Molina commits to Washington State

Konawaena incoming senior Chanelle Molina, the reigning Star-Advertiser All-State girls basketball player of the year, has committed to Washington State, according to a release from Konawaena coach Bobbie Awa.

According to the release, Molina had received scholarship offers from more than two dozen Division I programs and narrowed her choices to Washington State, Oregon State, Arizona State and Oregon before committing to the Cougars.

The early signing period for basketball begins Nov. 11.

Molina, a 5-foot-8 guard/forward, repeated as the Fab 15 Player of the Year after leading the Wildcats to the Division I state championship in February. She averaged 17 points, nine rebounds, seven assists and three steals per game.

Washington State has also offered Molina’s sisters, Konawaena junior Celina Jane and sophomore Cherilyn, both Fab 15 players as well. Konawaena graduate Dawnyelle Awa is entering her senior year at Washington State while Lia Galdeira recently announced she will forego her senior year with the Cougars to pursue professional basketball.


  1. Kazu July 16, 2015 6:57 pm

    Guess UH wasn’t close. Good try coach Beeman, guess Washington’s coach was one step ahead. Of course with coach Awa having two of her girls go there may have helped some.Heard rumors that she was considering Washington State.
    Good luck to her.

  2. Humble July 16, 2015 7:35 pm

    Read Cameron Fernandez of Lahainaluna High School also committed to play at WSU. Scoring live has the article.

  3. oldtimer808 July 16, 2015 7:36 pm

    Kazu did you not read the article. She committed to Washington State not University of Washington. I’m disappointed that she did not give Hawaii serious consideration.

  4. A Fan July 16, 2015 9:40 pm

    After allowing some players to fall through the cracks I would be hesitant to send my kid to WSU. It is known that a certain player “allegedly” stopped attending classes and thus left school before she graduated. There seems to be no policy or policing to make sure kids attend class.

  5. Left Field July 16, 2015 9:41 pm

    Congratulations to Chanelle. Would have been nice to see her play at Manoa, though. The Molinas could have been like the Kafentzis’s of women’s basketball.

    Tough to secure a Molina when Beeman probably too good a coach to keep at Hawaii for the entire Molina sisters’ eligibility there. Will Beeman be here when the youngest Molina is ready to play for Manoa? I’d think the same way if she were my kid.

  6. mctruck July 17, 2015 4:05 am

    Well, I thought for sure the Molina’s were headed for UH?, Oh well, moving on.

  7. 808Fan July 17, 2015 7:11 pm

    WSU Coaches have dropped the ball with Galdeira it seems or so I have been told. Could it be that Miss Galdeira went pro since she didn’t have any other choice? If this is true, I would definitely not send my child there unless this was the only option which is seems that is isn’t.

  8. Humble July 20, 2015 1:42 pm

    808Fan, I believe the responsibility is on the Student-Athlete. Coaches can’t attend, complete work and take exams for the athlete. Their recent recruiting classes have ranked very good and should make them compete at a higher level than previous years. Also, if you want to look at coaching. Why haven’t UH made a better effort to recruit local talent. Chanelle is by fart the BEST LOCAL TALENT, but, Lahainaluna has arguable very good talent also, UH has never contacted any of their players until this summer. After so many mainland school have already established a relationship with them. WHY? I’ve been to UH basketball camps and have seen them (Lahainaluna players) there, yet know interest until this summer. Does UH feel that they will get local talent by default? Why are local players made to feel that they are betraying their local university but their local university has never shown interest. I’ve spoken with the local talent, I was amazed that no contact, not even a letter expressing interest from UH. Not even a Poster. Shame on UH!

  9. bballfan July 20, 2015 3:43 pm

    808Fan, for odd reasons you seem to always be putting down anything to do with a Konawaena player or WSU. Rumors are rumors & believe in what you want, if Lia wants to go pro than thats her choice, not sure why it bothers you so much? As for Molina from what I’ve been reading Chanelle & her parents definitely considered UH & even was impressed of how Coach Beeman has turned the program around & that she wanted to go away & play in a PAC12 conference & only west coast because of how closer it is to home. UH like WSU are both great school, it’s just unfortunate for Hawaii that both Cameron & Molina both choose to go to WSU. I’m sure both ladies will do well there. Keep up the great work ladies !!

  10. 808Fan July 21, 2015 7:36 am

    @bballfan, please do your homework. Why does it bother me so much? If anything, it should bother you more. The institution and more importantly the coaching staff let this family down. Most teams have systems in place to make sure their players go to class and have the resources to remain eligible. Since the end game isn’t a huge NBA contract, getting these young ladies to graduate should be the goal. But, instead of this, with only 1 year left, she is no longer enrolled in school. If you are naive enough to think she left since she wanted to turn pro, then keep living in your fairy tail world. My contacts have confirmed why she had to turn pro and it is very unfortunate. Obviously with the circumstances in place, turning pro is probably the best move. But honestly, with the lack of support from the university, it is the only move. I cannot comprehend how a student athlete, with so much time and money invested in her, can get away with what happened. Shouldn’t the grad assistants and coaching staff make sure the coursework is done, attendance in classes is mandatory, and if the content is too difficult, then tutoring be made available?

    As for Molina, with all the schools that have offered, trusting a coaching staff and university that just failed another local girl so recently in irresponsible. Now I can understand if this was the only offer and finances were an issue. It is not.

    Let me ask you this BBALLFAN, if a student athlete just flunked out, would you be comfortable sending your child to the exact same university and coaches? Especially if you got offers from higher academic schools and ones who were doing better athletically in the NCAA’s?

  11. 808Fan July 21, 2015 8:04 am

    @humble, you are absolutely correct, a lot of the responsibility is on the student-athlete. But at many major universities there are systems in place to aid the student-athlete. Take Alabama Football for example. There are over 100 players on the team compared to maybe 15-20 of the WSU Women’s Basketball Team.

    Anyway, they have the grad assistants and assistants coaches check the classes daily to make sure the players attend. If they do not, suspension is an option. From that point the coaching staff keeps in communications with all of the professors to get regular updates on the progress and status of their players.

    Tutoring is made available to players who are struggling to make sure they experience success (and keep them eligible to play). These are policies that help the student-athlete because after investing thousands of dollars they need these kinds on the field.

    For some odd reason, this isn’t happening at WSU. But then you have bloggers who want to turn the other cheek, point the finger at people who are calling the school out on this blog, and want to pretend this didn’t happen. How does it help the future players when bloggers such as BBALLFAN want to hide from the truth?

    As for Molina being by far the best, I have to disagree. After getting reports about how both Cameron Fernandez & Fiamea Hafoka performed in the Nike Nationals at Chicago, I think it’s much closer than the general audience believes.

    For those who don’t know, the Nike Nationals is arguably the top summer club tourney for 17 and under girls. I believe Coach Mike Taylor’s Club team was the only local team invited. My friends told me that both Lahaina girls played for Coach Taylor but the Molina sisters politely declined. But that is a whole other topic and debate that we could do. It would something like kids afraid to play for other club teams to get more national exposure for fear of upsetting their own coach. And please don’t bring up the loyalty factor.

  12. bballfan July 21, 2015 9:13 pm

    Haha!! 808fan your classic, trying to justify yourself with reasons & trying to make or claiming who’s better is so immature. Like you said everyone has their own opinion & this yours. You just proved yourself as a blogger who has nothing better to do than put others down. Everyone obviously sees which club your from, Congratulations on entertaining everyone, haha!!

  13. 808fan July 21, 2015 10:40 pm

    I understand when you cannot come up with anything articulate to write, you must retort to humor. But we all see through you bballfan. Please come up with something intelligent to write. As of now you are just proving yourself to be a fool, hence the name bballfan. I love how you choose not to answer the questions I pose for you. Is it that you are unable to? I understand when thought is needed you come up with a blank thought in your head. But try, you can do it.

  14. bballfan July 22, 2015 12:18 am

    808fan I really don’t need to say or write more. Hope you enjoy reading this article:–38321069

  15. 808fan July 22, 2015 6:42 am

    Crazy to pick WSU over those other schools. Especially when the school failed Galdeira.

  16. Concerned Parents July 22, 2015 11:12 am

    This goes out to bballfan. Why are you not concerned for Miss Molina? Most colleges make sure the players remain eligible and leave with a college degree. Washington State did not do this. Miss Galdeira didn’t take care of business and that is on her and the school. But now another Konawaena players want to go to the exact same university right after another failed? As a parent a HUGE red flag would go up. And the fact that other higher academic schools want her make this even more confusing. Why would you want to go to a school that just allowed this girl to fail? I am scratching my head.

  17. Humble July 22, 2015 7:09 pm

    To all, we all don’t really know what transpired. Maybe Galdiera just wanted out and failed and to the coaches credit, they are supporting her. We need to remember that this impacted their (coaches) recruiting and 2015-2016 season tremendously. Galdiera is a huge loss. Also, just how many athletes on full scholarship actually graduate with a degree? From any school? Really look at the statistics. This won’t be the first college drop-out, nor will it be the last from this school or others that recruited Chanelle. If anyone is disappointed that Chanelle chose WSU, then, just say it, but quit bashing the coaches at WSU. For all you know, they may have been working hard for three years to keep her eligible. I say “good luck Chanelle, proud of all you’ve done. If you are HAPPY and at PEACE with your choice, that’s all that matters!”

  18. National Coach July 23, 2015 3:10 pm

    Hi I just talked to a WSU Coach who was there last year and just left. I was told getting her to go to class was a chore. Doing coursework was even more challenging. She had no choice but to leave.

    If you are talking college degrees I think you need to focus on girls basketball and not men’s. The men often leave early for millions of dollars. The ladies do not have this same option.

    Quit bashing the coaches? If the kids fails then it’s on the adults. Yes the athletes are responsible too. But who are the people that go into the homes making promises of schooling? It is the coaches.

  19. Humble July 23, 2015 6:32 pm

    These are young adults, not kids. Again, you stated and acknowledged that WSU worked hard on getting her to class and doing her assignments was a constant chore. The student needs to fulfill their obligations. Coaches are not babysitters, especially when they are providing a FREE EDUCATION. Any coach that promises you anything other than an opportunity is a fraud. WSU never promised anything other than an opportunity to play and receive a free education. The student still needs to perform both on the court and in class. But your a National Coach, you already knew that.

  20. National Coach July 23, 2015 9:07 pm

    When you invest $200,000 into a kid, you better be a babysitter. If you continue to recruit the wrong kids and they either don’t perform or they flunk out of school, do you really think the AD isn’t going to replace you. Are you going to tell your boss, “Hey I am not a babysitter. It’s not my fault that kid stopped going to class. It’t not my fault, I tried.” You better think it’s your fault and they will terminate you.

    Are you that naive? I have heard coaches who have told parents they will make sure their kid does all their work, go to class, and practically be their 2nd parent to get their kid to come to their school.”

    Are you really being serious or just trying to joke with us?

  21. Humble July 23, 2015 9:59 pm

    Like I said, those coaches that recruit in that manner are “frauds”. I don’t think I’m naive, but believe in accountability. Do you feel a teacher is more responsible than a parent to assure the student passes or fails? Or are you the type that blames others for your or your child’s failures? I’m fully aware that the coaches jobs are on the line when it comes to winning and/or graduation rates. So the coaches should be very involved in the player to assure they are doing the right thing. But no coach should be calling to wake-up a player, to eat breakfast, wash-up, get to class, complete assignments, study for exams, get to bed on-time. Are you SERIOUS! I don’t see every athlete on WSU failing. So to say the coaches at WSU are failures because they let Galdiera fail is a JOKE! Also, my son was highly recruited in high school. I’ve heard just about every promise a desperate coach used. In the end once you sign that letter, your treated like anyone else (hopefully, unless your all world, even then it should be fair) Right Coach?. You either perform or you get failed, replaced, or fired, just like the coaches, and just like your job. Serious? Yes! Maybe if Galdiera had coaches that emphasized accountability, obligation, responsibility and appreciation, she would still be in college. Maybe!

  22. National Coach July 24, 2015 6:49 am

    So you are practically saying that almost 99.9% of coaches are frauds then? The goal is to win games and talent increases a coaches ability to win games. Winning more games usually means a bigger contract with more money and incentives. This affects the coach’s family and livelihood. You really think coaches are not going to tell families what they need to hear to get the kid there?

    Obviously you have never coached in college by the sound of your voice and your remarks. Many top football and basketball programs have coaches and graduate assistants check each class daily. In football that means up to 100 kids DAILY. The assistants and grad assistants check weekly and daily to make sure work is done and the kids are where they need to be academically.

    Now understand, after a few weeks and instructors let you know which kids are fine, at that point you can readjust and really focus on the kids who are struggling or not doing the work/cutting class.

    It’s your minute thinking that allows these kinds of things to happen. When an athletic department invests up to $200,000 a kid and you have anywhere from 20 kids (basketball) to 100 kids (football) you better believe the athletic department expects the coaches to do this. Well at least at major universities that are highly successful. Obviously WSU doesn’t fall into this category.

    So a basketball team has around 15-20 kids. Including the head coach, assistants, and grad assistants, you can have up to 10 adults on a staff. And you are telling me that 10 adults cannot check to make sure that 15-20 kids attend class? WOW!

    I am actually at a Basketball Tourney now on the mainland and we were talking to other D1 and D2 coaches watching potential recruits. I told them what you said about the WSU coaches letting a player fail and it wasn’t their responsibility.

    I have to say, thanks for the humor and joke, it really made everyone’s day. They actually thought I was joking until I showed them your post on here, haha.

    Coaches not responsible for all their players? HAHA. What’s next? Are you going to tell us that the coaches can fly? HAHA, good one! Keep um coming this is hilarious, thanks!

  23. Humble July 24, 2015 8:24 am

    Shallow thinking. I never said the coaches are not responsible. But your saying they are fully responsible. I played collegiate ball. Sound like you didn’t. Plus you contradict yourself “coaches fly” that’s what you would say based on your argument on coaches responsibilities. Silly. Keep talking to your coaches who are envious of WSU cause they didn’t get Chanelle and looking to bash the school that did. I’m DONE with YOU!

  24. National Coach July 24, 2015 11:50 am

    This is your exact quote, “But no coach should be calling to wake-up a player, to eat breakfast, wash-up, get to class, complete assignments, study for exams, get to bed on-time. Are you SERIOUS! I don’t see every athlete on WSU failing. So to say the coaches at WSU are failures because they let Galdiera fail is a JOKE!”

    If you recruit a kid and he/she isn’t going to class, doesn’t wake up, or doing their homework, and your job and livelihood is on the line, you better be doing these things. And at the top level programs they have systems in place where the coaches are doing these things.

    When Meyer was coaching at Florida, he had his assistant knocking on dorm doors making sure his kids made it to class.

    But then again those are paid coaches who value their jobs and want the best for their athletes and you are a blogger offering your opinion behind a computer. Quite a big difference if you ask me.

  25. National Coach July 24, 2015 11:53 am

    Envious of WSU? WSU hasn’t made it to the NCAA’s in forever. I don’t think too many college coaches are too envious of a school that is near the bottom of academics for the Pac-12 and can’t make the NCAA tournament. Also, please stop telling lies. You did not play college ball. Doing fantasy sports or controlling your PS4 NCAA Football team doesn’t count.

    Playing college ball? HAHA you are hilarious. I have to keep thanking you since you bring a smile to everyone’s face with your made up stories. Playing college ball. That’s a good one.

  26. Humble July 24, 2015 1:27 pm

    Blogger? Yes! So are YOU! College Athlete? Yes! Put up or shut-up time National Coach! Go tell the WSU Coach to his/her face that she failed Galdiera! Don’t come in here talking big, yet it is YOU that is hiding behind the computer. I think you wanna-be a National Coach, but lucky if your a ballboy at a local high school. I know this because no National Coach at any level would be here, insulting and posting. So before you start throwing insults out because you want to demean and discredit someone that basically made you feel stupid, grab your POM-POMS and keep cheering from the sidelines. Wanna-be National Coach!

  27. bballfan July 24, 2015 1:33 pm

    NATIONAL COACH you truly are big Fan of WSU, everyone’s laughing at your long blog. You are trying so hard to put coaches & the school down, what do you get out if it?, obviously nothing, so get over it..your probably not even a coach. You need to stop telling your LIES, WSU has 100% graduation rate & obviously the head Coach is Awesome to have gotten her contract extended till 2019. Also, for Cameron & Chanelle to commit to WSU says its a great School. So why don’t you read this article before writing your lies. I Know you will write again, but please get your facts first. Yay!! GO COUGS!!

  28. National Coach July 24, 2015 8:58 pm

    She is awesome? They went 17-17 last season. You must have low standards and expectations if 17-17 is awesome to you. To me, that is mediocre at best. Her 100% graduation rate will now take a hit with Galdeira flunking out. And in US News and World reports which many families and educators use to gauge quality of academics, WSU is listed at 138.

    You say it is a good school, but they are ranked at the bottom of all Pac 12 schools (tied with OSU) by arguably the most highly credible source (other being Forbes).

    You set your standards very low. Awesome coach who was 17-17 last year and has a losing record over her career at WSU. Great school even though it ranks near the bottom. I mean c’mon, have higher standards for yourself. You throw our words like awesome and great for a poor academic school and a team that cannot win more than half their games. Wow that’s rally setting the bar low.

    Pac 12 College Ranks Academically
    Stanford – 4
    California @ Berkeley – 20
    UCLA – 23
    USC – 25
    Washington – 48
    Colorado – 88
    Oregon – 106
    Arizona – 121
    Arizona State – 129
    Utah – 129
    Oregon State – 138
    Washington State – 138

  29. bballfan July 24, 2015 10:15 pm

    National Coach, yeah!! Woohoo love it WSU & Oregon ranked very high compared to every other school in the Nation besides the ones you listed, you are Awesome!! & love how you admitted the 100% graduation rate in WSU..please keep it coming.. As for low standards you definitely make that lists.

  30. bballfan July 25, 2015 6:26 am

    National Coach here’s more for you to read about their Academic Excellence & 100% graduation rate.

  31. National Coach July 25, 2015 1:43 pm

    Your website isn’t credible. Of course WSU is going to be subjective about what I wrote. Anyone who understands academics knows US News and Forbes are the two most legitimate sources. But, then again it’s you and it highly probable based on your writing that you don’t know that. And being at the bottom of the Pac 12 is borderline pathetic. But then again it’s better than not attending school at all like the dismissed player.

    Like I said, since you admire below average academics and losing record, this is the perfect school for you to follow.

  32. bballfan July 25, 2015 2:36 pm

    NATIONAL Coach finally have nothing else to say since he can’t fight or ignore the truth written. Guess you should just keep Coaching the losing record team that traveled to the Nike Nationals..they need more of your attention than us.

  33. National Coach July 25, 2015 3:15 pm

    My credible sources and data speak for itself. Sad thing is WSU didn’t do their job and a local girl flunked out. Care to reply on that? Or is that ok since being at the bottom in academics and losing more than half your games makes failing for a local girl ok? HAHA, you are classic.

  34. bballfan July 25, 2015 3:52 pm

    National Coach yes definite sources & data speaks for itself, unless you have in writing & data on what you claim on a local girl than you can put your mind at ease, otherwise All your accusations, downgrading & hatred towards players, coaches & schools are just gonna help you get through this. I am truly classic for getting you all upset. Should I recommend a psychiatrist for you to get through this? It seems I should stop mentioning all the recognition other players & school you dislike to help you. Again let me remind you WSU Academic Excellence, 100% graduation rate, PAC12..wait wait I should Stop, don’t need to get you more fired up, haha!!

  35. Left Field July 25, 2015 6:45 pm

    This type of debate came up when Derrick Lowe picked WSU. Many people wondered why KJ Harrison picked OSU. Bottom line, it is their decision to make. They gotta fit and be happy. Who cares what anyone else thinks. The sad part is that any PAC 12 school is probably a better opportunity than Hawaii when considering the resources. When the local kids leave, some have better success stories than others. Molina is not Galdeira…the debate of their pros and cons can go on forever.
    I, for one, wished Molina stayed in Hawaii. Still, I’m excited to see her make her own path whether she is perceived to be at a good school or not, with a good coaching staff or not.

  36. National Coach July 25, 2015 9:40 pm

    Bball fan, WSU under this coach never had a winning record. Local girl cannot cut grades. Bottom of the conference in academics. You trying to live through this kid. Man, it’s kinda scary. I hope the parents don’t let you near this kid.

  37. bballfan July 25, 2015 10:01 pm

    National Coach winning record or not.better than your record thats for sure & make sure when you bring a travel team to Nationals at least win more games than 1 , Everyone seem to know who you are & hopefully you will get over everyones success & concentrate on your miserable life so that you can finally stop.putting others down to make yourself feel.better, I will pray for you & hope one day you will be a successful Coach if that’s even.what you are

  38. Hawaii Fan July 26, 2015 7:17 pm

    I have to agree that WSU really dropped the ball with Galdeira. It is the duty and responsibility of the coaching staff to follow up and provide systems to make sure these things don’t happen. With so many colleges out there, this needs to be done. 1 kid failing is 1 too many. I do agree that WSU isn’t known for academics.

  39. National Coach July 26, 2015 7:21 pm

    Once again lack of information. I’m not coaching any team, I am observing with colleagues. 1 win is more than I got since I have no team entered. Keep making up stories, it’s entertaining. I am in Vegas now then heading down to Atlanta soon. You can join me but I feel purchasing a airline ticket may be a little out of your league. Send me your info, maybe I’ll treat you. You know you are supposed to help the needy. Congratulations, I did hear you won your fantasy league for the NBA. Hooray for you.

  40. National Coach July 26, 2015 7:23 pm

    Get over everyone’s success? Like I have said many times (and you have yet to counter it, you choose to deflect since you can’t argue it) your standards for success is very low? Do you teach your children (well I know you don’t have children so let’s pretend) to set their bar low? Like low academics school and poor records? Well I guess for your family anything is better than nothing right?

  41. bballfan July 26, 2015 10:14 pm

    Whoa sorry to get you all fired up National Coach. Stories for sure I don’t need to make up, if you only knew you’d be really fired up. I don’t need to counter anything because unlike you I support all our local kids & don’t get bothered by anyone’s choices or success. Deny, deny all you want because at the end you are just a blogger that no No cares for & please tell those colleagues of yours worry about their own kids & leave others alone, oh & stop recruiting from other islands unless he or you have no other choice, haha!!

  42. Humble July 26, 2015 10:27 pm

    There goes National Coach again, putting down someone that opposes his thinking or personal feelings. Left Field I agree with you 100%. What I think National Coach misses is that very thing you mentioned. It’s the players choice, being a parent you can only suggest or influence. Never force! What if Chanelle said to her parents ” I think I can help turn this program around, I want the challenge, I want to show I can make a difference at WSU”. Pullman has very little things to do outside of school and sports, so I think recruiting athletes there is a huge challenge. But once in awhile, things align and a challenged program gets a few great recruits and that program is now succesful. I respect athletes who want to take on the challenge with the underdog team. Yes, great coaching is also very important. But they can’t all play for UCONN. Again, I’m going to mention. Coaches share the responsibility of keeping their athletes in CHECK! But it is also on the athlete! Galdeira also let herself down and her team. But again, maybe this is really what Galdeira wanted. Maybe she didn’t want to complete school. She just wants to play basketball and get paid for it. It happens in Kentucky. Let me also state the Coach Beeman is a tremendous coach, but, I feel she dropped the ball on not starting to recruit these girls earlier. UH isn’t also very high academically and seems to be in trouble financially. So I don’t see Coach Beeman staying very long. I say she is gone after one more great season. Maybe at WSU.

  43. Balla July 27, 2015 6:03 am

    I don’t know about you guys but I would rather go 0-100 playing the best instead of going 100-0 playing weak teams. Talk to the coaches around the islands, well at least the boys ones. They all would rather play D1 and compete against the best and not make states instead of playing D2 and winning the title. Maybe girls are different and especially their parents and supporters. But as an athlete I wanna play the best to see how good these teams are and I want to improve playing the best. Who wants to play average teams and win there? I might be wrong but it seems plenty people up here think its good to travel to tourneys to play in average kind and win. How impressive is that? How about challenge yourself. And Kalakaua has the best girls teams. Peace…

  44. Education First July 27, 2015 12:32 pm

    bballfan, to call WSU a high academic school is both irresponsible and uneducated. WSU is not known for high academics. Please do some research. Now any school who is willing to invest money into a kid is great. But that doesn’t mean it is a high academic school. I think you may have confused WSU with Stanford.

  45. Education First July 27, 2015 12:34 pm

    I also think while the kid is responsible, a big part of it goes on the adult. I do not know how you allow a kid to skip class when your job is to coach. I mean what are they actually doing when the kids are going to class? It’s not like they are conducting practice. I know there’s game film, practice planning, recruiting, etc. But c’mon, how hard an how long does it take to make sure your players are in class? Also, it’s not like you have to check every kid. You pretty much know which ones struggle in class. WSU really dropped the ball with Galdeira.

  46. bballfan July 27, 2015 1:25 pm

    Thank You for your input, like the name Eduction First is what really matters, no one is comparing WSU to Standford, just trying to say WSU is not at the bottom of the poll academically because their are thousands of other Universities that ranks lower as written in conversation earlier in the week, thanks to National Coach here is thousands of other Universities you can compare it to:

  47. Nike Fan in Hawaii July 27, 2015 2:21 pm

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong. But this is the information I got. And this is my philosophy and it may differ from others. So Coach Mike Taylor has a new club called Hawaii Storm an affiliate of the California Storm. His club teams were the only Hawaii teams invited to the Nike Nationals and the Nike Oasis Tournament. He asked some Kona, Hilo, and Maui girls to play for his team since his team would be playing in a prestigious tournament in Chicago where most D1 coaches (not assistants like in Seattle, Vegas, Anaheim, and Oregon) attend.

    To make a long story short, Fernandez and another Maui girls, a few Hilo girls, and some ILH girls played. I was told the two Maui girls got way more offers than when they played for their Maui team. Unfortunately I was told the Kona girls couldn’t play for him since it might upset their coach.

    If this is true it is unfortunate. People always talk about loyalty. But as adults we need to be loyal to the kids, not the other way around. If the goal is to get our local kids exposure it shouldn’t matter who the kid plays for or what team he/she plays for. Getting the kid a scholarship is the main goal. It shouldn’t matter if it is from any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

    When I heard this story I was a little bummed. Too often coaches think of themselves before they think about the kids. No coach owns a player. Parents and kids make decisions and the coach supports it, plain and simple. If a coach uses their power to intimidate a kid, they have no business being a coach any more.

  48. Humble July 27, 2015 3:13 pm

    Again, ppl not listening because it’s always better to blame or pass the buck to someone else. Coaches can and do make sure the student athlete goes to class. However, and listen carefully, they are not allowed to complete their assignments or take their exams. Those are NCAA major violations. Also, just because you attend the class does not mean you will automatically pass the class. If your name is symbolic of your philosophy, then that should be towards the student athlete “Education First”. Especially when, as a student athlete, the opportunity to make a living as a PRO is very small. If your talking about a coach losing their job over (one) student athlete not passing, imagine if they violated NCAA Laws. Again, we do not know exactly what transpired at WSU. The coaches may have done everything right and still Galdiera flunked. Maybe she didn’t flunk and this is just a rumor. Maybe Galdiera didn’t want to complete her college education. If, I as a coach, made sure that I assigned a personnel assistant to monitor her and provided every resource to prepare her for her exams and still she failed, how am I fully responsible? Enough with blaming and judging someone, because, if these coaches didn’t care for Galdiera, why during this difficult time for both parties, the head coach opened her home for Galdiera to continue to train and support her? And please don’t come with the excuse of “guilt”. They genuinely care about their athletes, even if they are not the BEST COACHES, they care even when they don’t benefit. That says a lot about them as People. If my son was kicked out of college because he didn’t fullfill his responsibilities has a student athlete, I sure would appreciate a coach taking him in, while options are figured out. I know of college coaches that basically take away a players scholarship after the player was injured playing for them. WSU coaches are great People First.

  49. Humble July 27, 2015 3:32 pm

    Nike Fan in Hawaii, I belive that Fernandez was offered the bulk of her scholarships after the Team Aloha trip to Arizona in April. The other Maui girl, was offered scholarships from schools that were watching Fernandez and she was noticed. Now, I know that sounds BAD, but really its not. Fernandez was noticed because colleges that were at the tournament to watch Chanelle saw her, and those colleges that were there to watch Fernandez, saw Mea(sorry not sure of spelling her name). So every tournament that every club plays has an impact if the player has potential. What I am trying to say is credit for the exposure that these players received can’t be given to just one club. It’s the networking of all clubs that makes this work. Congratulations to all of them!
    Also, players may not be able to commit to playing in all tournament because the parents need to pay. So in defense of those girls that were asked but declined, it could have been because financial burden it may have caused. Also, if you wanted to play on the West Coast, the EOT is prime recruiting grounds for West Coast colleges. Chicago is dominated by Mid-America & East Coast colleges.
    I think, if you had to give credit somewhere, it should start with Mufi (TEAM ALOHA) and Stingrays. Because Mufi provided expense free travel for our local girls. Stingrays for successful performances at EOT, and Chanelle, the magnet that attracted all the recruiters that allowed other girls to be noticed. Everyone else is just jumping on the train for a ride.

  50. Nike Fan in Hawaii July 27, 2015 5:22 pm

    Hi Humble, we must have different sources. I was told by her coach that after she went to Chicago she started to get more interest. I was told that Coach Taylor’s mentor, Coach George asked several coaches to come and watch he play in Chicago. After that tourney Coach Taylor started to field many calls about both Maui girls. Either way its good to go to Chicago to eat Pizza, lol.

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