GAME NIGHT 10/26: Roosevelt/Kaimuki

Kaimuki 27, Roosevelt 24, Final


At Aloha Stadium
Kaimuki (10-2) 0 10 7 10 — 27
Roosevelt (9-2) 0 7 17 0 — 24

Kaim—Koby Moananu 58 pass from Jayden Maiava (Kurt Kawamoto kick)
Kaim—FG Kawamoto 33
Roos—Scott Chung 24 pass from Sky Ogata (Isaac Segawa kick)
Roos—FG Segawa 27
Roos—Isaac Kaleikau 23 pass from Kolea Pa-Macalino (Segawa kick)
Kaim—Moananu 35 pass from Maiava (Kawamoto kick)
Roos—Kaleikau 10 pass from Pa-Macalino (Segawa kick)
Kaim—Kaulana Kaluna Jr. 13 pass from Maiava (Kawamoto kick)
Kaim—FG Kawamoto 22

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 25-102, Maiava 5-0. Roosevelt: Kalei Wahilani 6-31, Sky Ogata 10-31, Mitchell Camacho 5-16, Shepherd Kekahuna 5-11, Myka Kukahiwa 1-8, Pa-Macalino 3-0.
PASSING—Kaimuki: Maiava 12-31-1-181. Roosvelt: Ogata 13-21–2-172, Pa-Macalino 3-4–0-41.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Kaluna Jr. 6-40, Moananu 3-97, Jonah Fa’asoa 2-35, Sione Taufa 1-9. Roosevelt: Akana 5-93, Chung 3-53, Kaleikaiu 4-52, Kekahuna 1-9, Pa-Macalino 1-3, Camacho 1-2, Brandon Teixeira 1-1.

(2:27) Kaimuki ball on the Roosevelt 14. Asuega-Fualaau with two carries out of the power I to the 6. Third-and-2. Timeout Roosevelt with 1:18 to go. Maiava gets Roosevelt to jump with a hard count. First-and-goal at the 3. Asuega-Fualaau stuffed for no gain. Roosevelt with just one timeout and holds onto it. Kaleo Akana then stuffs Asuega-Fualaau for a loss of 2. Kaimuki takes a timeout with 4 seconds to go. Kurt Kawamoto will attempt to win it with a 22-yard field goal. Roosevelt will try to ice the kicker. Here we go. IT IS GOOD. BALL GAME.

Kaleikau tries to come up and catch the punt but it misses him and Kaimuki has it on the Roosevelt 14. Huge mistake there. Avin Tanioka recovered it.

(5:08) Kaimuki ball on its 30. Asuega-Fulaau gets 12. It is getting intense here. Maiava keeps and gets 4 and it’s third-and-5. Less than four minutes to go. Kaluna Jr. with the catch for 6 yards and a first down into Rough Riders territory. Slant incomplete. Third-and-7 after another Asuega-Fulaau run. Incomplete. Kaimuki will punt with 2:36 on the clock.

(6:41) Roosevelt ball on its 49. Akana open for 17 yards as Ogata remains in the game. Ogata lucky to have that one back as he floats one high over the middle. Second-and-15. Kalei Wahilani, who has been getting the majority of the carries, gets 1. Pass to Kekahuna gets 9 and it’s fourth down at the 29. Roosevelt goes for it and Ogata is tackled for a loss of 1. Komiti made the play I believe.

(7:42) Kaimuki ball on the Roosevelt 25. Maiava has Williams open streaking to the end zone but overthrows him. Third-and-7 now. Maiava forces one to the end zone and Kekahuna steps in front of it for the INT. He returns it out to the 34 and tack 15 more on the late hit. Kekahuna does it AGAIN.

(8:51) Roosevelt pinned back on its 2-yard line. Third-and-7. Ogata finds Kaleikau for 11 yards for a big first down. Ogawa pressured and throws late and it’s tipped up by Taufa and then picked by Keith Hallers right before going out of bounds. Kaluna Jr. is hurt on the play but is able to get up and jog off the field with a slight limp as he gets a rousing ovation from the Kaimuki faithful.

(10:27) Kaimuki at the Roosevelt 49. Third-and-8 and Maiava’s pass is incomplete. Punt.

ONSIDES KICK AND KAIMUKI GETS IT. It was right at the 50 but they rule it went 10 yards. Bulldogs ball. Boris Montgomery on the recovery.

Kaimuki first-and-10 on the Roosevelt 35 to start the fourth quarter. Sione Taufa with a 9-yard reception for his first grab of the day and Asuega-Fualaau rumbles 8 yards to the Roosevelt 18 for a first down. Kukahiwa, on defense, with a great play to bat away a potential TD pass to Fa’asoa. Second down. Maiava takes another shot to the end zone. Incomplete. Little surprised we haven’t seen a run here first-and-5. Now third-and-5. Pass complete to Kaluna Jr. who makes a man miss, puts his hand down to stay on his feet, and scores on the 13-yard TD pass from Maiava. XP is good. 24-24, 10:27, Q4.

Third Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Kaimuki (9-1) 0 10 7
Roosevelt (9-2) 0 7 17

Kaim—Koby Moananu 58 pass from Jayden Maiava (Kurt Kawamoto kick)
Kaim—FG Kawamoto 33
Roos—Scott Chung 24 pass from Sky Ogata (Isaac Segawa kick)
Roos—FG Segawa 27
Roos—Isaac Kaleikau 23 pass from Kolea Pa-Macalino (Segawa kick)
Kaim—Moananu 35 pass from Maiava (Kawamoto kick)
Roos—Kaleikau 10 pass from Pa-Macalino (Segawa kick)

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 14-67, Maiava 4-(minus 4). Roosevelt: Myka Kukahiwa 6-28, Sky Ogata 9-30, Mitchell Camacho 5-16, Shepherd Kekahuna 5-11, Pa-Macalino 3-0.
PASSING—Kaimuki: Maiava 9-21-0-153. Roosvelt: Ogata 10-15–1-135, Pa-Macalino 3-4–0-41.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Kaulana Kaluna Jr. 4-21, Moananu 3-97, Jonah Fa’asoa 2-35. Roosevelt: Akana 4-76, Chung 3-53, Kaleikaiu 3-41, Pa-Macalino 1-3, Camacho 1-2, Brandon Teixeira 1-1.

Kaluna Jr. with a nice 26-yard return into Roosevelt territory at the 47. (:39) Moananu with a rare drop and it’s third-and-10. Maiava buys time and then finds Fa’asoa for 12 yards on third-and-10. Great throw to end the third quarter.

KEKAHUNA NEARLY DOES IT AGAIN. He goes 82 yards on the return to the Kaimuki 10. (1:44) First-and-goal. Komiti closelines Pa-Macalino for no gain on first down and then incomplete pass. Third-and-goal. Pa-Macalino finds Kaleikau again, this time over the middle for a 10-yard TD and Roosevelt cashes in on the big kick return. 24-17, ROOS, :48, Q3.

(3:43) Kaimuki ball on its 40. Kaluna Jr. with a reception to midfield. Low block on the defense is a 15-yard penalty to the Roosevelt 35. Maiava up top to a streaking Moananu for a 35-yard TD. Kaimuki answers in less than 2 minutes. 17-17, 1:58, Q3. Moananu with 19 receiving TD’s this season.

(7:11) Another short punt and Roosevelt has it on its 46. Kukahiwa runs it twice for 10 yards after an Akana catch for 11 and then Ogata scrambles for 12 yards down to the Kaimuki 21. Timeout Rough Riders. A hold pushes Roosevelt back to the 31. Junior Kolea Pa-Macalino in at QB and throws a 23-yard TD pass to Isaac Kaleikau on fourth-and-12. TD Roosevelt. 17-10, ROOS, 3:52, Q2. Ogata was hurt on the scramble when he came out and is limping on the Roosevelt sideline. That is why the timeout was called.

(10:08) Bulldogs ball on their 27. Kaluna Jr. with a 3-yard reception on third-and-3 to get a first down but then a hold puts Kaimuki in first-and-21. Moananu catches a short pass but nothing else and Kaimuki will punt.

Kekahuna runs twice for 7 yards and it’s third-and-3 at the 4. Ogata tries a throw to the corner and he just misses an open receiver. Roosevelt will try a field goal. Roosevelt moved back 5 yards for a false start. Isaac Segawa with a 27-yard field goal. Bulldogs do a good job holding to three points. 10-10, 10:15, Q3.

(11:54) Kaimuki starts on its 16. Asuega-Fualaau with the carry and is stripped by Shepherd Kekahuna. Keneke Gusman recovers and returns it to the 11. Close play. Looked like the RB might have been down.

Kaimuki ball first.

At Aloha Stadium
Kaimuki (9-1) 0 10
Roosevelt (9-2) 0 7

Kaim—Koby Moananu 58 pass from Jayden Maiava (Kurt Kawamoto kick)
Kaim—FG Kawamoto 33
Roos—Scott Chung 24 pass from Sky Ogata (Isaac Segawa kick)

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 12-58, Maiava 3-(minus 10). Roosevelt: Myka Kukahiwa 4-19, Sky Ogata 8-18, Mitchell Camacho 5-16, Shepherd Kekahuna 3-4.
PASSING—Kaimuki: Maiava 4-11-0-92. Roosvelt: Ogata 9-13–1-124.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Kaulana Kaluna Jr. 2-11, Moananu 1-58, Jonah Fa’asoa 1-23. Roosevelt: Chase Akana 4-73, Chung 2-45, Kolea Pa-Macalino 1-3, Camacho 1-2, Brandon Teixeira 1-1.

(1:00) Kaimuki ball on its 26. Bulldogs will run out the clock but Roosevelt calls a timeout with 14 seconds to go. Third-and-6 at the 30. Pass complete to Kaluna Jr. and he was going to lateral it but was tackled too quickly by two guys. If he had gotten that lateral off it might have been six. Roosevelt calls timeout with four seconds to go. Kaimuki lines up to run a play but jumps early. They will still run a play with four seconds on the clock. Maiava is going to go deep but is absolutely drilled from behind by Akana, who gets his second sack. Ball comes out. Half is over. But bigger concern is Maiava took a massive shot and is slow to get up as the teams trot to the locker rooms.

(3:01) Roosevelt ball on its 35. Kukahiwa with runs of 8 and 9 yards into Kaimuki territory. Now a personal foul on Kaimuki and the ball is inside the 25. Ogata finds Scott Chung over the middle and he makes a man miss and is off to the corner of the end zone. 24-yard TD pass and the Rough Riders are on the board after their best drive of the game. 10-7, KAIM, 1:05, Q2.

(6:05) Kaimuki ball on its 32. Asuega-Fualaau carries for a first down. Now he picks up 10 more as the running game starts to get on track for Kaimuki. Ball into Roosevelt territory. Straight up the middle now for 19 yards, carrying defenders to the 24. Asuega-Fualaau runs for 8 yards to the 16. Fourth-and-2. Kaimuki will try a field goal. Kurt Kawamoto‘s 33-yard try is GOOD. 10-0, KAIM, 3:01, Q2.

(9:03) Rough Riders ball on their 27. Tevita Loketi with a sack to force third-and-long. Ogata uses his feet to escape pressure and then finds Scott Chung who makes a man miss and gets 21 yards for a first down on third-and-17. Now third-and-1 at the Kaimuki 49. Roosevelt tries a double move and has a receiver but Matt Williams does a great job hustling back and tips it into the air and catches it himself for an INT. Unreal play.

(9:25) Kaimuki ball on its 42. Flea-flicker and Maiava goes deep to Moananu, who comes back to get it, gets past the DB and is GONE. 58-yard TD and Kaimuki is on the board first. 7-0, KAIM, 9:13, Q2. Moananu goes over 1,000 receiving yards for the season.

(11:20) Roosevelt ball on its 14 after a 56-yard punt. Ogata scrambles for 7 yards on second down to move the chains. A holding call makes it second-and-24. Ogata too high to an open receiver and it’s third down. Short pass to Akana. Punt.

(11:54) Kaimuki ball on its 30. Two incomplete passes and it’s third-and-10 as the Roosevelt pass rush is getting to the QB. Another incomplete pass and punt as tight coverage downfield by the Roosevelt secondary.

Roosevelt will start the fourth quarter fourth-and-6 on the Kaimuki 23. Roosevelt lines up in its jumbo formation again but the right guard moves early. Fourth-and-11. Now they go four-wide. Ogata is sacked by Tasi Komiti.


First Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Kaimuki (9-1) 0
Roosevelt (9-2) 0

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Naomas Asuega-Fualaau 4-7, Jayden Maiava 2-0. Roosevelt: Sky Ogata 4-18, Mitchell Camacho 3-8, Shepherd Kekahuna 3-4, Myka Kukahiwa 2-2.
PASSING—Kaimuki: Jayden Maiava 2-5–0-29. Roosvelt: Ogata 2-4–0-56.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Jonah Fa’asoa 1-23, Kaulana Kaluna Jr. 1-6. Roosevelt: Chase Akana 1-53, Kolea Pa-Macalino 1-3.

(3:01) Punt is shanked and Roosevelt starts on its 36. Camacho is stripped by Ashleigh Nahina on a run but Roosevelt recovers. Nahina with a sack to force third-and-a-mile but then Ogata just heaves one up that is caught by Chase Akana for 53 yards to the Kaimuki 27. Bulldogs call timeout to figure out what happened. Roosevelt tries to go jumbo formation with Kekahuna at RB but he’s stopped twice for a loss of 4 yards.

(5:09) Kaimuki ball on its 38. Third-and-10 and Fa’asoa, the tight end, is wide open for 23 yards to the Roosevelt 39. Maiava with a jump ball to Koby Moananu in the end zone and he grabs it but then can’t reel it in. Nearly a TD. Third-and-10. Pressure forces a quick throw. Incomplete. Punt.

(7:01) Roosevelt ball on its 42. Kukahiwa with a nice run of 8 yards to get a first down but then Roosevelt dials up three straight passing plays and only completes one for 3 yards. Punt.

(10:04) Kaimuki ball on its 22 with sophomore Jayden Maiava at QB. Naomas Asuega-Fualaau with a run of 7 yards on his first carry. Maiava hits Kaluna for 6 yards and a first down on his first throw. Third-and-12 after Asuega-Fualaau thrown for a loss of 5. Sophomore Kaeo Akana with a sack on third down to force a punt.

(12:00) Roosevelt ball on its 20 with senior Sky Ogata at QB. Myka Kukahiwa and Mitchell Camacho start at RB. After a 5-yard penalty on the Rough Riders, Ogata scrambles for 16 yards and a first down. Kaluna Jr. and KJ Navarez combine on a TFL and force a punt.

Kaimuki wins the toss and will defer. Roosevelt ball first.

Kaulana Kaluna Jr., Jonah Fa’asoa, Daniel Moefu-Tautofi, Tasi Komiti
Roosevelt: Shepherd Kekahuna, Sky Ogata, Isaac Kaleikau, Scott Chung

Series history: Roosevelt leads 33-31-3
Last meeting: Kaimuki 28, Roosevelt 26, 9/20/2019
Roosevelt roster
Kaimuki roster


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