GAME NIGHT 9/13: Kaimuki/Kaiser

Kaiser 45, Kaimuki 31


At Kaiser Stadium
Kaimuki (4-2, 3-1) 6 3 7 15 — 31
Kaiser (6-0, 4-0) 17 7 7 14 — 45
Kais—FG Kyler Halvorsen 30
Kaim—Jonah Fa’asoa 35 pass from Jayden Maiava (kick failed)
Kais—Kamakana Mahiko 8 pass from Easton Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kais—Dre Falls 21 pass from Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kais—Mahiko 12 pass from Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kaim—FG Kawamoto 25
Kais—Falls 27 pass from Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kaim—Matt Williams 92 pass from Maiava (Kawamoto kick)
Kaim—Moananu 19 pass from Maiava (Fa’asoa pass from Maiava)
Kais—Mason Yoshino 24 pass from E. Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kais—Mahiko 60 pass from E. Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kaim—Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 89 pass from Maiava (Kawamoto kick)

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Asuega-Fualaau 17-42, Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa 4-16, Maiava 8-4. Kaiser: Cavin Lime 9-54, Kilohana Lacanilao 7-15, Ethan Lynch 7-10, Hunter Phelps 1-2, team 3-(minus 3), Halvorsen 1-(minus 3), E. Yoshino 7-(minus 53).
PASSING—Kaimuki: Maiava 15-41–1-417. Kaiser: E. Yoshino 11-19-2-279, Brock Perreira 0-3-1-0.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Koby Moananu 8-156, Asuega-Fualaau 3-111, Fa’asoa 2-45, Williams 1-92, Kaulana Kaluna Jr. 1-13. Kaiser: Mahiko 5-124, Falls 4-108, M. Yoshino 1-24, Jesse Stroede 1-23.

Bulldogs will get the ball back with less than two minutes to go. Asuega-Fualaau breaks loose for an 89-yard TD from Maiava with 1:06 to go. That gives Maiava 417 passing yards. 45-31. School record is teammate Jonah Fa’asoa throwing for 435 against Kaiser last year.

(4:47) Kaimuki ball on its 13. Maiava with an incredible scramble for 20 yards. Kid just glides on the field. Stroede comes up to make the TFL on the screen to Asuega-Fualaau and it’s fourth-and-3 from the 40. Timeout Kaimuki with 3:28 on the clock. Deep ball and Kaiser’s Josh Okamoto with the great play to break up the pass.

(6:15) Kaiser ball on its 33. Cougars run it twice for 7 yards. Third-and-3. BALLGAME. Yoshino hits Mahiko with a short pass and he makes a defender miss and outruns everyone to the house. 60-yard TD. 45-24, 4:54 to go. Easton Yoshino 11-19, 279 yards, 6 TD, 2 INT. Kamakana Mahiko 5 rec, 124 yards, 3 TD.

Kaimuki starts on its 18. Fourth-and-5 on the 23 with 6:28 to go and Kaimuki will punt.

(8:42) Falls with a nice return up to the Kaiser 45 where Kaiser will start. Lime with a hard run to midfield on first down. Lime finds a gap off the right side and busts it for 24 yards down to the 26. Fake the handoff and Mason Yoshino makes his first appearance of the game. Slant over the middle and he breaks it for a 24-yard TD on the first catch of the night for the Cougars’ leading receiver. 38-24 Kaiser, 6:59 to go. Fifth TD pass for Easton Yoshino.

(9:44) Kaimuki ball on its 40. Maiava completes a screen to Asuega-Fualaau for 23 yards and then hits Kaluna Jr. for 13. Quick pass to Moananu who does the rest, breaking tackles down the sideline for a 19-yard TD. He now has 148 receiving yards as Maiava is over 300. Maiava hits Fa’asoa for 2 and it’s 31-24 with 8:52 to go.

(11:14) Kaiser ball on its 41 with a chance to use up some clock. Yoshino sacked by Tevita Loketi. Deep ball on third down is picked by Moananu. Kaimuki still with life.

(11:44) Bulldogs ball on their 31 with 11:44 on the clock down two scores. Stroede nearly with the pick on third down and Kaimuki has to punt. Maiava now 8-for-28.

Kaiser starts the fourth quarter third-and-12 on its 32. Falls gets open deep but ball is overthrown. Punt.


(2:04) Kaiser ball on its 21. Yoshino back in at QB. Holding call on Kaiser. Cougars run some clock but the quarter ends.

(3:12) Kaimuki on the Kaiser 30. Cougars unraveling all of a sudden. Third-and-6. Maiava scrambles for 5 yards and it’s fourth-and-1. Maiava tries the QB sneak and it’s close. They will measure. He is short. Kaiser ball. Big stop by the Kaiser defense.

(4:12) Kaiser ball on its 32. Perreira remains in at QB. Fa’asoa knocks down a pass at the line of scrimmage and it’s third-and-9. Perreira’s pass to Stroede is high over the middle and Kaiser is three-and-out. Halvorsen struggles to grab the snap and then tries to take off with it but is stopped way short. Bulldogs ball.

(4:43) Bulldogs ball on their 8. Maiava really struggling to complete anything over the middle. Ball has so much heat on it. Now Williams comes back on offense with the 92-yard TD as he made his defender miss and is GONE. Bulldogs staying in it. Maiava 7-24, 251 yards, 2 TD, INT.

(4:51) Kaiser ball on the Kaimuki 45. Brock Perreira in at QB and Kaiser goes deep immediately up 22 points. Matt Williams with the INT for Kaimuki.

(6:32) Bulldogs ball on their 14. Kaimuki goes three-and-out as the Bulldogs continue to struggle trying to rush the ball. Bulldogs with 32 rushing yards on 24 carries.

(9:40) Kaiser ball on its 29. Play has been interrupted because of a drone hovering over the field. Phillip Phomphakdy with a sack on third down to force a Kaiser punt.

(11:38) Bulldogs on their 20 after a touchback. Kaiser’s Caleb Markwith banged up on a play but hobbles off under his own power. A personal foul helps put the ball out on the 50. Third-and-3. Lime brings down Maiava for a loss of 1. Kaimuki will line up to punt and does exactly that.

(11:49) Stroede with a 53-yard kickoff return to the Kaimuki 27 where the Cougars will start. First throw goes out wide to Falls who tight walks down the sideline, escapes two defenders and SOMEHOW takes it to the house. One play, 27-yard TD from Yoshino to Falls. Four TD passes for Yoshino. 31-9, 11:38, Q3.

Kaiser will get the ball first.

At Kaiser Stadium
Kaimuki (4-1, 3-0) 6 3
Kaiser (5-0, 3-0) 17 7
Kais—FG Kyler Halvorsen 30
Kaim—Jonah Fa’asoa 35 pass from Jayden Maiava (kick failed)
Kais—Kamakana Mahiko 8 pass from Easton Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kais—Dre Falls 21 pass from Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kais—Mahiko 12 pass from Yoshino (Halvorsen kick)
Kaim—FG Kawamoto 25

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 11-21, Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa 4-16, Maiava 3-(minus 21). Kaiser: Kilohana Lacanilao 3-12, Ethan Lynch 1-4, Cavin Lime 3-0, team 1-(minus 1), E. Yoshino 3-(minus 31).
PASSING—Kaimuki: Maiava 6-21–1-159. Kaiser: E. Yoshino 7-13-1-156.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Koby Moananu 5-124, Fa’asoa 1-35. Kaiser: Mahiko 4-64, Falls 2-69, Jesse Stroede 1-23.

(:57) Kaimuki ball on its 41. Maiava playing street ball with Moananu who comes back to catch two balls on scramble plays all the way down to the 13. Maiava misses an open receiver on the slant. Moananu set Kaimuki’s single-game receiving mark with 185 yards last year against Kaiser and now has 124 yards on five catches. Third-and-5 at the 8. 22 seconds on the clock. Maiava misses Kaluna again over the middle. He has been high on those throws. Fourth down. Bulldogs decide to kick and Kurt Kawamoto hits a 25-yard field goal. 24-9, 12 seconds to go.

(2:31) Kaiser ball on its 25. Third-and-3 and Kaiser takes a timeout with 1:15 to go. Lime stuffed for no gain and Kaiser will punt as Kaimuki takes a timeout to save clock.

(6:08) Bulldogs ball on their 23. Another third-and-long as it’s third-and-8. Bulldogs can’t find anything going on the ground. Quick pass to Moananu who beats his guy one-on-one and gets 24 yards down the sideline. Third-and-4 after two runs. A little too much heat on the out to Moananu and it’s fourth-and-4. Bulldogs will go for it. Maiava lobs one to Moananu who makes the catch to move the chains. That’s the one matchup Kaimuki is exploiting right now. Moananu is a good-looking player. Maiava is running for his life and gets out of it but tries to throw on the run and Ethan Domen makes the INT.

(6:18) Kaiser ball at the Kaimuki 30 after a short punt. Yoshino tries to go deep but Eason had it played perfectly and tips it to himself for an INT.

(7:24) Kaimuki ball on its 18. Asuega-Fualaau stopped for a loss by Chin and it’s third-and-11. Bulldogs three-and-out. Kaiser’s defensive line again is just taking control when Kaimuki has the ball.

(8:30) Cougars ball on their 35 after a 15-yard return by Falls. Komiti with his second sack on third down but a flag comes out. Facemask. Third-and-6 and Falls gets behind the D and Yoshino hits him on the double pump for a 61-yard TD but a block-in-the-back is called on Stroede. Obvious penalty that was completely unnecessary. A roughing-the-passer penalty puts the ball on the 12 and Yoshino drops a perfect ball on the back line of the end zone to Mahiko for a 12-yard TD. 24-6 Kaiser, 7:32, Q2. After starting 0-for-3 Yoshino is 7-for-9 for 156 yards and 3 TD.

Kaimuki with the ball second-and-1 at its 29 to start the second quarter. Bulldogs try to go deep to Moananu and he has a step but it’s overthrown. Nice burst shown by Moananu. Fake the handoff and go to the quick slant on third-and-1 and defensive PI is called. Another close play. Refs calling it tight tonight. Chin with his second TFL for Kaiser to set up third-and-3. Maiava sacked by three Kaiser players and the Bulldogs will punt. FAKE. Pfeiffer-Kekoa takes the direct snap and is down right at the marker. They give him the first down. Another close one. Bulldogs first-and-10 at the Kaiser 46. Now third-and-10. Maiava overthrows an open Kaluna down the middle. He’s now 2-for-9 for 69 yards and a TD. Bulldogs will punt and this time it’s an actual punt.


(:44) Bulldogs ball on their 20. Second-and-1. END 1

(1:03) Kaiser ball on the Kaimuki 44. Yoshino to Jesse Stroede for 23 yards down the seam and then 21 yards to Falls in the corner for a TD. Two plays, TD. Kaiser with two touchdowns in a span of 31 seconds. 17-6, :44, Q1. Yoshino is 5-for-5 for 96 yards and 2 TD on his last two drives.

Kaluna Jr. with a nice kick return but he fumbles at the last second. Minihan on the recovery for Kaiser.

(2:44) Kaiser ball on its 29. Easton Yoshino completes his first pass to Kamakana Mahiko for 12 yards and a first down. Pass interference call puts the ball into Kaimuki territory. Mahiko open down the sideline and Yoshino hits him for 32 yards to the 8. Second-and-goal and Easton Yoshino looks off the safety then hits Mahiko on the slant for an 8-yard TD. Excellent job by the freshman QB. TD Kaiser. 10-6, 1:15, Q1. Mahiko with three catches for 52 yards on the drive.

(5:14) Kaimuki ball on the 20. Asuega-Fualaau tackled for a loss of 4 by Joseph Chin. Third-and-14. Maiava throws deep and gets the defensive PI call for a first down. Maiava with a deep ball to Koby Moananu who makes a GREAT diving catch for the first completion for the Bulldogs. 34 yards. Quickly third-and-10 after Kaiser blows up the screen attempt. Maiava rolls out of trouble and hits Jonah Fa’asoa for a 35-yard TD as the defender went to knock the ball down and missed. 35-yard TD. XP is no good. 6-3 Bulldogs, 2:50, Q1.

(6:44) Dre Falls, who was recently offered by Central Michigan and Northern Arizona, with a nice 18-yard return on a punt before getting crushed by Kaulana Kaluna Jr. Targeting called but it looked clean as day. Falls was fine and bounced up quickly. Cougars get ball on the Kaimuki 27. Deep ball to Mason Yoshino but a great pass breakup on the ball by Niko Eason. Easton Yoshino sacked on third down by Ricky Wells Jr. but he also got some of the facemask. Yoshino sacked again by Tasi Komiti and Kaiser has to punt.

(8:42) Bulldogs start from their 20. Asuega-Fualaau in at RB. An offsides penalty helps Kaimuki get its first first down. Now third-and-6. Deep drop by Maiava and he is sacked quickly by Minihan, who has two in his first two drives on defense.

(9:52) A shanked punt and Kaiser has it at the Kaimuki 13. Cougars try two runs with RB Cavin Lime that go for no yards. Third-and-10. Freshman Easton Yoshino goes to the corner to his brother, Mason, but it’s dropped. Should have been a TD it looked from here. Kyler Halvorsen on to try a 30-yard field goal. Kick is GOOD. 3-0 Kaiser, 8:42, Q1.

(11:53) Bulldogs start at their 11 with sophomore Jayden Maiava at QB. Junior Blade Pfeiffer-Kekoa gets the start at RB. Naomas Asuega-Fualaau missed the last game with an illness according to coach David Tautofi. Kaiser’s Duke Minihan with an 11-yard sack on third down and it’s a three-and-out.

Kaimuki will receive.

Game time was moved to 6 p.m. two days ago but it hasn’t stopped the crowd from arriving early. Quite a nice turnout for tonight’s game.

Series history: Kaiser leads 17-13-1
Kaimuki roster
Kaiser roster


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