GAME NIGHT 11/29: Saint Louis/Kahuku

No. 1 Saint Louis 45, No. 3 Kahuku 6



At Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (9-4) 6 0 0 0 – 6
Saint Louis (12-0) 14 17 7 7 — 45

StL—Roman Wilson 86 pass from Jayden de Laura (Lason Napuunoa kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 6 run (Napuunoa kick)
Kah—Zealand Matagi 38 run (kick blocked)
StL—Nishigaya 3 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—de Laura 2 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—FG Napuunoa 35
StL—de Laura 13 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—Nick Herbig 96 interception return (Ray Seabury kick)

RUSHING—Kahuku: Matagi 23-79, Kelsyn Tangaro-Kanoa 4-11, Robert Chang 2-4, Jason Mariteragi 2-(minus 12), Tiger Adolpho 10-(minus 25). Saint Louis: de Laura 6-75, Mason Taliulu 7-37, Nishigaya 2-9, Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole 4-5, Connor Apo 1-4, Kainalu Tumpap 2-0, Justin Tsai 1-0.
PASSING—Kahuku: Mariteragi 5-8-1-32, Adolpho 5-11-0-31, Jesse Purcell 1-1-0-0, Mana Fonoimoana-Vaomu 0-1-0-0. Saint Louis: de Laura 17-26-1-280, Connor Apo 1-2-0-(minus 1).
RECEIVING—Kahuku: Tomasi Pasi 2-22, Frisco Aveau 2-10, Kade Nakaahiki-Bourgeois 2-10, Micah Carvalho 1-9, Cole Pruett 1-6, Kaonohi Kaniho 1-5, Cypress Abraham 1-1, Jack Tito 1-0. Saint Louis: Wilson 8-171, Matt Sykes 2-50, Isaac Silva 4-31, Nishigaya 3-28, Prince Solomon 1-(minus 1).

Pride Cui gets Saint Louis’ ninth sack of the game.

Crusaders go three-and-out and Kahuku gets the ball back with 7:19 to go on the Saint Louis 43. Quincy Likio gets a sack for Saint Louis and then on fourth-and-11, a sack by Herbig and Botelho is negated by a face-mask on Saint Louis. Still fourth down however. Pasi catches a fourth-down pass for 14 yards inside the 15. Man down for Saint Louis. Lawaia Brown is the injured Crusader. Jason Mariteragi has been the QB on this drive and misses Kaniho in the end zone for a TD. Fourth down. Pass is INTERCEPTED. Nick Herbig, does he punctuate the defensive player of the year award with a 96-yard pick-6? He takes it all the way back to the house but a Saint Louis kid is down. Play is under review. Tufaga is the injured Saint Louis player but he is able to walk off. The play counts and a Kahuku player has been ejected. XP is good. 45-6, StL, 5:09, Q4.

Harrington Wa’a is the player ejected and he starts motioning to the Kahuku sideline who starts cheering. Classless by Red Raider Nation.

(11:54, Q4) Kahuku ball on the Saint Louis 45. Matagi moves the chains with the third-down run to the 34. Herbig gets a sack and it’s third-and-17. Make it back-to-back sacks for Herbig. Saint Louis not taking the foot of the pedal.

Saint Louis punts to start the fourth quarter. Ace Kaufusi with the blocked punt for Kahuku and it’s recovered by Tomasi Pasi.


Third Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (9-4) 6 0 0
Saint Louis (12-0) 14 17 7

StL—Roman Wilson 86 pass from Jayden de Laura (Lason Napuunoa kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 6 run (Napuunoa kick)
Kah—Zealand Matagi 38 run (kick blocked)
StL—Nishigaya 3 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—de Laura 2 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—FG Napuunoa 35
StL—de Laura 18 run (Napuunoa kick)

RUSHING—Kahuku: Matagi 21-81, Kelsyn Tangaro-Kanoa 4-11, Tiger Adolpho 6-(minus 13). Saint Louis: de Laura 6-75, Mason Taliulu 5-35, Nishigaya 2-9, Connor Apo 1-4, Kainalu Tumpap 2-0, Kaohu Kamakawiwo’ole 1-(minus 2).
PASSING—Kahuku: Adolpho 3-8-0-16. Saint Louis: de Laura 17-26-1-280, Connor Apo 1-1-0-(minus 1).
RECEIVING—Kahuku: Micah Carvalho 1-9, Tomasi Pasi 1-8, Kade Nakaahiki-Bourgeois 1-(minus 1). Saint Louis: Wilson 8-171, Matt Sykes 2-50, Isaac Silva 4-31, Nishigaya 3-28, Prince Solomon 1-(minus 1).

(1:12, Q3) Saint Louis ball on the Kahuku 49. Connor Apo in at QB for Saint Louis. END 3.

(3:52, Q3) Kahuku ball on its 12 after stopping Saint Louis. Matagi with some open space for the first time in a while and picks up 20. Now a defensive holding penalty gives Kahuku another first down across the 40. Adolpho scrambles for 9 into Saint Louis territory but then Matagi loses yards on third-and-1. Kahuku will go for it on fourth-and-4 and goes four-wide. Adolpho’s throw is high. Incomplete. Turnover on downs.

(5:52, Q3) Saint Louis ball on the Kahuku 25 after a 17-yard return by Prince Solomon. de Laura still in the game. The largest margin of victory in the top-tier state final is 31 by Punahou in a 38-7 win over Leilehua in 2008. Crusaders fail to convert on fourth down and Kahuku takes over.

(8:01, Q3) Kahuku ball on its 20. Saint Louis with its starter still in the game and Herbig gets a TFL. Herbig and Johnathan Alualu team up for a TFL on the next play and then Alualu sacks Adolpho on third down. Three straight negative plays for Kahuku. Punt.

(10:11, Q3) Saint Louis ball on its 38. Wilson makes a man and goes for 20 more yards. Wow, Nishigaya catches a pass deflected off a Kahuku DB and it looks like he taps the toe but Sterling Carvalho will challenge it. Looks like they will bring it back. We are 0-for-2 on coaches challenges up here in the press box. Third-and-3 and de Laura hits Nishigaya out of the slot for a first down. de Laura with an 18-yard TD scamper. Touchdown Saint Louis. 38-6, 8:01, Q3.

(11:53, Q3) Kahuku ball on its 28. Matagi runs twice for 8 yards and Kahuku calls timeout facing third-and-2. After the timeout, Kahuku tries to get Saint Louis to jump but instead false starts. Incomplete pass. Punt.

Kahuku will receive.

At Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (9-3) 6 0
Saint Louis (11-0) 14 17

StL—Roman Wilson 86 pass from Jayden de Laura (Lason Napuunoa kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 6 run (Napuunoa kick)
Kah—Zealand Matagi 38 run (kick blocked)
StL—Nishigaya 3 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—de Laura 2 run (Napuunoa kick)
StL—FG Napuunoa 35

RUSHING—Kahuku: Matagi 14-55, Kelsyn Tangaro-Kanoa 3-17, Zion Ah You 1-1, Tiger Adolpho 4-(minus 13). Saint Louis: de Laura 4-64, Mason Taliulu 4-32, Nishigaya 2-9, Kainalu Tampa 1-0.
PASSING—Kahuku: Adolpho 3-5-0-16. Saint Louis: de Laura 11-17-1-212.
RECEIVING—Kahuku: Micah Carvalho 1-9, Tomasi Pasi 1-8, Kade Nakaahiki-Bourgeois 1-(minus 1). Saint Louis: Wilson 6-144, Matt Sykes 2-50, Isaac Silva 2-13, Nishigaya 1-5.

(1:18, Q2) Crusaders ball on their 39. de Laura hits Wilson for 18, Nishigaya for 5 and Wilson for 14. Seven seconds left with Saint Louis at the Kahuku 18. Third-and-2. de Laura with a ball off the fingertips of Wilson in the corner of the end zone. Lason Napuunoa with a 35-yard field goal to end the half. 31-6.

(2:58, Q2) Kahuku ball on its 27. Jordan Botelho makes an appearance with a sack on second down. Three-and-out and Saint Louis calls timeout.

(5:17, Q2) Kahuku with a punt straight up into the air for only 10 yards. Saint Louis ball on the Kahuku 34. Kana Fonoimoana-Vaomu with the stop on third down to force fourth down. Fourth-and-2 and Taliulu picks up 5 yards. Flag down but it’s a personal foul on Kahuku. Third-and-1 on the 2 and de Laura scores on the 2-yard QB sneak. 28-6, StL, 3:08, Q2.

(6:57, Q2) Kahuku ball on its 29. Sonny Masaniai with the sack on third down and Kahuku goes three-and-out.

(8:32, Q2) Saint Louis ball on the Kahuku 49. de Laura back to work and finds Sykes for 10 yards. Mason Taliulu with 18 yards on his first carry into the red zone. PI called on Kahuku in the end zone. Easy call. Nishigaya on the stretch play with a 3-yard TD run. 21-6, StL, 7:05, Q2.

Saint Louis’ Koali Nishigaya stretched for his second TD run of the first half. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(10:45, Q2) Kahuku ball on its 40. Third-and-9 and Adolpho with a nice throw over the middle to Micah Carvalho for 8 yards. He is a yard short. Kahuku will go for it. Matagi right up the middle takes a shot but it’s a first down. Looks like Cal Lee is going to challenge the spot. The call is overturned. Saint Louis ball.

(12:00, Q2) Saint Louis ball on its 27. de Laura scrambles for 4 and then throws another absolute dime, this time to Matt Sykes for 44 yards. PERFECT throw. Next throw is into the defense and is PICKED OFF. Peter John Mataira picks it off and he is GONE. 84-yard interception return for a TD but there is a flag on the field. Illegal block called on Kahuku. It will be Red Raiders ball but TD taken off the board. Huge call. Just the eighth pick thrown by de Laura this season.

First Quarter
At Aloha Stadium
Kahuku (9-3) 6
Saint Louis (11-0) 14

StL—Roman Wilson 86 pass from Jayden de Laura (Lason Napuunoa kick)
StL—Koali Nishigaya 6 run (Napuunoa kick)
Kah—Zealand Matagi 38 run (kick blocked)

RUSHING—Kahuku: Matagi 11-56, Kelsyn Tangaro-Kanoa 1-14, Tiger Adolpho 1-(minus 5). Saint Louis: de Laura 1-50, Nishigaya 1-6.
PASSING—Kahuku: Adolpho 2-4-0-7. Saint Louis: de Laura 3-4-0-105.
RECEIVING—Kahuku: Tomasi Pasi 1-8, Kade Nakaahiki-Bourgeois 1-(minus 1). Saint Louis: Wilson 2-100, Isaac Silva 1-5.

END 1.

(4:55, Q1) Kahuku ball on its 27. Sophomore Kelsyn Tangaro-Kanoa is able to reverse field on his first carry and get 14 yards out to the 42. Timeout Kahuku. Third-and-4 and Adolpho with a nice ball to Tomasi Pasi for a first down. Kahuku into Saint Louis territory. HELLO. Zealand Matagi gets lost in a sea of tacklers and somehow comes out of it and he is GONE. Matagi with a 38-yard TD and that brings the Kahuku side to life. McKenzie blocks the PAT. 14-6, StL, :08, Q1.

(6:37, Q1) Crusaders ball on their 25 after the punt. De Laura hits Isaac Silva for 5 yards with the pressure coming. Pass complete to Wilson, who makes a man miss and picks up 14 yards to the 44. Now de Laura takes off and he has some space. A 50-yard gain to the Kahuku 6-yard line. After a Saint Louis timeout, Koali Nishigaya with a 6-yard TD run and it’s 14-0 Crusaders, 5:01, Q1.

Saint Louis senior Koali Nishigaya stretched for the goal line on a 6-yard TD run to put the Crusaders ahead 14-0. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(11:29, Q1) Kahuku ball on its 26. Red Raiders with a false-start penalty before the first snap. Third-and-14 and Mason Tufaga, who got the TFL on the last play, is called for a targeting penalty. First down Kahuku. Third-and-7 and Zealand Matagi NEARLY pops one but is down a yard shy. Tufaga came back to make another tackle. Kahuku will go for it on its own 45. Nothing to lose. And they get Saint Louis to jump offsides. First down. Anthony Sagapolutele with a sack on second down after a Stanley McKenzie TFL on first down.. Sagapolutele crushes Kahuku QB Tiger Adolpho as he throws it on third down and forces the incomplete pass. Punt.

(11:54, Q1) Saint Louis ball on its 14 after Chansen Garcia with the nice tackle on special teams for Kahuku. Senior Jayden de Laura at QB. SEE YA. Second play of the game is an 86-yard TD pass from de Laura to Roman Wilson, who beats Kaonohi Kaniho one-on-one. Crusaders up 7-0, 11:38, Q1.

Saint Louis receiver Roman Wilson left the Kahuku defense in the dust on an 86-yard TD reception on the second place of the game. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

Saint Louis will receive.

Kaonohi Kaniho, Mana Fonoimoana-Vaomu, Ace Kaufusi, Kana Fonimoana-Vaomu
Saint Louis: Jordan Botelho, Nick Herbig, Lawai’a Brown, Kamo’i Latu

Kickoff will be around 7:30 p.m.
Series history: Saint Louis leads 17-8
Kahuku roster
Saint Louis roster



  1. hawaii football fan November 30, 2019 1:12 am

    Some observations and questions?

    1) why was the kahuku side so queit and sparce tonight? I was sitting on the kahuku side expecting the huge red wave but was dissapointed

    2) kahukus coaching is bad.

    3) this might be the most talented D from stl weve seen in a while. they literally dominated all night and could of easily won 70-6 if they wanted too.

    4) why was the guy that got kicked out cheered by the kahuku fans? it seemed everybody was trying to cheer or anything and a guy getting kicked out is not the right thing to do.

    5) I heard alot of kahuku people boo and tell the kid that got injured to suck it up when he was on the ground. little do they know that was mason tufaga whos from the north shore…smh

    6) st. louis 2nd team might be better than kahukus 1st team

    Like alot of football trends, I don’t see STL slowing down unless cal lee steps down. Carvalho is just not the right person for the job. Until they get an exceptional coach, it’s gonna be hard to even compete with the lou. Punahou is closer but still aways a way. St louis looks like the #6 team in the nation. Punahou looks like the #17. I dont know if I can say Kahuku is the #24 or whatever they were ranked. Hopefully st louis gets to play a top team in a post season bowl like bosco or mater dei.

  2. 120yardslol November 30, 2019 1:48 am

    Reverse tomahawk after STL TDs brings a smile to my face.

  3. justaguy November 30, 2019 6:47 am

    Rules + Recruiting + Refs = Cal Lee dynasty

    …thats no secret.

  4. Transferring November 30, 2019 6:51 am

    @post #40 (@really)

    Duh, of course there are kids from punahou who transferred to a public school. I know some who did it this year.

    You need to read what I said correctly. I said if anyone transferred from punahou to StL (while they were still in hs).
    Transferring back to public normally won’t lose you a year of eligibility. And who would want to swap a punahou education for one at StL especially that you were already in punahou………

  5. really November 30, 2019 7:54 am

    @tranferring I know what u wrote.

    My point is if kids were to leave punahou to public school, it is implied some must have left punahou for STL since STL has better academics than most public schools. Sorry if I didn’t explain it in Lehman’s terms, I assumed you would be able to make the connection. My bad.

  6. Reals November 30, 2019 7:59 am

    Kahuku is not the #24 team in the nation, no way, a top 25 team in the nation should not have a pathetic offense like that. It’s actually embarrassing for the state of Hawaii to have a representative like that. Mainland people laughing. Then when they try to go plan B which they don’t have , they look like little kids trying to throw the ball lol. Shame on Kahuku, 1980s offense will not work anymore against the big dawgs. For you Kahuku fans who thinks smash mouth football , pound it down your throats, well Kahuku is only going to be as good as that over the weak schools.

  7. Transferring November 30, 2019 9:05 am


    You sure StL has better academics than a public school? Or are you just “implying” that they do?

  8. Recruited not Rooted November 30, 2019 9:16 am

    Don’t see my past comment so I’ll repost @ really Why would Sagapolutele transfer to Stl and sit out a year? With the stable of QB’s Stl already has he’d have to sit out his junior year too and possibly not even see the field his senior year with Graham being a freshman also. Not a chances he’s transferring lol. If you believe that then I have some beach front property in Iowa to sell you.

  9. suspense November 30, 2019 9:27 am

    re@7. also among the stable of qbs at saint louis is sagapolutele’s brother, a 7th grader at sl.

  10. 96730289 November 30, 2019 9:59 am

    @Really is a troll. @88 stop wasting your time with that clown. It’s like trying to teach math to a toad.

    STL did earn the 4-peat and they battled Punahou to get there. Punahou isn’t too far behind considering their starting QB was out for the season.

    The OIA is not enjoying getting whacked by the ILH. Easy for a spectator to say, “We’ll, we should teach our kids to play the tougher competition to teach us life lessons,” but that isn’t much fun which is why the vast majority of kids play. If the OIA wants to exclude the ILH, they have the right. And don’t complain to the OIA about any type of “funding,” issues. Public schools deal with that on the daily.

  11. Recruited not Rooted November 30, 2019 10:57 am

    Let’s be clear, nobody benefited more from the OIA/ILH merger than the OIA and I’m talking FINANCIALLY. GO ahead and walk away OIA, I dare you.

  12. Recruited not Rooted November 30, 2019 11:33 am

    Let’s also make it clear, Saint Louis makes EVERYBODY better. Better people, better teams, better companies make the competition have to work harder just to keep up. Such is life. Call it the Tiger woods effect. Besides Puns almost beat Stl twice this year with a backup QB, who knows if Brady doesn’t get hurt. Kahuku has a lot of young talent and will be a real challenger for Stl going forward. The Open Division has made everybody step up their game. I think we all can agree on one thing though, Hawaii high school football is better when Kahuku is great. So no cry, just try…..HARDER! Can’t wait till next year!!!

  13. T103 November 30, 2019 5:06 pm

    Did I miss the part where that one dude from n.s. always ranting about recruiting and thats why Kahuku has hard time winning? lol. Anyone like take bets on which coach is getting fired from a certain public school on the north shore? Gawd, I’d hate to be a coach at that school and have to deal w parents of certain kids where you need to absolutely win every time all the time just to keep your position.

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