GAME NIGHT 9/23: Saint Louis/Narbonne (Calif.)

Saint Louis' Jahred Silofau found some running room in the Crusaders' 43-16 win over LIberty (Henderson, Nev.) at Aloha Stadium in 2015. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

No. 1 Saint Louis looks to make a statement against a California team tonight at Aloha Stadium. Narbonne is the first mainland opponent for the Crusaders since they beat Liberty (Nev.) 43-16 in 2015.

Top performances by Saint Louis vs. a mainland foe
Saint Louis passing vs. mainland: Tua Tagovailoa with 392 yards against Liberty in 2015
Saint Louis rushing vs. mainland: Adam Noga with 201 yards vs. Bishop Gorman in 2012
Saint Louis receiving vs. mainland: Cameron Bayne with 196 yards vs. Davis in 2005

Q&A: Saint Louis coach Cal Lee
Q&A: Narbonne coach Manuel Douglas
A generation later, a better world at Narbonne

Head coach: Manuel Douglas
Gauchos roster


Head coach: Cal Lee
Crusaders roster


Saint Louis 56, Narbonne (Calif.) 50, Final

15 yards tacked on for Narbonne because of roughing the passer. On-side kick goes out of bounds, STL ball on its 33. Cordeiro runs for 15 yards and a first down. HUGE. Crusaders run out the clock.

Saint Louis 56, Narbonne (Calif.) 50, Q4, 1:52

Third and 6 and a busted coverage leaves Jenkins wide open for a 76-yard bomb and TD. Unbelievable. No. In this game, believable. PAT misses.

This game is far from over, but Tobias has seven touchbacks on kickoffs. That covers a whole lot of sins (penalties).

Saint Louis 56, Narbonne (Calif.) 44, Q4, 2:37

Narbonne goes three and out, punt, and it’s STL ball on its 40, 5:49 left. NAR knows STL will run, but Mashima blasts up the middle for 36 yards. The humidity IS A FACTOR. Cordeiro knows it, and he runs from the pocket for 11 yards. Now the Crusaders are killing time between snaps. No more hurry-up. Huge third and 5 from the 17, and NAR is called for defensive holding. First down. Second and goal, Cordeiro is passing, forces it into his slotback, ball deflected, and who is there? Who else, it’s Quinn to snag the ball like a pop fly for a 7-yard TD. HOLY MOLEY.

Saint Louis 49, Narbonne (Calif.) 44, Q4, 6:32

Wohh Nellie, it’s Chicken Skin Quinn again, a 50-yard bomb. Gaucho secondary is worn out after playing an outstanding first half. Cordeiro has been masterful, looking short and short, then launching deep at the right time. What a comeback. Still enough time for maybe 10 more TDs

Tobias with another touchback kickoff, but STL whistled for unnecessary roughness. On a touchback. Yikes. Jefferson stuffed at the line, next play, roughing the passer. Then the defender BUMPS AN OFFICIAL. Out of control. That’s 30 penalty yards on a 1-yard completion. I think Chatman really sold that penalty, didn’t get hit completely hard, but defenses can’t overreact to bad calls. Narbonne ball at the STL 34. Narboone fourth down, pass incomplete, STL ball.

Narbonne (Calif.) 44, Saint Louis 42, Q4, 10:46

Holy moley, Quinn did it again. Takes a short pass from Cordeiro, gets a block, breaks a tackle and turns the corner down the left sideline for an 83-yard TD. Guys with angles couldn’t take him. Amazing. The offenses are taking over completely as defensive backs get worn out in this freaking humidity. WHAT A GAAAAAME. Chicken skin Quinn.

Narbonne (Calif.) 44, Saint Louis 35, Q4, 11:12

STL run defense has been key. Jefferson had the 42-yard run early, but in his other 13 carries has just five yards. It’s his explosiveness as a receiver that’s mesmerizing: six catches for 94 yards. Saint Louis crowd getting loud for the first time in awhile, but there’s a perfect call: screen pass to Jefferson. Someone tries to stick him, miss. Poor fundamentals and he’s GONE. 81-yard TD pass play. That guy is Division I for sure. Reminds me of Gary Allen with power. That’s three TDs combined by these teams in less than a minute of play in the fourth.

Narbonne (Calif.) 37, Saint Louis 35, Q4, 11:55

First play of the fourth quarter, Cordeiro to Quinn on a slant and it’s an 8-yard TD. Very orderly drive by the Crusaders.

Narbonne (Calif.) 37, Saint Louis 28, Q4, 12:00

Crusaders driving deep now, ball at the NAR 22. The quarter ends with the ball at the Narbonne 8 after a 6-yard completion from Cordeiro to Reyes-Hackney.

Gauchos stall in STL territory and Chatman’s 37-yard punt is a coffin-corner classic, out at the 8.

Major missed opportunity for Saint Louis after they stop Chatman on a fake punt run. Saint Louis takes over at the NAR 30, but comes up empty. Sack by Juice Tupua causes the most damage.

Narbonne (Calif.) 37, Saint Louis 28, Q3, 7:31

A 52-yard kick return by Beyer is nullified by an illegal block to the back. Saint Louis drives 80 yards in nine plays, getting a huge 18-yard run for a first down by Cordeiro and his nifty spin move by the chains. He connects with Quinn for a key 42-yard gain to the 1, and Cordeiro fires a 1-yard TD pass to Reyes-Hackney for the TD.

Narbonne (Calif.) 37, Saint Louis 21, Q3, 10:05

Narbonne marches 41 yards to paydirt. A 31-yard pass from Chatman to Jefferson, with Jefferson juking by three defenders, puts the ball at the one. Then it’s two flags on Narbonne, but they still score on Chatman’s misdirection roll and run to the end zone.

STL begins at its 33, but on the first play, Cordeiro’s deep pass on the right sideline is picked off by Demontii Peoples. Miscommunication between QB and WR, easy pick for Peoples.

Saint Louis will receive the second-half kickoff. Encroachment on the kicking team, Narbonne. This second half will be a test of their conditioning. It’s still humid here in Halawa. LA is hot, too, but not quite as humid as this.

Narbonne (Calif.) 30, Saint Louis 21, Q2, Half

Saint Louis with 132 yards in penalties for the first half. Ouch.


At Aloha Stadium
Narbonne (2-2, 0-0 CIF) 13 17 x x — 30
Saint Louis (5-0, 4-0 ILH) 7 14 x x — 21
NAR—Julian Woodard 11 pass from Jalen Chatman (Edgar Ramos kick)
STL—Tosh Kekahuna-Kalawe 6 pass from Chaven Cordeiro (Jacob Tobias kick)
NAR—Steven Jenkins 81 pass from Chatman (kick failed)
NAR—Jermar Jefferson 3 run (Ramos kick)
STL—Chance Beyer 2 pass from Cordeiro (Tobias kick)
STL—Jordan Botelho 25 interception return (Tobias kick)
NAR—Jefferson 37 pass from Chatman (Ramos kick)
NAR—Ramos FG 29

#1 Jefferson 11-42,
#32 Keyshawn Dupree 2-6,
#17 Chatman 3-15,

Saint Louis:
#12 Cordeiro 5-17,
#24 Kainalu Tumpap 3-17,
#36 Micah Mashima 2-(-5),

Chatman 16-18-0-286,
Tauanu‘u 0-1-0-0,

Saint Louis:
Cordeiro 9-13-1-94,

#27 Noah Jackson 1-12,
#16 Aaron Magee 1-1,
#3 Woodard 3-75,
#10 Jenkins 1-81,
#1 Jefferson 5-63,
#9 Juwan Tucker 2-37,
#13 Cody Coleman 1-10,

Saint Louis:
#4 Kekahuna-Kalawe 2-7,
#23 Koali Nishigaya 2-7,
#15 Mitchell Quinn 2-42,
#5 Kainalu Reyes-Hackney 1-5,
#22 Beyer 2-22,

Short punt return and Narbonne starts at the 50 with :38 left. 10-yard pass by Chatman and then a pass-interference call. Ball is at the STL 25, then a sack. Gauchos persisting. Trick play: Chatman rolls right, throws a lateral backwards pass all the way to the left sideline where #75 Jonah Tauanu‘u heaves a pass to the 5-yard line, incomplete. That’s clever. Chatman completes another slant pass to Jefferson, who gains nine yards. Time out, Gauchos, :01. Edgar Ramos, who missed a PAT earlier, drills a 29-yard field goal with a good 15 yards to spare and time expires.

Crusaders ball with 1:30 left, but it’s three and out, a sack on third-and-1 at the STL 34. Rooney Amisone with the sack. STL punt.

Cordeiro’s deep pass is intercepted by safety Vincent Tucker. Nice range by Tucker coming over to help on the left sideline. Gauchos stall, however, after a penalty, and Chatman punts out of the shotgun. 35-yard punt and an instant tackle by the Gauchos. Good work on special teams.

Narbonne (Calif.) 27, Saint Louis 21, Q2, 3:54

The Gauchos thrive under adversity. Third and long, they get a 28-yard pass from Chatman to Woodard on a long lob. Next play, Chatman to Jefferson on a slant and he’s gone. Slices through three defenders to the end zone for a 37-yard TD. Instant magic. PAT is good and the Gauchos lead again. Chatman struggles at times with the short routes, but downfield he gives his guys a chance to make plays, and they do.

Saint Louis 21, Narbonne (Calif.) 20, Q2, 5:07

Saint Louis goes ahead on a fluky, crazy play. On the ensuing play after the kickoff by Saint Louis went for a touchback, Chatman’s high pass is deflected in mid-air, and the ball caroms off a receiver’s foot, high into the air, and sophomore LB Jordan Botelho grabs it, and sprints for a 25-yard TD return. Wild. PAT is good and the Crusaders lead for the first time. Gauchos starting to show some body language here, like they’re snake-bitten.

Narbonne (Calif.) 20, Saint Louis 14, Q2, 5:15

Cordeiro steers the offense downfield and Saint Louis pulls within one TD. 20-yard pass to Chance Beyer sets up a 2-yard strike to Beyer for a TD. Key play was a 35-yard play-action strike from Cordeiro to Mitchell Quinn down the left sideline.

Narbonne (Calif.) 20, Saint Louis 7, Q2, 7:21

Gauchos do a variety of interesting stuff, including extra-wide gaps occasionally. But it’s their receiver depth and speed that’s the difference right now. And discipline. After two holding calls on Narbonne made it first and 35, they converted for a first down in the red zone. They haven’t run with complete effectiveness, but in the wide splits, they’ll go trips, even bunch sets, and on another play, the left tackle went out to the sideline for a nice block on a cornerback, basically a bare-bones screen play. Three penalties on STL in the red zone, including pass interference in the corner on a jump-ball throw, and then the RB, Jefferson, outruns defenders to the sideline, and he hurdles over a tackler and the pylon for a 3-yard TD.

Cordeiro completes a pass on fourth and 3, but a hands-to-the-face penalty on the O-line nullifies that. Punt.

Saint Louis picks up 13 yards up the middle on a run by Kainalu Tumpap to end the quarter, ball at the Narbonne 38.

Narbonne (Calif.) 13, Saint Louis 7, Q1, 3:26

The Gauchos seem to thrive on big third-down plays. This time, it’s third and 15 when Chatman hurls a deep spiral down the left side to Steve Jenkins in stride for an 81-yard TD. Gauchos had two receivers running the seam just 5 yards apart, both open. PAT kick misses.

Narbonne (Calif.) 7, Saint Louis 7, Q1, 8:17

The Crusaders march 71 yards in 10 plays, and Chevan Cordeiro rifles a bullet to Tosh Kekahuna-Kalawe on a sideline route for the 6-yard TD. Game tied.

Narbonne (Calif.) 7, Saint Louis 0, Q1, 8:17

Huge third-and-long run by the QB, Chatman, 18 yards in all to the STL 10. Three plays later, he finds Julian Woodard in the flat, and Woodard leaps over a tackler near the pylon for an 11-yard TD.

Opening kickoff by Saint Louis (STL) is a touchback. Jalen Chatman with a 12-yard completion to Noah Jackson, 12 yards, for the first first down of the game. Then it’s RB Jermar Jefferson bolting off right tackle for a 42-yard gain, but he goes down on the right sideline and he’s clutching his left knee. Not good. He walks off after being down for about 3 minutes.

6:01 p.m. Narbonne won the coin toss and has elected to receive from the south end zone. Unusual these days for teams to not defer until the second half. Maybe the Gauchos are always confident about offense. Here we go.

4:58 p.m. It’s still more than an hour away, but the Narbonne Gauchos and Saint Louis Crusaders are in the lockerrooms here at Aloha Stadium. They arrived within minutes of each other at roughly 4:25 p.m. Weather this afternoon is warm, humid and there’s just a tiny bit of trade winds, maybe 5 mph. Shadows from the Pearl Harbor-side bleachers are already covering the field, so that helps both teams.

There’s been quite a bit of public chatter about Narbonne’s lopsided loss to Centennial last week. From what I’ve seen in more than a quarter-century of covering preps is this: One game is one game. Narbonne has enough talent to get on this synthetic field and play to full potential in their final nonconference game of the young season. Saint Louis might get pushed to its limits. We don’t know. As with everything to do with teenaged athletes, anything is possible. I’m hoping for a competitive, injury-free game. I can hope.

The Narbonne Gauchos of Los Angeles, Calif., warm up at Aloha Stadium before their game against Saint Louis. Paul Honda/Star-Advertiser (Sept. 23, 2017)
The Saint Louis Crusaders march into the lockerroom at Aloha Stadium prior to their game with the Narbonne Gauchos (Calif.). Paul Honda/Star-Advertiser (Sept. 23, 2017)


  1. WheresTheD September 23, 2017 7:39 pm

    W O W .. thought this was only CALI’s second teer good teams. yikes

  2. "UNITY=STRENGTH" September 23, 2017 7:46 pm

    Let’s go defense D-Line DB’Z PUSH PUSH!!!

  3. Alpha September 23, 2017 8:05 pm


  4. Education First September 23, 2017 8:23 pm

    At least St. Louis O can score unlike Kahuku’s 1950’s offense. By myself at game but having a good time, nice way to spend a Saturday evening.

  5. Nailz September 23, 2017 8:45 pm

    @ Educational First shaddup you mahu nobody talking about Kahuku. You at the game squeezing your ass 😂

  6. Alpha September 23, 2017 8:56 pm

    @Educationfirst. . . They should be able to score, Narbonne ranked 111th in the nation compared to Bingham #8. . .

  7. Alpha September 23, 2017 9:04 pm

    Interesting to see how the media ranks STL win or lose. . .if they win, keep them #1, if they lose Mililani #1

  8. Education First September 23, 2017 9:08 pm

    Alpha and nailz, you guys have weird fantasies. Need my asthma pump, blue boys?

  9. Education First September 23, 2017 9:13 pm

    Saint Louis wins!! Next stop, a$$ kicking of OIA rep in the State Tourney Championship game.

  10. Education First September 23, 2017 9:21 pm

    Alpha and nailz are crying in each other’s arms. Dry your tears, lovers. The sun will rise in the morning when you folks wake up and cook each other breakfast.

  11. Crusader Fan September 23, 2017 9:31 pm

    Please correct your stats! #37 Matthew Watkins does all the kickoffs for Saint Louis. We are fortunate to have two great kicking specialists on our team.

  12. Alpha September 23, 2017 9:47 pm

    @Educationfirst. . . Fantasies? Max prep rank STL #24 and Narbonne #111. . . Good job STL, 56-50, win is a win. And edu1st please, have some class you went private school, don’t waste mommy and daddy’s money kid. And I’m hoping STL wins states cause y’all really need it. . .

  13. Nailz September 23, 2017 9:49 pm

    @ Education First wow giving up 50 points not good. Now you can go grind Cal Lee 😂😂

  14. Redrum September 23, 2017 10:12 pm

    @Education first Suck on a d!$% you fairy! Always talking you shit about Kahuku. Let me guess 🤔 you came down to the beautiful country and was acting all smart like you do on here and got slept! This comment section is about football and you always preaching about academics. You must be confused ahh you monkey! Gtfoh with your mouth before somebody crack um!

  15. Coach m September 23, 2017 10:25 pm

    Basketball season started ? Matoon StL coach? How come they playing basketball at Aloha?

  16. BleedRed September 23, 2017 10:47 pm

    I wouldn’t rely on these rankings too much,they have Mililani at 107,Punahou at 108,and go figure,Kahuku at 170,Kahuku at 170,not too credible

  17. ilh September 23, 2017 10:47 pm

    Any other Hawaii team that would have played Narbonne would have got walloped, this Narbonne team has speed and is very quick, but the Crusaders never quit, and that’s why they won, not by much but they won, St. Louis Still #1 in Hawaii. Kahuku lucky they did not play this team, or any other Hawaii team.

  18. ilh September 23, 2017 10:52 pm

    What do you think Kahuku should be ranked ? for sure not ahead of Mililani or even Punahou, Kahuku lost to a power team in Utah, but go look at there OIA schedule Weak baby. Damien could have whipped Radford too.

  19. ilh September 23, 2017 10:57 pm

    St. Louis, Punahou, Kamehameha, Waianae, Leilehua, Farrington, Mililani, Kahuku, try this Division, see you standing at the end.

  20. 88 September 23, 2017 10:59 pm

    ILH you guys just gave up 50 points to a team not even ranked in the top 100. Kahuku is going to KILL you guys in the State. This year might just be an all OIA State title game. Looks like the Koa trophy 🏆 is coming back to the North Shore.

  21. Hau'ulaBoy September 23, 2017 11:00 pm

    Good job Crusader’s. Way to rep the 808. But Mr. Ilh, we will never know what they would do to Kahuku or anyother team from Hawaii. All we can see is what this team did to this D. The St. Louis D got shredded. But that Offense looks really good.

  22. BleedRed September 23, 2017 11:01 pm

    Definitely not 170,Kahuku lost to #8 Bingham by 17 with their backup QB while punahou gets blown out by #24 Saint Louis,maybe the schedule might be weak but 170,Come on

  23. ilh September 23, 2017 11:04 pm

    Kahuku should be 280 in the nation

  24. Warrior#1 September 23, 2017 11:11 pm

    Just wait until they play and will figure out who is #1. Eventually Mililani will lose to Kahuku and St. louis will win state again so, until then relax! would be interesting to see Mililani play Punahou or Kamehameha.

  25. Alpha September 23, 2017 11:12 pm

    This just shows any Hawaii team has no business playing top mainland schools. Stay in your lanes and play for state bragging rights.

  26. Hau'ulaBoy September 23, 2017 11:25 pm

    Ahh, St. Louis just won Alpha. So your point is moot. And didnt Punahou beat Serra. Those are both well respected programs from Cali. So, again you have no point. You should stay in your lane, boy. Dont talk when the adults are talking.

  27. Nailz September 23, 2017 11:27 pm

    ILH you mahu stop your whining and go grind Education First already 😂

  28. Alpha September 23, 2017 11:43 pm

    @Hauula. . . You know nothing bout Cali ball homie. . . Stay in your country lane. . . Ain’t nobody respect Narbonne and Serra when we talking bout Cali powerhouse football lol. . . Your probably to young to remember when poly and de la Sallie came to the islands, or even when Boscoe paid a visit. . .

  29. Tokotoko September 23, 2017 11:52 pm

    I gotta say, this Narbonne team was pretty impressive. They were loaded with athleticism and speed. Regardless of where they’re ranked, they are legitimate. In my opinion, no team in Hawaii possesses the collective speed that this team displayed. Hats of to the Crusaders for finding a way to pull off the victory.

  30. Hau'ulaBoy September 23, 2017 11:56 pm

    Poly and De Laselle came down in 2002. And yes they both won. But I was at that game and St. Louis played them tough. My Red Raiders were young team and got smashed by Poly. That Kahuku team did not make it to the State playoffs… Now if Kahuku would have played them the year before, it would have been a much more competitive game. Just saying. RR4L._.

  31. Hau'ulaBoy September 23, 2017 11:57 pm

    And I aint your homie.

  32. Education First September 24, 2017 4:42 am

    Nailz isn’t man enough to admit he didn’t play HS sports and that he’s 4 ft 11 inches….and Alpha is a fat guy who weighs in at over 400 pounds. Those two can’t beat me in a hip hop dance off. If you think you can leave your contact info here. If you don’t you admit you’re cowards. My mom is having a good laugh at your expense. She said you two are message board tough guys who would cry if ever confronted in real life. I have asthma and didn’t play football. At least I wasn’t uncoordinated and have a loser aura like you two.


  33. Nailz September 24, 2017 9:13 am

    @ Education First Your asthma is just a poor excuse for not making the team water boy. You will always be a loser on the sideline wishing you could play. see you at States HiP HoP Queen 👸

  34. Education First September 24, 2017 10:06 am

    @nailz: 4’11” but he ain’t going to Heaven. He’s also hung up on the gay theme. Some inner demons and self denial I guess. Notice he was too scared and didn’t accept my challenge mentioned in comment #32. LOL!

  35. Awrite!! September 24, 2017 2:30 pm

    Good to represent Hawaii on the win STL but lets see them travel to the mainland instead of politicking and only wanting to play home games. Makes me wonder if Cal will only do things that gives him an edge in the game….recruiting, changing rules, getting home field advantage…etc.

  36. Education First September 24, 2017 5:40 pm

    @Awrite…stop your whining. You Hawaiian versions of the country hicks from the movie “Deliverance” need to get a life and wash your clothes once in a while. Sad that your supporters need to drive out head coaches every 5 minutes because your fat kid can’t get any playing time. thanks.

  37. Awrite!! September 24, 2017 6:34 pm

    edufirst, sad that your town kids cant win with their own boys at their own public schools, they gotta jump bandwagon and play for a super team. Easy to win when you the recruiting king of Hawaii.

  38. Awrite!! September 24, 2017 8:36 pm

    BTW….I know one family in Mililani whose kids started at STL. I asked why they chose to go to STL when Mililani has a power house team. They said the chances of winning a state title is better at STL with other talented kids, The chances of Millilani getting past Kahuku is slim.

  39. BigSEPU September 25, 2017 12:38 am

    The O.G (Cal Lee) got out coached last night plain and simple. Very stubborn old man. No 2nd half adjustments. The play calling for Narbonne was perfect and the coaches (OC) did his homework on STL D. Cal Lee put the boys (Secondary/LBs) in very bad situations that Narbonne’s OC took advantage of all game. The old man should relax and let coach Wes do the play calling on D. Hats off to the Men of Kalaepohaku for playing hard til the end to pull out the victory. If the Saints lost last night I would’ve blame their coaches. UNPREPARED! SMH!!

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