LIVE BLOG: Radford 28, Kaimuki 6, F

Radford and Kaimuki clash again this season with the OIA D-II title on the line. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.
Radford and Kaimuki clash again this season with the OIA D-II title on the line. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.

The OIA Division II title game between No. 9 Radford and Kaimuki is a rematch of a game earlier this season the Rams won 48-0. A lot has happened since then, however, as the Bulldogs have rattled off six consecutive wins, including a last-second shocker at Nanakuli two weeks ago.

Radford last played for the OIA Division II title in 2012 when it beat Nanakuli 21-6. Kaimuki is in the OIA title game for the first time since 2010 when it throttled Kalaheo, 48-12, behind 161 rushing yards from Chester Sua.

Radford has allowed 4.6 points per game this season, which would rank in the top 10 all-time for a season if it ended today. Fortunately for both teams, it won’t as both will play in the Division II state tournament starting next week regardless of the outcome.

Kickoff is scheduled for 5 p.m. at Aloha Stadium. Live in-game updates and videos will follow below:

Kaimuki: Andrew Neves, James Gentile, John-Wendell Nisa, Sage Valeho
Radford: Blaise Manabe, Ace Faumui, Thomas Reid, Tayvis Passos

Radford will receive.

Kick out of bounds. Rams will start at the 35. Quintin Iriarte gets the start at QB and overthrows a wide open Blaise Manabe for what could have been a 65-yard TD. Flag on Radford though. Quick pass to Manabe for 10 yards and another flag. After the play, personal foul on Radford. RB Kodi Ongory-Mathias runs twice for 17 yards and is tackled both times by Billy Masima. Fourth-and-3 and Radford will punt.

Kaimuki will start on its 25. Keanu Pratt in at QB. Masima touches the ball first and is stopped for a 3-yard loss by Ace Faumui. Pratt scrambles for 5 yards and then a late hit is called on Radford. DL Deyshon Slade in on the sack on the next play for a 4-yard loss. Kaimuki brings Masima in motion and then runs him backside and he breaks a couple of tackles and picks up 44 yards. DB Jonah Soakai stops Masima on a pass out of the backfield for a 3-yard loss. Andries Toussaint with a 9-yard reception and Kaimuki calls timeout on third-and-4 at the Radford 14. Pass to Toussaint in front of the cornerback is good for 6 yards but Kaimuki is whistled for an illegal shift. The referee’s mark off 7 yards on the illegal shift. Awesome. 7-yard penalty. Masima gets 1 yard but is stopped by Slade and Co. Kaimuki goes for it on fourth down and Pratt has a receiver sneaking down the middle but it’s overthrown. Rams take over on the 20.

Radford calls a pass on first down and Iriarte throws late over the middle and it’s over the receiver’s head. Could have been picked. Now Radford moves early. Miscommunication on the handoff and Iriarte is sacked by Ronnie Akau. Third-and-long pass by Iriarte is good over the middle but Thomas Reid can’t come up with it. Reid probably should have caught it. Punt looks like it goes off the returner and Radford recovers it and returns it to the house. Play is blown dead where Radford recovered and it looks like they’re unsure if the ball hit the returner. Rexford Domingo credited with the recovery on the Radford 36.

Faumui touches the ball on offense for the first time and rumbles for 11. Miscommunication on the route between Manabe and Iriarte as Manabe runs a slant and Iriarte throws deep. Ball sure comes out nice from Iriarte on his throws. Faumui gets 5 to make it third-and-5. Short pass to Jake Walter and Kaimuki has him bottled up but the Bulldogs can’t wrap him up and Walter escapes two tacklers and picks up 6 and a first down. Now Faumui gets loose on the off-tackle run as he cuts back to the middle and gets 38 yards to the 4. Nice run. Faumui up the middle following the fullback for a 4-yard TD run. Redford leads 7-0, 2:34, Q1. Faumui 4 carries, 58 yards.

Kaimuki starts on its 13. Masima runs twice for 3 yards as Faumui is in on his third tackle already. Third down pass is overthrown and Kaimuki will punt from its 16.

Rams start on their 47. Direct snap to Manabe at QB and he runs it out to his left for 13 yards before scampering out of bounds. Direct snap again to Manabe who picks up 22. Manabe again and this time he goes to his right for 11 but it’s called back by a hold. Ongory-Mathias runs for 11 and then 4 but he fumbles and Kaimuki recovers with 1 seconds left in the first quarter. Bailey Uehara on the recovery.

Pratt passes to Andrew Neves, the hero of the Nanakuli game, for 7 yards to end the first quarter. 7-0 Rams. Total yards: Rams 132-62. Rams with 116 yards rushing.

Third-and-5 and Kaimuki draws Radford offsides to pick up the first down. The refs mark off 6 yards on the offsides. Second time tonight they get it wrong. Jaren Feary in at QB and he picks up 4 yards on the keeper. Bulldogs move early. Looked like Feary was trying to set up the inside shovel pass but Dillon Sunday blows it up and gets the sack. Third down and Pratt throws one deep down the sideline. Great defense by the cornerback but a flag was thrown. They waive it off though. Good call. That was great defense. Bulldogs will punt. Refs are struggling tonight so far.

Rams ball on their 13 after a 51-yard punt. Iriarte steps into a throw nicely and hits Solomon Loggins for 10 yards on third-and-6. Another third-and-long and Iriarte with another nice throw to Manabe for 14 yards but they needed 18. Rams punt.

54-yard punt and Kaimuki starts on its 14. Pratt with a ball off the receiver’s hands and Radford almost picks it on the deflection. Second-and-17 after a holding penalty. Backwards pass to Neves who runs for 7 but he’s shaken up on the play again. Second time tonight. Third-and-10. 3:37 on clock. Pratt throws up a prayer but Toussaint battles back to the ball and catches it as the defender goes down. He runs for 53 yards. Pratt now scrambles to his right and just throws it up and Jahssaiah Maiava comes down with it in the end zone. 29-yard TD. Bulldogs get a couple of big plays in the passing game on 1-on-1’s on the outside. After an offsides on the extra point, Kaimuki goes for 2. They bring in the big boys but fake the run and try to throw it and Radford gets the sack. Surprised Kaimuki tried a slant there. 7-6, 2:24, Q2.

Manabe with a 57-yard kick return. Radford will start on the Kaimuki 38 after a great kick return. Maiava, who just caught the TD, comes back and sacks Iriarte for a 6-yard loss. Faumui gets 2 yards but it’s third-and-14. Manabe gets wide open over the middle but Iriarte just misses him and Radford will have to punt with 1:14 remaining.

Kaimuki balls on the 20 and Neves sneaks down the seam wide open where there’s no safety but Pratt misses him. Kaimuki had a shot there. Third down pass is just out of the stretched arms of Neves but Redford is called for roughing the passer. Faumui with a tackle for loss but is called for a face mask. Half ends with Micah Guerra sacking Pratt.

at Aloha Stadium
Kaimuki (7-3) 0 6
Radford (10-0) 7 0
Rad—Ace Faumui 4 run (Roman Gennero kick)
Kaim—Jahssaiah Maiava 29 pass from Keanu Pratt (run failed)

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Billy Masima 9-60, Andrew Neves 1-7, Jaren Feary 2-1, Pratt 4-(minus 7). Radford: Faumui 6-59, Kodi Ongory-Mathias 6-40, Blaise Manabe 2-35, Quintin Iriarte 4-(minus 17).
PASSING—Kaimuki: Pratt 6-11-0-97. Radford: Iriarte 4-8-0-40.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Andries Toussaint 2-62, Maiava 1-29, Neves 1-7, Torey Faimealelei 1-2, Masima 1-(minus 3). Radford: Manabe 2-24, Solomon Loggins 1-10, Jake Walter 1-6.

Second-half kick expected around 6:38 p.m.

Bulldogs receive and start on their 26. DL Ben Leafa sacks Pratt for a 10-yard loss on first play. He had absolutely no time on the deep drop. Kaimuki three-and-out.

Low line-drive punt that hits a Kaimuki player running downfield at the 35. Only a 16-yard punt. Screen to Manabe for 11 yards. Iriarte runs for 4 yards to the 20. Faumui runs to the 17 and then runs to the 10 but fumbles. Looked like James Gentile forced it but Radford recovered. Fly sweep to Manabe for 6 yards to the 4. Faumui to the 1. Third-and-goal. Faumui stuffed for no gain. Rams will go for it. Handoff to Faumui who jumps and throws it to tight end Aaron Faumui for the touchdown but a flag is down. Illegal procedure on the offense. Not sure what exactly it was. Fourth-and-goal from the 6. They mark it at the 7 for a 6-yard penalty. Faumui pitches to Manabe who then throws it to Iriarte out of the backfield for a 7-yard TD reception. 14-6, 7:45, Q3. That will be a cool Paul Honda video to watch. Looked like Iriarte lined up like a tight end or was in motion.

Masima turns a pitch that should have been a 3- or 4-yard loss into a 10-yard gain with some great running. Soakai tackles Pratt for a 2-yard loss on the designed run. Radford’s Aaron Faumui banged up on the play. Torey Faimealelei with a 6-yard reception but the screen pass is incomplete and Kaimuki has to punt.

Key third-and-2 on the Kaimuki 32 after the drive started on the Redford 49. Radford goes play action and Manabe who lined up at QB has a man deep but can’t make the throw. Surprising call there. Rams will go for it and Faumui rumbles for 8 and a first down. Manabe throws deep to Reid but it’s broken up at the last second by Daniel Nguyen, who makes a great play on the ball. Third-and-9 at the 23 after an illegal procedure call. Iriarte sacked by John Wendell-Nisa for a 16-yard loss to force a punt.

Bulldogs take over on their 20 with 1:54 left in the third. Masima with 70 rushing yards on 10 carries. Will he get more touches? They try and throw to him lined up as a receiver and he picks up 3 but Pratt is sacked by Leafa on the next play. Incomplete on third down and it’s a three-and-out.

Punt is hit out of bounds short and Radford has it on the Kaimuki 34 to start. Manabe with a drop on first down. Quarter ends with third-and-4 at the 28 for Redford after Loggins’ 6-yard reception.

Iriarte can’t find anyone open and scrambles to his right for 6 yards and a first down as he beats the DE to the sideline. Ongory-Mathias with a great move and get gets outside inside the 5 to the 1…AND HE FUMBLES. Kaimuki recovers in the end zone. Bulldogs ball at the 20. Kaimuki still alive. Two-score game would be tough to come back from.

Masima runs for 13 and a first down. That’s 83 yards on 11 carries. Third-and-6 on the 37. Slade stuffs Masima for a 2-yard loss and Kaimuki will punt again.

Manabe mishandles the punt but gets it back just in time. Radford will start from its 19. Make that the 14 after a delay of game. Manabe in at RB and he picks up 22 up the middle. Fly sweep to Reid for 14 yards and a first down at midfield. Radford goes four-wide and motions the RB out and Iriarte with the QB draw up the middle. Great run for 48 yards down to the 2 as he even throws in a spin move. First-and-goal at the 2. Manabe takes the snap and keeps it for the 2-yard TD run. 21-6, 8:15, Q4.

Neves with a 4-yard reception but he’s hit well after he’s out of bounds and is hurt on the play. Kaimuki adds 15 yards on the penalty and 5 more on the offsides call. Ball on the Bulldogs 47 with 7:24 to go. Screen pass is picked off by Ace Faumui and returned 45 yards for a touchdown. 28-6, 7:15, Q2.

Slade comes flying in to sack Feary on third down and Kaimuki loses 14 yards and has to punt. Three sacks in the game for Slade.

Redford turns it over on downs after going for it on fourth-and-8 from the Kaimuki 38. Bulldogs ball with 3:33 left.

Game slowly coming to an end.

Radford 28, Kaimuki 6

at Aloha Stadium
Kaimuki (7-4) 0 6 0 0 — 6
Radford (11-0) 7 0 7 14 — 28
Rad—Ace Faumui 4 run (Roman Gennero kick)
Kaim—Jahssaiah Maiava 29 pass from Keanu Pratt (run failed)
Rad—Quintin Iriarte 7 pass from Blaise Manabe (Gennero kick)
Rad—Manabe 2 run (Gennero kick)
Rad—Faumui 45 interception return (Gennero kick)

RUSHING—Kaimuki: Billy Masima 17-81, Andrew Neves 1-7, Jaren Feary 5-(minus 2), Pratt 7-(minus 28). Radford: Faumui 13-89, Kodi Ongory-Mathias 10-83, Manabe 6-63, Iriarte 8-25, Thomas Reid 2-13, Robert Ishii 2-(minus 1), team 1-(minus 2).
PASSING—Kaimuki: Pratt 10-20-1-113, Feary 0-2-0-0. Radford: Iriarte 8-15-0-65, Manabe 1-3-0-7.
RECEIVING—Kaimuki: Neves 3-14, Andries Toussaint 2-62, Torey Faimealelei 2-8, Masima 2-0, Maiava 1-29. Radford: Manabe 4-38, Solomon Loggins 2-16, Iriarte 1-7, Jake Walter 1-6, Reid 1-5.


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