GAME NIGHT 10/19: Leilehua/Waipahu

Waipahu 29, No. 9 Leilehua 6, FINAL

Final box

At Leilehua
Waipahu (7-4, 5-2)    6    7    7    10    —    29
Leilehua (8-3, 6-1)    3    3    0    0    —    6

Lei-FG Akoni Tom-Makue 20
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 99 kickoff return (kick failed)
Lei—FG Tom-Makue 41
Waip—Cody Marques 10 run (Brycen Amorozo kick)
Waip—Alfred Failauga 43 run (Amorozo kick)
Waip—Deacon Kapea 12 interception return (kick failed)
Waip—FG Amorozo 38

RUSHING—Waipahu: Alfred Failauga 29-187, Marques 6-9, Jayven Reyes 1-(-1), Matthew Fiesta 2-(-3), Team 1-(-11).
Leilehua: Damarion Smith 7-30, James McGary 10-27, Rayden Rulloda-Kim 1-15, Tom-Makue 1-11, Max Nichols 5-18, Kalei Akagi 1-(-4), Team 1-(-1).
PASSING—Waipahu: Marques 9-15-0-81. Leilehua: Nichols 9-30-4-62.
RECEIVING—Waipahu: Fiesta 4-42, Saxon Tote 2-20, Jovan Gooman 2-14, Failauga 1-5. Leilehua: McGary 2-29, Jeremy Evans 2-11, Dorian Furtado 2-5, Vitale Afoa 1-9, Chad Dilay 1-8, Rulloda-Kim 1-0.
JV—Leilehua 40, Waipahu 6

The Marauders close this one out with their fourth interception of the second half, this one by Armani Miles. Waipahu moves on to the OIA Division I final and will face Moanalua or Castle next week.

It’s all Alfred, all the time for Waipahu. Failauga takes eight consecutive handoffs to drive his totals to 181 yards on 27 carries. Brycen Amorozo finishes with a 38-yard FIELD GOAL WAIPAHU. 2:21 Q4.

Leilehua starts at its 42. On second down, Nichols goes deep over the middle and Kapea is there again. He tips the ball then makes a one-handed interception. He returns it to the Leilehua 48. 6:54 Q4.

The Waipahu defense had done everything except score and now the Marauders check that box as well. Deacon Kapea jumps a short route for an interception and takes its back 10 yards for the pick-6. TOUCHDOWN WAIPAHU. Penalty pushes the PAT back and the kick hits the post. 7:26 Q4

Waipahu goes three and out, but keep the field position advantage with Leilehua pinned at its 9.  7:33 Q4.

McGary picks up 13 yards on first down, nearly matching his output for the game, Smith loses 2 and after two incompletions, Leilehua lines up to punt on fourth and 12. Tom-Makue pulls it down and takes off, Reyes meets him at the marker. The officials have to measure and he’s … short. Waipahu ball at the Leilehua 45. 8:26 Q4

McGary back in for Leilehua and he takes the handoff on the final play of the third quarter. Tight coverage on Nichols next two throws and the Mules punt. Waipahu ball at its 44. Marauders quickly go three-and-out, losing 7 yards, and punt. The return is muffed but the Mules recover at their 23.

Waipahu ball at its 19. Marques with a quick pass over the middle to Fiesta for 14.  Failauga takes the next four handoffs and picks up 24 yards to get to 100. He’ll add 43 more with a burst up the middle. TOUCHDOWN WAIPAHU. PAT good. :17 Q3.

Damarion Smith finds some room and picks up 24 yards over three carries. Nichols is sacked, his short pass is batted down and a third-down throw overshoots Jeremy Evans. Mules punt.

Failauga is dropped for a loss, yet another false start, and Fiesta loses 6 yards on a reverse and Waipahu punts. Leilehua ball at its 24.

McGary is on the bench with ice on his left ankle, talking to trainers. Mules move up with an encroachment call but give the yards back with a 5-yard loss on a completion. Timeout Mules. Waipahu secondary dropped four potential interceptions but Zeondre Benjamin snags this one on a deep ball from Nichols. He make the pick at midfield, an illegal block wipes out the return. Waipahu ball at the Leilehua 40. 6:54 Q3.

Failauga breaks off a long run but comes back due to holding. Mules called for holding for a Waipahu first down.  Marques loses a snap for an 11-yard loss and a personal foul brings up second-and-41 at the Waipahu 49. The Marauders get 18 back on two completions, but they’ll punt. Waipahu pins Leilehua at its 8. 8:01 Q3.

Leilehua receives the kickoff and starts at its 24. McGary stays on the turf after a 2-yard run and is carted off the field. Mules go three-and-out. Tom-Makue bobbles the snap but gets it away. Deacon Kapea returns the punt 21 yards to the Leilehua 30.

Halftime box

At Leilehua
Waipahu (6-4, 5-2)    6    7  —  13
Leilehua (8-2, 6-1)    3    3  —  6

Lei-FG Akoni Tom-Makue 20
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 99 kickoff return (kick failed)
Lei—FG Tom-Makue 41
Waip—Cody Marques 10 run (Brycen Amorozo kick)

RUSHING—Waipahu: Alfred Failauga 11-68, Marques 4-15.
Leilehua: Damarion Smith 3-8, Rayden Rulloda-Kim 1-15, Max Nichols 3-12, James McGary 7-9, Kalei Akagi 1-(-4).
PASSING—Waipahu: Marques 6-10-0-48. Leilehua: Nichols 5-12-0-44.
RECEIVING—Waipahu: Failauga 1-5, Matthew Fiesta 2-18, Jovan Gooman 2-13, Saxon Tote 1-12. Leilehua: Jeremy Evans 1-6, McGary 2-29, Rulloda-Kim 1-0, Vitale Afoa 1-9.
JV—Leilehua 40, Waipahu 6

Marauders pick up their second first down of the game on a personal foul on Leilehua. Failauga drives them into Leilehua territory. Cody Marques keeps the drive going with an 11-yard keeper on third-and-8 Marques hits Saxon Tote for 12 to the Leilehua 22. On second down, Marques hits Matthew Fiesta over the middle for 17 yards to the 5. Timeout Waipahu with :12 left. Waipahu’s seventh false start pushes the Marauders back to the 10. Marques drops back, then takes off up the middle. He leaps as he’s hit at the goalline and somersaults high into air before landing in the end zone for a 10-yard TOUCHDOWN WAIPAHU. PAT good. :05 Q2. My goodness.

Leilehua converts two third downs, on a 1-yard run by McGary and 9-yard completion by Nichols, to drive to the 29. McGary is dropped for a loss of 1. The Mules set up a double-pass, but the lateral is dropped for a loss of 4. The third down pass in batted down. Time out Waipahu before Leilehua punts. Marauders take over at their 16.

This time Tom-Makue boots the kickoff out of the end zone.  Illegal participation on Leilehua gives Waipahu possession at the 35. Helmet-to-helmet personal fouls pushes Waipahu back. Failauga gets the penalty yardage back with a 23-yard run. A sack by Jaeden Chow forces a three-and-out. Leilehua takes over at midfield.

Max Nichols connects with James McGary out of the backfield for 14 yards. On third and 10, the Mules set up a screen for McGary and picks up 15 to end the first quarter. The second period begins with the Mules at the Waipahu 28. Waipahu safety Zeondre Benjamin gets his hands on two passes but can’t reel in the interception. Tom-Makue connects from 41 yards out. FIELD GOAL LEILEHUA. 11:06 Q2.

A sack by Kealii Barrett and Abraham Montero ends Leilehua’s second possesion and the Mules punt. Waipahu ball at its 13. Failauga picks up a first donw on two 7-yard runs, but holding and false start penalties effectively end the drive. Waipahu punts on fourth and 23. After a personal foul on Leilehua, Mules ball at their 43.

Waipahu’s Branson Jay Reyes leaps to field Tom-Makue’s kickoff at the 1, hits a hole and gets to the sideline, cuts back at the Leilehua 30 and he’s gone. TOUCHDOWN WAIPAHU, 99 yards on the return. PAT wide left. 5:29 Q1.

Waipahu starts at its 20 and moves back on consecutive false start penalties. Alfred Failauga picks up 10 yards on third-and-15 and the Marauders punt. Leilehua takes over at the Waipahu 46 and needs just four plays to move inside the 10. James McGary is stopped on third and goal from the 2. Akoni Tom-Makue drills a 20-yard FIELD GOAL. 5:49 Q1.


Leilehua wins the toss and defers. Waipahu will receive the opening kickoff.

Leilehua defeats Waipahu 40-6 in the JV game. The Mules will host the JV championship next Saturday.


Cody Marques13157-263-132,22412
Joel Auvae516-35-32321
Jovan Gooman102-2-0650
Alfred Failauga91-1-0151
Saxon Tote110-1-000
Alfred Failauga92191,16510
Deacon Kapea14582756
Jayven Reyes7592626
Cody Marques131151627
Branson Jay Reyes1241081
Manuele Pulusila625760
Tarynce Antolin32250
Fiva Tulafale54151
Matthew Fiesta14860
Joel Auvae515-201
Matthew Fiesta14477264
Saxon Tote11415482
Branson Jay Reyes13295435
Jovan Gooman10232191
Devin Espiritu571641
Solofa Setu67940
Alfred Failauga96730
Jeff Badua47601
Zeondre Benjamin63430
Fiva Tulafale51300
Jayven Reyes72220
Deacon Kapea142160
Armani Miles22100


Max Nichols11163-325-152,15727
Kekoa Turnagan34-7-0911
Masen Reis31-1-0230
Kalei Akagi100-2-100
James McGary81126446
Kalei Akagi10261591
Damarion Smith8471570
Max Nichols1167663
Cody Akagi411230
Akoni Tom-Makue112230
Rayden Rulloda-Kim91150
Chad Dilay57150
Konapiliahi Raymond34140
Dorian Furtado10240
Vitale Afoa4730
Mason Reis41-80
Kekoa Turnagan33-100
Jeremy Evans114273413
Dorian Furtado11356035
Rayden Rulloda-Kim9182442
James McGary8202182
Jayzon Ramos7151912
Kalei Akagi9131774
Masen Reis412420
Chad Dilay57380
Konapiliahi Raymond32170
Vitale Afoa5290
Cody Akagi41-50


  1. "UNITY=STRENGTH" October 19, 2018 6:38 pm

    Give it your all tonight no stupid penalties control!!! Good play calling on both sides of the ball will come on top!!! One play at a time one yard at a time!!! Try not to drop or fumble the baby HeHe “Rock ON”!!! 🙂

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