GAME NIGHT 9/29: St. Francis/’Iolani

St. Francis will attempt to keep pace with league-leading Damien with a win over ‘Iolani, which lost in overtime to the Monarchs last week.

Top performances in series
‘Iolani passing vs. St. Francis: Tai-John Mizutani with 256 yards in 2017
‘Iolani rushing vs. St. Francis: Jordan Ross with 131 yards in 2013
‘Iolani receiving vs. St. Francis: Keoni-Kordell Makekau with 145 yards in 2013
St. Francis passing vs. ‘Iolani: Bubba Akana with 172 yards in 2017
St. Francis rushing vs. ‘Iolani: Jonan Aina-Chaves with 215 yards in 2017
St. Francis receiving vs. ‘Iolani: Kelii Macalino with 100 yards in 2013

Head coach: Kip Akana
Saints roster


‘IOLANI RAIDERS (2-4, 1-3)
Head coach: Wendell Look
Raiders roster

‘Iolani 45, St. Francis 29

at Aloha Stadium
‘Iolani (3-4, 2-3) 21 7 3 14 — 45

St. Francis (5-3, 3-2) 6 8 7 8 — 29
Iol—Kaua Nishigaya 21 pass from Tai-John Mizutani (Mika Makekau kick)
StF—Jonan Aina-Chaves 53 run (run failed)
Iol—Jonah Miyazawa 29 pass from Mizutani (Makekau kick)
Iol—Carter Kamana 54 pass from Mizutani (Makekau kick)
StF—Aina-Chaves 8 run (Aina-Chaves run)
Iol—Jake Yokogawa 33 pass from Mizutani (Makekau kick)
StF—Scott McLeod 4 pass from Bubba Akana (Makana Poole kick)
Iol—FG Makekau 21
Iol—Nishigaya 1 run (Makekau kick)
StF—Lachmann Atoa 23 pass from Bubba Akana (Akana run)
Iol—Miyazawa 14 pass from Mizutani (Makekau kick)

RUSHING—‘Iolani: Nishigaya 10-21, Mizutani 4-(minus 17). St. Francis: Aina-Chaves 31-248, Tyson Shimabukuro 4-31, B. Akana 3-18, Wembley Mailei 1-3, Shepherd Kekahuna 1-1, Scott McLeod 2-0.
PASSING—‘Iolani: Mizutani 36-49-1-430, Jonah Chong 1-1-0-12. St. Francis: B. Akana 17-27–0-164.
RECEIVING—‘Iolani: Miyazawa 13-132, Justin Genovia 10-95, Kamana 8-130, Yokogawa 2-41, Nishigaya 2-32, Drake Shigemura 1-10, Rayden Kaneshiro 1-2. St. Francis: McLeod 6-60, Samson Kaleikau 5-36, Chase Akana 3-23, Aina-Chaves 2-22, Atoa 1-23.

Timeout St. Francis as ‘Iolani has third-and-7 at the 17 with 2:30 to go. First down here ends it. Screen to Miyazawa gets 3. Timeout St. Francis with 2:23 to go. Fourth-and-4. Mizutani to Miyazawa. 14-yard TD. Ball game. 45-29, 2:16. Mizutani 36-49, 430 yards, 5 TD. Great play call on the TD. Faked the screen they been running all game and went to the corner of the end zone.

Saints start on their 20 with 3:55 left. Four straight incomplete passes and ‘Iolani will take over.

Two complete passes for 5 yards. Timeout St. Francis with 4:14 remaining down 38-29. ‘Iolani has it third-and-5. BUSTED COVERAGE and Shigemura is WIDE OPEN for the TD but Mizutani overthrows. That would have been the dagger. Instead ‘Iolani will punt.

Onside kick goes off an ‘Iolani player and is there for the taking but Brock Hedani gets it for ‘Iolani.

Bubba Akana with a 23-yard TD pass to Lachmann Atoa with 5:06 to go. Akana runs in the two-pointer to make it 38-29. 5:06 to go.

NOW Genovia on offense with a 37-yard reception to the 18. First-and-goal at the 3. ‘Iolani can’t punch it in and settles for the FG but St. Francis jumps offsides. Ball at the 1 and ‘Iolani lines up to go for it. Kaua Nishigaya with the 1-yard TD run and ‘Iolani is in complete control. 38-21, 7:02. Fourth career 400-yard passing game for Mizutani.

Fourth quarter begins with St. Francis second-and-10 on its 42. McLeod back in the game and gets a huge 8-yard reception on third-and-7. St. Francis will go for it fourth-and-6 on the ‘Iolani 43 with 9:38 to go. Deep ball and Genovia, who is playing DB, breaks it up in the end zone. ‘Iolani ball.

‘Iolani ball on its 5. After a hold makes it second-and-20, Mizutani finds Genovia for 17 and Kamana for 7 to move the chains. Third-and-7 at the 33. Raiders forced to punt. Mizutani 28-39, 356 yards.

Saints come out with two passes for a total of 24 yards. Four straight passes called now to start the drive. Aina-Chaves with a 6-yard run to make it third-and-2 but St. Francis moves early. Pass to McLeod is good for 17 yards but Payton Uyeda with the hit to jar it loose and ‘Iolani recovers. McLeod hurt on the play and has to be helped off by teammates.

Raiders start on their 43. Mizutani completes five straight for 47 yards down to the 4. Third-and-goal. Incomplete. Two big stops on defense by the St. Francis secondary. Mika Makekau with a 21-yard field goal and it’s 31-21, Iolani, 6:14. Genovia is back in the game for ‘Iolani and had two catches on the drive.

The lights still haven’t come on yet and we’re going to stop play before the kickoff at 6:15 p.m. ‘Iolani leads 28-21, 8:32 left in third quarter. Lights are on and we’re back at it.

Saints will receive to start second half and start on their 20. Saints mix it up on offense as Kaleikau hauls in two passes and Aina-Chaves has a 22-yard reception. Akana goes 4-for-4 for 39 yards on the drive and throws a 4-yard TD to Scott McLeod. 28-21 ‘Iolani 8:32.

‘Iolani’s Tai-John Mizutani broke Reece Foy’s school record for career passing yards on a 33-yard TD on the final play of the first half.

at Aloha Stadium
‘Iolani (2-4, 1-3) 21 7

St. Francis (5-2, 3-1) 6 8
Iol—Kaua Nishigaya 21 pass from Tai-John Mizutani (Mika Makekau kick)
StF—Jonan Aina-Chaves 53 run (run failed)
Iol—Jonah Miyazawa 29 pass from Mizutani (Makekau kick)
Iol—Carter Kamana 54 pass from Mizutani (Makekau kick)
StF—Aina-Chaves 8 run (Aina-Chaves run)
Iol—Jake Yokogawa 33 pass from Mizutani (Makekau kick)

RUSHING—‘Iolani: Nishigaya 4-8, Mizutani 4-(minus 17). St. Francis: Aina-Chaves 18-140, Bubba Akana 1-6, Wembley Mailei 1-3, Shepherd Kekahuna 1-1, Scott McLeod 2-0, Tyson Shimabukuro 1-(minus 1).
PASSING—‘Iolani: Mizutani 18-25-1-268, Jonah Chong 1-1-0-12. St. Francis: Akana 2-6-0-16.
RECEIVING—‘Iolani: Kamana 7-123, Miyazawa 7-79, Yokogawa 2-41, Justin Genovia 2-16, Nishigaya 1-21. St. Francis: Samson Kaleikau 1-8, Chase Akana 1-8.

Raiders start on their own 44 with 1:01 to go. Mizutani is sacked by Lautaha, his second of the game. A 14-yard completion to Kamana with 19 seconds to go and ‘Iolani uses a timeout. Deep ball and a easy pass interference call on St. Francis. Ball was overthrown but the receiver was tackled. Ball moves to the 33 with 12 seconds to go. Incomplete. Six seconds. St. Francis playing up and on the final play, Mizutani over the middle to Jake Yokogawa for a 33-yard TD. ‘Iolani 28-14 at halftime.

Saints with great starting field position at the ‘Iolani 38. Raiders call a timeout with 1:59 to go and Saints facing third-and-7 on the 16. Akana is dead to rights on a sack but somehow slips away and scrambles to the 10 before running out of bounds. Fourth-and-1. Aina-Chaves gets 2. Aina-Chaves 8-yard TD run with 1:08 to go. 21-14, 1:08.

A holding call makes its first-and-23 from the 4. Rough spot for ‘Iolani. Pass is low and behind Genovia, who takes a bit of a shot and is down. Genovia is currently 159 receiving yards shy of 2,000 for his career. He’s up though and walks off under his own power.

Four straight runs by the Saints and it’s third-and-1 with an injured St. Francis player on the field. Saints still haven’t completed a pass. Shepherd Kekahuna has to be helped off by teammates after getting rolled up on from behind. St. Francis completes its first pass with 7:12remaining. Akana to Kaleikau for 8 yards. DB Payton Uyeda with a tackle for loss for ‘Iolani to make it second-and-13. Aina-Chaves fumbles and Nishigaya recovers for ‘Iolani on its 17 with 5:34 remaining.

Mizutani is high on the throw to the slot and it pops into the air. Diving catch by Alek Miyasato for the pick.


Mizutani with a 6-yard pass to Miyazawa to end the first quarter. Mizutani 15-18, 225 yards, 3 TD.

Saints start on their 35. Same formula for the ‘Iolani defense. Two short runs set up third-and-6 and then the pass deep is incomplete. Saints three-and-out. They try to fake the punt but Mailei is stopped for a 3-yard gain. ‘Iolani takes over on the 42.

Raiders start on their 35. After an 11-yard completion to Genovia, Mizutani escapes the sack, buys time and then BOOM. Carter Kamana on the 54-yard TD reception. 21-6, 2:25. ‘Iolani’s Tai-John Mizutani is 14-for-17 for 219 yards and 3 TD with 2:25 left in first quarter.

St. Francis quickly in third-and-7 after two nice plays from the ‘Iolani defense. Sammy Kaleikau gets WIDE OPEN deep but Akana just misses him. Saints punt.

Taka Lautaha sacks Mizutani to force third-and-18. Mizutani loses his helmet so backup Jonah Chong comes in and throws a 12-yard pass, then Mizutani converts fourth-and-6 with a 7-yard pass to Carter Kamana. Mizutani with a 29-yard TD throw to Jonah Miyazawa and ‘Iolani is up 14-6.

Saints start on their 40. RB Jonan Aina-Chaves takes the second handoff 53 yards for a TD. Run is no good on the two-point however. 7-6, 7:26.

Mizutani goes 7-for-8 for 75 yards on the first drive and hits Kaua Nishigaya out of the backfield for a 21-yard TD. 7-0 Raiders. 8:21.

Recent Polynesian Bowl invitee Wembley Mailei flies down the field to make the tackle on the kickoff at the 15.

Raiders win the toss and will receive.

‘Iolani: Jake Angelo, Tai-John Mizutani
St. Francis: Bubba Akana, Jonan Aina-Chaves, Tyson Shimabukuro, Matt Dacuycuy


  1. Tokotoko September 30, 2017 1:31 pm

    Wendell and his crew did an excellent job of making adjustments and game planning from the previous match up with the Saints. This is a PRIME example of coaching superiority. Just based on talent, size, and physicality, the Saints have an absolute clear cut advantage over Iolani. Everyone that has seen the 2 teams play, would say the same.

  2. PlayaHatersAnonymous October 1, 2017 7:33 am

    Tokotoko, that’s about the most absolute truth about this Iolani team. Saint Francis came out flatfooted against a uptempo offense, defense for the Saints were reacting after the catches which meant they didn’t do their homework on these receivers, and they paid for it. If Saint Francis just stuck to their ground and pounding game which was more effective and with ILH’s 2 best RB’s in their stable it baffles me to wonder when are they going to utilize them, after the season?! I hate stupid coaches that don’t stick to what works and don’t use the HORSES!

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