GAME NIGHT 10/26: Waipahu/Castle

No. 10 Waipahu 32, Castle 3

The Waipahu Marauders win the OIA D-I title and secure a berth in the D-I state tournament. 12th overall OIA title for Waipahu and first non-D-II title since 1971.

at Aloha Stadium
Castle (5-7) 0 3 0 0 — 3
Waipahu (8-4) 6 6 13 7 — 32
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 69 pass from Cody Marques (kick blocked)
Waip—Manuele Pulusila 30 fumble return (run failed)
Cas—FG Cheyden Costa 22
Waip—Alfred Failauga 27 run (Brycen Amorozo kick)
Waip—Failauga 58 run (kick failed)
Waip—Reyes 15 pass from Marques (Amorozo kick)

RUSHING—Castle: Senituli Punivai 18-41, Bruce Pakele 8-26, Jonah Figueroa 1-0, Keanu Tilton 2-(minus 2), Mana Kahoopii 3-(minus 15). Waipahu: Failauga 18-177, Jayven Reyes 7-40, B. Reyes 2-13, Marques 4-0, team 2-(minus 2).
PASSING—Castle: Kahoopii 8-23–3-84, Punivai 0-2-0-0. Waipahu: Marques 9-17–0-146.
RECEIVING—Castle: Austyn Acosta 5-53, Jonah Figueroa 2-24, Elijah Catrett 1-7. Waipahu: B. Reyes 3-100, Matthew Fiesta 2-13, Failauga 1-16, Devin Espiritu 1-15, Jeff Badua 1-6, Saxon Tote 1-(minus 4).

Waipahu scores on a 15-yard TD pass from Marques to Branson Jay Reyes. Failauga at 177 rushing yards.

(9:52) Castle ball on its 48. Punivai with a nice run to the 35 but he takes a big hit and fumbles. Waipahu recovers but a helmet-to-helmet flag on Waipahu while the ball was loose and Castle has it at the 19. Benjamin with another pick and trips on the carpet himself or he might have had a 100-yard pick-six.

Castle second-and-15 on its 15 to start the fourth. Three-and-out. Castle fakes the punt and Pakele picks up 16 and a first down at the 39. Senior Zeondre Benjamin gets an INT and starts to celebrate as he’s running but then fumbles on the tackle. Castle recovers.


THIRD QUARTERat Aloha Stadium
Castle (5-6) 0 3 0
Waipahu (7-4) 6 6 13
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 69 pass from Cody Marques (kick blocked)
Waip—Manuele Pulusila 30 fumble return (run failed)
Cas—FG Cheyden Costa 22
Waip—Alfred Failauga 27 run (Brycen Amorozo kick)
Waip—Failauga 58 run (kick failed)

RUSHING—Castle: Senituli Punivai 14-13, Bruce Pakele 7-10, Jonah Figueroa 1-0, Mana Kahoopii 1-0, Keanu Tilton 2-(minus 2). Waipahu: Failauga 13-127, Jayven Reyes 2-17, B. Reyes 2-13, team 1-(minus 1), Marques 4-0.
PASSING—Castle: Kahoopii 5-14–1-52, Punivai 0-2-0-0. Waipahu: Marques 8-16–0-131.
RECEIVING—Castle: Austyn Acosta 3-25, Jonah Figueroa 1-20, Elijah Catrett 1-7. Waipahu: B. Reyes 2-85, Matthew Fiesta 2-13, Failauga 1-16, Devin Espiritu 1-15, Jeff Badua 1-6, Saxon Tote 1-(minus 4).

(:09) Castle ball on its 20. End 3

(6:43) Waipahu ball on its 26. Marauders chewing up clock and yards. Failauga up to 127 yards rushing and then he hauls in a 16-yard catch on third-and-19. Fourth-and-3 and Waipahu elects to go for it but takes a timeout first at the Castle 28. Marques gets 4 on the QB draw for a first down before getting blasted at the end of it. Brycen Amorozo tries a 43-yard field goal and JUST misses.

(7:52) Castle ball on its 30. Kahoopii in at QB. He picks up a first down with an 11-yard pass to Acosta. Punt

(8:48) Waipahu ball on its 30. Alfred Failauga 58-yard TD run. 25-3, 7:58, Q3. He becomes the eighth back in Oahu history to surpass 3,500 career rushing yards on that TD. He is now the eighth running back on Oahu to surpass 3,500 career rushing yards (Malepeai, Igber, Wily, Atuaia, Bailey, Tatupu, Fiaseu).

(10:06) Castle will start on its 44. Punivai in at QB. He’s stuffed on two runs and then his second pass attempt of the game is incomplete. Punt.

(11:50) Waipahu ball on its 31. A run of 11 yards by Branson Jay Reyes, a penalty and a 16-yard reception sets up Failauga’s 27-yard TD run. 19-3 Marauders, 10:16, Q3. That is Failauga’s 40th rushing TD.

Waipahu ball first.


at Aloha Stadium
Castle (5-6) 0 3
Waipahu (7-4) 6 6
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 69 pass from Cody Marques (kick blocked)
Waip—Manuele Pulusila 30 fumble return (run failed)
Cas—FG Cheyden Costa 22

RUSHING—Castle: Senituli Punivai 12-12, Bruce Pakele 6-9, Jonah Figueroa 1-0, Mana Kahoopii 1-0, Keanu Tilton 2-(minus 2). Waipahu: Jayven Reyes 2-17, Alfred Failauga 4-10, team 1-(minus 1), Marques 3-(minus 4).
PASSING—Castle: Kahoopii 4-9–1-42, Punivai 0-1-0-0. Waipahu: Marques 3-6–0-71.
RECEIVING—Castle: Austyn Acosta 2-15, Figueroa 1-20, Elijah Catrett 1-7. Waipahu: Reyes 1-69, Matthew Fiesta 1-6, Saxon Tote 1-(minus 4).

(:07) Kick out of bounds so Waipahu gets it at the 35. Marauders try a hook-and-ladder but it’s dropped. One second left. Knee.

(3:35) Kahoopii remains in at QB. Incomplete pass and a loss of 1 on a scramble but a personal foul on Waipahu. Ball goes to the 38. Looks like Castle is going vertical now with Kahoopii at QB. Great pass over the middle is dropped but Waipahu will be called for targeting. Now a hold on Castle. Timeout Waipahu. Kahoopii with a nice completion but an illegal man downfield is called. First-and-25 if you’re keeping track at home. Kahoopii finds time and hits Jonah Figueroa for 20 yards. First down on a pass to Elijah Catrett for 7. Ball at the 11. Under a minute to go. After a pass to Acosta to the 5, Cheyden Costa with the 22-yard field goal. 12-3, :07, Q2.

(4:20) Waipahu ball on the Castle 43. Marques can’t handle the snap and Kainalu Keliikuli-Grace recovers it for Castle.

(4:29) Castle starts on its 32. Kahoopii in at QB. His pass is off a receiver, off another receiver, and then a diving pick by Waipahu senior Tarynce Antolin.

(5:25) Castle ball on its 38. Injured player on the punt for Waipahu is Tryton Austria but he walks off on his own. Junior linebacker Manuele Pulusila with the 30-yard fumble return after DL Kealii Barrett forces a fumble on a TFL. 2-point no good. 12-0 Waipahu, 4:38, Q2.

(9:35) Waipahu ball on its 4. Third-and-3 at the 11 after Failauga is tackled for a loss. Senior Raiden Wong tackles Failauga well short and Castle stops three Failauga runs after it was first-and-5 to force a three-and-out. NO. Castle has 12 on the field for the punt and it’s an automatic first down. Excellent play by Nakoa Gaspar-Takahashi to come up on the screen for a TFL but then Jayven Reyes busts loose with a 17-yard run. Quickly third-and-10. Back-to-back incomplete passes results in a punt.

First-and-goal at the 3. LB Fiva Tulafale blows up the run for a TFL. Waipahu jumps offsides on the next play however to put the ball at the 4. Tulafale again with the TFL and it’s third-and-goal from the 6. Punivai stuffed for a yard and it’s fourth-and-goal. Castle’s Cheyden Costa in to attempt a 22-yard FG but Waipahu jumps early. So Castle will go for it. Keanu Tilton is stuffed for a loss by a host of Marauders and Waipahu takes over.

at Aloha Stadium
Castle (5-6) 0
Waipahu (7-4) 6
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 69 pass from Cody Marques (kick blocked)

RUSHING—Castle: Senituli Punivai 10-19, Bruce Pakele 4-16, Keanu Tilton 1-0. Waipahu: Alfred Failauga 1-5, Marques 1-0.
PASSING—Castle: Mana Kahoopii 1-1-0-9, Punivai 0-1-0-0. Waipahu: Marques 2-2-0-75.
RECEIVING—Castle: Austyn Acosta 1-9. Waipahu: Reyes 1-69, Matthew Fiesta 1-6.

(4:27) Knights ball on the Waipahu 25. Quickly third-and-9. Bruce Pakele runs for 6 down to the 18 and Castle lines up to go for it. Timeout Castle. Punivai carries it up the middle and gets just enough to the 14. First down Knights. Fourth-and-2 at the 6 and you can bet the Knights will go for it. Pakele fights for extra yardage and gets it. First-and-goal at the 3. END 1. Knights start second quarter in good spot.

(6:52) Knights start on their 27. Quickly third-and-10 after a 5-yard penalty on the Knights and coach John Hao calls timeout. Mana Kahoopii in at QB and he hits Acosta for 9 yards. Fourth-and-1 at the Castle 36 and Castle punts, but the Knights recover the fumble at the Waipahu 25.

(8:59) Penalty brings a nice punt return back. Waipahu starts on its 20 with junior Cody Marques at QB. Failauga at RB. Marques somehow escapes a sure sack and hits Matthew Fiesta for 6 yards on first play from scrimmage. Third-and-4 and Failauga’s first carry goes for 5. RPO and Marques hits Branson Jay Reyes on a quick slant over the middle and he’s GONE. 69-yard TD. XP is blocked. 6-0 Marauders, 6:59, Q1.

(11:51) Castle starts on its 26. Austyn Acosta listed as the starting RB but he starts out wide. Senituli Punivai starts at QB. After a handoff for no gain, Punivai runs twice for 11 yards and a first down. Waipahu’s Dason Santana on the blitz with the huge TFL. Knights will punt.

Castle will receive.

Waipahu RB Alfred Failauga enters the game 71 yards short of becoming the eighth back on Oahu with 3,500 rushing yards.

Looks like about an 8:30 p.m. kickoff.

For Castle’s roster, click here.
For Waipahu’s roster, click here.
SERIES HISTORY: Castle leads 7-6 and has won the last five (since 1973)


Senituli Punivai1233-63-65236
Samuel Judd830-86-64312
Kanaipono Kahala-Giron326-49-11742
Mana Kahoopii314-41-41540
Austyn Acosta611-21-3820
Senituli Punivai122601,24714
Bruce Pakele12522245
Keanu Tilton1036870
Brandon Frey410330
Elijah Catrett7150
Jonah Figueroa8230
Mana Kahoopii3810
Paul Omengebar82-40
Samuel Judd84-140
Kanaipono Kahala-Giron310-190
Austyn Acosta613-630
Paul Omengebar8284673
Jonah Figueroa8214033
Kanekulani Kahala-Giron5121412
Austyn Acosta6111220
Elijah Catrett710851
Justice Ching33590
Raiden Wong32421
Senituli Punivai128290
Bruce Pakele123230
Keanu Tilton103-20
Brandon Frey42-50


Cody Marques13157-263-132,22412
Joel Auvae516-35-32321
Jovan Gooman102-2-0650
Alfred Failauga91-1-0151
Saxon Tote110-1-000
Alfred Failauga92191,16510
Deacon Kapea14582756
Jayven Reyes7592626
Cody Marques131151627
Branson Jay Reyes1241081
Manuele Pulusila625760
Tarynce Antolin32250
Fiva Tulafale54151
Matthew Fiesta14860
Joel Auvae515-201
Matthew Fiesta14477264
Saxon Tote11415482
Branson Jay Reyes13295435
Jovan Gooman10232191
Devin Espiritu571641
Solofa Setu67940
Alfred Failauga96730
Jeff Badua47601
Zeondre Benjamin63430
Fiva Tulafale51300
Jayven Reyes72220
Deacon Kapea142160
Armani Miles22100


  1. Knife Trane October 26, 2018 6:58 pm

    Light rain coming down right now. Hope Castle.brought the rubber ball and lots of towels. You would think the boys from the Windward side know how to deal with the rain.

  2. "UNITY=STRENGTH" October 26, 2018 7:02 pm

    Best to both teams in the D1 Oia Champioship lets see some movement out there tonight hold on to the ball and play hard penalty’s kill HeHe “Rock ON”!!!:)

  3. 44 October 26, 2018 9:13 pm

    What is this play calling on castle??? Can they not throw the ball???

  4. C'mon Kaneohe October 26, 2018 9:42 pm

    Ok enough with all this up the middle stuff Castle. Spread the field and throw the ball. Run to the outside to the larger side of the field and make them chase the ball. !!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  5. Furikake October 26, 2018 10:20 pm

    These running plays are going no where and are eating the clock in the 3rd qtr. Grrr.

  6. Furikake October 26, 2018 10:43 pm

    Down by 22. Hurry up!!!! Hurry up offense….Grrr. Hit your receivers in the numbers!!!!

  7. What October 26, 2018 11:12 pm

    a joke

  8. UNJAH DAT October 26, 2018 11:18 pm

    #94BLOCC nuff sedd

  9. KnightTime October 26, 2018 11:21 pm

    I love our elephant package, no matter what the score, just run em anywayz!

  10. Mark October 26, 2018 11:31 pm

    Castle finally played a real defense that was the problem Waipahu D is nasty

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