GAME NIGHT 11/16: Mililani/Campbell

No. 2 Mililani 24, No. 5 Campbell 2

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Mililani (10-2) defeats Campbell (8-5) and advances to its fourth state final in school history.

at Aloha Stadium
Campbell (8-5) 2 0 0 0 — 2
Mililani (10-2) 7 0 3 14 — 24

Mil—Dillon Gabriel 3 run (Kekoa Kuloloia kick)
Camp—Safety, holding penalty in end zone
Mil—FG Liam McGehee 39
Mil—Gabriel 2 run (McGehee kick)
Mil—Vaisen Viloria 7 interception return (McGehee kick)

RUSHING—Campbell: Sky Lactaoen 23-107, Blaine Hipa 1-1, Krenston Kaipo 2-(minus 18). Mililani: Kilifi Malepeai 19-57, Raysen Motoyama 8-19, Gabriel 8-11, team 1-(minus 2).
PASSING—Campbell: Hipa 4-19–3-39, Kaipo 5-22–2-34. Mililani: Gabriel 11-28–2-119.
RECEIVING—Campbell: Titus Mokiao-Atimalala 5-48, Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala 3-17, Jalen Henderson 1-8. Mililani: Ryan Chang 4-72, Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi 3-22, Malepeai 2-15, Motoyama 1-8, Reichel Vegas 1-2.


(4:21) Mililani ball on its 43. Trojans will attempt to run this thing out.

(5:45) Campbell ball on its 39. Titus Mokiao-Atimalala with a couple of catches and he moves to third all-time on the single-season receiving record list. Junior Asher Pilanca with the INT on fourth down for Mililani.

(6:01) Sabers ball from their 1. Vaisen Viloria with his THIRD PICK of the game. TOUCHDOWN TROJANS. What a night from the sophomore in his first varsity game. 24-2. 5:56.

(8:18) Mililani ball on the Campbell 7. Third-and-goal at the 4 and Gabriel can’t handle the snap. Mililani will go for it from the 11. Gabriel with the swing pass to Chang who is tackled at the 1. Campbell ball.

(10:25) Campbell on the 10 after a penalty on the kickoff. Second-and-17 from the 3 after two Campbell penalties. Lactaoen runs for 9 yards to the 12 and is over 100 yards rushing. Third-and-8. Hipa with a perfect throw that is dropped, but targeting is called on Mililani. Ball moves to the 27. Mykah Tuiolemotu with a TFL on Lactaoen, who falls below 100 yards after losing 2. Third-and-12. Incomplete. Off the receiver and then nearly caught or picked. Punt time. Javon Olomua with the PUNT BLOCK. Trojans ball inside the 10.

Mililani third-and-7. Ball on the Campbell 44 to start the fourth. Gabriel runs for 2 on the QB draw. Fourth-and-5. Trojans call timeout. Mililani lines up to go for it. Deep ball prayer is CAUGHT by Chang for 40 yards. Play of the game right there. Timeout Campbell after stuffing Malepeai for no gain. Another long discussion with Johnson involved. Play resumes and Gabriel takes it in for a 2-yard TD run on the naked bootleg. Mililani 17, Campbell 2, 10:25, Q4.

at Aloha Stadium
Campbell (8-4) 2 0 0
Mililani (9-2) 7 0 3

Mil—Dillon Gabriel 3 run (Kekoa Kuloloia kick)
Camp—Safety, holding penalty in end zone
Mil—FG Liam McGehee 39

RUSHING—Campbell: Sky Lactaoen 19-92, Blaine Hipa 1-1, Krenston Kaipo 2-(minus 18). Mililani: Kilifi Malepeai 18-55, Gabriel 5-16, Raysen Motoyama 1-(minus 1).
PASSING—Campbell: Kaipo 5-21–2-34, Hipa 2-10–1-18. Mililani: Gabriel 8-25–2-65.
RECEIVING—Campbell: Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala 3-17, Titus Mokiao-Atimalala 3-27, Jalen Henderson 1-8. Mililani: Ryan Chang 2-23, Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi 2-18, Malepeai 2-14, Motoyama 1-8, Reichel Vegas 1-2.


(:12) Mililani ball on the Campbell 47. False start. End 3

(2:58) Campbell ball on its 27. Hipa in at QB. Lactaoen runs for 8 then nearly a pick by Mililani. Third-and-2. Lactaoen with a 5-yard run to move the chains and he’s up to 84 rushing yards. Finally a completed pass as Titus Mokiao-Atimalala catches a 7-yard pass from Hipa. Lactaoen runs for 7 into Mililani territory and then Hipa with a nice throw over the top but the receiver comes down out of bounds. Titus Mokiao-Atimalala with another catch for 11 yards to the 35. Best drive of the night going for Campbell here. Third-and-9 at the 34. Muasau with the pressure on the blitz and Hipa has to throw it too early. Fourth down. Sabers will go for it. Viloria with the pick as the receiver did not run the route Hipa though. Viloria returns it into Campbell territory.

(5:52) Mililani ball on its 44. Make that first-and-20 after the holding penalty. Gabriel hits Chang for 15 yards. Malepeai gets a first down but it’s now Trojans fourth-and-4 at the Campbell 27. Junior Kaipo Enos-Ho with a great pass breakup and it’s a turnover on downs. That was a great play by the DB.

(6:45) Campbell on its 20. Kaipo in the game at QB. Kady with another TFL. Incomplete pass as Kaipo is again high with his throw. Another incomplete pass and punt.

(8:34) Mililani will try this again from its 49. Quickly third-and-9. Gabriel hurls one to the end zone and Mililani gets the defensive pass interference call. Probably their best play of the night on offense. Ball on the 35. Make that the 30 as the referees give the Trojans an extra 5 yards on the 20-yard pass interference penalty. Jeremiah Tauai with a sack of Gabriel but Campbell is going to get whistled for roughing the QB. Unsportsmanlike penalty on Caleb Jarra and he has been ejected. Johnson is out in the middle of the field and is furious about the call. Another throwaway from Gabriel. Mililani will try a 39-yard field goal. Liam McGehee‘s field goal try is GOOD. Mililani 10, Campbell 2, 6:45, Q3.

(9:37) Campbell starts on its 37 and is called for holding on its first play. First-and-22. It has been a struggle for both offenses all night as Hipa is now in on offense. Now a false start. Third-and-27. Kaipo back in and he throws one about 10 feet over somebody’s head. Punt.

(9:44) Mililani starts on its 49. Gabriel’s first pass is PICKED OFF by Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala.

(12:00) Campbell ball on its 20. Kaipo overthrows a wide open receiver on the read-option and is nearly picked. Third-and-5. Kaipo gets Mililani to move early and it’s a first down. Now Campbell tries an option and Kaipo flips it behind Lactaoen. Loss of 11. Third-and-18. Another high throw and it’s a punt.

Campbell will receive to start the second half.

at Aloha Stadium
Campbell (8-4) 2 0
Mililani (9-2) 7 0

Mil—Dillon Gabriel 3 run (Kekoa Kuloloia kick)
Camp—Safety, holding penalty in end zone

RUSHING—Campbell: Sky Lactaoen 12-64, Blaine Hipa 1-1, Krenston Kaipo 1-(minus 7). Mililani: Kilifi Malepeai 12-38, Gabriel 4-23.
PASSING—Campbell: Kaipo 5-16–2-34, Hipa 0-1-0-0. Mililani: Gabriel 6-18–1-42.
RECEIVING—Campbell: Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala 3-17, Titus Mokiao-Atimalala 1-9, Jalen Henderson 1-8. Mililani: Malepeai 2-14, Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi 1-10, Raysen Motoyama 1-8, Ryan Chang 1-8, Reichel Vegas 1-2.


(:17) Campbell tries a receiver screen but it’s incomplete as Kaipo is back in. Lactaoen for 7. Halftime.

(1:18) Mililani ball on its 48. Campbell called for a defensive holding and the Sabers use two timeout as coach Darren Johnson is not happy about something likely related to the penalty call. Campbell gets the timeout back. Shovel pass to Malepeai goes for 14 yards to the 20. WR Ryan Chang tries a one-handed grab in the end zone but can’t corral it. Ball to the end zone is underthrown and it’s deflected into the air and picked off in the end zone by Pokii Adkins-Kupukaa. Adkins-Kupukaa with a crazy run back to the 27.

(2:36) Sabers ball on their 20 and freshman Blaine Hipa enters the game at QB. Mililani uses its final timeout after a tackle for loss. Hipa misses on a screen and it’s third-and-12. Hipa drops the snap, gets it, and manages to get a yard. Punt time.

(6:24) Mililani ball on its 36. Trojans get an 8-yard completion to Raysen Motoyama to start and now playing with a bit more tempo. Malepeai breaks off three solid runs in a row to put the ball inside the 40. Gabriel again way high on a pass. He’s now 3-for-10 for 18 yards. Now a drop and it’s third-and-10. Gabriel on the QB draw and he picks up 12 to the 25. Timeout Campbell after a Malepeai run to the 20. 3:53 to go. Illegal man downfield negates a pass to the 2. Third-and-10. Reichel Vegas is blown up on a hit by Jeremiah Tauai for only 2 yards and then Mililani MISSES a 40-yard field goal.

(7:27) Sabers ball on their 37. Campbell three-and-out as Kaipo nearly is picked off for a third time. He’s now just 5-for-15 for 34 yards with two picks.

(8:54) Trojans start on their 10. Gabriel and Maepeai fumble the handoff and Campbell nearly gets it but Malepeai ends up with it. Third-and-10 after a Malepeai run goes nowhere. Gabriel with an underthrown ball and Trojans are again three-and-out.

(11:37) Campbell ball on its 28. Kaipo still in at QB. Two runs for Lactaoen nets 10 yards and moves the chains. Lactaoen busts a 24-yard run up the middle of the game’s longest play from scrimmage. Ball on the 40. Fourth-and-6 after two Kaipo incompletions and the punting unit comes on.

Third-and-10 on its 37 to start the second quarter for Mililani. Gabriel misses deep again and is now 2-for-7 for 10 yards as Mililani punts.


at Aloha Stadium
Campbell (8-4) 2
Mililani (9-2) 7

Mil—Dillon Gabriel 3 run (Kekoa Kuloloia kick)
Camp—Safety, holding penalty in end zone

RUSHING—Campbell: Sky Lactaoen 6-18, Krenston Kaipo 1-(minus 7). Mililani: Kilifi Malepeai 6-15, Gabriel 2-11.
PASSING—Campbell: Kaipo 4-10–2-36. Mililani: Gabriel 2-6–0-10.
RECEIVING—Campbell: Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala 2-19, Titus Mokiao-Atimalala 1-9, Jalen Henderson 1-8. Mililani: Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi 1-10, Malepeai 1-0.


(:55) Mililani ball on its 37. A holding call puts Mililani in a hole. End quarter.

(2:26) Sabers ball on their 46. Junior Shane Kady tackles Lactaoen for a loss of 6. Ezra Save with a sack after Mykah Tuiolemotu got there first with the pressure and it’s third-and-long. Incomplete. Punt.

(3:44) Trojans ball on their 1. Third-and-9 at the 2. Gabriel misfires again on a throw and Trojans will punt from own endzone. Mililani is called for a hold in the endzone on the punt and it’s a safety for Campbell, which will get the ball.

(7:45) Sabers will start on their 30. Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala with a couple of catches and Campbell quickly into Mililani territory. Third-and-2 at the Mililani 37. Lactaoen right up the gut for a 10-yard gain. Huge hope opened up the Sabers OL. Muasau tackles Lactaoen for a loss of 1 and it’s third-and-11. Pressure forces a quick throw and it’s picked off at the 1 bysophomore Vaisen Viloria.

(9:00) Sabers were hit with a personal foul after the return and Mililani has it at the Campbell 8. Third-and-goal at the 3 and Gabriel runs it in for the TD on a keeper. Mililani 7, Campbell 0, 7:53, Q1.

(9:45) Sabers start on their 11 with senior Krenston Kaipo at QB. Kaipo hits Titus Mokiao-Atimalala with his first throw for 9 yards and then Sky Lactaoen busts off a 10-yard run and a quick timeout by Rod York. Second play after the timeout is an interception by UH commit Darius Muasau, who returns it to the Campbell 17.

(11:51) Trojans ball on their 19. Gabriel starts off with an easy throw to Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi who pushes forward for 10 yards and a first down. Quickly third-and-5 after two Kilifi Malepeai runs totaling 5 yards. Sabers get an incomplete pass but are called for pass interference. Ball moves to the 49. Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala with a nice pass breakup on third down to force a punt.

Senior Dillon Gabriel is at QB for the Trojans. Here is where he stands in our record book. In a related note, Campbell receiver Titus Mokiao-Atimalala needs 46 receiving yards to jump to third on the single-season receiving list.

Mililani will receive.
For Campbell’s roster, click here
For Mililani’s roster, click here
SERIES HISTORY: Mililani leads 20-8-1
Q&A: Campbell coach Darren Johnson
Q&A: Mililani coach Rod York
Barquis is Mililani’s “Mighty” 5-foot-1 running back
New-look Sabers will ride 2-way workhorses


2004: Campbell 29, Kauai 20, at Moanalua
2004: Campbell 28, Iolani 7, at Aloha Stadium
2008: Campbell 25, Konawaena 15, at Konawaena
2008: Iolani 24, Campbell 6 at Roosevelt
2013: Campbell 42, Hilo 27, at Keaau
2013: Mililani 41, Campbell 7, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Campbell 48, Waiakea 0, at Campbell
2016: Iolani 35, Campbell 12, at Mililani

Rushing attempts, game: Brandon Ahuna, 19
Rushing attempts, career: Isaac Hurd, 32
Rushing yards, game: Brandon Ahuna, 130
Rushing yards, career: Kaneala Stanton, 182
Rushing touchdowns, game: Kawika Ulufale, 3
Rushing touchdowns, career: Kawika Ulufale, 4
Passing completions, game: Isaac Hurd, 27
Passing completions, career: Lalo Respico, 39
Passing attempts, game: Lalo Respicio, 45
Passing attempts, career: Lalo Respicio, 77
Interceptions, game: Lalo Respicio, 6
Interceptions, career: Lalo Respicio, 6
Passing yards, game: Isaac Hurd, 375
Passing yards, career: Isaac Hurd, 502
Passing touchdowns, game: Isaac Hurd, 4
Passing touchdowns, career: Isaac Hurd, 4
Receptions, game: Kainoa Perry and Arthur Aiwohi, 9
Receptions, career: Arthur Aiwohi and Kainoa Perry, 14
Receiving yards, game: Kainoa Perry, 116
Receiving yards, career: Arthur Aiwohi, 169
Receiving touchdowns, game: Amosa Amosa, 2
Receiving touchdowns, career: Amosa Amosa and Markus Ramos, 2
Longest punt return TD: Soloman Matautia, 58

Career rushing yards
1. Kaneala Stanton, 182
2. Brandon Ahuna, 155
3. Isiah Smith, 152
4. Tasi Faumui, 117
5. Anthony Shimizu, 97

Career passing yards
1. Isaac Hurd, 502
2. Lalo Respicio, 361
3. Dustin Abillanida, 191
4. Kawika Ulufale, 166
5. Shaye Asoau, 104

Career receiving yards
1. Arthur Aiwohi, 169
2. Kainoa Perry, 155
3. Amosa Amosa, 126
4. Jayce Bantolina, 115
5. Markus Ramos, 109


2003: Saint Louis 47, Mililani 12, at Aloha Stadium
2004: Lahainaluna 41, Mililani 34, at War Memorial
2006: Baldwin 22, Mililani 17, at War Memorial
2010: Waianae 48, Mililani 41, at Aloha Stadium
2012: Mililani 24, Baldwin 13, at War Memorial
2012: Punahou 49, Mililani 19, at Aloha Stadium
2013: Mililani 41, Campbell 7, at Aloha Stadium
2013: Punahou 28, Mililani 22, at Aloha Stadium
2014: Mililani 17, Farrington 14, at Aloha Stadium
2014: Mililani 53, Punahou 45, at Aloha Stadium
2015: Mililani 62, Hilo 18, at Aloha Stadium
2015: Saint Louis 56, Mililani 30, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Mililani 49, Baldwin 28, at War Memorial
2016: Mililani 51, Leilehua 35, at Mililani
2016: Mililani 31, Iolani 20, at Aloha Stadium
2017: Saint Louis 47, Mililani 23, at Aloha Stadium

Rushing attempts, game: Vavae Malepeai, 32
Rushing attempts, career: Vavae Malepeai, 108
Rushing yards, game: Vavae Malepeai, 258
Rushing yards, career: Vavae Malepeai, 648
Rushing touchdowns, game: Jalen Olomua, 3
Rushing touchdowns, career: Jalen Tuivaiave-Olumua, 6
Passing completions, game: McKenzie Milton, 29
Passing completions, career: McKenzie Milton, 101
Passing attempts, game: Jarin Morikawa and Dillon Gabriel, 49
Passing attempts, career: McKenzie Milton, 166 (Gabriel 141)
Interceptions, game: Dillon Gabriel and McKenzie Milton, 3
Interceptions, career: McKenzie Milton, 8 (Gabriel 5)
Passing yards, game: McKenzie Milton, 421
Passing yards, career: McKenzie Milton, 1,342 (Gabriel 1,068)
Passing touchdowns, game: McKenzie Milton, 7
Passing touchdowns, career: McKenzie Milton, 14 (Gabriel 11)
Receptions, game: Preston Sinn and Kalakaua Timoteo, 9
Receptions, career: Kalakaua Timoteo, 33
Receiving yards, game: Andrew Vallasdares, 213
Receiving yards, career: Kalakaua Timoteo, 480
Receiving touchdowns, game: Andrew Vallasdares and Kalakaua Timoteo, 4
Receiving touchdowns, career: Kalakaua Timoteo, 10
Longest field goal, game: Colin Lund, 41
Longest interception return: Ty Purcell-Apana, 83
Longest punt return TD: Kainoa Wilson, 54
Longest fumble return TD: Nick Rogers, 21

Career rushing yards
1. Vavae Malepeai, 648
2. Jalen Olomua, 280
3. McKenzie Milton, 214
4. Dillon Gabriel, 185
5. Dayton Furuta, 183

Career Passing yards
1. McKenzie Milton, 1,342
2. Dillon Gabriel, 1,068
3. Jarin Morikawa, 472
4. Maka Kahoano, 318
5. Trent McKinney, 300

Career receiving yards
1. Kalakaua Timoteo, 480
2. Andrew Vallasdares, 317
3. Kainoa Wilson, 290
4. Bronson Ramos, 283
5. Makana Tauai, 164
active: Ryan Chang and Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi, 138


  1. Austin Chang November 16, 2018 2:04 pm

    That is evidence that Lahainaluna should move up to D1 if they can beat Mililani they can beat Higher Team

  2. "UNITY=STRENGTH" November 16, 2018 5:33 pm

    Come on boys time to get this Championship semifinal on the way the rain is your friend Cadence!!! Rock On!!!:)

  3. Brown and Yellow Power November 16, 2018 7:42 pm

    Dominating performance by York and Trojans!!! Brown and Yellow forever!!! Next week we will be crowned champions. Mark my words.

  4. spectator November 16, 2018 9:37 pm

    Brown and gold you mean

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