GAME NIGHT 9/20: ‘Iolani/Damien

‘Iolani 38, No. 9 Damien 21

NOTE: This is the 100th meeting all-time between the two schools.



At Aloha Stadium
‘Iolani (6-1, 4-1) 10 14 7 7 — 38
Damien (5-2, 3-2) 0 8 7 6 — 21
Iol—Brody Bantolina 3 run (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Iol—FG Manuel 32
Iol—Brock Hedani 13 pass from Jonah Chong (Manuel kick)
Iol—Trevor Kan 48 interception return (Manuel kick)
DMS—Jake Holtz 1 run (Jayce Jay-Pedro pass from Duke Hoohuli)
Iol—Hedani 1 run (Manuel kick)
DMS—Amo Sulu 80 run (Christian Souza kick)
DMS—Jarvis Natividad 14 pass from Logan Lacio (pass failed)
Iol—Bantolina 13 run (Manuel kick)

RUSHING—‘Iolani: Hedani 16-102, Bantolina 13-64, Chong 6-14, Cole Ichikawa 1-8. Damien: Sulu 29-225, Holtz 8-37, Lacio 4-13, River Iaea 2-8, Makanale’a Meyer 1-(minus 9).
PASSING—‘Iolani: Chong 6-14–0-85. Damien: Holtz 15-26–2-142, Lacio 7-11–0-73.
RECEIVING—‘Iolani: Manuel 3-59, Hedani 2-23, Ryan Sunada 1-3. Damien: Natividad 10-114, Meyer 5-33, Ezra Kaina 3-48, Iaea 2-10, Tino Atonio 1-7, Lacio 1-3.


(4:20) Touchback. Damien ball on the 20. Sulu up to 225 rushing yards as the clock winds down. FINAL

(5:09) Shayden Molina gets his hand on the punt to block it. Raiders take over on the Damien 24. Bantolina puts the game away with a 13-yard TD run with 4:20 on the clock.

(7:11) ‘Iolani ball on its 5. Sulu with a 5-yard run to put him at exactly 200 yards on 23 carries. ‘Iolani’s Joshua Miyazawa with the third-down sack to force a punt.

(9:42) ‘Iolani ball on its 48. Hedani runs for a first down and is now at 101 yards on 15 carries. A big sack by Damien forces a punt.

Onside kick out of bounds as the rain starts to dump out here at the stadium sending fans scurrying for cover.

(11:44) Damien forces a punt and has it first-and-10 on its 40. Logan Lacio in at QB. Sulu rips off a 29-yard run. Third-and-1 and Lacio scrambles for 9 to the 13. Damien in business. Fourth down at the 14 and Damien calls timeout. Lacio drops back and his first completion of the game is a 14-yard TD to Natividad, who burned the DB to the corner. Big two-point conversion is no good however. 31-21, IOL, 9:42, Q3.


(2:00) Damien tries an onside kick but ‘Iolani recovers on its 44. Chong with a perfect 45-yard dime down the middle of the field to Manuel but it’s called back by a hold. END 3.

(2:18) Touchback. Damien ball on its 20. NOT. DEAD. YET. Sulu is off to the races as he outruns the ‘Iolani defense for an 80-yard TD. 161 rushing yards for Sulu and it’s 31-15, 2:03, Q3.

(3:24) ‘Iolani starts on its 42. Hedani runs for 23 yards and tack on 15 yards for a penalty. A 29-yard run by Hedani who powers through multiple tackle efforts and then a 1-yard TD run. 31-8, IOL, 2:18, Q3.

(6:36) Damien ball on its 36. Best starting field position of the game for Damien. Third-and-3 on the 43 and Holtz powers his way running through the defense for 12 yards into ‘Iolani territory. Sulu ALMOST breaks one but gets 14 yards to the Raiders 31. Third-and-1 at the 22 after Pei stops Sulu short of the marker. Holtz sneaks it 3 yards for a first down inside the 20. Option pitch is dropped by Sulu and Jayden Murata recovers it for ‘Iolani. Flags fly as it looks like Holtz throws a punch or a hard shove. Refs call the foul and say it’s a punch and Holtz has been ejected from the game.

(7:35) ‘Iolani ball on its 29. Raiders three-and-out.

(10:34) Damien ball on its 18. Holtz with a nice completion to Natividad on third down to move the sticks. Monarchs have a good drive going but then try a reverse on second-and-4 at the 50 and lose 9 yards. Incomplete pass and a good-looking drive turns into a punt.

(11:53) Another good return and ‘Iolani will start on its 43. Meyer comes shooting off the edge to stop Hedani for a loss on third-and-3 to force a punt.

‘Iolani will get the ball first.

At Aloha Stadium
‘Iolani (5-1, 3-1) 10 14
Damien (5-1, 3-1) 0 8
Iol—Brody Bantolina 3 run (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Iol—FG Manuel 32
Iol—Brock Hedani 13 pass from Jonah Chong (Manuel kick)
Iol—Trevor Kan 48 interception return (Manuel kick)
DMS—Jake Holtz 1 run (Jayce Jay-Pedro pass from Duke Hoohuli)

RUSHING—‘Iolani: Bantolina 7-21, Hedani 7-18, Chong 4-14, Cole Ichikawa 1-8. Damien: Amo Sulu 11-44, Holtz 5-17.
PASSING—‘Iolani: Chong 6-10–0-85. Damien: Holtz 13-22–2-130.
RECEIVING—‘Iolani: Manuel 3-59, Hedani 2-23, Ryan Sunada 1-3. Damien: Jarvis Natividad 6-82, Makanale’a Meyer 3-8, Ezra Kaina 2-25, River Iaea 1-8, Tino Atonio 1-7.


(1:40) Damien will start on its 15. Monarchs have two timeouts. Holtz completes his first three passes for 33 yards and all three receivers get out of bounds. Second-and-10 at midfield with 1 minute on the clock. Third-and-5 at the 45 after a short pass and Damien burns a timeout. Holtz scrambles for 14 yards to the 31. A holding penalty kills a completion inside the 20. Now just 6 seconds on the clock. HALFTIME.

(2:30) Damien ball on its 48. Big third-and-5 coming up with 1:57 on the clock. Damien with the pressure and Chong gets nothing on the scramble. Punt.

Damien quarterback Jake Holtz (11) soared over the pile for a touchdown against ‘Iolani. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(4:49) Damien starts on its 25. Holtz steps into a throw to Tino Atonio for 7 yards. He hits Natividad for 16 and then DEEP to Natividad down to the 7. Add a roughing-the-passer. Sulu from the 3 and he FUMBLES but Damien recovers. Holtz goes quick with the QB sneak. 1-yard TD. Damien shows some life near the end of the half and then gets the two-point formation off a weird formation. Jayce Jay-Pedro pass from Duke Hoohuli. 24-8, IOL, 2:37, Q2.

(7:00) Damien ball on its 20. Holtz hits Natividad for 11 yards and a first down and then keeps it for 9 yards. Sulu gets the first down on third-and-2 and Damien has multiple first downs on the same drive for the first time. MISCOMMUNICATION and Holtz throws it right to Trevor Kan who returns it 48 yards for a TD. 24-0, IOL, 4:59, Q2.

(10:21) Raiders ball on their 49. Bantolina rips off a 16-yard run to the 35. ‘Iolani called for a hold and then a personal foul and it’s now third-and-44. Fourth-and-42 and Damien roughs the punter for a first down. What a mistake. Chong hits Manuel on the double move for 32 yards down the sideline. Biggest offensive play of the game down to the 15. Slant is dropped and it’s third-and-8. Timeout ‘Iolani. Hedani is UNCOVERED out of the backfield and it’s a walk-in 13-yard TD. 17-0, IOL, 7:00, Q2.

Damien starts the second quarter second-and-5 on its 25. Third-and-1 at the 29 and the pitch goes to Sulu for a first down but Damien is called for holding. Screen to Jarvis Natividad is read perfectly by Pei. Punt.


At Aloha Stadium
‘Iolani (5-1, 3-1) 10
Damien (5-1, 3-1) 0
Iol—Brody Bantolina 3 run (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Iol—FG Manuel 32

RUSHING—‘Iolani: Jonah Chong 3-14, Brock Hedani 5-11, Cole Ichikawa 1-8, Bantolina 3-(minus 2). Damien: Amo Sulu 6-29, Jake Holtz 1-(minus 9).
PASSING—‘Iolani: Chong 4-6-0-40. Damien: Holtz 3-6-1-17.
RECEIVING—‘Iolani: Manuel 2-27, Hedani 1-10, Ryan Sunada 1-3. Damien: River Iaea 1-8, Jarvis Natividad 1-5, Makanale’a Meyer 1-4.


(:17) Third straight touchback kicked by Manuel. Damien starts on its 20. END 1.

(2:23) A 15-yard face-mask penalty is called on Damien on the punt return and ‘Iolani has it on the Monarchs’ 40. Chong scrambles for 9 yards to the 31 but a late-hit is called on the defender as Chong tried to dive for the first down. Not sure about that one. Damien calls timeout with 1:33 left in the quarter. Ball is spotted on the 14 instead of the 16 for some reason. Reverse to Cole Ichikawa goes for 8 yards to the 6. ‘Iolani gets called for a hold on the next play however. Two incomplete passes and Manuel hits a 32-yard field goal. 10-0, IOL, :17, Q1.

(3:17) Damien ball on its 20. Sulu gets 8 yards on his first carry but then good pass D by ‘Iolani and then a high throw by Holtz results in a three-and-out.

(6:06) Raiders ball on the 45 of Damien. Third-and-6 and Chong hits Brock Hedani out of the backfield for 11 yards to move the chains. Hedani carries twice for 9 yards and it’s third-and-1. Out of the ‘I’ formation, handoff to Hedani for 4 yards and a first down. PERFECT ball from Chong to Wailoa Manuel, who gets free down the sideline to the 3. Brody Bantolina 3-yard TD run. 7-0 IOL, 3:17, Q1.

(8:45) Damien ball on its 20. Monarchs convert a third-and-2 this time as River Iaea makes a tough catch over the middle as he gets blasted by a defender. Lanakila Pei, who was invited to the Polynesian Bowl on Thursday, comes back with a sack on first down for ‘Iolani. Holtz forced to scramble on third down and throws back over the middle. The ball is tipped into the air TWICE before Sakashita comes down for the INT for the Raiders.

‘Iolani defensive back Stirling Sakashita (29) came up with an interception on a pass tipped into the air twice in the first quarter. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(10:00) ‘Iolani ball on its 36 after a punt. Senior Jonah Chong at QB. Raiders three-and-out as Chong is forced to scramble twice. Punt.

(12:00) Touchback. Jake Holtz at QB for Damien at the 20. Monarchs come out and pound it three times with Amo Sulu at RB but sophomore Stirling Sakashita makes the stop short on third-and-2 for ‘Iolani. Damien three-and-out.

Raiders win the toss and will defer. Damien ball first.

Lanakila Pei, Jonah Chong, Micah Camat
Damien: Jarvis Natividad, Ramon Hernando, Bronson Su’a
Series history: ‘Iolani leads 75-21-3
‘Iolani roster
Damien roster


  1. V. Kamakaala September 21, 2019 8:11 am

    Remember the clown who predicted that Damien would beat Iolani this year and said you heard it first here (a month ago) . Well Iolani lead easily through 4 quarters and Damien lost its composure.

  2. Nothing but the truth September 21, 2019 3:05 pm

    Kamakaala, I was going to say the EXACT same thing. I remember that prior post. You beat me to it.
    When are people going to realize when you say stuff online, especially negative stuff, people are not going to forget it, especially if it turns out to be wrong.

  3. Pepu September 22, 2019 4:10 pm

    Kamakaala and Truth you have mastered the powers of recollection. On July 22, 2019 responding to an Article featuring Iolani’s Carter Kamana; someone posting as “Facts” said Iolani will lose to Damien you heard it here first.” Dis brahdah was Wrong and so was Paul Honda HPW for hyping Holtz and his “Poise” then getting jacked for throwing a punch. Way to keep winning Iolani and way to keep proving the fake news wrong.

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