSAA roster. Third-and-15. Long pass over the middle is picked off. 10-10.


Neher blocks Kaumatule at the 1 and Kahuku has room to run. Now Kaumatule goes over to the other side and shoves 79 back forcing a loss. Third down deep in its own territory for Kahuku. Run is away from Kaumatule. Kaumatule is doing work against 79 but tackles the wrong backer on that play. Third down. Kaumatule double teamed and flag on Punahou. Should be a first down. Neher and Kaumatule meet at a standstill but Kaumatule peels off and gets the running back for a tackle. Kaumatule dives inside but is tripped up before he can make a tackle on Kesi Ah-Hoy. Quick pass is incomplete and Kahuku punts. 10-9 Kaumatule.


Short run on first down but Neher did his job on Kaumatule. Kaumatule works inside on Neher and gets through but Tuli Wily-Matagi has scrambled far away from the play. Lisiate Tovo helps chip on Kaumatule on third down. Kahuku goes deep for a first. Run is away from Kaumatule, who was held. No call. Kaumatule blocked to start second quarter. Field goal is good. 10-9 Kahuku.


Kaumatule starts the next drive on the Punahou sideline. Tualau with a nice block on Saili Ma’ave’ave Petaia, who replaces Kaumatule. Third down after a timeout and still no Kaumatule. Tualau misses a block that allows the tackle on Wily. Kaumatule in on third down and they go away from his side. Fourth-and-11 at the 30. Kaumatule wins to the outside but is late to the QB and Kahuku completes it for a first down. Kaumatule working exclusively on No. 79. Hold on Kahuku. Neher with block below waist. Kaumatule stood up by 79 as Kahuku tries a trick play but it goes nowhere. Lakalaka read it as Wily-Matagi pitched it to Alohi Gilman and tried to g out and get it. Wily throws a duck and it’s picked off. Kaumatule was nowhere to be seen on that drive however. 10-9 Kahuku.


One play after a bad punt snap and Kaumatule and the rest of the Punahou DL is shoved back into the end zone on a 5-yard TD run. 10-9 Kahuku with authority.


Kaumatule back out there quickly as Punahou throws a pick. Kaumatule struggling to get any pressure. Kahuku’s O-line doing a great job. Third-and-10. Kaumatule in the middle. Roman Salanoa in on offense and does a great job blocking from his right guard spot. Three incomplete passes but Wily-Matagi had time every play. 10-9 Kahuku.


Kaumatule stuffed on first drive but pushes 79 back and then wraps up the running back for a loss. Third-and-9. Punahou calling timeouts to try and get the ball back. Kaumatule is double teamed off the edge and too slow to get to the QB. First down. False start on Wily. Run is inside as Kaumatule dips to the outside. Minimal gain as 79 goes low on Kaumatule to take him out of the play. Third down. Run up the middle and we go to half. 10-10 round as Kaumatule did have the one big tackle for loss but was otherwise contained rather easily.


Short run as Kaumatule is blocked by 79 and looks a little sore as he gets up. No pass rush on next play as Kahuku connects on 37-yard deep throw. False start Kahuku. Kaumatule runs out of the next play as it’s a run inside to his side. Quick run inside. Third-and-5. Wily-Matagi has all day as Kaumatule can’t move Salanoa. Fourth down. Kahuku punts. 10-9 Kahuku.


Kaumatule had three plays with nothing but Punahou forces a fumble. Laakea Look on the force and Saitui Moeai with the recovery. 10-9 Kahuku.


Two runs away from Kaumatule. Third-and-2 and they run it right by Kaumatule, who has had nothing against this Kahuku offensive line. Kaumatule chopped down and taken out of the play on a low block by 79. Interception in the end zone. 10-9 Kahuku.


79 goes low on Kaumatule. Run is away from him. Big time play by Kaumatule, who sheds a lineman, then sheds the fullback and makes the tackle. End of the third quarter. Kaumatule neutralized on third-and-9 and Gilman with the first-down catch. He just can’t generate any kind of rush. Kaumatule with the rush to force a quick throw and it is intercepted. 10-9 Kaumatule.


First run is right at Kaumatule who holds his ground and makes the tackle. Second run is away from Kaumatule. Third-and-2. Fumble. Punahou ball. 10-9 Kaumatule.


Kaumatule with a tackle for loss to move it back to the 3. Kaumatule in there again to force third-and-long from inside the 5. Kahuku is three-and-out. 10-9 Kaumatule.


Game tied, 10-10. 2:53 left. Kaumatule has his way the last few drives. Here we go. Ball on the 20. Run up the middle. Kaumatule went outside but comes back in to assist on tackle. Kaumatule moving inside now. Pushes the guard back and ball is overthrown. Third down run is short. 10-10.

Final notes: Was a difficult one to do since I was also writing the game story on deadline. Missed the last drive. Kahuku wins 7-4-3 on the judges scorecards but Kaumatule came up with the big stops late to force multiple three-and-outs and give Punahou enough time to eventually kick the game winner and move on to its fourth straight state final.


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