GAME NIGHT 9/22: Damien/’Iolani

'Iolani receiver Cole Ichikawa looked for running room with Damien linebacker Matthew Faufata-Pedrina (3) and defensive back JT White (6) closing in during a game earlier this season. Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell/Star-Advertiser.

The second round of the first round of ILH regular season play begins in Division II with ‘Iolani looking to stay alive in the race for a league title against No. 10 Damien. The Monarchs won the first game this season, 35-21.

Top performances in series
‘Iolani passing vs. Damien: Kela Marciel with 341 yards in 2007
‘Iolani rushing vs. Damien: Joe Igber with 278 yards in 1998
‘Iolani receiving vs. Damien: Keoni-Kordell Makakau with 153 yards in 2013
Damien passing vs. ‘Iolani: Brian Borges with 273 yards in 1988
Damien rushing vs. Iolani: Kama Bailey with 301 yards in 2006
Damien receiving vs. Iolani: John Santiago with 152 yards in 1988

Head coach: Eddie Klaneski
Monarchs roster


‘IOLANI RAIDERS (2-3, 1-2)
Head coach: Wendell Look
Raiders roster

No. 10 Damien 42, ‘Iolani 35, FINAL OT

At Kozuki Stadium
Damien (6-1, 4-0)     0    21    6    8    7    —    42
‘Iolani (2-4, 1-3)    28    0    7    0    0     —    35

‘Iolani—Justin Genovia 63 pass from Tai-John Mizutani (Mika Makekau kick)
‘Iolani—Lanakila Pei 31 fumble return (Makekau kick)
‘Iolani—Kaua Nishigaya 2 run (Makekau kick)
‘Iolani—Kyler Mento 74 fumble return (Makekau kick)
Damien—Marcus Faufata-Pedrina 3 run (Shiloh Kaeo kick)
Damien—Lindon Sevilleja 17 pass from Faufata-Pedrina (Kaeo kick)
Damien—Keoua Kauhi 17 run (Kaeo kick)
Damien—Faufata-Pedrina 3 run (kick failed)
‘Iolani—Mizutani 3 run (Makekau kick)
Damien—Kauhi 7 run (Jarvis Natividad pass from Faufata-Pedrina)
Damien—Kauhi 5 run (Kaeo kick)

RUSHING—Damien: Kauhi 22-106, Fautata-Pedrina 16-60, Logan Lauti 9-48, Akila Arecchi 3-6, Kaena-Kai Mamala 1-5, Team 1-(-13). ’Iolani: Nishigaya 6-10, Mizutani 10-52, Genovia 1-2
PASSING—Damien: Faufata-Pedrina 18-24-1-254. ‘Iolani: Mizutani 27-37-2-303.
RECEIVING—Damien: Sevilleja 6-70, Natividad 2-20, Arecchi 3-59, Lauti 3-46, Kauhi 4-59. ‘Iolani: Genovia 12-165, Rayden Kaneshiro 4-59, Jonah Miyazawa 5-44, Carter Kamana 4-25, Jake Yokogawa 1-9, Nishigaya 1-1.


First down pass incomplete. Mizutani goes deep and it’s intercepted by JT White. GAME OVER.

Damien gets the ball first and Kauhi picks up 15 around the right side to the 5. Kauhi again and he’s in. TOUCHDOWN DAMIEN. PAT good. ‘Iolani gets its turn.

Mizutani scrambles for 2. Personal fouls on both teams, replay first down with :05 left. Short completion ends regulation and we’re going to overtime.

Faufata-Pedrina picks up 22 on a third down scramble to the ‘Iolani 46. 0:58. False start Damien. Sack by Topinka back to the Damien 37. Timeout Damien before second-and-27, :47. Another sack by Topinka for a loss of 3. Third-and-30 at the Damien 34. Timeout ‘Iolani. :35. Faufata-Pedrina scrambles for 23 to the ‘Iolani 43. Timeout Damien, :22. Fourth and 7. Incomplete. ‘Iolani ball with :14 left.

Mizutani draw for 7 yards. Completes his next four passes, with a 17-yarder to Genovia to the Damien 37 with 2:33 left. Raiders face fourth and 2. Mizutani with a short throw to Nishigaya and they’ll measure. Short. Damien ball at its 28 with 1:43 left.

Damien methodically marching before Faufata-Pedrina connects with Sevilleja for 20. They connect again and a late hit on ‘Iolani moves the ball to the Raiders’ 11. Faufata-Pedrina looks for the fade again and this time it’s picked off in the end zone by Micah Shikada. Blindside block on ‘Iolani but it’s Raiders ball with 3:58 left.

‘Iolani faces third-and-6 at its 45 and Mizutani’s pass is nearly intecepted by Arecchi. Mizutani punts it away. Damien ball at its 20. 8:56 Q4.

Damien takes over at its 19. Kauhi picks up 5 on third-and-4. A high snap results in a loss of 13. Faufata-Pedrina throws deep down the middle and Arecchi beats double coverage to make a 40-yard reception. Quarter ends with Damien at the ‘Iolani 21. Faufata-Pedrina’s pass into the end zone is tipped and Mento snags it but is ruled out of bounds. Faufata-Pedrina scrambles for a first down to the 9 and ‘Iolani is called for a late hit. First and goal at the 4. Arecchi is dropped for a loss of 3. Kauhi bursts up the middle from 7 yards. TOUCHDOWN DAMIEN. 2-point conversion coming. Faufata-Pedrina rolls right and hits Natividad dragging across the middle and we’re tied. 10:43 Q4.

Mizutani completes a third-down throw to Jonah Miyazawa for 14 yards and hits Rayden Kaneshiro on a deep ball for 43 to the Damien 18. Facemask moves the ball inside the 10. Two plays later Mizutani pulls down a high snap and gets in from 3 yards out. TOUCHDOWN ‘IOLANI. PAT good. Raiders end the Damien run at 27-0. 3:29 Q3.

Lauti takes an option pitch for 8 yards. Faufata-Pedrina hits Kauhi for completions of 10 and 9 yards, then to Sevilleja for another 10 to the ‘Iolani 3. Faufata-Pedrina keeps it on the left side and gets in. TOUCHDOWN DAMIEN. PAT hits the left post so the comeback isn’t quite complete. 5:44 Q3.

Mizutani scrambles for 5 on third-and-8 and ‘Iolani lines up to punt. Genovia takes the snap and takes off. He tries to stretch for the first down but is marked short. Damien takes over at the ‘Iolani 43.

Monarchs start at their 21. ‘Iolani’s Jace Wataru stops Kauhi on third down and the Raiders force a three and out.

After reeling off 21 unanswered in the second quarter, Damien will receive to start the third.

A few halftime numbers:

Damien—Faufata-Pedrina 9-11-0-133, TD pass, TD rush. Kauhi 10 carries, 48 yards TD.

‘Iolani—Mizutani 14-18-1-176, TD. Genovia 8 receptions, 141 yards TD.

Kickoff goes out of bounds. Mizutani to Genovia for 10. Mizutani keeps for 1 and ‘Iolani takes its first timeout, :42. Mizutani’s third down pass is batted down and the Raiders punt. Damien ball at its 18. :13. Kauhi takes and handoff to end the half.

Logan Lauti picks up 15 yards on two carries and Kauhi finds a huge hole up the middle and powers into the end zone from 17 yards out. TOUCHDOWN DAMIEN. PAT good and this game has completely flipped. 1:03 Q2.

‘Iolani takes over at its 33. On third and 8, Mizutani looks downfield and his throw it picked off by Damien’s Jarvis Natividad who returns it to the ‘Iolani 32.

Damien converts on second-and-21 with a middle screen to Kauhi for 26 yards. Monarchs keep it on the ground for the next six plays and drives to the ‘Iolani 23. Faufata-Pedrina is sacked by Kyler Mento and Tom Topinka to bring up third and 17 from the ‘Iolani 35. Timeout Damien, 4:05 Q2. Faufata-Pedrina rolls left and fires to Akila Arecchi for 18 yards to the 17 and a first down. Damien calls its second timeout, 3:26. Faufata-Pedrina throws the fade to Lindon Sevilleja who makes the catch in the corner. TOUCHDOWN DAMIEN. PAT good. Monarchs back in it. 3:16 Q2.

Mizutani stays hot and completes five short passes. But on the fifth, Rayden Kaneshiro loses the ball and Fosi Ulima recovers for Damien at its 23. 10:18 Q2.

Damien fumbles again but recovers this time. Marcus Faufata-Pedrina hits Lauti over the middle to breaks loose to the Raiders 8. Faufata-Pedrina starts the second quarter with a 3-yard keeper up the middle. TOUCHDOWN DAMIEN. PAT good.

Damien picks up its first first down of the game on 13-yard completion to Jarvis Natividad. Logan Lauti fumbles and Kyler Mento takes it back 74 yards, but offsetting penalties wipe out the play. Now the officials say both penalties are on Damien (although he said “St. Francis”). TOUCHDOWN ‘IOLANI. PAT good.

Facing third-and-12, Mizutani scrambles right and finds Genovia for 42 yards. Mizutani scrambles again for 22 yards. Raiders keep marching inside the 10 and Kaua Nishigaya finishes the 11-play drive with a 2-yard run. TOUCHDOWN ‘IOLANI. PAT good. 4:07 Q1. What a start for the Raiders.

‘Iolani appears to recover and onside kick, but the Raiders are called for kick catch interference and Damien . Keoua Kauhi loses 3 yards then picks up 8. A third down pass is dropped and the Monarchs are called for a personal foul. The punt is muffed, but goes into the end zone for a touchback.

Marcus Faufata-Pedrina scrambles for 1. Monarchs attempt an option play to the left but the pitch is mishandled and ‘Iolani’s Lanakila Pei scoops up the loose ball at the 31 and takes it to the house. TOUCHDOWN ‘IOLANI. PAT good. 9:57.

‘Iolani starts at its 35. After an incomplete pass and a bubble screen for 2 yards to Justin Genovia, Tai-John Mizutani goes deep down the middle to Genovia and connects. Genovia runs away from the Damien secondary for 63 yards. TOUCHDOWN ‘IOLANI. PAT good. 11:09.

Damien wins the toss and defers. ‘Iolani will receive the opening kickoff.


  1. Football fan September 22, 2017 6:04 pm

    If Damien is rank #10…. then what does that make Iolani rank?

  2. Education First September 22, 2017 6:35 pm

    Iolani was up 28-0 after the FIRST QUARTER but took their foot off the gas pedal. As a result, Damien got lucky and came back. Kudos to Damien on their great season but Coach Look almost pulled it off with vastly undersized and less talented players. Hands down the best HS FB coach in Hawaii and maybe the country. He believes in the GPAs>TDs philosophy and it shows. Still the #1 team in my ranking which is inclusive of all HS FB programs when factoring in class performance along with on the field score. For example, tonight’s calculated score would have been Iolani 49 (35 on field score + 14 for gpa/sat/act scores), Damien 35 (42 – 7, same components).

  3. 'Iolani alumni September 22, 2017 7:32 pm

    @Education First
    Just take the L with dignity. Your bias towards ‘Iolani is very distasteful. Even as an alumni of ‘Iolani
    I respect that Damien overcame a 28-0 deficit and won. At the end of the day they still came up on top and not us.

  4. Education First September 22, 2017 8:02 pm

    Hey “”Iolani alumni”. The legendary Coach Eddie Hamada would be saddened by your loser attitude which is diametrically opposed to the “One Team” concept. Guess you missed the part on my post where I said “Kudos to Damien on their great season” and my statements in other threads on this board praising Klaneski’s grit as a player in HS and at UH AS WELL AS HIS COACHING ABILITY.

    If you don’t like my comment don’t read it. I never attended Iolani nor played HS sports because of an asthma condition so I’m unbiased.

  5. Donald Waipa September 25, 2017 10:29 am

    The best coach in high school football in Hawaii lost with a 28-0 lead. Some brains you got going for yourself, that makes total sense bud. Damien gave you freebies, spotted you points, and still you guys couldn’t close the door. So it leaves two options, either proves how good Damien is, or how shitty iolani is this year. To be totally honest, I think iolani makes a run at the D2 states, I hope they do.

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