GAME NIGHT 9/15: Campbell/Mililani

No. 5 Mililani 52, No. 4 Campbell 14, F

10:12: And that’s that, final. Mililani put on a show.

10:03: I’m heading down to the field. Your final should be 52-14. … Although the clock is stopped at 49 seconds because of an injury to a Mililani player.

9:56: Dillon Gabriel’s night is done, as he gives way to backup RJ Javar. Gabriel with, I believe, 371 yards passing and 4 TDs, plus one more on the ground.

9:49: Javon Miller gets in the game and promptly gets a 1-yard touchdown run. Congrats to him, and congrats to us, as we’re in running time.

9:44: Kaipo is picked off again, this time by Ronovan Mokiao. Mililani takes over at the Campbell 40 as the third quarter ends.

9:40: Two plays after the pick, Gabriel finds Cy Kuboyama-Hayashi for the 23-yard touchdown. Gabriel’s fourth of the night, to four different receivers. He’s up to 360 yards passing.

9:38: Muelu Iosefa picks off Kaipo near midfield and gets a nice return to the Campbell 23. First interception either way tonight.

9:37: Campbell’s Titus Mokiau-Atimalala is having himself a night. Krenston Kaipo keeps finding him even when everybody knows exactly where the ball’s going. He’s got eight grabs now for 155 yards and two TDs.

9:34: Mililani gets a 30-yard field goal from Kekoa Kuloloia.

9:25: Maybe I spoke too soon. Holy smokes. Krenston Kaipo comes back in at QB for Campbell, which gets knocked back to its own 10 on a bad snap. But then Kaipo connects with Titus Mokiau-Atimalala on three straight deep balls for 32, 30, and 28 yards to gobble up the requisite 90 yards in an absolute hurry. That was stunning. Campbell isn’t done just yet.

9:18: Gabriel has completed a pass to nine different receivers.

9:16: The Sabers go three-and-out, and it’s right back in the dangerous hands of Gabriel. Mililani’s getting a different crop of players involved in the offense around him. Gabriel fires it to Darius Muasau for an 11-yard catch-and-run TD. It’s a four-TD differential and the rout is on.

9:09: Campbell comes out with another quarterback, sophomore Peter Manuma lining up at Wildcat-style QB.

9:00: Gabriel with 236 yards passing on 17-for-29 passing, 2 TDs passing, 1 TD rushing at halftime.

8:46: Gabriel takes a couple shots downfield in the final seconds of the half. Campbell cleans out Ryan Chang for blatant pass interference on the first (it was admittedly probably worth it for the 15-yard penalty instead of a possible TD). And Gabriel’s second shot is too long in the end zone. Still, Mililani with a commanding lead at the break.

8:43: Kalaola, who’d strung together five completions in his last six following five straight incompletions, goes incomplete on 4th and 5. Mililani with 22 seconds left in the half.

8:41: Campbell moving the ball in the final minute or two of the half, looking to get one back before the break. They’ve got 3rd and 9 from the Mililani 28 coming out of a timeout, 56 seconds left.

8:33: Mililani takes advantage of another short field with a 6-yard TD from Gabriel to Maka Hill. Campbell had a couple of pretty good chances to pick off Gabriel on that drive, but couldn’t quite pull it off. Gabriel up to 216 yards passing, 2 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD.

8:26: The hosts are asserting control. Campbell gets backed up on a sack on first down and tackle for loss on third down by Tuiolemotu, who’s a beast all over the field right now.

8:22: Mililani needs two plays to capitalize. Gabriel takes it to the left pylon himself for the 5-yard keeper TD and it’s 21-7 Trojans mid-2Q.

8:18: Campbell has 2nd and 1 at its 42 but has a false start and has to punt. And Mykah Tuiolemotu comes flying in for the punt block for Mililani, knocking the ball out of bounds at the Campbell 10.

8:16: Ezra Save drops Kalaola for a sack and loss of 5, but gets penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for celebrating and the Sabers net 10 yards on the play.

8:12: Mililani gets backed up by penalties. Gabriel takes a couple shots downfield and actually has Kai Banks wide open, but Banks can’t come down with it. Trojans set up to punt.

8:06: Darius Muasau sacks Kalaola from behind and the Sabers go three-and-out. Great punt, though, and Mililani begins at its 5.

8:05: Kalaola remains in at QB for Campbell. DJ riding him tonight, seems like.

8:02: Of course, soon as I say that, Gabriel throws two straight incompletions and Mililani has to punt for the first time tonight.

8:00: First quarter ends with Dillon Gabriel already with 136 yards passing on 8-for-10 accuracy and a TD. He’s got five straight completions.

7:56: Sabers go three-and-out behind Kalaola this time, and the Trojans field the punt cleanly, even get a nice return to midfield in fact — but flag pending. Return is nullified by an illegal substitution … or something. Officials aren’t being terribly helpful with their signs. Mililani starts at its 24.

7:52: Explosive first quarter continues as Gabriel weathers some heavy penalties on the Trojans and just keeps firing downfield. He connects with Mystik Sampaga on a 44-yard bomb to the 3, setting up burly Kilifi Malepeai’s 2-yard TD plunge.

7:41: On 4th and 6 from the 31, Kalaola comes back in and throws it to the left sideline to Titus Mokiao-Atimalala, who makes an absolutely outstanding catch behind the back and helmet of a defender then brings the ball back overhead and runs it in. XP good, tied at a TD apiece.

7:35: It looked like Campbell would have to punt but a hold on Mililani keeps the drive alive. Might have another new QB, in Tamatoa Mokiao-Atimalala.

7:33: Kaniala Kalaola takes the reins at QB for Campbell.

7:31: Campbell is forced to punt on its first series, but Mililani muffs the catch and the Sabers recover it in Trojan territory, at the 35.

7:25: Krenston Kaipo gets the nod at QB on Campbell’s opening drive, which begins from its 20.

7:23: The big play in there was a 40-yard pass to 6-foot-2 Maka Hill, who made a nice leaping grab in open space.

7:18: Mililani comes out firing and up tempo with Dillon Gabriel at the controls. Gabriel completes five passes for 70 yards and two incompletions, capped with a 5-yard strike to Ryan Chang with just 1:50 elapsed. Extra point pending a timeout.


Mililani fans showed up in force for homecoming.

7:14: Mililani wins the toss and will receive to open this game.

7:12: Mililani band pays tribute to America’s neighbors to the north with a thrilling rendition of “Oh Canada.” Oh, that’s right, they borrowed the tune for their alma mater.

6:39: JV final: Mililani 14, Campbell 7

6:31: Time expiring on Mililani and Campbell’s JV contest, which was delayed by a player injury. The scoreboard at John Kauinana Stadium is being finicky, but seems to be working again. It’s gonna be a 7 or 7:10 varsity kickoff.

5:43: The ambulance is now leaving, to a round of applause.

5:36: The ambulance hasn’t left yet.

5:31: I might have undersold the delay. Players have to warm up again. Looking at (maybe) 7:15.

5:30: Lindborg waves a Trojan flag as he’s sitting upright on a stretcher while transported into the ambulance, and the crowd cheers.

5:26 p.m.:

An ambulance arrived on the field to transport injured Mililani JV lineman Sele Lindborg. / Photo by Brian McInnis

5:23 p.m.: The varsity kickoff might be pushed back by 20-30 minutes.

5:20 p.m.: Mililani JV lineman Sele Lindborg is being transported off the field via ambulance crew after being injured during the third quarter against the Campbell JV, with the score tied 7-7. He appears to be conscious.
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