GAME NIGHT 10/25: Damien/Iolani

No. 10 ‘Iolani 21, No. 9 Damien 14


‘Iolani is in the D-I state tournament for the third time in four years and second straight under the two-year OIA-ILH football alliance.

At Aloha Stadium
Damien (8-3) 0 0 7 7 — 14
‘Iolani (9-2) 7 7 0 7 — 21
Iol—Carter Kamana 99 pass from Jonah Chong (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Iol—Brock Hedani 2 pass from Chong (Manuel kick)
DMS—Jake Holtz 34 run (Christian Souza kick)
Iol—Lanakila Pei 18 fumble return (Manuel kick)
DMS—Holtz 8 run (Souza kick)

RUSHING—Damien: Jake Holtz 16-100, Amo Sulu 17-82, River Iaea 1-9, Makanalea Meyer 1-5, Ezra Kaina 1-(minus 1), team 1-(minus 11). ’Iolani: Brock Hedani 20-85, Lanakila Pei 2-3, Brody Bantolina 4-3, Chong 5-(minus 2).
PASSING—Damien: Holtz 10-25–0-136, Jarvis Natividad 1-1-0-6. ‘Iolani: Chong 12-27-2-183.
RECEIVING—Damien: Kaina 4-89, Jarvis Natividad 3-28, Quinn Fukawa 2-22, Sulu 1-6, Meyer 1-(minus 3). ‘Iolani: Manuel 4-49, Kamana 3-117, Cole Ichikawa 2-7, Hedani 2-6, Noah Gaudi 1-4.

(:21) Damien ball on its 24 with no timeouts needing a TD to tie. Damien tried a double pass but is called for a block in the back. 7 seconds to go.

(3:52) ‘Iolani ball on the Damien 38. Hedani runs for 7 and the clock keeps ticking. Shovel pass to Ichikawa goes inside the 20 but a flag comes out way behind the play. Block-in-the-back penalty on ‘Iolani. Now third-and-5 as Damien doesn’t use a timeout. Hedani breaks it for 10 yards and a first down and now the clock is a giant problem for Damien. Chong mishandles the snap and gets on it. Loss of 4. Timeout Damien. 1:19 on the clock. The Monarchs are going to force ‘Iolani to use a timeout with 27 seconds to go and fourth down ahead. Fourth-and-13 on the Damien 26. Hedani runs for 2 yards and Damien gets the ball back.

(4:50) Here we go. Damien ball on its 25 with 4:50 to go. Fukawa with an 11-yard reception to the 36. Third-and-8. Looks like Holtz’s initial receiver tripped and then he comes back and throws behind an open receiver. Fourth down. Damien will go for it. Fourth-and-8 at the 38. Holtz is pressured and has to throw against his body. Incomplete. Turnover on downs.

(7:56) Hedani with a 34-yard return out to the ‘Iolani 48. Iaea stops Hedani for a 1-yard loss. Chong’s pass is incomplete and it’s third-and-11. ‘Iolani runs it and Hedani gets 14 and a first down. Raiders catch Damien off guard with the run and it works. First down. Unsportsmanlike penalty called on ‘Iolani after the play. It’s called on the ‘Iolani head coach. Still first-and-10 on the ‘Iolani 46. Hedani stopped for a loss of 3 as Iaea gets another TFL. Second-and-13. Third-and-8. Jayce Jay-Pedro gets Damien’s first sack and ‘Iolani will punt.

(9:12) Damien ball on its 24. Holtz hits Kaina for 17 yards to the 47 and then deep down the sideline to Kaina for 45 yards to the ‘Iolani 8. And just like that, the Monarchs are inside the red zone. Damien has to use a timeout though and that could prove to be costly. Holtz on the keeper, TD, 8-yard TD run. 21-14, ‘IOL, 8:08, Q4. Damien stays in it.

(9:28) Damien ball on its 20. Holtz tries to pull the handoff and BALL IS ON THE GROUND. Lanakila Pei picks it up and it’s an ‘Iolani TD. 18-yard fumble return for a TD. Pei has had a monster game.

‘Iolani has fourth-and-3 at the Damien 32 to start the fourth quarter. They run it with Hedani who somehow gets out of a leg tackle and powers for 4 yards and a first down. Remember that play. Hedani picks up another first down to the 16. A false start and an incomplete pass on a screen and it’s second-and-15 at the 21. They get 6 back on the pass to Manuel and it’s third down at the 15. Chong throws it away and ‘Iolani will try a field goal. Manuel from 32 yards…and it is GOOD but a flag is thrown. Offsides. Dead ball. Now he has to try a 27-yard field goal and it’s NO GOOD. Damien catches a big break there.

Third Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Damien (8-2) 0 0 7
‘Iolani (8-2) 7 7 0
Iol—Carter Kamana 99 pass from Jonah Chong (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Iol—Brock Hedani 2 pass from Chong (Manuel kick)
DMS—Jake Holtz 34 run (Christian Souza kick)

RUSHING—Damien: Amo Sulu 15-75, Jake Holtz 14-94, River Iaea 1-9, Makanalea Meyer 1-5, Ezra Kaina 1-(minus 1). ’Iolani: Brock Hedani 9-41, Chong 3-10, Lanakila Pei 2-3, Brody Bantolina 4-3.
PASSING—Damien: Holtz 7-17–0-62. ‘Iolani: Chong 8-20-2-161.
RECEIVING—Damien: Jarvis Natividad 3-28, Kaina 2-26, Quinn Fukawa 1-11, Meyer 1-(minus 3). ‘Iolani: Kamana 2-109, Manuel 2-38, Hedani 2-6, Noah Gaudi 1-4, Cole Ichikawa 1-4.

(1:28) ‘Iolani ball on its 39. Fourth-and-3 on the Damien 32 and ‘Iolani will go for it. But not before the quarter ends.

(3:06) Damien ball on its 2. Holtz sneaks it out to the 6. Third-and-6 from the 6. Holtz has to throw on the run and it’s caught but out of bounds. Punt from the end zone coming.

(6:09) ‘Iolani ball on its 49. Manuel has his second catch of the game to move the chains. Now Kamana has his second catch to over 100 yards for the game and move the chains. Ball at the Damien 25. Chong has A WIDE OPEN receiver on the double move but it’s well overthrown. Should have been six there. Third-and-7. Chong with another overthrow and Alohi Arecchi comes down with the INT at the Damien 2.

DAMIEN TRIES AN ONSIDES KICK AGAIN. ‘Iolani with the recovery.

(10:58) Damien ball on its 22. A holding penalty moves the Monarchs back and it’s third-and-11. Big completion to Natividad for 14 yards to move the sticks. Kaina goes low to make a tough catch for 13 yards on third down. Damien converts its first two third downs of the drive. Holtz takes off and looks like he has a ton of room but Molina gets him before he can really accelerate to force third-and-2. Holtz hits Natividad for 8 yards. Make it 3-for-3 on third down on this drive. Holtz with the keeper and he has a ton of blocks and he is GONE. 34-yard TD. Damien right back in it. 14-7, IOL, 6:11, Q3.

(11:58) ‘Iolani ball on its 43. Quickly third-and-6. Incomplete pass and Damien gets the needed three-and-out to start the second half.

‘Iolani will receive. Damien tries to catch ‘Iolani off guard with an onsides kick but the Raiders recover.


At Aloha Stadium
Damien (8-2) 0 0
‘Iolani (8-2) 7 7
Iol—Carter Kamana 99 pass from Jonah Chong (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Iol—Brock Hedani 2 pass from Chong (Manuel kick)

RUSHING—Damien: Amo Sulu 11-62, Jake Holtz 11-50, River Iaea 1-9, Makanalea Meyer 1-5, Ezra Kaina 1-(minus 1). ’Iolani: Brock Hedani 5-25, Chong 2-7, Lanakila Pei 2-3, Brody Bantolina 4-3.
PASSING—Damien: Holtz 4-11–0-27. ‘Iolani: Chong 4-11-1-136.
RECEIVING—Damien: Kaina 1-13, Quinn Fukawa 1-11, Jarvis Natividad 1-6, Meyer 1-(minus 3). ‘Iolani: Hedani 2-6, Kamana 1-99, Manuel 1-31.

(1:49) ‘Iolani ball on its 28. Raiders run out the clock.

(5:37) Damien ball on its 20. Holtz hits Ezra Kaina for 13 yards and that’s the longest pass play of the game for Damien. Sulu makes up for a Damien penalty with an 18-yard dash up the middle into ‘Iolani territory. Holtz on the carry to the outside and fumbles but it goes out of bounds to save Damien. Third-and-3 and the handoff is to Iaea, the fullback, for 1 yard. Fourth-and-2 at the ‘Iolani 28. Damien decides to pass and Holtz runs to his right and has an open receiver but the throw is high. Turnover on downs.

(8:31) ‘Iolani ball at midfield. Damien called for a defensive holding penalty. Fourth-and-6 at the Damien 36 as the Monarchs secondary has been really good, especially Kinney on that right side. Raiders call timeout. ‘Iolani lines up to go for it and goes five-wide. Chong hits a wide-open Wailoa Manuel on the crossing route for 31 yards to the 5. Pei now in as the wildcat QB and he carries twice for 3 yards. Third-and-goal at the 2. Timeout Damien. Chong trying to run away from pressure and finds Hedani for the 2-yard TD. 14-0, IOL, 5:45, Q2.

(10:18) Damien ball on its 29. Holding called on Damien. Another three-and-out.

‘Iolani will have it third-and-4 at the Damien 40 to start the second quarter. Raiders go with the run and Brock Hedani gets 6 yards to move the sticks. Fourth-and-5 at the 29 as Chong is flushed for a yard. His only completion remains the TD to Kamana. ‘Iolani goes for it. Kyle Kinney breaks up the pass. Turnover on downs.

First Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Damien (8-2) 0
‘Iolani (8-2) 7
Iol—Carter Kamana 99 pass from Jonah Chong (Wailoa Manuel kick)

RUSHING—Damien: Amo Sulu 7-36, Jake Holtz 9-32, Makanalea Meyer 1-5, River Iaea 0-8. ‘Iolani: Chong 1-6, Brock Hedani 1-0, Brody Bantolina 2-0.
PASSING—Damien: Holtz 2-7-0-8. ‘Iolani: Chong 1-5-1-99.
RECEIVING—Damien: Quinn Fukawa 1-11, Meyer 1-(minus 3). ‘Iolani: Kamana 1-99.

(:09) ‘Iolani ball on the Damien 46.

(1:33) Damien lets the punt bounce as there was some miscommunication between the two returners and it costs the Monarchs about 30 yards. Damien starts on its 16. Two runs and then an incomplete pass and Damien will punt. Holtz a little uncertain where to go with the ball back there.

(2:57) ‘Iolani ball on its 29. Iaea with a TFL for Damien. Now a false start on ‘Iolani. Chong misses Kamana who gets a step and a half deep and it’s third-and-18. Raiders play it safe on the handoff to Bantolina and will punt.

(5:21) Damien ball on the ‘Iolani 40. Holtz and Sulu with runs to pick up a first down at the 29. Third-and-10 after Holtz is stopped for no gain. Damien tries a Holtz run but Stirling Sakashita is there bring him down for no gain. Damien will go for it fourth-and-10. Holtz has a receiver open but the throw is high. Turnover on downs.

(5:41) ‘Iolani ball on the Damien 36 after a very questionable call. Damien badly needs a play on defense and the Monarchs get it. Meyer with the INT and he returns it into ‘Iolani territory.

(6:58) Damien ball to start on its 20. Third-and-5 after two Sulu runs. Quinn Fukawa with a catch and fumble. Not sure he came close at all to possession but it’s ruled a fumble. Trevor Kan credited with the forced fumble and Micah Camat with the recovery.

Jonah Chong with a 99-yard TD pass to Carter Kamana, who made a defender miss near the sideline and went all the way to the house. 7-0, IOL, 7:06, Q1. What a turn of events.

(12:00) Damien ball on its 35 as the kickoff goes out of bounds. Senior Jake Holtz at QB for the Monarchs. Holtz is brought down for a loss by Lanakila Pei on the first play from scrimmage. Third-and-7 and Holtz gets 13 yards across midfield on the scramble. Amo Sulu, who had more than 200 rushing yards in the first meeting this year, gets 12 on his first carry. Third-and-10 after two incomplete passes. Holtz has time but nobody to throw to. He finally scrambles and breaks a couple of tackles to get 11 yards and a first down. Pei forces a fumble by Sulu but River Iaea picks it up and takes it to the 8. Holtz is stuffed on the QB sneak from the 1 and them fumbles trying to stretch for the end zone. K C Bell on the recovery. Holtz thought he got in the end zone.

Damien will receive.
Series history: ‘Iolani leads 76-21-3
Last meeting: ‘Iolani 38, Damien 21, 9/20/2019
Damien roster
‘Iolani roster


  1. Avocat October 27, 2019 1:15 pm

    Cry Baby Billy so sad written like someone who never played the game who has ax to grind. GAL girl.

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