GAME NIGHT 9/28: Kaiser/Kaimuki

Kaimuki 46, Kaiser 21



at Skippa Diaz Stadium
Kaiser (4-2-1, 4-2) 0 0 21 0 — 21
Kaimuki (5-2, 5-0) 7 12 7 20 — 46
Kaim—Jonah Stephens 1 run (Chrisna Chann kick)
Kaim—Filipo Afoa 17 pass from Kaulana Kaluna Jr. (kick blocked)
Kaim—Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 9 run (pass failed)
Kais—Mason Yoshino 59 pass from Koa Tom (Kyler Halvorsen kick)
Kaim—Asuega-Fualaau 6 run (Chann kick)
Kais—Noah Matsumoto 1 run (Halvorsen kick)
Kais—Jesse Stroede 75 interception return (Halvorsen kick)
Kaim—Asuega-Fualaau 65 pass from Jonah Fa’asoa (pass failed)
Kaim—Koby Moananu 45 pass from Fa’asoa (Chann kick)
Kaim—Kaluna Jr. 22 pass from Fa’asoa (Chann kick)

RUSHING—Kaiser: Matsumoto 8-41, Cavin Lime 7-14, Tom 3-(minus 9), Yoshino 2-(minus 10). Kaimuki: Asuega-Fualaau 15-84, Afoa 3-6, Stephens 5-4, Fa‘asoa 4-(minus 7).
PASSING—Kaiser: Tom 14-35-2–172. Kaimuki: Fa’asoa 19-33-2-435, Kaluna Jr. 1-1-0-17.
RECEIVING—Kaiser: Yoshino 3-63, Ethan Doman 3-33, Matsumoto 3-17, Ethan Nakamura 2-12, Stroede 1-29, Lime 1-13, Aizayah Ho 1-5. Kaimuki: Moananu 6-185, Elijah Lemalu 4-24, Alex Lemalu 3-52, Asuega-Fualaau 2-84, Kaluna Jr. 2-71, Afoa 2-27, Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa 1-9.
Junior varsity—Kaiser 35, Kaimuki 7

(1:17) Kaiser starts at the Kaimuki 47. FINAL.

(4:57) Kaimuki ball on the Kaiser 45. Lime with a sack for the Cougars. A 34-yard pass from Fa’asoa to Moananu puts Fa’asoa over 400 and gives Moananu the receiving record at Kaimuki with 185. Now a 22-yard TD pass to Kaluna Jr. on a screen pass. 46-21.

(5:44) Kaiser ball on its 31. Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa with an INT for Kaimuki.

(6:01) Play-action and Fa’asoa hits a wide open Koby Moananu for a 45-yard TD. 39-21, 5:53, Q4. Fa’asoa 17-31, 382 yards, 2 TDs.

(6:43) Kaiser ball at its 20. Jonah Stephens with a great INT to get the ball back for Kaimuki.

(7:40) Kaiser’s Dane Tsue intercepts a deep ball in the end zone. He was beat early but made a great play turning the ball, tracking it down, not committing pass interference, and hauling in the pick.

(8:48) Kaiser ball from its 39. Cougars call timeout as they will go for it fourth-and-2 at the 47. Tom has Yoshino open for a big play but its an overthrow and Kaimuki will take over.

(9:17) Bulldogs ball on their 35. Fa’asoa to Asuega-Fualaau down the sideline and he’s GONE. 65-yard TD pass. 32-21 Bulldogs as 2-point pass is no good, 8:56, Q4. A school-record 337 passing yards for Jonah Fa’asoa.

(10:13) Kaiser ball at midfield. After a 10-yard pass to Doman, Tom has Yoshino breaking free behind the defense but just overthrows him. Tom to Lime for 13 yards. Kaimuki jumps early and that moves the ball to the 22. A strip-sack by Kaimuki and Paama recovers at the 35 for the Bulldogs.

(11:50) Kaimuki ball on its 25. Donovan Erb with a 4-yard TFL for Kaiser. Third-and-14. Matsumoto with the tackle to force a punt.

Second-and-18 at the Kaimuki 27 to start the fourth for Kaiser. Swing pass to Matsumoto and it’s a fumble recovered by Kaluna Jr. for Kaimuki.


at Skippa Diaz Stadium
Kaiser (3-2-1, 3-2) 0 0 21
Kaimuki (4-2, 4-0) 7 12 7
Kaim—Jonah Stephens 1 run (Chrisna Chann kick)
Kaim—Filipo Afoa 17 pass from Kaulana Kaluna Jr. (kick blocked)
Kaim—Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 9 run (pass failed)
Kais—Mason Yoshino 59 pass from Koa Tom (Kyler Halvorsen kick)
Kaim—Asuega-Fualaau 6 run (Chann kick)
Kais—Noah Matsumoto 1 run (Halvorsen kick)
Kais—Jesse Stroede 75 interception return (Halvorsen kick)

RUSHING—Kaiser: Matsumoto 7-31, Cavin Lime 6-13, Tom 1-(minus 8), Mason Yoshino 2-(minus 10). Kaimuki: Asuega-Fualaau 13-78, Stephens 4-5, Afoa 1-6, Jonah Fa’asoa 2-(minus 1).
PASSING—Kaiser: Tom 8-23–0-136. Kaimuki: Fa’asoa 14-25-1-272, Kaluna Jr. 1-1-0-17.
RECEIVING—Kaiser: Yoshino 2-60, Ethan Doman 2-23, Matsumoto 2-15, Stroede 1-29, Ethan Nakamura 1-9. Kaimuki: Koby Moananu 4-109, Elijah Lemalu 4-24, Alex Lemalu 2-52, Afoa 2-27, Kaluna Jr. 1-49, Asuega-Fualaau 1-19, Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa 1-9.
Junior varsity—Kaiser 35, Kaimuki 7


(:42) Hunter Mulu sacks Tom for a loss of 8 to end the third quarter.

Fumble on the kickoff and KAISER HAS IT. Noah Stinson recovers the fumble forced by Nick Windisch.

(4:03) Kaimuki starts on its 20. Bulldogs wearing down the Cougars’ defense and getting big plays out of the running game. Quick pass from Fa’asoa and it’s PICKED OFF. JESSE STROEDE. 75-yard as he eludes Fa’asoa’s tackle attempt. Touchdown on the pick-six and we have a game. 26-21, :55, Q3.

(5:12) Kaiser ball on its 25. We might have some ejections here. Kaimuki’s Sama Paama with a tackle on Kaiser RB Noah Matsumoto and then an OL came and hit Paama from behind. Not sure if he was tripped or not but madness ensued. We’ve got flags on the field, hats on the field. There are four ejections in the game. We don’t have the numbers in the press box. The ball ends up at the Kaimuki 25. Bulldogs must have had at least three of the ejections. We will try to get it straightened out. Noah Matsumoto 1-yard TD run. 26-14, 4:03.

(7:35) Kaimuki ball on its 29. A quick screen to Alex Lemalu goes for 46 yards. Asuega-Fualaau with a run to the 10 but Matsumoto forces a fumble and AGAIN Kaimuki recovers. A hold wipes out a Kaimuki TD run but Asuega-Fualaau gets it on the next try with a 6-yard TD run. 26-7, 5:20.

(8:38) Kaiser will start in Kaimuki territory at the 47. Tom back to work hits Ethan Doman for 17 yards. Fourth-and-4 at the 24. Short pass to Matsumoto but Kaluna Jr. read it perfectly and made the TFL. Turnover on downs.

(10:23) Kaimuki starts on its 19. Lime with a TFL and Kaiser has come out with a much different energy than in the first quarter. Short pass is complete but it’s knocked loose. Bulldogs recover and dodge another bullet. Incomplete pass and Kaimuki will punt.

(11:55) Kaiser ball on its 37. Tom in at QB. Third-and-9 and PUT THAT ON THE HIGHLIGHT REEL. Sophomore Mason Yoshino gets open deep and Koa Tom hits him. Yoshino cuts into the middle, then cuts back outside, breaks a tackle, breaks another and then lunges for the pylon. TOUCHDOWN. 19-7 Kaimuki, 10:31. 59-yard TD pass from Tom to Yoshino.

Kaiser ball first.


at Skippa Diaz Stadium
Kaiser (3-2-1, 3-2) 0 0
Kaimuki (4-2, 4-0) 7 12
Kaim—Jonah Stephens 1 run (Chrisna Chann kick)

Kaim—Filipo Afoa 17 pass from Kaulana Kaluna Jr. (kick blocked)
Kaim—Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 9 run (pass failed)

RUSHING—Kaiser: Noah Matsumoto 3-21, Cavin Lime 6-13, Mason Yoshino 2-(minus 10). Kaimuki: Asuega-Fualaau 7-32, Stephens 4-5, Jonah Fa’asoa 2-(minus 1).
PASSING—Kaiser: Koa Tom 3-15–0-30. Kaimuki: Fa’asoa 10-18-0-203, Kaluna Jr. 1-1-0-17.
RECEIVING—Kaiser: Matsumoto 1-20, Ethan Nakamura 1-9, Yoshino 1-1. Kaimuki: Koby Moananu 4-109, Elijah Lemalu 3-20, Kaluna Jr. 1-49, Asuega-Fualaau 1-19, Afoa 1-17, Alex Lemalu 1-6.
Junior varsity—Kaiser 35, Kaimuki 7

(1:12) Kaimuki on its 1. After a QB sneak, Fa’asoa hits a short pass but Kaonohi punches the ball loose. Kaimuki recovers and it’s halftime.

(4:53) Kaiser starts on its 37. Tom completes his first pass, a 9-yarder to Ethan Nakamura. A roughing-the-passer penalty on Kaimuki and the Cougars quickly inside the Kaimuki 40. Tom has Mason Yoshino open deep but just misses him by a step. Woulda been 6. Third-and-10. Kaimuki has moved Sama Paama to the outside on the line and he has crushed three plays in a row. Kaiser will punt. Second sideline infraction by Kaimuki so Kaiser will go for it fourth-and-5. Timeout Kaiser. Tom has two guys in his face but shovels it off to Matsumoto at the last second and he gets 20 yards to the 14. First down. Add a penalty and it’s first-and-goal at the 7. Kaiser runs it three times and it’s fourth-and-goal at the 2. Timeout Kaiser. Play-action rollout and Tom hits Yoshino but he’s down at the 1. Turnover.

(7:14) Kaimuki ball on its 36. Middle screen gets Kaiser again as Fa’asoa hits Kalunua Jr. for 49 yards to the Kaiser 10. Asuega-Fualaau with a 9-yard TD run. 2-point conversion no good.

(8:05) Kaiser starts on its 40. Another incomplete pass on third down. Tom now 0-for-11 to start but hasn’t gotten a ton of help from his receivers. Four straight three-and-outs.

(9:59) Kaimuki starts on its 40. Moananu with a big 30-yard completion and he’s quickly over 100 yards receiving. Kaimuki comes out in a different formation on third down and Kaulana Kaluna Jr. gets it at QB and throws a 17-yard TD to Filipo Afoa. Not sure that was even the guy he was throwing to but it’s a TD. 13-0 Bulldogs as XP is blocked. 8:11, Q2.

(10:46) Cougars ball on their 30. Another three-and-out. Third in a row.

Second quarter starts with Kaimuki second-and-10 on the Kaiser 32. Noah Stinson with a TFL for Kaiser to set up third-and-13. Matsumoto breaks up a deep ball on third down. Fourth-and-13 and Kaimuki will go for it at the Kaiser 35. Bulldogs draw Kaiser offsides to make it fourth-and-8. Cougars pass rush forces Fa’asoa out of the pocket and it’s incomplete. Kaiser ball.


(3:46) Naomas Asuega-Fualaau with an 18-yard punt return and Kaimuki starts on its 45. A holding call and it’s quickly third-and-long. Bulldogs pick it up on the screen pass from Fa’asoa to Asuega-Fualaau for 19 yards. Lime with a TFL to make it third-and-13 but Fa’asoa hits Elijah Lemalu for 13 yards to move the chains. End of quarter.

(4:41) Kaiser ball on its 35. Kaimuki nearly with a pick on third down. Tom is now 0-for-7 and Kaiser will punt.

(5:30) Very short punt and Kaimuki starts at the Kaiser 40. Fourth-and-4 at the 34. Fa’asoa misses the receiver underneath and it’s a turnover on downs.

(6:29) Kaiser ball on its 35. Cougars go backwards and they punt.

(9:09) Kaiser’s Reece Kaonohi shoots in for the TFL. Quickly third-and-10. A completion for a first down is taken away by a holding call. Matsumoto with the tackle on third down for Kaiser and Kaimuki will punt.

(10:11) Kaiser starts on its 44. Senior Koa Tom at QB. First play for Kaiser is a 16-yard run by Noah Matsumoto. Tom misfires on three passes and Kaiser turns it over on downs at the Kaimuku 30.

(12:00) Kaimuki will start at the 35 after kick out of bounds. Junior Jonah Fa’asoa at QB. Second play is a quick pass to Koby Moananu, who makes a defender miss and goes 60 yards before getting caught from behind by Kaiser’s Hunter Yamada. Jonah Stephens 1-yard TD run. Chrisna Chann XP is good. 7-0, 10:19.

Kaiser wins the toss and will defer. Bulldogs ball first.

Reece Kaonohi, Noah Matsumoto
Kaimuki: Hunter Mulu, Sama Paama, Elijah Lemalu, Antrone Cliff Jr.

I count 29 in uniform for the Bulldogs.

Looks like we will start right at 7:30.

JV FINAL: Kaiser 35, Kaimuki 7
For Kaiser’s roster, click here
For Kaimuki’s roster, click here
SERIES HISTORY: Kaiser leads 17-11-1


Koa Tom997-213-91,33312
Casey Nguyen518-39-12123
Calvin Lime81-1-0430
Noah Matsumoto8402461
Cavin Lime8702162
Curtis Chung539992
Mason Yoshino97320
Ethan Domen56220
Albert Insisiengmay11120
Dre Falls7690
Duke Minihan1330
Koa Tom96814
Alek Mencel13-10
Aizayah Ho21-30
Ethan Nakamura21-50
Jaden Self11-140
Casey Nguyen412-270
Mason Yoshino9366205
Dre Falls7273524
Jesse Stroede8162204
Kaulana Esteban7131371
Ethan Doman55960
Nainoa McQuay23520
Calvin Lime86450
Chad Gakiya11301
Noah Matsumoto85160
Ethan Nakamura22120
Aizayah Ho2280


Jonah Fa’asoa13140-258-122,04414
Kaulana Kaluna121-2-1171
Alex Lemalu110-1-000
Jonah Stephens1316098111
Naomus Ausega-Fualaau1016597914
Elijah Lemalu11232002
Filipo Afoa5241210
Kaulana Kaluna126321
Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa83290
Antrone Cliff Jr.21191
Koby Moananu62170
KJ Navarez5160
Quynton Brackens4131
Angel Vea1130
Alex Lemalu111-20
Harry Lloyd22-300
Jonah Fa’asoa1349-730
Elijah Lemalu11344914
Koby Moananu7224041
Alex Lemalu11263490
Kaulana Kaluna12142593
Naomus Ausega-Fualaau10101792
Jonah Stephens13111702
Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa8141191
Kaunaloa Nahinu14950
Filipo Afoa56852
Isaac Madali3360
Matthew Williams2150


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