GAME NIGHT 11/9: ‘Iolani/Waipahu

No. 10 Waipahu 20, No. 7 ‘Iolani 19,final

10:22: Game over.

10:21: One more knee by Marques and the it’s going to be over. 30 more seconds.

10:20: Waipahu running out the clock. 1:25 left and running. They took two knees already and will line up for another.

10:18: On fourth and 10 from the 40, Chong’s pass falls incomplete. 2:50 to go. Waipahu ball at the ‘Iolani 41.

10:15: Chong’s pass to Kaneshiro goes for 16 yards to the Raiders’ 41.

10:14: Raiders get ball back on downs at their 25. 4:07 to go.

10:10: Kapea intercepts his third pass of the night. 4:30 to go.

10:06: Chong scrambles for a first down. But ‘Iolani is facing a third down against an intense-rushing front of the Marauders.

10:01: It’s fourth down and 9 for Waiphu. Amorozo is in to try a 39-yard field goal. It goes wide right. 5:41 left in game.

9:59: A long Marques run and an ‘Iolani personal foul penalty helps Waipahu get to the ‘Iolani 9. But penalties on Waipahu bring it back to the Raiders’ 22.

9:53: The field-goal unit is out for ‘Iolani. Makekau’s 38-yard attempt is blocked by Montero. Fiva Tulafale returns it deep into Waipahu territory against an ‘Iolani team not ready for the return.

9:51: Marauders have a third and long. Marques’ pass is intercepted by Micah Shikada. ‘Iolani ball on the Waipahu 20.


9:49: Third quarter ends.

9:48: A Chong pass is intercepted by Kapea. Waipahu ball at its 32.

9:47: Kamana’s 28-yard catch and a 15-yard personal-foul penalty on Waipahu gets the ball to the Waipahu 45.

9:41: Two plays later, Failauga goes around right end, breaks a tackle at the 10 and makes it into the end zone for a 16-yard TD. Failauga’s 2-point conversion run is stopped. WAIPAHU 20, ‘IOLANI 19, 1:59 left in third quarter.

9:40: Failauga runs for 14 and then 13 yards to the ‘Iolani 16.

9:35: Chong is pressured and just gets a pass off that is tipped by Kamana and picked off by Waipahu’s Deacon Kapea. He returns it all the way to the ‘Iolani 1. But two personal-foul penalties on Waipahu push the ball all the way back to the Raiders’ 44.

9:30: Three plays later, Marques sneaks in for a 1-yard TD. Amorozo kicks the extra point. ‘IOLANI 19, WAIPAHU 14, 3:35 left in third quarter.

9:28: Failauga runs for 13 yards, Marques for 17 and then Failauga gain for 11. The ball is at the ‘Iolani 3.

9:22: ‘Iolani goes three and out and punts.

9:20: Tom Topinka’s third-down sack of Marques and a pass deflection by KC Bell on fourth down hands the ball back over to the Raiders.

9:18: Marques’ pass to Saxon Tote covers 33 yards to the ‘Iolani 28.

9:14: Benjamin electrifies the crowd with a 43-yard punt return to the ‘Iolani 47.

9:13: The Raiders stall and will be punting.

9:12: ‘Iolani take the second-half kickoff and immediately starts to move. Jonah Miyazawa’s 24-yard catch and run of a Chong pass pushes the ball to the Waipahu 44.


8:53: Halftime.

8:48: A Chong screen pass to Nishigaya, who breaks a tackle on the left sideline goes for 19 yards and a touchdown. Makekau kicks the extra point. ‘IOLANI 19, WAIPAHU 7, 1:05 left in first half.

8:47: Three short passes later, ‘Iolani is at the Waipahu 19. 1:25 to go in first half.

8:44: Raiders ball at the 50.

8:43: Waipahu has a fourth and 3 from its 16. The Marauders will be punting. ‘Iolani calls timeout. 2:27 to go in first half.

8:40: ‘Iolani goes for it on fourth and long. Chong is pressured and he throws a pass that is intercepted by Zeondre Benjamin.

8:37: Passes from Chong to Kamana go for 15 and 10 yards to help get the ball to the Waipahu 19.

8:35: Marauders can’t move and punt.

8:32: Deacon Kepa returns the kick 31 yards for Waipahu to the Marauders’ 33.

8:30: Two plays later, Kaua Nishigaya scores on a 2-yard run. Makekau’s kick is blocked. ‘IOLANI 12, WAIPAHU 7, 6:27 left in first half.

8:28: Chong passes to Jonah Miyazawa for 11 yards and to Rayden Kaneshiro for 13 yards to the Marauders’ 6.

8:25: ‘Iolani’s Pei runs and outstretches his arm to intercept a Marques pass. Raiders ball at the Waipahu 36.

8:20: A Waipahu fan yells, “Bring in the girl (Makekau).” She comes in and kicks a 35-yard field goal. The Waipahu fan smiles and cheers. WAIPAHU 7, ‘IOLANI 6, 10:52 left in first half.

8:19: Raiders have a fourth down and goal from the 18 after a Barrett sack of Chong.

8:15: ‘Iolani’s false start and holding penalties moves the ball back to the Waipahu 13. It’s second and goal.


8:15: End first quarter.

8:14: Tate Shimao takes a wildcat snap at QB runs 7 yards to the 2.

8:13: Shikada’s runback and a personal foul penalty on Waipahu give the Raiders the ball at the Waipahu 9.

8:12: Raiders stall and punt, pinning Waipahu at its 1, and then they get the ball back on an interception of a Marques pass by ‘Iolani’s Micah Shikada.

8:06: Fiesta takes an inside reverse for 12 yards, but two plays later, Alfred Failauga fumbles on a Shayden Molina hit and Raiders teammate Lanakila Pei recovers.

8:02: Raiders have a fourth and 2 at the Waipahu 5. In comes Mika Makekau, who boots a 22-yard field goal. WAIPAHU 7, ‘IOLANI 3, 3:30 to go in first quarter.

7:59: A fourth-down Chong pass is intercepted by Zeondre Benjamin, but the play is called back due to a pass interference penalty. ‘Iolani first and 10 at the Waipahu 12.

7:57: A Chong to Carter Kamana pass goes for 15 yards. A Chong pass to Jonah Miyazawa gains 11 to the Waipahu 25.

7:55: Marauders can’t get a first down and punt. ‘Iolani ball at its 49.

7:53: Raiders’ punt pins Waipahu at its 1.

7:50: ‘Iolani gets to the Waipahu 45, but stalls and are about to punt.

7:46: Jonah Chong is sacked by Amo Montero and Kealii Barrett. ‘Iolani punts, but Waipahu is called for roughing the kicker. First down Raiders.

7:41: Matthew Fiesta catches a short pass from Cody Marques, breaks a tackle and gets free for a 40-yard touchdown. Brycen Amorozo kicks the extra point. WAIPAHU 7, ‘IOLANI 0, 11:14 left first quarter.

7:40: Branson Jay Reyes catches a 6-yard pass. Alfred Failauga goes around right end for 22 yards.



7:33: ‘Iolani won the toss and deferred to the second half. Waipahu will receive. Raiders to defend North end zone.

6:58: It’s a clear night. Both teams are on the field warming up. The scoreboard clock reads 38:00 before kickoff

‘Iolani Raiders (8-2)
Head coach: Wendell Look, 196-131-3, 28 seasons
Q&A: Wendell Look

Waipahu Marauders (8-4)
Head coach: Bryson Carvalho, 27-15, four seasons
Q&A: Bryson Carvalho


2004: Iolani 17, Hawaii Prep 7, at Kunuiakea
2004: Campbell 28, Iolani 7, at Aloha Stadium
2005: Iolani 48, Moanalua 20, at Iolani
2005: Iolani 34, Radford 20, at Aloha Stadium
2006: Iolani 41, Kaimuki 40, at Iolani
2006: King Kekaulike 38, Iolani 37, at War Memorial
2007: Iolani 35, Kauai 21, at Iolani
2007: Iolani 28, Lahainaluna 21, at Aloha Stadium
2008: Iolani 24, Campbell 6, at Roosevelt
2008: Iolani 35, Radford 20, at Aloha Stadium
2009: Iolani 21, Aiea 7, at Radford
2009: Iolani 24, Kauai 17, at Aloha Stadium
2010: Iolani 14, Kauai 0, at Iolani
2010: Iolani 49, Kaimuki 14, at Aloha Stadium
2011: Iolani 17, Kapaa 13, at Iolani
2011: Iolani 34, Waipahu 0, at Aloha Stadium
2012: Iolani 43, Radford 0, at Aloha Stadium
2012: Iolani 36, Lahainaluna 33, at Aloha Stadium
2013: Kauai 28, Iolani 7, at Iolani
2014: Iolani 29, Kapaa 24, at Iolani
2014: Iolani 31, Lahainaluna 14, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Iolani 17, Moanalua 14, at Roosevelt
2016: Iolani 35, Campbell 12, at Mililani
2016: Mililani 31, Iolani 20, at Aloha Stadium
2017: Lahainaluna 35, Iolani 27, at War Memorial

Rushing attempts, game: Ammon Baldomero, 34
Rushing attempts, career: Ammon Baldomero, 119
Rushing yards, game: Mike Hirokawa, 217
Rushing yards, career: Ammon Baldomero, 479
Rushing touchdowns, game: Kody Mento, 3
Rushing touchdowns, career: KJ Pascua, 6
Passing completions, game: Austin Jim On, 27
Passing completions, career: Reece Foy, 93
Passing attempts, game: Tai John Mizutani, 48
Passing attempts, career: Tai-John Mizutani, 159
Interceptions, game: Jarrett Arakawa, 4
Interceptions, career: Jarrett Arakawa, 8
Passing yards, game: Ryan Dung, 369
Passing yards, career: Reece Foy, 1,189
Passing touchdowns, game: Reece Foy twice, Ryan Dung, 5
Passing touchdowns, career: Reece Foy, 16
Receptions, game: Jonah Miyazawa, 13
Receptions, career: Trevyn Tulonghari, 30
Receiving yards, game: Jonah Miyazawa, 193
Receiving yards, career: Tanner Nishioka, 402
Receiving touchdowns, game: Chad Hanaoka, 3
Receiving touchdowns, career: Lionel Fujioka, Tanner Nishioka, Travis Nishioka, Chad Hanaoka, 4
Longest field goal, game: Keoni-Kordell Makekau, 42
Most field goals, career: Kody Adams, Jordan Lee, 3
Longest interception return for TD: Jarom Baldomero, 56
Longest kick return for TD: Breland Almadova, 67 yards

Career rushing yards
1. Ammon Baldomero, 479
2. Jordan Lee, 403
3. Mike Hirokawa, 401
4. Justin Yamamoto, 372
5. KJ Pascua, 331

Career passing yards
1. Reece Foy, 1,189
2. Tai-John Mizutani, 983
3. Kiran Kepoo, 913
4. Austin Jim On, 649
5. Jarrett Arakawa, 673

Career receiving yards
1. Tanner Nishioka, 402
2. Trevyn Tulonghari, 388
3. Kekai Kealoha, 309
4. Lionel Fujioka, 307
5. Aaron Fong, 279


2004: Hawaii Prep 41, Waipahu 16, at Radford
2006: Waipahu 27, KS-Hawaii 12, at KS-Hawaii
2006: Kauai 17, Waipahu 6, at Vidinha Stadium
2011: Waipahu 19, Lahainaluna 14, at Waipahu
2011: Iolani 34, Waipahu 0, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Lahainaluna 52, Waipahu 14, at War Memorial
2017: Konawaena 53, Waipahu 50, at Konawaena

Rushing attempts, game: Alfred Failauga, 42
Rushing attempts, career: Alfred Failauga, 61
Rushing yards, game: Alred Failauga, 283
Rushing yards, career: Alfred Failauga, 385
Rushing touchdowns, game: Alfred Failauga, 4
Rushing touchdowns, career: Alfred Failauga, 4
Passing completions, game: Braden Amorozo, 22
Passing completions, career: Braden Amorozo, 32
Passing attempts, game: Braden Amorozo, 40
Passing attempts, career: Braden Amorozo, 58
Interceptions, game: Braden Amorozo, 3
Interceptions, career: Braden Amorozo, 5
Passing yards, game: Braden Amorozo, 336
Passing yards, career: Braden Amorozo, 536
Passing touchdowns, game: Braden Amorozo, 3
Passing touchdowns, career: Braden Amorozo, 5
Receptions, game: Matthew Fiesta, 7
Receptions, career: Alika Asing, 8
Receiving yards, game: Matthew Fiesta, 152
Receiving yards, career: Matthew Fiesta, 152
Receiving touchdowns, game: Matthew Fiesta, 2
Receiving touchdowns, career: Matthew Fiesta, 2

Career rushing yards
1. Alfred Failauga, 385
2. Greg Alip, 247
3. Keo Palimoo, 118
4. Matt Soueira, 80
5. Matapua Tulafale, 68

Career passing yards
1. Braden Amorozo, 536
2. Austen Benito, 136
3. Gil Fernandez, 114
4. Ezekiel Kapanui-Reyes, 83
5. Drake Yoshioka, 82

Career receiving yards
1. Matthew Fiesta, 152
2. Alika Asing, 136
3. Ryan Winfree, 95
4. Zeondre Benjamin, 94
5. Isaac Yamashita, 79


  1. "UNITY=STRENGTH" November 9, 2018 5:17 pm

    My best two both teams together again I see hehe. Lay it all on the table tonight bust out the play book and dont make stupid penalty’s or it can be disastrous. Play strong up front and be consistant threw out the game until something makes itself perfectly clear and capitalize. “Rock ON”!!!:)

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