GAME NIGHT 9/15: St. Francis/Damien

First place in ILH Division II is on the line at Skippa Diaz Stadium as Damien and St. Francis attempt to remain undefeated against D-II teams this season.

Top performances in series (Damien leads 5-2)
Damien passing vs. St. Francis: Marcus Fuafata-Pedrina with 189 yards last year
Damien rushing vs. St. Francis: Kepono Kawaakoa with 124 yards in 2014
Damien receiving vs. St. Francis: Shawn Borges with 98 yards last year
St. Francis passing vs. Damien: Bubba Akana with 86 yards last year
St. Francis rushing vs. Damien: Tyson Shimabukuro with 132 yards last year
St. Francis receiving vs. Damien: Scott McLeod with 86 yards last year

Head coach: Kip Akana
Saints roster


Head coach: Eddie Klaneski
Monarchs roster

Damien 27, St. Francis 20

at Skippa Diaz Stadium
Damien (5-1, 3-0) 0 0 13 14 — 27

St. Francis (4-2, 2-1) 0 12 8 0 — 20

StF—Matt Dacuycuy 6 run (run failed)
StF—Samson Kaleikau 17 pass from Bubba Akana (run failed)
DMS—Lindon Sevilleja 23 pass from Akila Arecchi (Shiloh Kaeo kick)
StF—Scott McLeod 33 pass from B. Akana (Kaleikau pass from Akana)
DMS—Arecchi 11 pass from Marcus Faufata-Pedrina (kick failed)
DMS—Sevilleja 16 pass from Faufata-Pedrina (Kaeo kick)
DMS—Arecchi 33 pass from Faufata-Pedrina (Kaeo kick)

RUSHING—Damien: Faufata-Pedrina 17-55, Logan Lauti 7-52, Keoua Kauhi 9-22, team 1-(minus 2). St. Francis: Jonan Aina-Chaves 18-122, B. Akana 8-19, Tyson Shimabukuro 4-15, Dacuycuy 1-6, team 1-(minus 4).
PASSING—Damien: Faufata-Pedrina 9-17-0-129, Arecchi 1-1-0-23. St. Francis: B. Akana 11-27-1-160.
RECEIVING—Damien: Sevilleja 4-53, Lauti 2-51, Arecchi 2-44, Jarvis Natividad 1-5, Kauhi 1-(minus 1). St. Francis: Chase Akana 5-40, Aina-Chaves 2-44, McLeod 2-40, Kaleikau 2-36.

Saints start on their 38. Aina-Chaves with a run to the 50 for a first down but St. Francis is called for a hold. Pass over the middle from Akana to Akana good for 8. Bubba out of bounds at the Damien 49 with 1:08 to go. Backwards pass to Aina-Chaves for 5 yards. Clock is running. Timeout St. Francis with 42 seconds left at the Damien 46. Draw play to Aina-Chaves for 12 yards to the 34. Saints spike it with 33 seconds to go at the 34. Two incomplete passes and it’s fourth-and-10. 21 ticks on the clock. Pass is BROKEN UP by Kyle Kinney. Ball game.

Damien ball on its 17 with 5:40 to go. Satele shaking up on a short run by Damien. Hopefully it’s just cramps. He has played well tonight. Faufata-Pedrina somehow avoids a sack and picks up 5. Third-and-2 from the Damien 25. Faufata-Pedrina finds an opening as he scrambles left and nobody is there on the Saints’ defense. 15-yard run to the 40. First down. Faufata-Pedrina is running wild as the Saints’ don’t spy him. He gains 13 and then a flag for a late hit. That was a tough one. Faufata-Pedrina started his slide late. Ball at the St. Francis 36. Faufata-Pedrina buys time, buys time, and now he goes deep, ARECCHI! He’s got it. He leans for the goal line. TOUCHDOWN Damien. What a play. Monarchs take a 27-20 lead with 2:11 to go. What a turn of events. Faufata-Pedrina, the third-year starter at QB, has put this team on his shoulders down the stretch.

St. Francis starts on its 41 after a 23-yard return. 6:55 to go. Screen pass is dropped but helmet-to-helmet penalty on Damien. Ball moves into Monarchs territory. Big third-and-8 coming up at the Damien 42. Timeout St. Francis. Saints want to talk it over. Play-action pass as Akana bootlets out to his right and overthrows two receivers. Damien with great coverage. Saints will punt.

Third-and-8 and Faufata-Pedrina finds Lauti open over the middle for 28 yards to midfield. Lauti then breaks off a 14-yard run up the middle. Kauhi runs for 5 and then just a dumb personal foul penalty by the Saints. Ball now at the 16. Perfect throw from Faufata-Pedrina to Sevilleja for a 16-yard TD over the middle and we are tied. 20-20, 7:04, Q4.

Punt is dropped and McLeod with the recovery for St. Francis at the Damien 18. St. Francis called for a hold. Aina-Chaves runs for 3 yards to go over 100 in the game. Third-down pass is dropped and it’s fourth-and-17 at he 25. St. Francis tries a 42-yard field goal with the wind at its back and it’s no good. Damien ball on the 20.

St. Francis has it third-and-5 at its 40 to start the fourth quarter. Bad snap and all Akana can do is jump on it. Saints will punt.

Saints ball on their 35 and kickoff goes out of bounds.

Punt is shanked and Damien actually gets the ball on its 35. Lauti breaks off a 17-yard run into St. Francis territory. Now Faufata-Pedrina finds Lauti for 23 yards to the 17. Faufata-Pedrina to Arecchi for an 11-yard TD. GAME ON. St. Francis 20, Damien 13, :34, Q3.

Akana completes a pass for 19 yards to Kaleikau on third down. Ball on the Damien 13. Saints rolling now. Low snap and Akana has to take a loss of 6 to set up third-and-14. Shiloh Kaeo comes up with the sack on third for Damien. Fourth-and-22 and St. Francis will go for it. Nope a delay of game and St. Francis will punt.

Sione Lolohea blocks the Damien punt. St. Francis takes over at the Damien 38.

Damien starts on its 37. Neves with his THIRD sack of the game for St. Francis. Three-and-out.

Saints with great field position at the Damien 37 after a weird kick. Ball hits the first line and McLeod picks it up and takes it to the 37. Akana with a 33-yard TD pass to McLeod and just like that, it’s 20-7. 9:05.

Damien will receive to start the second half. Ball hits a Damien upback and Monarchs will get great field position at their 48 to start. Faufata-Pedrina completes a pass for 7 yards to Sevilleja on first down and then Kauhi converts a third-and-1. Ball at the Saints’ 40. Monarchs need something good here. Faufata-Pedrina gets his Johnny Manziel on and makes defenders miss for a 17-yard run to the 23. Backwards pass to Arecchi who goes deep. Sevilleja is wide open. TOUCHDOWN. 23-yard TD pass and just like that, it’s 12-7. 9:25. Damien with 52 yards on drive after getting only 14 all first half.

at Skippa Diaz Stadium
Damien (4-1, 2-0) 0 0

St. Francis (4-1, 2-0) 0 12

StF—Matt Dacuycuy 6 run (run failed)
StF—Samson Kaleikau 17 pass from Bubba Akana (run failed)

RUSHING—Damien: Keoua Kauhi 5-10, Logan Lauti 2-4, Marcus Faufata-Pedrina 8-(minus 11). St. Francis: Jonan Aina-Chaves 10-79, B. Akana 4-23, Tyson Shimabukuro 3-8, Dacuycuy 1-6.
PASSING—Damien: Faufata-Pedrina 3-9-0-11. St. Francis: B. Akana 6-14-1-88.
RECEIVING—Damien: Lindon Sevilleja 1-7, Jarvis Natividad 1-5, Kauhi 1-(minus 1). St. Francis: Aina-Chaves 2-44, Chase Akana 2-20, Kaleikau 1-17, Scott McLeod 1-7.

Lauti with a 43-yard kick return to midfield. 20 seconds to go. AN incomplete pass is followed by a 1-yard scramble and Damien lets the time run out. Halftime.

Great low, line-drive punt and Saints get the ball back with 1:05 to go but back at their 28. Akana finds Chase Akana for 15 yards over the middle. Screen pass to Aina-Chaves on third-and-5 and he gets 20. Weird play as St. Francis went to spike it, not sure if Akana took a knee, but then a defender tackled the referee. Not sure exactly what happened. They are putting the ball on the 17. Not sure what happened but Klaneski is not happy at all. I think Akana bobbled the ball instead of spiking it and then spiked it. Either way it’s first-and-10 at the 17. Akana fakes the screen pass and goes deep. Samson Kaleikau with the diving catch in the end zone. No one around him. 17-yard TD pass makes it 12-0 with 31 seconds to go.

Damien starts on its 28 with 1:43 to go. Faufata-Pedrina with a good-looking deep ball to Natividad but good coverage by St. Francis as two guys are there. Incomplete. Neves with the TFL on a screen pass and St. Francis calls timeout with 1:22 remaining and Damien third-and-11. Lauti picks up 3 and Saints call timeout again. St. Francis should have excellent field position as Damien has to punt into the wind.

Saints on their 32. Aina-Chaves has a hole and he’s got a big gain. Arecchi with the TD-saving tackle but a pickup of 34. Third-and-5 at the 29. Handoff to Aina-Chaves and he gets to the outside. Arecchi saves another TD but it’s a 23-yard gain to the 6. Two minutes to go. Handoff to Matt Dacuycuy who scores on a 6-yard TD run. Saints go for 2 and don’t get it. 6-0, 1:51.

Monarchs start on their 17. Screen on third down is complete to Sevilleja for 7 yards but Damien needed 9. Punt.

Damien with two tackles for loss. Deep ball to McLeod and he separates at the end but it’s just overthrown. Good route there by McLeod. Saints three-and-out.

LB Kaleo Neves comes flying up the middle to sack Faufata-Pedrina. Third-and-long. Deep ball is incomplete. Damien goes for it, fourth-and-18 from the 28. Neves AGAIN with the sack. St. Francis takes over on its 37. Four pass plays calls there by Damien.

Saints start on their 27. Holding penalty pushes St. Francis back to its 20. Akana is picked by Akila Arecchi. Monarchs ball at the 20.

Lindon Sevilleja with a 24-yard punt return. Monarchs start on their 38. Best starting field position of the game for Damien. DB Shepherd Kekahuna with the sack on third down. Three-and-out for Damien.

Saints have it third-and-9 at their 44 to start the second quarter. Akana hits Lochmann Atoa in the hands but the receiver can’t bring it in. St. Francis will punt. Akana 2-7, 31 yards.

St. Francis starts on its 31. Good gain of 11 on the run by Aina-Chaves as St. Francis runs right at the blitz. Saints snap it early and Akana wasn’t ready. He gets it for a loss of 1. Quarter ends.

Damien will start on its 13. Third-and-6 after two runs. Pocket breaks down and St. Francis has no contain out to the right. Faufata-Pedrina runs for 17 yards and a first down at the 31. Sophomore DL Tapena Tuitupou with a sack on second down. Mafua Jr. with the tackle on third down for no gain. Damien punts.

Saints start on their 47. Third-and-4 after two runs. Screen is thrown a tad behind the receiver and dropped. Saints go three-and-out.

Damien will start on its 4. Marcus Faufata-Pedrina at QB for Damien. Faufata-Pedrina takes off on third-and-6 but can only get 5 as LB Wayne Satele makes the stop. Satele with the tackle on both Damien runs. Monarchs three-and-out.

Saints start on their 49. Bubba Akana starts at QB. Kaimana Cameron with a stop at the line for Damien to force third-and-5. Akana hits Jonan Aina-Chaves for a 24-yard gain. Third-and-7 at the 19. Screen to Scott McLeod who makes a man miss and gets just enough to move the chains. Damien bringing a lot of pressure. Third-and-9 at the 11. Screen to Aina-Chaves is incomplete. Saints will go for it. False start on St. Francis. Make that two on the Saints. Fourth-and-19. Akana scrambles out to his left and gets inside the 5 to the 4 but he’s stopped short. Pomai Kim in on the tackle. Cameron is down on the play and looks to be in some serious pain for Damien. He’s able to get up and walk off with a little help from the training staff. Monarchs take over.

St. Francis has won the toss and will receive.

Damien: Marcus Faufata-Pedrina, Akila Arecchi, Kaimana Cameron, Pomai Kim
St. Francis: Scott McLeod, Wembley Mailei, Taka Lautaha, Fia Mafua Jr.

Damien’s linemen went through pregame warmups prior to Friday’s tilt against St. Francis. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.
St. Francis prepared to face Damien on Friday for the outright ILH Division II lead. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.


  1. Jus Saying September 15, 2017 10:54 pm

    Regardless of who you were cheering, this was the best game ever!

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