GAME NIGHT 10/21: Saint Louis/Kamehameha

The No. 1-ranked Saint Louis Crusaders can wrap up a third consecutive ILH championship with a win over Kamehameha. The Warriors played the Crusaders tough three weeks ago in a 23-12 loss and snapped a 10-game losing streak to Punahou last week in a 44-31 win to save their season. Safety Kalamaku Kuewa, who missed the Punahou game while on a baseball trip, is expected to play and the Warriors should be at full go.

Head coach: Abu Ma’afala
Warriors roster


Head coach: Cal Lee
Crusaders roster

Saint Louis 38, Kamehameha 2

The Saint Louis Crusaders are the ILH champions for the third consecutive year. They will play next on Nov. 10 at Aloha Stadium in the semifinals of the Division I-Open state tournament against the OIA runner-up.

at Aloha Stadium
Kamehameha (4-5) 0 0 2 0 — 2

Saint Louis (8-0) 14 17 7 0 — 38

StL—Mitchell Quinn 6 pass from Chevan Cordeiro (Jacob Tobias kick)
StL—Roman Wilson 19 pass from Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
StL—FG Jacob Tobias 36
StL—Quinn 46 pass from Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 14 pass from Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
KSK—Safety, Maika Bonner sacked in end zone
StL—Wilson 24 pass from Bonner (Tobias kick)

RUSHING—Kamehameha: Kanoa Shannon 13-45, Thomas Yam 11-27, Reino Bush 1-(minus 1), team 1-(minus 10). Saint Louis: Cordeiro 7-30, Kohala Faufata 4-14, Austin Ramascal-Souza 2-5, Tamarick Hallums 1-5, Micah Mashima 4-4, Dominic Tominiko 2-1, Adrian Bates-Domingo 1-1, Bonner 2-(minus 8).
PASSING—Kamehameha: Yam 9-31-1-76. Saint Louis: Cordeiro 18-25–1-255, Bonner 7-7–0-97.
RECEIVING—Kamehameha: Onyx Freitas 6-53, Skyler Ramos 1-18, Kalamaku Burnett 1-4, Bush 1-1. Saint Louis: Jonah Panoke 6-82, Nishigaya 5-90, Quinn 3-58, Wilson 3-57, Chance Beyer 3-20, Kainalu Reyes-Hackney 2-35, Makoa Close 1-12, Zhane Chang-Holloway 1-7, Tama Albert Sula 1-2.

Isaiah Feary with a sack for Saint Louis. Crusaders have their starters in well into the fourth quarter. Three defensive penalties on Saint Louis on this drive. Shannon with two runs and it’s fourth-and-1 at the 5. Yam on the QB draw gets to the 1. Noa Purcell bats away Yam’s pass at the goal line and it’s fourth-and-2. Incomplete and a turnover on downs. Rough night for Yam, 9-31, 76 yards, INT.

Bonner 7-for-7 as quarter ends with Saint Louis ball in Kamehameha territory. Arias with his second sack and Kamehameha takes over.

Kamehameha three-and-out.

Saint Louis ball at the 20. Bonner remains in. He goes 4-for-4 for 74 yards on the drive with an outstanding throw to the back corner on a 24-yard TD to Roman Wilson, who has his second TD grab. The talent is endless at Saint Louis. 38-2, 5:09.

Warriors ball on their 49 after a penalty. Yam runs for 15 on the QB draw. Faatui Tuitele, with his left elbow all wrapped up, is in the game. Not sure if it’s a cast. Interesting spot to put him in. Yam hits Skyler Ramos for 18 yards to the 18 but is called for taunting after. Yam scrambles for 4 and then Saint Louis is hit for a dead ball foul. Ball on the Saint Louis 14. Third-and-6 at the 10 and Saint Louis lines up in the neutral zone. Yam’s throw is high and it’s fourth-and-1. Saint Louis jumps early and gives up a first down. Shannon stopped for a loss of 2 and is hurt on the play. Kamehameha goes backwards on two plays and it’s third-and-goal from the 5. Yam scrambles out to his left under pressure and he’s picked off by Isaiah Tufaga in the end zone.

Saint Louis receives to start the second half. Ball on their 4 after a penalty. Maika Bonner in at QB. Hoku Arias and Kalawaia Pescaia combine on the sack in the end zone for a Kamehameha safety.

at Aloha Stadium
Kamehameha (4-4) 0 0

Saint Louis (7-0) 14 17

StL—Mitchell Quinn 6 pass from Chevan Cordeiro (Jacob Tobias kick)
StL—Roman Wilson 19 pass from Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
StL—FG Jacob Tobias 36
StL—Quinn 46 pass from Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 14 pass from Cordeiro (Tobias kick)

RUSHING—Kamehameha: Kanoa Shannon 9-32, Thomas Yam 3-1, team 1-(minus 10). Saint Louis: Cordeiro 7-30, Kohala Faufata 3-9, Tamarick Hallums 1-5, Micah Mashima 2-4.
PASSING—Kamehameha: Yam 6-15-0-42. Saint Louis: Cordeiro 18-25–1-255.
RECEIVING—Kamehameha: Onyx Freitas 5-41, Reino Bush 1-1. Saint Louis: Jonah Panoke 6-82, Quinn 3-58, Nishigaya 3-41, Kainalu Reyes-Hackney 2-35, Wilson 1-19, Chance Beyer 1-12, Makoa Close 1-12, Zhane Chang-Holloway 1-7.

Touchback. Ball on the 20. Three-and-out. High snap and Saint Louis takes over on the Kamehameha 19 with 1:16 to go. Third-and-5 and Cordeiro has his FOURTH TD pass of the first half — 14 yards to Koali Nishigaya. 31-0. :23. Cordeiro has been OUTSTANDING tonight.

Saint Louis forces another punt and gets the ball on the 44. Ezra Evaimalo with a sack for Kamehameha. Warriors nearly come up with an INT on third-and-long. Crusaders will go for it fourth-and-19 at the Kamehameha 38. Nope. Timeout. Saint Louis lines up to punt.

Crusaders start on their 25. Cordeiro to Kainalu Reyes-Hackney for 31 yards. Kalamaku Kuewa shaken up on the play. Cordeiro somehow holds onto the ball as he is crushed from behind by Welch. Second sack of the game for Welch. Justin Taniguchi in for Kuewa and he breaks up a deep ball for Panoke. Third-and-16. Busted covergae and Quinn is wide open behind everyone for a 46-yard TD. 24-0. 6:25.

Freitas hauls in his third reception to move the chains on third down for Kamehameha. Yam tries to run it on third-and-2 but LB Jordan Botelho is having none of it and takes him down for a 7-yard loss. Botelho is a very good looking prospect. Kamehameha will punt.

Fourth-and-4 and Cordeiro fires an absolute dart to Panoke, the UH commit, who has been unguardable in this first half. Four receptions for 73 yards already for Panoke as Kamehameha has to call timeout. Another perfect strike on third down from Cordeiro but it’s dropped. Man Cordeiro is on target tonight. Jacob Tobias attempts a 36-yard field goal and it’s good. 17-0, 9:58.

END 1.

Kamehameha three-and-out. Yam now 3-for-9 for 20 yards.

Crusaders start on their 20. Cordeiro finds WR Jonah Panoke twice for 43 yards. Jonah Welch with a sack for the Warriors. Crusaders need 11 and Cordeiro finds Chance Beyer for 12. Roman Wilson with the 19-yard TD pass from Cordeiro and it’s 14-0 Crusaders, 2:06.

Yam nearly gives it back but the pick is dropped. Third-and-10. Ball is high. Three incomplete passes and a punt that is a touchback.

Kamehameha lines up in the neutral zone to start. Cordeiro scrambles for 8. Senior Kamahoi Sanchez with a great back on the ball to pick off Cordeiro at the Saint Louis 37.

Warriors ball on the 20. QB draw and Yam picks up 20. Pass to Freitas for 9. Warriors into Saint Louis territory but settle for a punt from the 42. It’s downed at the 8.

Senior Chevan Cordeiro in at QB and he scrambles for 22 yards on first play. First-and-goal. After a hold, Cordeiro completes first throw to Koali Nishigaya for 14 yards to the 1. Now a false start. Third-and-goal from the 6. Cordeiro to Mitchell Quinn for the 6-yard TD pass. 7-0, 9:03.

Warriors receive and will start on their 29 with Thomas Yam at QB. Kamehameha jumps early on first snap. Yam completed a 10-yard pass to Onyx Freitas on third down but they need 14. Warriors three-and-out. Sophomore Lawai’alani Brown blocks the punt and Saint Louis has it on the Kamehameha 29.

Saint Louis DL Faatui Tuitele (elbow) will not play tonight.


  1. 88 October 21, 2017 6:08 pm

    This should be another cake 🎂 walk for the Crusaders. Don’t even know why all the hype. I would be surprised if Kam scores.

  2. ilh October 21, 2017 7:13 pm

    This Saint Louis team is stronger than last years team, Beware

  3. Jus Saying October 21, 2017 7:18 pm

    The Crusaders have twice the number of players than Kamehameha.

  4. 88 October 21, 2017 7:23 pm

    Suuuure they are. I got some magic beans for you.

  5. ilh October 21, 2017 7:32 pm

    It doesn’t matter how many players on the team, this is not the NFL, too bad you crying about how many players on the team, that is just the way it is.

  6. anywaaaays!! October 21, 2017 7:38 pm

    ilh October 21, 2017 7:13 pm
    This Saint Louis team is stronger than last years team, Beware

    “This Saint Louis team recruits more from Kahuku than last year’s team, Beware”

    I fixed it for you. RRFL! Rooted not recruited!

  7. ilh October 21, 2017 7:47 pm

    Beware of Mililani Kahuku, , tough team you facing this time,

  8. ilh October 21, 2017 8:16 pm

    how many players from Kahuku is on the Crusaders team, it sure is not the entire team, and why those players go to St. Louis, for a better Education and more exposer.

  9. There is only one Me October 21, 2017 9:30 pm

    Great game. Punahou’s current athletic mercenaries better be careful or there scholies will be taken away and given to the other North Shore studs waiting for their all expenses paid ride on the Buffanblu train.

  10. anywaaaays!! October 21, 2017 11:39 pm

    STL defense is too deep for any Hawaii team, remember we beat a good Narborne team.

  11. anywaaaays!! October 22, 2017 8:33 am

    No. They go to saint lulu because of the ILH recruiting agenda and the media. They brainwash our kids into thinking that the only thing that matters is “quality of education” and the name of your school and what college you go to, or even if you go to college. They never talk about the pride in staying home and representing your community and making your family proud.

    The only reason why anybody even goes to ILH schools is because of their football team. Without their football teams, they are NOTHING. that’s why they recruit so much from kahuku and steal our kids.

    But that’s okay because no matter what, Kahuku is rooted not recruited, and you guys will see how powerful hometown communities are when we DEMOLISH Saint Lulu and the rest of the ILH agenda.

    Keep hating! We’ve been hated all our lives but we keep winning! RRFL!

  12. anywaaaays!! October 22, 2017 8:36 am

    Like slavery in the south, ILH was built on the backs of all the polynesian children they stole from their communities. People need to wake up. They’re using our kids and breaking apart our communities. Education is nothing if you don’t know where you’re from.

    Rooted not recruited! RRFL!

  13. Awrite!! October 22, 2017 12:31 pm

    Anywaaaays LOL, you speak like a true Punahou alum bitter about your team not making the playoffs. Keep posing as a Kahuku fan because you are just feeding Kahuku more mana entering into the OIA title game. All your bad karma is actually working against Kahukus opponents.

    Anywaaaays = EducationFirst = Punahou alum

  14. Mililani Hammer October 22, 2017 12:55 pm

    Ohh my God! anywaaaays, like the slavery in the south?? Lol…that’s where your brains went farrrr south.. and didn’t I tell you to put that ilh agenda up your asterisk on another post!!! Put it back and leave st.louis alone,there doing just fine.
    Congratulations on the win!!

  15. RR4LIFE living the lie October 22, 2017 9:22 pm

    You doing a fine enough job destroying your own community Anywaaaays! Give them something to stay home to and they might. You know you have nothing to offer when a kid chooses(notice I said chooses and not forced) to take a long bus ride to and from school to go somewhere else. You and people like you are the ones destroying communities.

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