GAME NIGHT 8/4: Kamehameha/Farrington

Kamehameha's Reino Bush was brought down by Farrington's Titan Alii Pesamino. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Skippa Diaz Stadium hosts its first varsity football game when Kamehameha makes the short bus ride down the hill to take on Farrington to start the 2017 season.

Here’s a look at the Kamehameha/Farrington rivalry over the years.

No. 7 Kamehameha Warriors
Last year: 3-6
Head coach: Abu Ma’afala, second season, 3-6
2017 Warriors roster


No. 8 Farrington Governors
Last year: 8-4
Head coach: Randall Okimoto, 16th season, 111-62-3
2017 Govs’ roster

Paul Honda reports the new facility has a main concession stand near the entrance. Canned/homemade chili $5, Cookie Corner bag of cookies $8, soda $3. On the mauka side, vendor stands have Farrington hats, visors, T-shirts (including a game-day only collectible), poi malasadas, boba drinks and shave ice. The shave ice, at $4 and $5, are by Windward Shave Ice and have the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Homemade lychee syrup rocks.
Also on the mauka side: spam bowl $5.

The view from the press box as Skippa Diaz Stadium hosts its first varsity football game in Kalihi.

Kamehameha JV wins 22-0 with a kick return and punt return for TD. It also had a punt return for TD called back by penalty. Varsity should start around 7:45 p.m. Live updates below

No. 7 Kamehameha 34, No. 8 Farrington 15

No. 7 Kamehameha 34, No. 8 Farrington 15
at Skippa Diaz Stadium
Kamehameha (1-0) 0 14 7 13 — 34
Farrington (0-1) 0 6 3 6 — 15
KSK—Kanoa Shannon 21 run (Nokea Nakachi-Issacs kick)
KSK—Reino Bush 10 run (Leihalia Panui kick)
Farr—Reginald Faamatau 11 pass from Stephen Eter (pass failed)
Farr—FG Chris Afe 28
KSK—Onyx Freitas 53 pass from Thomas Yam (Nakachi-Issacs kick)
KSK—Kalamaku Kuewa 71 interception return (kick failed)
KSK—Braden Akima 43 run (Panui kick)
Farr—Tymon Paleafei 56 pass from Eter (pass failed)

RUSHING—Kamehameha: Shannon 17-110, Akima 1-43, Yam 6-33, Bush 4-29, Freitas 1-7, Laakea Ane 2-3, Noa Kaaina 1-0, Skyler Ramos 2-(minus-5), Brandon Baniaga 2-(minus 10), Christmas Togiai 4-(minus-16). Farrington: Blessing Umaga 13-29, Bobby Moore 7-21, Afe 8-14, Chad Silva 1-1, Eter 2-(minus-8).
PASSING—Kamehameha: Yam 3-14–0-89, Baniaga 0-1-0-0. Farrington: Afe 12-24-2-76, Eter 3-7–0-75.
RECEIVING—Kamehameha: Freitas 1-53, Brock Ai 1-25, Akima 1-11. Farrington: Eter 8-59, Moore 2-10, Paleafei 1-56, Faamatau 1-11, Wendell Alob 1-8, Afe 1-8, Umaga 1-(minus 1).
Junior varsity—Kamehameha 22, Farrington 0

This is a very good win for Kamehameha and the first for Abu Ma’afala against a ranked opponent. Impressive run defense against the Govs.

Eter to Tymon Paleafei for a 56-yard TD with 1:38 left. Two-point conversion is no good.

Kamehameha gives up a first down before forcing a punt. Warriors will now attempt to run clock. Shannon gets 3 on fourth-and-1 and the clock continues to move as Togiai comes in at QB. Braden Akima’s first carry is a 43-yard TD.

Govs will start on their 41 to start the fourth quarter. Afe picks up a first down with a 2-yard run and then has a deep ball that drops right on Eter’s hands. Might have been six. Perfect throw there but they can’t complete the catch. Third-and-9 now. Afe with a pass and it’s picked off by Kalamaku Kuewa and he’s off to the races. KUEWA with a 71-yard INT return for a TD. Touchdown Kamehameha. 27-9, 9:42


Kanoa Shannon with a 7-yard run to give him his second career 100-yard rushing game but two incomplete passes by Yam, including one on third-and-3, and Kamehameha has to punt.

Govs start on their 28. Afe sacked on third down by Ezra Evaimalo and the Govs go three-and-out.

Warriors will start on their 35 after a 19-yard return. Shannon looses 2 as Foi Sila with another tackle in the backfield. Third-and-3 after a 9-yard run by Yam. Farrington lines up in the neutral zone and it’s a penalty to give up a first down. Yam drops back and drops a beautiful ball down the sideline to Onyx Freitas for a 53-yard TD pass. Brilliant throw. 21-9, 3:21.

Kamehameha going to be called for a late hit on the punt and Farrington will start in Warriors’ territory. A PI and an offsides and quickly Farrington inside the 20. Bobby Moore with an 11-yard run to the 7. Third-and-goal from the 6 and Farrington moves early. Timeout Govs. Eter misses Umaga and it’s fourth down. Chris Afe tries a 28-yard field goal and it’s GOOD. 14-9, 5:12, Q3.

A 58-yard punt means Kamehameha starts on its own 6. Yam and Shannon back in. Yam finds Braden Akima for 11 yards and then Shannon gets 3 yards on third-and-3 to move the chains. Yam with a couple of incompletions and he’s now 2-for-10 passing as Kamehameha will punt.

Kamehameha hits the kickoff out of bounds and Govs will start at the 35. No Farrington will make them re-kick. Kick goes to the 3 and Farrington returns it to the 17. Weird decision there. Cost them 18 yards. Positive yards on the first three plays result in a first down as Afe picks up seven on third-and-4. Eter back at QB and finds Afe for 8 yards but Afe’s pass is broken up on third down and Farrington will punt.


at Skippa Diaz Stadium
Kamehameha (0-0) 0 14
Farrington (0-0) 0 6
KSK—Kanoa Shannon 21 run (Nokea Nakachi-Issacs kick)
KSK—Reino Bush 10 run (Leihalia Panui kick)
Far—Reginald Faamatau 11 pass from Stephen Eter (pass failed)

RUSHING—Kamehameha: Shannon 10-87, Bush 4-29, Thomas Yam 4-23, Onyx Freitas 1-7, Skyler Ramos 2-(minus-5), Christmas Togiai 3-(minus-12). Farrington: Blessing Umaga 7-16, Chris Afe 4-8, Bobby Moore 1-5, Eter 2-(minus-8).
PASSING—Kamehameha: Yam 1-7-0-25. Farrington: Afe 7-14-1-42, Eter 1-1-0-11.
RECEIVING—Kamehameha: Brock Ai 1-25. Farrington: Eter 3-25, Moore 2-10, Faamatau 1-11, Wendell Alob 1-8, Umaga 1-(minus 1).
Junior varsity—Kamehameha 22, Farrington 0

ONSIDES KICK and Chad Silva recovers for Farrington with 47 seconds left in the half. It’s quickly third-and-10. Afe drilled again and should be sacked but he doesn’t go down and again flicks it away at the last second for a completion. Loss of 1 but it could have been worse. Timeout with six seconds remaining. Fourth-and-11. Hail mary is picked off by Kalamaku Kuewa to end half.

Farrington starts on the 30. After Kamehameha jumps early, Afe finds Eter for 7 yards and a first down at the 18. Procedure call on Farrington but then Afe buys time and Farrington gets a defensive pass interference call. Hoku Arias with a TFL to force second-and-goal from the 11 with less than a minute. Play-action and Eter finds a WIDE-OPEN Reginald Faamatau for an 11-yard TD pass. Govs go for 2 and don’t get it.

KSK 1st-and-10 from own 46. Kamehameha sophomore Christmas Togiai in at QB. Chasen Castilliano comes on the run blitz for a tackle for loss and then Samsen Tanuvasa and TitanAlii Pesamino get back-to-back sacks. Pasamino then BLOCKS THE PUNT and Foi Sila recovers on the 30.

An incomplete and a penalty has it second-and-15 but Afe then completes two big passes, including an 8-yarder to Bobby Moore who makes a defender miss and then is able to get the first down. Third-and-5 at the 39. Another short pass — this on to Eter — who is able to get free and pick up the first down. Timeout Kamehameha. Boy it seems like Farrington can do something with Eter out side and Afe at QB. Kamehameha called for pass interference to move the ball to the 39. Govs called for a hold on the next play, however. Afe keeps and gets 1 yard. Deep ball is underthrown and it’s third-and-20. WOW. Afe is drilled but he’s so big he stays on his feet long enough to throw the ball up. It’s incomplete but 95% of quarterback go down on that hit for a sack. Govs punt from midfield into the wind and it goes for only 3 yards.

Reino Bush in at RB as Shannon (10 carries, 87 yards) gets a breather. After Bush gets 7, Yam completes his first pass of the game and it goes for 25 yards to Brock Ai. Yam puts a ball on a receiver for a TD but he can’t come up with it and it’s second down. Bush picks up 11 to the 10 and then Bush with a 10-yard TD as Kamehameha begins to dominate up front. 14-0.

Hoku Arias sacks Eter for a loss of 5. Afe in and completes a 7-yard pass to Wendell Alob but Umaga stopped for only a 3-yard run on third-and-8 and Farrington is three-and-out again.

Kamehameha has it third-and-8 at the Govs’ 21 to start second quarter. Kanoa Shannon with a 21-yard TD on the first play of the second quarter for a Kamehameha TD.


Kamehameha starts on its 19 and tries a couple of backwards passes to the outside. Shannon picks up 11 on third-and-3 and then Yam keeps it twice for 11-yard gains. Shannon then bounces off a couple of defenders to the outside and gains 18 to the 23. Kamehameha going up-tempo and Farrington has to call timeout to slow them down. First-and-10 on the Farrington 23. Kamehameha has yet to attempt a pass on this drive. Toss sweep to Shannon for 7 yards. Backwards pass to Ramos and Ezra Williams with the hit for Farrington to force a fumble. Warriors get on it though and keep possession to end quarter.

Govs start on their 23. Farrington tries three up-tempo runs with Umaga but he’s met in the middle on third down and stopped. Fourth-and-3 and Govs line up to punt.

Shannon with two carries for 9 yards and it’s third-and-1. Play-action to Skyler Ramos in the slot for a 31-yard TD but an illegal man downfield is called on Kamehameha. Govs give it back jumping early and it’s third-and-inches. Shannon picks up 5 yards up the middle to the 26 for a first down. On second-and-5, Yam goes play action and overthrows a receiver down the middle in the end zone who had a step on the defense. Third-and-5. Yam scrambles to his right and picks up 6 yards and a first down at the 14. Govs call timeout after Kamehameha called for illegal man downfield for second time already. Kamehameha with a third-and-14. Quick pass to Reino Bush is actually a rush for a 1 yard. Warriors go for it and Yam has time but is quickly swallowed up and sacked. TitanAlii Pesamino gets credit for the sack. Foi Sila was in the area as well.

Punt is blocked after a mishandle. Kalani Kamakawiwoole with the block and Justin Taniguchi on the recovery.

Govs will start on their 31. Stephen Eter will start at QB and Blessing Umaga at RB. Warriors jump offsides before Govs snap the ball. Umaga tackled for a yard loss by Jadakiss Salevao. Umaga picks up three yards and it’s third-and-3. Govs go quick and Umaga picks up four for a first down. Chris Afe now in at QB and carries for 2. PLay-action and Afe goes deep to Eter and just overthrows him. Quite an arm shown there. Third-and-8. Afe with a shovel pass as he avoids a sack and gets a 2-yard completion but Govs will punt.

Skyler Ramos with a 20-yard return and Kamehameha will start on its 34 with Thomas Yam at QB. Kanoa Shannon gets the start at RB and takes a pitch 10 yards for a first down on the first play. Yam with three straight incompletions and Kamehameha will punt.

Farrington wins the toss and will defer to the second half. Kamehameha will receive.

Kamehameha: Kalawaia Pescaia, Dayne Hall, Jadakiss Salevao, Onyx Freitas
Farrington: Blessing Umaga, Foi Sila, Chasen Castilliano


  1. Grant August 4, 2017 5:36 pm

    I think kamehameha 35-7 tonight. What’s everyone else preconditions

  2. RidgeRunnerE-5 August 4, 2017 11:58 pm

    Somebody actually named their kid Jadakiss……let that sink in.

  3. Alpha August 5, 2017 12:13 am

    Something has to be done about Coach Okimoto. His time is up, Kalihi had too much talent for them to produce no oia or state titles. The community deserves better.

  4. hifinest August 5, 2017 7:03 am

    kamehameha soph DE ezra evaimalo is a beast.he was in the back field all game.i believe hes the younger brother of st louis tani evaimalo.big future for that stud

  5. Joe August 5, 2017 4:34 pm

    Ezra Evaimalo has a big heart on his sleeve with the determination to reach any goal he pursues & at the rate he’s going, he’ll get there.

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