GAME NIGHT 8/23: Vincent Massey/Waialua

Waialua 43, Vincent Massey 27, FINAL

At Tosh Nakasone Field
Vincent Massey (0-1) 0 7 6 14 — 27
Waialua (2-1) 0 14 15 14 — 43
VM—Riley Ho 25 pass from Jordan Hanslip (Jason Rushatsi kick)
WAIL—Kamu Lorenzo 20 pass from Kyler Dicion (Kayde Mahuka kick)
WAIL—Kai Hoekstra 32 pass from Dicion (Manuka kick)
WAIL—Hoekstra 4 pass from Dicion (Hoekstra pass from Dicion)
WAIL—Hoekstra 55 pass from Dicion (Mahuka kick)
VM—Kaiden Bannon 15 pass from Hanslip (kick failed)
WAIL—Dicion 1 run (Mahuka kick)
VM—Trey White 10 pass from Hanslip (Ho pass from Hanslip)
WAIL—Mana Benz 70 run (Mahuka kick)
VM—White 5 pass from Hanslip (no conversion)

RUSHING—VMC: Aaron Avanthay-Sanderson 1-2, Payton Lake 3-29, Ishe Matanga 17-175, Negus Lewin 6-28, Georges Camara 3-59, Hanslip 9-52, team 1-(-9). Waialua: Blitzen Benz 11-150, Dicion 6-16, Jonah Baker 2-0.
PASSING—VMC: Jordan Hanslip 18-35-1-261. Waialua: Dicion 17-30-1-261.
RECEIVING—VMC: Lake 3-34, Bannon 4-67, Ho 3-44, Matanga 1-5, Trey White 6-95, Negus Lewin 1-16. Waialua: Lorenzo 3-48, Hoekstra 4-106, Dylan Yadao 5-51, Mahuka 2-23, Benz 3-33.

Hanslip connects with White on a 5-yard TD slant on the final play. No PAT attempt. WAIALUA 43, VINCENT MASSEY 27, :00, Q4.

Second play from scrimmage after the Trojans’ TD, Benz finds his way through a pack on the right side and sprints home for a 70-yard TD. He now has 130 rushing yards. WAIALUA 43, VINCENT MASSEY 21, 2:21, Q4.

The Trojans drive 78 yards in four plays. Hanslip connects with Trey White for a 46-yard gain, then a 10-yard TD pass. The PAT pass from Hanslip to Ho is good. WAIALUA 36, VINCENT MASSEY 21, 2:55, Q4.

Benz is running with a fury in the second half and gains 29 yards through a tired defense. The Trojans have a bunch of two-way players who are playing their hardest. Fatigue is just a big factor at this point. The Bulldogs cap a six-play, 54-yard drive with a 1-yard QB draw by Dicion for a TD. WAIALUA 36, VINCENT MASSEY 13, 4:34, Q4.

After a 51-yard punt goes unreturned by the Trojans, they take over at their 12-yard line with 11:46 remaining. Matanga is great with his acceleration. If this was Madden, it would be 90-plus. He tears off gains of 16, 24 and 12 yards. He now has 176 rushing yards. After he fights for yardage on a 1-yard loss, Matanga lines up wide and the pass from Hanslip hangs in the air, deflected by Hoekstra. Matanga comes up limping, probably an ankle sprain, and he’s down for a moment before leaving the field. HUGE loss for the Trojans. Oh, and there was offensive holding on the play anyway. That’s at least the fourth hold called on Vincent Massey. This is their first game of the season, essentially preseason. This is Waialua’s third game. Makes a difference. Fourth-down completion by Hanslip, short of the first down with 6:42 left.

Hoekstra’s 31-yard kick return sets up Waialua at its 47, but a tackle for loss and an unsportsmanlike conduct call on Waialua pushes the ball back to its 29. That’s the FIRST PENALTY of the game, but if they start losing their cool now, this game could turn around quickly. The third quarter ends with the Bulldogs ahead 29-13.

Matanga returns at RB for the Trojans in their second series of the second half.
The first series to open the second half was punctuated by three drops, more evidence that the Trojans are a bit sapped. They arrived late last night, worked out this morning on a hot day, and the humidity tonight is still in the 70-percent range. Matanga pierces through a crowd for a 31-yard gain to the Waialua 15. Two plays later, Hanslip finds Kaiden Bannon on a go route to the right corner for a 15-yard TD. The PAT is wide left. WAIALUA 29, VINCENT MASSEY 13, 1:30, Q3.

The Bulldogs open the drive with a lot of confidence, chewing up the clock. After a 12-yard scramble by Dicion, two incompletions (including a drop), but he fires a bullet to Hoekstra for a first down, and he somehow jukes and slithers through three Vincent Massey defenders on the right sideline for a stunning 55-yard TD. WOH. WAIALUA 29, VINCENT MASSEY 7, :58, Q3.

Waialua is playing with vigor and Vincent Massey seems a step slower in the second half. The Bulldogs get a 9-yard gain by RB Blitzen Benz, and after an 8-yard completion by Dicion to Yadao, Dicion connects with Hoekstra again. This one is a 4-yard TD pass across the field to the right side of the end zone. Vincent Massey actually had nobody covering him in pre-snap, then someone ran out there to cover, but he wound up wide open anyway. The PAT snap is is bad, but Dicion lobs it again to Hoekstra, and the completion is good for 2 points. WAIALUA 22, VINCENT MASSEY 7, 5:44, Q3

Huge break for the home team when Vincent Massey’s punt snap dribbles on the grass and the punter is taken down for a 9-yard loss. Waialua ball at the Trojans’ 22-yard line.

The Trojans try a zone stretch type of play to RB Negus Lewin on first down and they get called for holding. They go back to the pistol RPO and QB Hanslip picks up 9 and 12 yards. He doesn’t look powerful as a runner, but he gets the job done. Not sure where Matanga is, but Lewin definitely has fresh legs. After he gains 4 and 6 yards, the Trojans call time out with 7:49 left in the third quarter. Conditions have cooled off, but it is still warm and humid.

Waialua’s opening series of the second half starts at its 33 after a short return. Drive stalls, a three-and-out, and the punt bounces between the hashes all the way to the VM 18.

Quite a comeback for Waialua, a team playing without five offensive starters. Dicion has been effective at QB, though he normally plays LB and SB. He is 11-for-17, only one pick, for 149 yards. Hoekstra is a gamebreaker tonight, and if not for the earlier drop on a deep pass and a penalty on his pick-6, he would’ve scored two more TDs. Vincent Massey is able to run the ball out of its RPO look behind RB Ishe Matanga (5-8, 220), who has 83 yards on 11 carries already. But they have finished in the end zone just once.

At Tosh Nakasone Field
Vincent Massey 7 0 x x — 7
Waialua 7 7 x x — 14
VM—Riley Ho 25 pass from Jordan Hanslip (Jason Rushatsi kick)
WAIL—Kamu Lorenzo 20 pass from Kyler Dicion (Kayde Mahuka kick)
WAIL—Kai Hoekstra 32 pass from Dicion (Mahuka kick)

#67 Aaron Avanthay-Sanderson 1-2,
#87 Payton Lake 2-29,
#9 Ishe Matanga 11-83,
#22 Negus Lewin 3-11,
#10 Georges Camara 2-59,

#6 Blitzen Benz 5-27,
#9 Dicion 4-3,
#25 Jonah Baker 1-1

#4 Jordan Hanslip 7-13-1-75,

#9 Dicion 11-17-1-149,

#87 Lake 3-34,
#14 Ho 2-36,
#9 Matanga 1-5,
#88 Trey White 1-0

#4 Lorenzo 2-29,
#3 Hoekstra 2-47,
#1 Dylan Yadao 4-43,
#81 Mahuka 2-23,
#21 Benz 1-7

The Trojans have their shortest drive of the game, going three-and-out. A 22-yard punt is bouncing and scooped up by Waialua, and the home team has the ball at the Trojans’ 45. Dicion looks sharp since the previous timeout. He hits Yadao for 5 yards, then Mahuka, the placekicker/wide receiver, for an 8-yard gain. There is 13.6 seconds on the clock when he delivers a high strike to Hoekstra just beyond the goal line in the middle of the field for a 32-yard TD. WAIALUA 14, VINCENT MASSEY 7, :01.8, Q2.

Waialua with its best drive of the game, going from its 30 to the Vincent Massey 41. The Bulldogs call time out with 2:35 to go in the first half. After the time out, Dicion lofts a nice 21-yard pass to Dylan Yadao on a wheel route, then fires a dart to Justin “Kamu” Lorenzo for a 20-yard TD. Kayde Mahuka’s PAT kick ties it up. WAIALUA 7, VINCENT MASSEY 7, 1:52, Q2.

Touchback on the kickoff gives Waialua the ball at its 20, but they stall at their own 42. Punt.

First play of the second quarter, Jordan Hanslip returns at QB. He double pumps and lobs it to WR Riley Ho. Ball is short, and he beats the DB to the ball, and walks over the goal line for a 25-yard TD. VINCENT MASSEY 7, WAIALUA 0, 11:51, Q2.

Vincent Massey RB Matanga has real nice stop-and-go ability, makes people miss. He gains 11 yards on first down, but after an illegal shift call, they move Camara, who had the brilliant pick on his back earlier, to QB. A holding call moves the ball all the way back to the Trojans’ 19-yard line, but on the next play, exact same call and he turns the right corner for a 56-yard gain to the Waialua 25. WOW. First quarter comes to a close.

Waialua misses a golden opportunity with great field position and punts. Ball downed at the VM 25 with 1:21 left, first quarter.

The Trojans march to their 45, and Hoeskstra picks off a sideline pass for a 48-yard TD pick-6, but it’s called back for illegal block. Bulldogs ball at the Trojans’ 48-yard line with 2:52 left, first quarter. Hoestrka makes things happen. That could’ve been his second TD if not for the earlier drop on the deep pass, and now with the penalty.

Third and 2, snap rolls on the ground, but Dicion gains 4 yards. Next play, his deep pass to Hoekstra is into double coverage, and a collision between Hoekstra and Georges Camara leaves the ball in the air. Camara is on his back when the ball falls into his hands in the end zone for a remarkable interception. Touchback.

The Trojans move the ball efficiently out of their pistol/RPO. Ishe Matanga has 40 yards on the ground on four carries, but on fourth and 3, he is stopped a yard short. Waialua ball at its 46 with 6:15 left in the first quarter.

Despite the five missing offensive starters, Waialua moves the ball near midfield, but a perfect deep pass by Kyler Dicion is dropped by Hoekstra on the hashmarks. That would’ve been a 60-yard TD. He had his man beat by 5 yards. Waialua punts.

Already a couple of interesting tidbits. The first play from scrimmage for Vincent Massey was a dive to No. 67, Aaron Avanthay-Sanderson, a 6-1, 253-pound lineman who lined up as a fullback. Second play, the jet sweep motion man actually fakes getting a handoff before the snap. Never seen this before. Interesting. Full sellout. Deep pass is picked off in the back of the end zone by Kai Hoekstra of Waialua. Touchback, Waialua will have its first series.

6:15 p.m. Waialua wins the coin toss and elects to defer. Vincent Massey will defend the mauka end zone. It is partly cloudy, and the breeze is offsetting some of the humidity. It could be a huge factor for the visitors from Canada.

5:55 p.m. Pre-game, no JV game. Waialua (1-1, 1-1 OIA D-II) dropped its JV team last week due to low numbers and safety concerns. But the Bulldogs have other issues. Five offensive starters are out with injuries. We already knew about talented WR Hunter Apau (shoulder), but now we know QB Justyce Lacar and RB Storm Quilenderino are out with undisclosed injuries.

Vincent Massey (0-0), of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) brought 32 of its 47 players. They are ranked No. 6 in Canada. In 2017, the Trojans defeated Kealakehe 26-21 on the Big Island. In ’15, they lost at Leilehua 65-6.

Note: Kickoff has been pushed back by a few minutes. Vincent Massey arrived later than scheduled, probably no thanks to typical Friday afternoon traffic in town. The Trojans are staying in Waikiki.

Temperature has cooled down significantly from 90 degrees at 4 p.m. to 82 at 6 p.m. However, humidity is now 79 percent. Quite a difference from Ontario.

Series history: First meeting
Vincent Massey roster
Waialua roster


  1. SH August 23, 2019 6:06 pm

    Vincent Massey Trojans are from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Not Brandon or Ontario. Thanks.

  2. Laura August 23, 2019 6:07 pm

    Hey just letting you know it’s Winnipeg Manitoba not Brandon Ontario…

  3. EJP August 23, 2019 6:09 pm

    Vincent Massey is in Winnipeg Manitoba, not Brandon Ontario. The city of Brandon is also in Manitoba. There is a school there named Vincent Massey. However, the team playing in Hawaii tonight is the team from Winnipeg. Thanks

  4. AJ Cole - Oakland Raiders August 23, 2019 6:10 pm

    Hey the Vincent Massey team is from Winnipeg Alberta

  5. Billy Hull August 23, 2019 6:13 pm

    Sorry guys, we will get it corrected. Our apologies.

    We did this story the other day, FYI:

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  8. Billy Hull August 23, 2019 6:23 pm

    Game has kicked off. Updates will be a little slow but we will have video highlights from the game posted tomorrow.

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