LIVE BLOG: Kahuku 20, Mililani 7, F

Kahuku and Mililani meet in a rematch of the 2014 OIA title game won by the Trojans.
Kahuku and Mililani meet in a rematch of the 2014 OIA title game won by the Trojans.

The time for talking is over.

The top two teams in the OIA all season collide Friday night at Aloha Stadium as No. 2 Kahuku faces No. 3 Mililani for the OIA D-I title. The Red Raiders had never lost to the Trojans until 2013, when Mililani beat Kahuku in the OIA semifinals. A year later, the Trojans were better than the Red Raiders again, winning the OIA title by a 20-7 margin.

As pointed out here Friday, if the season ended today, Kahuku’s 3.2 points per game allowed would be the best of all-time while Mililani’s 56.5 points per game average would be No. 1 all-time. Will it be Kahuku’s defense or Mililani’s offense that shines brightest at the end of the night?

Live in-game updates with videos will follow below. Kickoff will likely be more like 8:25 p.m.:

Mililani senior QB McKenzie Milton is not in pads and will not play.

Kahuku: Keala Santiago, Pesa Lefau, Hirkley Latu, Jed Hefernan
Mililani: McKenzie Milton, Ramsey Tacadena, Kyle Chinen, Andru Tovi, Kahe Kaaiawaawa, Kalakaua Timoteo, Vavae Malepeai

Kahuku will receive. It’s getting tense in here. Both sides are jacked up. Here we go with the 2015 OIA D-I title game.

Trojans have won 22 straight games against teams from Hawaii since losing to Punahou in the 2013 state final.

Short kick and Kahuku will start from the 32. Kesi Ah-Hoy starts at QB and hands it off to Harmon Brown for 1 yard. Ah-Hoy keeps for 3 and keeps for 2 and Kahuku will punt. Trojans call timeout first as Mililani doubles both gunners and left the middle open in case Kahuku wanted to fake it. Kahuku will get flagged for interference and Mililani will have the Red Raiders punt again after the 15-yard penalty. Big punt and Rico Sallas drops it. Pesa Lefau recovers for Kahuku at the 33.

Ah-Hoy out of the big-boy set for 7 yards right up the middle. Kahuku jumps early. Brown in at QB and keeps for 5. He’s stopped for no gain to force fourth-and-3. They run Brown up the middle and he finds a hole, breaks a tackle, and he’s off to the races. 26-yard TD run. Kahuku 7, Mililani 0, 8:21, Q1.

First chance to see Mililani freshman Dillon Gabriel at QB tonight. Mililani starts on its 19. Quick pass outside is to Sallas for 12. Vavae Malepeai is swallowed up for no gain on his first run as he is tackled by about five guys. Kalakaua Timoteo with a reception for 7 yards. Same play and Timoteo gets 8 more. Timoteo again for 8. Now Malepeai busts loose for 41 yards to the 6. Gabriel tries the fade to Timoteo but throws it way long. Hard count by Gabriel draws Kahuku offsides. Second-and-goal from the 3. Option to Malepeai loses a yard as Keala Santiago makes the stop. Gabriel overthrows Timoteo again and it’s fourth down. Trojans will call timeout. Fourth-and-goal. Kahuku is whistled for offsides. That moves it to the 2. They go to the fade again to Timoteo and he’s out of bounds. Turnover on downs.

Kesi Ah-Hoy back in at QB. He jumps over the pile for 2 yards. Injured Kahuku OL on the play. Replay shows the Mililani interior defensive lineman go straight to the legs on the play. It’s legal. Tamatoa Neher is the injured player. Ah-Hoy picks up 1. Third-and-7. Third-and-9 as Kahuku moves early. Ah-Hoy gets out to the 8 for a 5-yard gain but that’s it. Kahuku will punt. Sallas with a nifty punt return of 16 yards to the Kahuku 34 but a block in the back is called.

Mililani will start at the 50. Gabriel tries to throw a screen to Malepeai but Kahuku is all over it and he has nowhere to go but down for a team sack of 5 yards. Gabriel misses Makana Tauai. Third-and-15. Same play it looked like and Sallas drops it. Mililani will punt.

Kahuku ball on its 35. Make that 30. Another early movement call on Kahuku. Red Raiders with a lot of penalties early. Another flag. Illegal procedure again on Kahuku. Didn’t see this last week out of the same formation against Farrington. It’s a little different with an OIA title up for grabs. Kahuku goes three-wide on first-and-20. Now it’s an illegal shift on Kahuku. Red Raiders timeout. Mililani declined the third penalty so it’s second-and-20. Ah-Hoy keeps for 8. Now Mililani will use its third and final timeout of the half with 1:44 left in the first quarter. Ugly on both sides so far. Third-and-12 at the 33. Ah-Hoy has time but has nobody to throw too. He finally throws late and it’s incomplete. Kahuku will punt.

Fair catch. Mililani starts on its 29. Gabriel works two short 1-yard passes with a 27-yarder to Timoteo. Gabriel then drops it in to Timoteo for an apparent 34-yard catch but Timoteo was out of bounds before he caught it and it’s ruled illegal touching. Hard to see. Refs change the call to illegal participation and it’s a 15-yard penalty. Second-and-19 from the 43. Gabriel is pressured and tries to throw it away but LB Aaron Tapusoa makes a diving catch for a pick. Bad throw by the freshman and Kahuku takes advantage.

Ah-Hoy comes back and throws one right into the hands of LB Aijalon Kolone-Falaniko, who drops it. Ah-Hoy runs for no gain. END 1.

Incomplete pass and Kahuku punts. Red Raiders down it at the 1. Delay of game but I’m not sure it’s even possible to move the ball back. Gabriel throws a long ball that drops in perfectly to Bryson Ventura, who picks up 56 yards on the reception. Latu forces Gabriel out of the pocket and puts a mean hit on him as he throws and Gabriel is down. Flag on the play. Gabriel is hurt. Kahuku is whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct. Gabriel holding his right arm and it doesn’t look good. Sophomore Kaysen Higa in at QB. First-and-10 at the 23. Delay of game on Mililani. Higa has a wide open receiver for a TD and misses him. Second down. Screen goes to Malepeai for no gain and he’s bumped late by Latu. Latu is called for a personal foul. Malepeai runs for a first down to the 5. More whistles. Malepeai loses 2 yards. Higa is now picked in the end zone by Keala Santiago. Santiago returns to the 15.

Brown runs for 6. Brown gets outside now and runs for 20. Third-and-30 after a 15-yard illegal block and two losses. Timeout Kahuku. We’re almost unwatchable at this point. So Mililani gets called for a low block but the 6-yard run by Ah-Hoy counts but the down doesn’t count. Now Ah-Hoy is stopped for no gain but a Mililani player is hurt. It’s fourth-and-8 at the 42 with 6:05 remaining in the half.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is in a sling and taken off on a cart. He looks done for the night. Mililani without its top two quarterbacks now.

Mililani three-and-out. Malepeai runs for 1, late throw to Timoteo is knocked away and Ventura with a 3-yard reception on a quick pass. Illegal formation on the punt. This is just bad, bad football. Now Kahuku completely blows up the punter and is going to get called for roughing. Mililani will have it first-and-10 on the 44. Also, an illegal formation on Mililani. Penalties offset and we will recheck again.

Mililani called for another low block on what otherwise would have been fourth down and Kahuku moves it to the Mililani 45. Brown almost breaks one, getting 11 instead. And he’s a little slow to get up. Ah-Hoy gets 2 and now he’s slow to get up. And a Mililani defender down. DL Elias Pritchard hurt on the play but looks like he’ll be OK. Ameperosa gets 2 on second-and-8 and ANOTHER flag. Long discussion and Kahuku is called for a hold. Add on 15 more for a personal foul after the play. Second-and-31. A holding call is declined. Fourth-and-27 at the 49. Kahuku punts.

Thankfully it’s halftime. Kahuku with 14 penalties in the first half.

at Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (10-0) 7 0
Mililani (9-1) 0 0
Kah—Harmon Brown 26 run (Kekoa Sasaoka kick)
RUSHING—Kahuku: Brown 9-73, Kesi Ah-Hoy 15-42, Sefa Ameperosa 2-(minus 1). Mililani: Vavae Malepeai 8-56, Dillon Gabriel 2-(minus 5).
PASSING—Kahuku: Ah-Hoy 0-4-0-0. Mililani: Gabriel 8-15-1-119, Kaysen Higa 2-5-1-3.
RECEIVING—Kahuku: none. Mililani: Kalakaua Timoteo 4-50, Bryson Ventura 2-59, Rico Sallas 2-13, Makana Tauai 1-0, Malepeai 1-0.

Second half should kick around 10:20. Teams combined for 20 penalties in the first half.

INJURY UPDATE: Mililani’s Dillon Gabriel suffered a fractured right shoulder and is obviously out for the game and the rest of the season.

Also, Kahuku OL Tamatoa Neher is getting his left knee bandaged up but it looks like he might try and get back out there. Trainers are really checking him over though.

Mililani to receive. Malepeai runs twice for 4 yards and Higa scrambles for 2. Punt.

Kahuku starts on its 36 and we have a flag on the first play after a Kahuku penalty on the punt return. Mililani called for a personal foul. First down Kahuku at the Mililani 49. Neher back in at right guard. Third-and-8 at the 47. Brown picks up 6 and it’s fourth-and-2. Kahuku FB LeRod Tongi is down on the play. He has to be helped off by teammates. Kahuku will go for it. Brown is down right at the marker. Depends on the spot. The head ref signaled first down and the down markers started to move but then York got on the field to yell and now the head ref wants to measure after the markers had moved. Just an unbelievably bad night for the guys in black and white. They measure and Brown is short. Mililani ball. I thought that was the right call.

Trojans trying to get fired up. First-and-10 at the 40. Now Kahuku is calling timeout.

Pesa Lefau is in and blows up Higa for a 6-yard sack. Another play for negative yards but Higa is hit and they call roughing the passer. Penalty no. 15 for Kahuku. Meanwhile a ref still has his mic on. First-and-10 on the 48. Now a false start on Mililani. Higa bounces a throw. Now a low throw. He looks shaken back there. Malepeai runs for minus-3 yards. Illegal shift on Mililani anyway. Punt.

Brown runs for 1 yard and it’s a fumble. DL Isaac Liva picks it up and returns it 27 yards for a Mililani touchdown. We’re tied 7-7, 6:50, Q3.

Trojans try an onsides kick but Kahuku recovers at midfield. Offsides on Mililani though and it will rekick.

Kahuku first-and-10 on its 42. Brown runs for no gain and then Ameperosa can’t handle the snap and loses 10 yards. Illegal substitution on Kahuku. Red Raiders are coming apart. Or maybe not. New QB Cameron Renaud throws one up and Kekaula Kaniho makes a diving catch for 37 yards. That is Kahuku’s first completed pass in at least two games. First down on the Mililani 42. Tongi, who was hurt earlier in the game and came back, is down again on the play. Meanwhile Ah-Hoy is getting his left ankle iced down. He might be done as well. Kahuku lines up a 54-yard field goal and Sasaoka is WAY short. Mililani ball on its 20.

Malepeai runs for 5 and then 10. First-and-10 on the 35. Delay on Mililani. Malepeai up the middle for 13. Third-and-2 on the 43. BAD SNAP. It’s a loss of 17 yards. Mililani’s momentum killed as the Trojans punt with 35 seconds left in the third quarter. Punt hits a Kahuku player and Ramsey Tacadena recovers it on the Kahuku 37.

Higa is hit as he throws and Santiago with his SECOND INT of the game. Ball is thrown right at him as Higa was drilled.

Kahuku ball on the Mililani 44. Meanwhile, Kamehameha just jumped to third in my top-10 vote. (I’m half serious).

Renaud to Kaniho for 17 yards to end the third quarter. Kahuku first-and-10 on the Mililani 39.

Stokes Botelho with a 9-yard reception and then Brown runs for 2. First-and-10 on the 28. Kahuku uses its final timeout. Two incomplete passes as Mililani brings the pressure. Brown gets 3 yards to the 25. Sasaoka to attempt a 42-yard field goal. IT’S GOOD WITH PLENTY OF LEG. Kahuku 10, Mililani 7, 9:51, Q4.

Trojans start on the 20. Malepeai picks up 3. He grabs 4 more but then has to come out on third down because of a helmet and Bradlee Anae stuffs Tauai for a loss of 5. Punt.

Renaud throws one up for grabs and Keala Santiago with the great catch for a 26-yard gain to the Mililani 33. Renaud 5-8, 91 yards, has brought something this Kahuku offense needs.

Brown gets 6 but then loses 6 on the tackle for loss by Kaimana Padello. Third-and-10 at the 33. Brown runs for 6 to set up the field goal try. NO GOOD. Mililani ball on the 20.

Mililani moves early. First-and-15. Timoteo with a drop. Now Higa almost has one picked off over the middle. Higa 2-for-11. Third-and-15. Pass is incomplete. Punt.

Kahuku ball with 4:59 left on its own 49. Reverse to Santiago is good for 21 yards but there’s a flag. Flag is picked up, No hurdling, which is the right call. Ball on the Trojans 30. Renaud sacked but illegal hands to the face penalty. Brown run its down to the 14. First down. Kahuku grinding this one out. Brown to the 7. He has 110 rushing yards now on 24 carries. Brown to the 2. Brown 2-yard TD run with 2:24. That will probably do it. 17-7.

Ventura in at QB and Santiago with his third interception on Ventura’s first pass. That will do it.

Sasaoka adds a 38-yard field goal.

Last time Mililani was held without an offense TD was Oct. 7, 2005 in a 7-0 win over Leilehua. Trojans also will end a 53-game streak of scoring double digits.

Kahuku 20, Mililani 7

at Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (11-0) 7 0 0 13 — 20
Mililani (9-2) 0 0 7 0 — 7
Kah—Harmon Brown 26 run (Kekoa Sasaoka kick)
Mil—Isaac Liva 27 fumble return (Isaiah Kuloloia kick)
Kah—FG Sasaoka 42
Kah—Brown 2 run (Sasaoka kick)
Kah—FG Sasaoka 38

RUSHING—Kahuku: Brown 29-125, Kesi Ah-Hoy 15-42, Keala Santiago 1-21, Ted Kenese 2-1, Sefa Ameperosa 3-(minus 11), Cameron Renaud 2-(minus 12). Mililani: Vavae Malepeai 16-92, Makana Tauai 1-(minus 5), Kaysen Higa 2-(minus 5), Dillon Gabriel 2-(minus 5), team 1-(minus 17).
PASSING—Kahuku: Renaud 5-8-0-91, Ah-Hoy 0-4-0-0. Mililani: Gabriel 8-15-1-119, Higa 2-12-2-3, Bryson Ventura 0-1-1-0.
RECEIVING—Kahuku: Kekaula Kaniho 3-56, Santiago 1-26, Stokes Botelho 1-9. Mililani: Kalakaua Timoteo 4-50, Ventura 2-59, Rico Sallas 2-13, Tauai 1-0, Malepeai 1-0.


  1. rrforlifebaby October 31, 2015 12:52 pm

    @ FACT, With the inception of the grade point requirements and not allowing the ILH to play “5th” year seniors, the playing field became more or less leveled, starting in 1999(the state championship era). With the exception of 2007(i think this is the year Leilehua won states and I don’t think they were OIA champs, someone please correct me if i’m wrong), the championship game has come down to the ILH vs the OIA champs. If the ILH always has the best league with the best teams, then it shouldn’t matter how many teams the OIA has in the playoffs…”Cream always rises to the top” The whole argument about how the odds favor the OIA just sounds like another excuse for losing because in theory, the best team from the best league should beat whomever is placed in front of them. To make you feel better though, in all honesty, imho, in most instances, the OIA 3rd place team doesn’t belong in the state playoffs.

  2. kahuku#1 October 31, 2015 1:46 pm

    @Truestory…brah that’s one mean saying…”if u want beast , u gotta go to the all these coaches /recruiters coming to our parks trying to get our kids to go to their schools is a big joke.their number 1 reason they are out there is to get the best talent to make their high school football team great, but they always play the better education card on our!!! I can tell u first hand that going to a private school doesn’t make u more educated then a public school student.its really up to the kid on how well they do with their education provided to them.alot of my friends/teammates from koolauloa pop warner bak in the day went to private schools and let me tell u they were beast players .but a lot of them(not all, but a lot of them) never took their education serious they were only there to play football for that school.i can tell u that we are all older now , most of them have average jobs some has no job and if u go to some of there alma maters games at the stadium , they are in the parking lot getting all belligerent .so at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if u are at st.loius /kam./punahou /kahuku/Waianae etc.its basically up to your child to make the best out of what is provided to he or she.but anyways …#GoBigRed#GoOIA.

  3. ThaGame October 31, 2015 1:48 pm

    Hats off to the Red Raiders and Trojans for a hard fought game. There can only be one winner and the Big Red showed that they are the BIG BULLY on the block once again. There was mild celebration after the game because Raider Nation knows that there is still bigger fish to fry with the state tourney. Coach Tata and company showed last night that they would be able to make adjustments and tweek the game plan if needed. Mililani had there chances but failed to capitalize when it counted. Good luck to both teams in the state tourney chasing that ‘ship’!!


  4. Lee Boy October 31, 2015 1:56 pm

    OIA#1- The OIA has 14 Teams but only 4 can play at a high level. Jus remeber that my friend

  5. JammMasterJ October 31, 2015 3:15 pm

    Mililani better be thanking Kahuku for that transfer LB #18 “Olomua”. He is the main reason Mililani stopped Kahukus run and caused that fumble for TD, he was also wearing red shoes to represent his hometown.

  6. Fact October 31, 2015 3:44 pm

    This is from OIA#1

    “Oia#1 October 31, 2015 at 12:24 pm
    FACT, your theory is flawed aswell, ILH division has ONLY 4 teams in their division, OIA has 14 teams. Basically we have 3x the amount therefore we send 3 teams. Get it?”

    Sir do you understand what I am saying. You are strengthening my argument for me. I am saying since you have more representation you have a higher percentage of winning. What don’t you get? If you get to make 10 guesses and I only get 1 guess, the laws of probability will suggest you have a better chance of guessing the correct answer.

    In this case, the ILH gets one team, the OIA gets 3 teams. That means the OIA will have a better chance of winning based solely on representation.

    Even if you say the ILH has 4 team and the OIA has about 14 teams, that still means when factored in against all the Division 1 teams across the state, the OIA has more representation.

    You do realize that when you do the math taking in the total amount of D1 teams, the OIA still has a far better chance right?

    I am sorry if this is too high level but it’s really simple 7th grade algebra.

  7. Fact October 31, 2015 3:51 pm

    To Go Big Red, so as a professional, instead of trying to improve yourself as a professional you choose to go on a High School Blog to write? Interesting.

    1) If you are an owner, don’t you want to improve your craft? After all no business are perfect and everyone can improve.

    2) If you are a subordinate, aren’t you getting paid? And one someone else’s dime you think it fair to write on a blog instead of doing your job?

    3) If you are a unpaid volunteer, don’t you want to do your job in a timely and professional manner?

    I do not know any job where someone has the luxury of going onto a blog so often unless they are content and think they don’t need to improve, aren’t being professional since they are using work time to do non work-related activities, or are unemployed and therefore should be looking for a job.

    The only reason you can do this is you are using a pseudonym so your boss doesn’t catch you and there is no paper trail of you not doing your job. Please tell me what kind of job awards you the luxury of being on the computer so often and not doing your work?

    I am sure the community would love to know too since most people only get to go on the computer at work to do work.

  8. Fact October 31, 2015 3:55 pm

    rrforlifebaby, Sir, based on numbers, having more teams will always give a huge advantage especially when you have more chances. The basic rules of averages dictate that. Please take a statistics class and it will be easily explained in the first few weeks, or classes.

    Any number guy will tell you that having more teams in a tournament heavily outweighs a few 19 year olds. Remember, when St. Louis had older kids during their run, it wasn’t as if they had 10-20. It was more like 2-4. Those aren’t large enough sample to heavily influence a game where 22-55 players participate in.

  9. Good Story October 31, 2015 4:06 pm

    You are killing me. The reverse is also true. Which means each ILH team has 25% chance. While each of the OIA teams have about a 7% chance. Which do you think seems more fair? Take your stats and hit the road.

  10. SimpleSimon October 31, 2015 4:21 pm

    @ Fact – If you think the ILH team is the best in the state, then it doesn’t matter how many OIA teams are in the tournament. If you claim to be the best, you should beat EVERYBODY. Plain and Simple. If you ain’t the best, YOU LOSE! Plain and Simple.

  11. Insideoutsidein October 31, 2015 4:53 pm

    @mililaniforlife. Just hope Milton don’t re-injure himself. Of course it’s all about pride but pride will never pay your tuition to college.

  12. Fact October 31, 2015 5:39 pm

    To Good Story, sir do you understand math or are you just making up numbers and hope either no one exposes you or no one checks your math. Where are you getting your numbers from? First of all we are talking about winning a Division 1 title correct?

    There are 24 Hawaii D1 Teams. OIA (14); ILH (4): BIIF (4); MIL (2). The OIA gets 3/6 berths; The ILH, MIL, and BIIF get 1/6.

    Each ILH & BIFF team has a 25% chance to make states based on the league getting 1 berth, so 1/4 = 25%.

    Let’s use the equation total league teams (multiplied by) amount of league berths (divided) by total amount of Division 1 Hawaii Teams.

    OIA = 14 x 3 / 24 = 1.75
    ILH & BIIF = 4 x 1 / 24 = 0.17
    MIL = 2 x 1 / 24 = 0.08

    So using simple math, a strong argument can be made that the OIA has 10 time better chance of winning states based on total team in the league, how many berth they get, against the total number of teams in D1.

    How did you come up with the ILH teams have a 25% chance of winning? That would be true if the ILH sent 4 teams and there were only 16 teams in the state. What are you talking about? Do you understand math. Please don’t question my math. I even wrote out the simple equations instead of just putting random unsubstantiated numbers with no evidence to support it.

  13. Fact October 31, 2015 5:43 pm

    To Simple Simon, it doesn’t matter who is the best. It comes down to math. If one league has a huge mathematical edge, then objectively there is an advantage. Numbers are scientific and doesn’t involve opinion.

    When I read on here about the QB missing, recruiting, taking our players, etc., that involves opinion and cannot be proved right or wrong.

    But the numbers I list are scientific and involves no bias. I don’t understand why you are so upset writing in capital letters and telling me it doesn’t matter.

    When looking at numbers objectively it does matter. I am not saying who the best is. I am saying that based on the current formula the OIA has a mathematical advantage even before the games are played.

    If I am incorrect can you please show me the math to prove that I am wrong?

  14. Insideoutsidein October 31, 2015 5:50 pm

    @fact. Your point is heard. They don’t care!! You stick to your guns and they will stick to theirs. No harm done. This is a blog and it’s for those to express ones opinion. November 20th all math problems, ect…….. Will be answered.

  15. Fact October 31, 2015 8:28 pm

    Insideousidin, I see what you are saying. But one guy is telling me the laws of probability doesn’t apply when one league gets more representation. Then you have another guy telling me my math is wrong and start throwing around ridiculous numbers without evidence or showing his work. That would be like you telling everyone 2 + 2 = 4.

    Then I come on here and I am like, “You are killing me. The reverse is also true. Which means each ILH team has 25% chance. While each of the OIA teams have about a 7% chance. Which do you think seems more fair? Take your stats and hit the road.”

    And I end it with 4 + 2 = 2. You hear me blogging world, 4 + 2 = 2. I cannot prove it. But I can get aggressive and insult which means my math is correct.

    That is how absurd his math is. I am not saying who is better. I don’t care who wins. But to take a simple mathematical equation and then twist it to make absolutely no sense, is crazy. What is worse is no one seems to be offended by the lack of mathematical prowess.

    Where are these ridiculous numbers come from? If you are going to debate, have some integrity and not make up stuff. Well if you think it’s correct, then I guess it isn’t fair for the blogging community to debate with someone who cannot do 6th grade math.

  16. SimpleSimon October 31, 2015 8:35 pm

    @ Facts – The most OIA teams any ILH champion will ever play is 2. YES 2. So you have a bye the first week, possibly play an OIA team in Semi’s, then possibly an OIA in the championship game. You need to recalculate your math whether we have 3 in the Semis or 2, the most the ILH Champ will ever play is 2 OIA teams. Come back with your new calculations because in the end, the TOUGHEST TEAM WINS!!! (OIA 9 – ILH 7) 😉

  17. Fact October 31, 2015 8:52 pm

    SIMPLE SIMON, I am talking representation in the 6 team tournament. I thought we were talking about winning the state title? Last time I checked there are 4 leagues represented in the D1 HHSAA Football Tournament, the OIA, ILH, BIIF, and MIL. Please check my math I guarantee you it is very accurate for anyone who understand math.

    And like I said, based on probability the OIA should be up 14-2 or at the worst 13-3. Being only up 9-7 doesn’t statistically strengthen your argument. I mean c’mon guys, can’t anyone do simple math? The public count is now up to 3. I understand the simple in your name simon, but please. And please reread what I wrote. Where do I mention examining the tourney starting by the semis.

    Now I could adjust the variables, make a new equation to adjust, but looking at my audience, I would just be wasting my time.

    I am guessing that decimals might be too challenging for this crowd.

  18. 88 October 31, 2015 8:57 pm

    One thing that your math does not account for is the quality of the team. Yes with more teams you have a better chance at winning but this is not just about quantity but rather quality. How many teams from the ILH are given automatic bids to the D2 State Tourney? Because for the pass 100 years Iolani had the D2 Championship on lock. Does your math only work on D1 and not D2? How is this possible? Is it magic? Did you get your magic math equation from the same man who sold Jack his magical beans?

  19. Insideoutsidein October 31, 2015 9:53 pm

    @fact. Guy your wasting your time. Don’t take it personal. Your gonna get hit at one angle for an answer then hit you with another. Go Big Red! Please don’t answer that….lol…

  20. Fact October 31, 2015 10:53 pm

    88 of course math will never account for unknown variables. I figured that was a given. But I guess when I’m dealing with this audience I have to explain everything. So 88 I am only looking at scientific measures since no on can ever factor in unknowns. So I’m saying looking at this purely scientifically and not favoring in unknowns, the OIA has a huge advantage mathematically to win a state title.

    Is that clear enough for you now 88?

  21. SimpleSimon October 31, 2015 11:17 pm

    @ Fact troll you not making any sense. Anyways have fun changing your name on here.

  22. Fact November 1, 2015 12:08 am

    Simple Simon I’m sorry you lack the education to understand 1 + 1 = 2. Flame on sistah! And keep living through others since you couldn’t do it yourself, lol. #wannabe

  23. Ackrite November 1, 2015 1:24 am

    LOL!!! You guys funny… Watched some BIGBOYZ(Hawaii Jr. Prep) games Saturday Morning and I must say Kahuku, if they win states this year will win states another 4 years!!! Laie Park Raiders team is just uncanny!!! They put up an average of 50 sum points and gave up only 14 points so far this season… Nobody is coming close to have a chance to beat them this year and i heard they are riding a 20 sum game winning streak also having won the last spring and fall season titles…. Word is they got a kid out there that could be the next Mariota/Tua Tagovailloa……….Plenty talent on the island but Its clear where the majoirty talent is in Hawaii

  24. 88 November 1, 2015 4:35 am

    @fact- how do you mathematically explain Iolani’s dominance in D2? It’s common sense that the more # you have in something the better chance you have at success. You don’t need a math equation for that. Stop trying to sound smart cause you don’t buddy.
    Is that clear enough for you now Fact?

  25. Fact November 1, 2015 7:03 am

    88 there are always anomalies. As for the math equations, based on the intelligence of you and your friends, it’s definitely needed. I don’t need to some smart, that comes naturally. As for your my friend you are not equipped. The proof is in your writing. Did you even go to school? It doesn’t show.

  26. Gobigred's friend November 1, 2015 7:57 am

    Congratulations to ST LOUIS ALUMNI for showing those guys out on the North Shore how to its done. Big shout out to Kahuku Principal for hiring private school graduates so that EDUMACATION IS THE FOCUS! Aloha

  27. 88 November 1, 2015 7:59 am

    Check your grammar buddy before you lecture someone on education. Your making an @$$ of yourself.

  28. fact November 1, 2015 8:25 am

    Nah that job is reserved for you, trademarked and patented, lol. Anyway, before you use your other screen names, try checking their math. Or should I say your math. And I could care less if this site auto corrects and changes grammar. I mean really, check my grammar as a comeback? That is about the 1000th time that comeback has been used. Could you come up with a more original rebuttal? “Hey could you check your grammar before you lecture someone on education.” HAHAHAH I mean to used that recycled and retreaded comeback is so sad. Seriously can you stop. I may be an @$$. But better than being dumb. Nothing you do online will change that. You have written enough to show the world your cognitive state.

  29. 88 November 1, 2015 8:33 am

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch friend. Didn’t know you were that sensitive. I just thought it funny that the same guy who is so high on education has a problem writing grammatically correct sentences. Maybe there is a math equation that can help you with your problem.

  30. Pick Six November 1, 2015 9:51 am

    Dis guy and his statistics LMAO!!! Get outta here Professor Nobody and take your Bu-Sheiki stats with you, clown!!!

  31. Good Story November 1, 2015 10:11 am

    Your “tone” sounds eerily familiar to some other fwam we just exposed as a fraud. Not to mention, your handle only recently popped up for someone who has A LOT to say.

  32. Trojan fan November 1, 2015 12:41 pm

    @GobigRed just wanted to point out that Maa Tanuvasa has nothing to do with the D-line…Maa Tanuvasa coaches the Linebackers the Real credit should go out to Thor Salanoa jr is the real D-line coach in Mililani …but congrats again kahuku on the championship

  33. EwaEwa November 1, 2015 1:07 pm

    Congrats all my red raider nation! motivate to dominate thats what all my posts are about and we sure did dominate that trojan offense!

    and to Good Story & GobigRed…post so’o

  34. GoBigRed November 1, 2015 1:27 pm

    @Fact… I’m ASSuming you used an unique observational study model such as a longitudinal study to arrive at your somewhat ambivalent conclusion. In said study, you probably relied on manipulating data using the inferential statistical methodology (since that is the type of methodology that is normally used to arrive at conclusions which are LOOSELY based on data that are usually exposed to random variation, i.e. uncontrollable factors).

    Unfortunately, observational studies in general, and more specifically longitudinal studies, tend to be much less reliable than RCT’s, SR’s or MA’s (I’m betting you have no clue what those acronyms represent) due to the increased impact random variation has on the final outcomes.

    For your completely unscientifically evaluated conclusions, here are some controllable and uncontrollable variables to factor into this ‘scientific’ study (which goes light years beyond simple “mathematics”):

    Controlled variables for ILH schools:
    1. Money, money, money…and more money.
    2. Excellent campuses and facilities (best that money can buy).
    3. Best academic resources (that money can buy).

    Uncontrolled variables for ILH schools:
    1. Annual player’s talent variation (dependent on recruiting skills/abilities of both coaches and administration)
    2. Annual coaching talent variation (this is especially notable with Punahou’s and Kamehameha’s recent State Championships – which were accomplished with the best coaches money can buy. Also, it’s no accident that St Louis is better these last two years – they’re paying for better coaches)
    3. Variation of student-athlete’s ability to adjust to increased academic rigor (not so much in the case of St Louis)
    4. Variation of parent’s willingness to make that change AND commitment (this variable includes its own subset of controllable and uncontrollable variables which are far too extensive for this string)
    5. Emotional Quotient of all parties involved

    And after all is said and done, ILH schools with money to burn have a clear and distinct advantage of poor public schools with limited resources.

    Is it unfair? Only to those student-athletes who actually WANT to attend ILH schools but 1) can’t afford it, and/or 2) aren’t recruited (i.e. tuition covered by “scholarships”). To this point, there are several student-athletes at Kahuku who CAN do #1 or HAVE had #2, but have chosen not to transfer. Therefore it is not unfair for them.

    Having factored in these random variables, it becomes easier to see why the ‘score’ is only 9-7 OIA. With all those variables working in HUGE favor to ILH schools I am surprised that it isn’t more along the lines of 13-3 in favor of ILH…but then again you like to (most conveniently, I might add) attribute Iolani’s previous dominance of D2 to “anomolies.”

    Riddle me THAT babogum!


  35. fact November 1, 2015 2:35 pm

    Nope science shows the numbers favor the OIA. Nice use of propaganda, illusion, and diversion to try and camouflage the truth and that is numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Everything you wrote is opinion. Please show me a scientific fact.

    The only thing that could be scientific is money. Can you please write down how much money is allocated to football, football training and anything football related for all these schools.

    Until I see a number backed up by evidence, your points are just options. I haven’t seen a single fact in your long winded manifesto.

    Controlled variables for ILH schools:
    1. Money, money, money…and more money. – no numbers to support your claim therefore doesn’t mean anything without any evidence.
    2. Excellent campuses and facilities (best that money can buy). – OPINION
    3. Best academic resources (that money can buy). – OPINION

    Uncontrolled variables for ILH schools:
    1. Annual player’s talent variation (dependent on recruiting skills/abilities of both coaches and administration) – OPINION
    2. Annual coaching talent variation (this is especially notable with Punahou’s and Kamehameha’s recent State Championships – which were accomplished with the best coaches money can buy. Also, it’s no accident that St Louis is better these last two years – they’re paying for better coaches) – OPINION
    3. Variation of student-athlete’s ability to adjust to increased academic rigor (not so much in the case of St Louis) – OPINION
    4. Variation of parent’s willingness to make that change AND commitment (this variable includes its own subset of controllable and uncontrollable variables which are far too extensive for this string) – OPINION
    5. Emotional Quotient of all parties involved – OPINION

    Can you write at least 1 fact with evidence? All you do is blow smoke without any evidence. I see no stats, numbers, charts, anything that someone would look at and say, that is a fact and cannot be proven otherwise.

    If one person thinks that Nanakuli has a better facility than Kamehameha, that make is an opinion. Has anyone ever taught you how to create an argument.

    1) Make a thesis
    2) Provide evidence based on fact, not opinions as you do.
    3) Cite your sources using APA format.

    Have you done any of this? Absolutely not. You can write as many opinions as you want. Do I agree with you on some? Possibly, but you have zero evidence. You make generalizations but offer not one piece of evidence.

    I leave you with this. You can google it cuz I guarantee you don’t know what it mean, “temper necessities probandi incumbit ei qui agit.”

  36. 88 November 1, 2015 3:21 pm

    Hey buddy, your back. And from what I just read somebody has been to the library… You sneaky guy….

  37. Good Story November 1, 2015 3:57 pm

    You just got schooled…your rebuttal is so dang weak. It doesn’t even make sense. Then you want to throw a big word at the end as if that is supposed to prove you are so smart. GoBigRed is running circles around you. Now go ahead, create another handle like you usually do and say something hateful about GoBigRed. Follow your same pattern.

  38. Homegrown November 1, 2015 6:28 pm

    Admin can we check if “fact” comes from the same IP address of a previous poster ( realistic,etc.)

  39. Jerry Campany November 1, 2015 7:27 pm

    Same dude as before: Mr. Jones, Stat guy, Realistic, Football fan 68, Really?, etc.

    We can actually IP ban, but it’s not like everybody here doesn’t already know. It makes the rest of us feel better about ourselves.

  40. Homegrown November 1, 2015 10:01 pm

    @jerry mahalo. Just to be clear…”fact” is in fact the same IP address?

  41. Fact November 2, 2015 6:16 am

    Schooled with no evidence. Is that what we are teaching the keiki nowdays?

  42. Jerry Campany November 2, 2015 6:58 am

    Yes. “Fact” is the same IP address as the long list I published before.

  43. Homegrown November 2, 2015 8:09 am

    @jerry mahalo! This guy is a piece of work. Troll of the year so

  44. Good Story November 2, 2015 8:28 am

    @Fact plus 20 other names
    I feel sorry for you.

  45. Lee Boy November 2, 2015 9:28 am

    @fact- a true clown

  46. Realistic November 2, 2015 10:56 am

    I would like to congratulate my buddy, Kahuku Alum and Colorado University @ Boulder Alum Chris Naeole as the new interim University of Hawaii Football Coach. We are so excited for you! I still remember hanging out at the UMC, walking to the Hill, eating at Abo’s & Tulagi’s. I remember training tables being catered by Pasta Jay’s. I remember eating 10 cent wings every Tuesday at Potter’s and chilling at the Dal-Ward. Man those were the good old days! We believe that you can right the ship and get UH back to the glory days of the Sugar Bowl!

  47. Homegrown November 2, 2015 11:30 am

    Uh oh looks like fact is feeling like realistic this afternoon

  48. Realistic November 2, 2015 12:12 pm

    Yup Yup. I would like to congratulate Chris and his wonderful wife Tara. I hope interim changes to permanent.

  49. Gobigred's friend November 2, 2015 5:23 pm

    Thank God Kahuku Principal hired a St Louis Alumni instead for FACT!

  50. TRUE STORY November 3, 2015 10:45 pm

    @Gobigred’s friend……Tata doing a great job. He now has 1 OIA championship and still 0 State championships. Reggie Torres/Siuaki lIvai (kahuku alumni)combined 15 OIA championships and 7 state titles. I think we were ok. By the way if you have been living under a rock all ILH players come from OIA schools. The OIA champions every year should be the state champions. We win games and championships with all of our own players who live in the community and without the chosen few that get taken by ILH schools. For example this year we are undefeated and OIA champions played with our own kids who are from the north shore communities. We also lost Tuliloa, Talaupapa, Uluave (punahou)….Ava brothers, Malufau, Nihipali (st. louis). If everybody stays…….nobody else wins…….FACT!!!!!

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