GAME NIGHT 10/13: Kamehameha/Punahou

Punahou defensive back Alaka’i Gilman (11) and defensive back Marist Liufau (7) worked to bring down Kamehameha receiver Micah Pasion in a game earlier this season. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

The season is on the line for both No. 4 Punahou and No. 5 Kamehameha tonight at Aloha Stadium. The winner gets another crack at No. 1 Saint Louis.

Top performances in the series
Punahou passing vs. Kamehameha: Nick Kapule with 452 yards last year
Punahou rushing vs. Kamehameha: Mosi Tatupu with 249 yards in 1973
Punahou receiving vs. Kamehameha: Ethan Takeyama with 215 yards in 2015
Kamehameha passing vs. Punahou: Caleb Spencer with 312 yards in 2002
Kamehameha rushing vs. Punahou: Kahe Santos with 225 yards in 2002
Kamehameha receiving vs. Punahou: Aaron Nichols with 233 yards in 2005

Head coach: Abu Ma’afala
Warriors roster


Head coach: Kale Ane
Buffanblu roster

No. 5 Kamehameha 44, No. 4 Punahou 31

at Aloha Stadium
Kamehameha (4-4) 7 10 7 20 — 44

Punahou (5-3) 0 14 10 7 — 31

KSK—Laakea Ane 39 pass from Thomas Yam (Leihalia Panui kick)
KSK—FG Nokea Nakachi-Isaacs 30
Pun—Vincent Terrell 56 run (Tim Horn kick)
Pun—Tamatoa Falatea 15 pass from Stephen Barber (Horn kick)
KSK—Skyler Ramos 14 pass from Yam (Panui kick)
Pun—FG Horn 39
Pun—Koa Eldredge 38 pass from Barber (Horn kick)
KSK—Reino Bush 2 pass from Yam (Panui kick)
KSK—Ane 3 pass from Yam (kick failed)
KSK—Ezra Evaimalo interception in end zone (Panui kick)
KSK—Kanoa Shannon 7 run (Panui kick)
Pun—Andrei Iosivas 10 pass from Barber (Horn kick)

RUSHING—Kamehameha: Shannon 28-86, Yam 8-51, Reino Bush 1-(minus 1), team 1-(minus 2). Punahou: Terrell 18-155, Barber 12-20, Hale Motu’apuaka 1-(minus 4).

PASSING—Kamehameha: Yam 19-30-0-250. Punahou: Barber 14-32–1-254.
RECEIVING—Kamehameha: Braden Akima 8-81, Ramos 6-109, Ane 2-42, Bush 2-13, Onyx Freitas 1-5. Punahou: Falatea 7-147, Eldredge 3-68, Hunter Hosoda 2-19, Iosivas 1-10, Terrell 1-10.


Kick out of bounds. Over.

Barber scrambles for 20 then hits Eldredge for 11. Barber sacked from behind by who else? Evaimalo. Punahou uses its last timeout. 1:17. Ball on the Kamehameha 46. Barber is hit late and Kamehameha flagged for a penalty. Hugh Brady in at QB. Barber back in after a PI call on Kamehameha. Barber to Andrei Iosivas, whose first catch of the game is a 10-yard TD.

Shannon runs for 8 and a personal foul on Punahou. Yam avoids the loss and escapes a tackle but goes out of bounds. Can’t do that. Third-and-6. Less than 4 to play. Shannon gets 4. Fourth-and-2 at the 30. Punahou calls timeout with 3:39 remaining. Movement. Encroachment on Punahou. Unbelievable. First down Kamehameha. Yam pulls it on second-and-4 and looks like he has the first down but slides early. He’s marked a yard short. Timeout Punahou. 2:43 on the clock. Third-and-1. Shannon gets the yard and it’s a first down. That should be close to doing it. Injured Buffanblu with 2:30 on the clock. It’s Ahofitu Maka and he can’t put any weight on his right leg. Kamehameha comes out and throws it for who knows what reason. Incomplete but a flag down. What on Earth was that? Holding on Punahou. That was a head-scratcher. Kanoa Shannon, the workhorse all season for Kamehameha on offense, with a 7-yard TD run. Ball game. 44-24, 2:10

Punahou ball on its 22. Barber with a deep pass on first down and OH MY. Falatea with an amazing catch down the sideline. It’s ruled good for 42 yards. You could make an entire Top 10 out of tonight’s game alone. Falatea with 147 receiving yards on seven receptions. Terrell for no gain and there’s Evaimalo AGAIN making the play on D. Had help from Kupono Blake. Third-and-10. Barber scrambles for 5 and it’s fourth-and-5. Arias again comes in on the blitz UNTOUCHED. SACK. Kamehameha takes over.

Great punt is downed at the 5. Punahou has 95 yards to go. 6:50 on the clock. PLAY OF THE YEAR. Kamehameha sophomore Ezra Evaimalo comes rushing off the edge, knocks the Barber pass into the air, turns and catches it in the end zone. Touchdown Kamehameha. 37-24, 6:44.

Kamehameha ball on its 44 with 7:49 to go. Chance here to end a 10-game losing streak to the Buffanblu. Play-action and Yam underthrows an open receiver. Little bit of jitters in crunch time from both QBs. Short run means it’s third-and-8. Gotta look for No. 5 here. Timeout Kamehameha. Shannon slow to get off the field. He has 58 tough yards on 22 carries. Yam pressured and throws it low into the ground. Kamehameha three-and-out. Punahou’s D with a big stand.

Punahou starts from its 20. Arias with another big hit for no gain. Quickly it’s third-and-10. Barber underthrows a receiver badly and it’s a three-and-out.

HUGE return by Alec Serraro. 62 yards to the Punahou 18. Yam on the QB draw takes it 16 yards to the 2. Yam with the play-action pass to Ane who has his second TD of the game. A 3-yard TD pass gives Kamehameha the lead. The extra point is missed but Punahou runs into the holder. Kamehameha then moves early so it switches kickers and the kick is missed. 30-24, 8:44.

Punahou opens the fourth first-and-10 on its 45. Third-and-6 and Hoku Arias stuffs Motu’apuaka for a loss of 4. Punt time.

Punahou will start on its 35. We are in for a wild fourth quarter. Neither team wants to call it a season.

Punahou slowly taking over this game. Warriors need a response. And there it is! First play is a deep ball, 43 yards to Ramos, into Punahou territory. Yam to Bush for 11. Yam to Akima for 19. Yam to Akima for 5. Yam with a 2-yard TD to Reino Bush. Yam 5-for-5 for 80 yards on the drive. All five plays passes. 24-24, :18, Q3.

Punahou draws Kamehameha offsides on the hard count on third-and-2 to move the sticks. Ball on their 34. Third-and-9 after confusion in the backfield between Barber and Terrell on a running play. The run to Terrell catches Kamehameha for a 28-yard gain. Terrell at 151 rushing yards. Koa Eldredge breaks open over the middle and Barber finds him for the 38-yard TD. 24-17, 2:05.

Warriors start on their 12. A 19-yard pass on third-and-4 to the Punahou 40 is wiped out by a hold, but Punahou has a personal foul after the play. Pass incomplete and Kamehameha has to punt.

Excellent field position after a personal foul on Kamehameha. Buffanblu start on their 45. Third-and-6 and Barber goes deep. Incomplete. That’s the second or third time Barber has just flung one deep on third-and-manageable.

Motua’puaka with a tackle for loss and it’s third-and-5 quickly for Kamehameha. Third-and-10 after a false start. Incomplete. Warriors three-and-out.

Punahou will receive. Second play and Barber hits Falatea in stride for 56-yard gain to the 11. That looked like a replay from the Serra game back in September. Third-and-10 from the 11. Kamehameha brings the blitz and Barber eludes a couple of defenders but Ezra Evaimalo eventually gets the sack. Tim Horn‘s 39-yard field goal is good and we’re tied, 17-17, 10:02.

at Aloha Stadium
Kamehameha (3-4) 7 10

Punahou (5-2) 0 14

KSK—Laakea Ane 39 pass from Thomas Yam (Leihalia Panui kick)
KSK—FG Nokea Nakachi-Isaacs 30
Pun—Vincent Terrell 56 run (Tim Horn kick)
Pun—Tamatoa Falatea 15 pass from Stephen Barber (Horn kick)
KSK—Skyler Ramos 14 pass from Yam (Panui kick)

RUSHING—Kamehameha: Kanoa Shannon 15-39, Yam 4-27, Reino Bush 1-(minus 1). Punahou: Terrell 9-112, Barber 4-1.
PASSING—Kamehameha: Yam 12-18-0-159. Punahou: Barber 8-15–0-86.
RECEIVING—Kamehameha: Braden Akima 6-57, Ramos 4-58, Ane 1-39, Onyx Freitas 1-5. Punahou: Falatea 5-49, Koa Eldredge 1-19, Terrell 1-10, Hunter Hosoda 1-8.

Punahou ball on its 25 with 49 seconds to go and three timeouts. Terrell runs for 10 and the half is over. Punahou leaves three timeouts on the board. I have no idea what that was all about. HALFTIME.

OUTSTANDING catch over the middle by Skyler Ramos for 27 yards on third-and-13. Shannon pops one for 12 to the outside. Nothing going inside as big Hale Motu’apuaka is taking up space. NOT AGAIN. Ramos showing off out here with a diving snag for 13 yards on third down. Third-and-2 and Freitas is wide open but drops a low throw. Holding on the defense bails out Kamehameha though. First-and-10 at the 14. Same route to Ramos and same result. Yam with a 14-yard TD pass to Skyler Ramos, who needs to put that drive on his highlight tape. Yam 12-18, 159 yards, 2 TD.

Another big hole for Terrell as he picks up 27 yards out to the 40. Already 99 rushing yards on only six carries. Kamehameha calls a timeout to figure out what is going on with the run defense. Third-and-4 and Barber goes deep. PI call on Kamehameha. Tough one there. Ball inside the Kamehameha 40. Sliding catch by Koa Eldredge for 19 yards down to the 20. Corner of the end zone and it’s a 15-yard TD pass from Barber to Falatea. 14-10 Buffanblu, 5:07.

Yam converts a third down on a 10-yard pass to Akima but a false-start penalty turns third-and-1 to third-and-6 at the Punahou 46. Alakai Gilman breaks up the pass and Kamehameha will punt.

Third-and-8 from the Buffanblu 17 and Barber finds a wide open Vincent Terrell in the flat for 10 yards. Terrell breaks off a 56-yard TD run and you don’t see that often against this Kamehameha defense. Touchdown Punahou. 10-7, 10:24.

Kamehameha’s Nokea Nakachi-Isaacs with a 30-yard field goal on first play of second quarter. 10-0 Warriors.

Warriors ball at midfield. Legend Matautia with a tackle for loss on Shannon. Yam then is sprung by a huge block for a big run but they are going to call the block on a defenseless player. Kamehameha in trouble but then Punahou called for a hose-collar penalty and then a roughing-the-passer on third down. Add on 15 to the 12-yard catch by Akima and the ball is quickly at the Punahou 25. Yam throws back across his body to the middle of the field and a face mask will be called on Punahou. Penalties galore for the Buffanblu. Yam with a 10-yard run to the 2 but the right tackle moves early on first-and-goal. Second-and-goal and Kamehameha goes play-action. Yam has the TE for six but overthrows him. Yam scrambles for his life and is nearly picked off by Kaulana Makaula on final play of first quarter.

Punahou starts on its 13. After a Punahou false start, DE Jonah Welch bats down a Barber pass at the line of scrimmage. Barber tackled for a loss of 3 by everyone on Kamehameha’s D-line. Short pass to Hunter Hosoda for 8 and Punahou is three-and-out.

Touchback. Kamehameha ball on its 20. Shannon in at RB. Three consecutive quick passes to Braden Akima goes for 35 total yards as he breaks one for 28. Third-and-6. Open receiver is Skyler Ramos for 8 yards but a flag down. A 5-yard face mask on Ramos. Third-and-3. Shannon picks up 2. Fourth-and-1. Timeout Kamehameha. GREAT call on fourth-and-1. Play-action fools Punahou and it’s Thomas Yam to Laakea Ane for a 39-yard TD. 7-0 Warriors.

Punahou will start on its 38. Stephen Barber in at QB. Barber completes his first pass to Tamatoa Falatea for 6 yards and runs for a first down on third down. A drop on third down and Punahou punts.

Senior Thomas Yam at QB for the Warriors. Reino Bush at RB. No sign of Kanoa Shannon, the Warriors’ leading rusher. Yam gets 7 on first down but a drop on third down forces a punt.

Kamehameha wins the toss and will receive.

Kamehameha: Thomas Yam, Jadekiss Salevao, Dayne Hall, Kalawaia Pescaia
Punahou: Maninoa Tufono, Stephen Barber, Hale Motu’apuaka

Kickoff about 7:45 p.m.


  1. Kamehameha#1 October 13, 2017 11:52 pm

    Congrats to Kamehameha and sad to see Punahou’s season come to an end. Something has to be done because the 2nd best team in the state can’t even make it to the playoffs. Now its going to be really interesting between St. louis and Kamehameha!

  2. dafun October 14, 2017 4:03 pm

    @Kamehameha#1…I’ve gotta admit Kamehameha is THE MOST IMPROVED TEAM THIS SEASON IN THE STATE. Props to them even though I’m St. Louis all the way but I’ve gotta say you guys are doing great and such a big change from the beginning. I hate that the ILH only allows one team in because you guys definitely deserve it. You guys should also be talked about when people talk about the top teams in the state besides us, kahuku, and mililani. You guys are right there and big props to you guys.

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