GAME NIGHT 10/5: Leilehua/’Iolani

No. 8 Leilehua 28, No. 9 ‘Iolani 25


at Aloha Stadium
Leilehua (7-1, 4-1) 14 14 0 0 — 28
‘Iolani (7-2, 5-2) 0 7 7 11 — 25
Lei—Jemell Vereen 38 pass from Kekoa Turangan (Konapiliahi Raymond kick)
Lei—Jayzon Ramos 54 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Iol—Carter Kamana 4 pass from Jonah Chong (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Lei—Ramos 11 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Lei—Ramos 16 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Iol—Brody Bantolina 19 pass from Chong (Manuel kick)
Iol—FG Manuel 25
Iol—Noah Gaudi 22 pass from Chong (Manuel pass from Chong)

RUSHING—Leilehua: Vereen 27-142, Damarion Smith 3-12, Turangan 4-4. ‘Iolani: Brock Hedani 8-17, Brody Bantolina 6-8, Chong 13-(minus 21).
PASSING—Leilehua: Turangan 23-39–1-268. ‘Iolani: Chong 22-37–1-256.
RECEIVING—Leilehua: Kalei Akagi 7-39, Ramos 6-134, Landyn Jumawan 6-26, Jonathan Vasquez 3-31, Vereen 1-38. ‘Iolani: Wailoa Manuel 10-119, Kamana 5-35, Gaudi 3-59, Bantolina 1-19, Cole Ichikawa 1-15, Ryan Sunada 1-6, Hedani 1-3.

(2:13) ‘Iolani ball on its 25. 2:13 on the clock. Here we go. Manuel open on the crossing route as Chong has all day to throw. He gets 13 yards and TACK ON 15. A personal foul called on Leilehua. WOW. Ball already in Leilehua territory. Manuel now at 101 receiving yards as he catches his eighth pass to the 40. Chong with time again but Gaudi with a drop near the 30. Leilehua player down on the field. 1:40 on the clock. Third-and-3 coming up. It’s Pio, who had a sack earlier in the game, who is down. Pressure comes and Chong finds Manuel for 7. First down. Leilehua calls timeout with 1:19 on the clock. First-and-10 at the Mules 33. Chong has a receiver wide open out to his left but misses him. That would have at least put the ball in field-goal range. Chong to Manuel for 11 to the 22 as those crossing routes are getting open on the Mules defense. Timeout Mules. 1:00 on the clock. Chong on a full sprint out right and he gets to the 18 but he’s bumped late and goes crashing into the stands. First-and-goal at the 9. Chong flushed out to his right and then just throws one into coverage…..PICKED OFF. Junior Selau Aiava with the pick. Flags everywhere. Aiava gets two unsportsmanlike penalties and is thrown out of the game but the play counts. Mules will hold on.

(2:34) Leilehua recovers the onside kick on its 45. Shayden Molina tackles Vereen for a loss of 1. Timeout ‘Iolani. Sweep to Vereen and Molina AGAIN tracks him down for no gain. Timeout ‘Iolani. Turangan goes deep on third down and it’s overthrown. ‘Iolani will get the ball back with a timeout.

(4:37) Pei with a 32-yard punt return and ‘Iolani starts in Leilehua territory at the 47. Chong is sacked for a loss of 13 but a 15-yard penalty on Leilehua. Kamana with an 8-yard reception to move the chains but Chong is then sacked again. Holding the ball way too long. Now he short-hops a wide-open receiver. Third-and-23 at midfield. Chong stands in and hits Gaudi for 28 yards to the 22. Chong scrambles and Gaudi is WIDE OPEN for a 22-yard TD. Touchdown ‘Iolani, which will go for 2. Chong hits Manuel and it’s 28-25, 2:34 to go. ‘Iolani with three timeouts remaining.

(9:36) Leilehua ball on its 20. Vereen runs three times and picks up the first down on third-and-1. Third-and-4 now with 7 minutes on the clock. Vereen is a yard short. Fourth-and-1. Turangan on the QB sneak for 2 yards. Mules try a screen pass on third-and-10 and Turangan nearly throws it right to Molina who jumped to swat the ball away and nearly picked it off instead. Punt.

‘Iolani will start the fourth quarter third-and-6 on the Leilehua 29. Manuel with the reception to the 20. First down. Mules whistled for a 5-yard penalty. Second-and-2 at the 12. Swing pass out to Hedani for 3 yards to the 9. First-and-goal. Now third-and-goal at the 7. Chong rolls right and then the throw back left is open to Gaudi but it’s overthrown. Huge there. Fourth down. ‘Iolani elects to kick and Manuel hits a 25-yard field goal. 28-17, 9:36, Q4.

Third Quarter Box
at Aloha Stadium
Leilehua (6-1, 4-1) 14 14 0
‘Iolani (7-1, 5-1) 0 7 7
Lei—Jemell Vereen 38 pass from Kekoa Turangan (Konapiliahi Raymond kick)
Lei—Jayzon Ramos 54 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Iol—Carter Kamana 4 pass from Jonah Chong (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Lei—Ramos 11 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Lei—Ramos 16 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Iol—Brody Bantolina 19 pass from Chong (Manuel kick)

RUSHING—Leilehua: Vereen 19-120, Damarion Smith 3-12. ‘Iolani: Brock Hedani 7-15, Brody Bantolina 5-5, Chong 10-(minus 9).
PASSING—Leilehua: Turangan 22-35–1-269. ‘Iolani: Chong 13-20–0-148.
RECEIVING—Leilehua: Ramos 6-134, Kalei Akagi 7-39, Landyn Jumawan 6-26, Vereen 1-38, Jonathan Vasquez 2-32. ‘Iolani: Wailoa Manuel 5-72, Kamana 4-27, Bantolina 1-19, Cole Ichikawa 1-15, Noah Gaudi 1-9, Ryan Sunada 1-6.

Raiders ball at midfield and Cole Ichikawa hauls in a 15-yard pass that was tipped around by multiple defenders before he was able to snare it. END 3.

(2:31) Mules ball on the ‘Iolani 29. Fourth-and-6 at the 25 and they go for it after calling timeout. Crossing route is complete to Vasquez for 15 yards to the 10 but Isaac Iganacio puts the hit on Vasquez to force a fumble. Pei scoops it up and returns it to midfield.

(3:26) Touchback. ‘Iolani ball on its 20. Kiaka Pio and Hanohano-Baptista converge for the sack on third down for Leilehua. Three-and-out. Punt.

(4:52) Leilehua ball on its 32 after a penalty on the return. Vereen rips off another big gainer to go over 100 yards for the game. ‘Iolani thinks it recovers a fumble but it was actually a shovel pass that is incomplete. The refs talk it over and get it right. Good job by them. Third-and-10 as Turangan is now 1-for-7 in the second half. Pass is batted away at the line. Punt.

(6:39) ‘Iolani ball on its 22. Great speed rush off the edge by Narwin Luther to get the sack. Gabriel Araki trips up Chong for a sack on third down to force a punt. The ball gets away from Chong but he is ruled down.

(8:27) Mules ball on their 30. Vereen rips off a 19-yard run into ‘Iolani territory. Trevor Kan drops an INT right in his hands and it’s third-and-7. Incomplete. Turangan with four incompletions already in the third quarter matching his first-half total. Punt.

(9:45) ‘Iolani ball on the Leilehua 45. First two plays are passes to Kamana as ‘Iolani looks to get their big receiver going. Third-and-4 at the Leilehua 24. Mules go empty and bring the pressure and Chong’s throw is low. Fourth down. Leilehua gives same look on defense. Chong has enough time to allow Kamana to get open for 5 yards. First down at the 19. Chong hits a wide open Bantolina out of the backfield for a 19-yard TD. 28-14 Mules, 8:37, Q3.

(10:41) Leilehua ball on its 23. After a short run, looks like Leilehua’s Jason Flores throws a punch after the play. He is whistled for a personal foul but not ejected. Screen pass is tipped and incomplete. Third-down pass is dropped. Punt.

(12:00) ‘Iolani will start on its 38. Big third down early. Chong has a receiver, who stumbles though and it’s incomplete. Punt.

‘Iolani ball to start the second half.

Halftime Box
at Aloha Stadium
Leilehua (6-1, 4-1) 14 14
‘Iolani (7-1, 5-1) 0 7
Lei—Jemell Vereen 38 pass from Kekoa Turangan (Konapiliahi Raymond kick)
Lei—Jayzon Ramos 54 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Iol—Carter Kamana 4 pass from Jonah Chong (Wailoa Manuel kick)
Lei—Ramos 11 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)
Lei—Ramos 16 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)

RUSHING—Leilehua: Vereen 15-75, Damarion Smith 2-9. ‘Iolani: Chong 5-6, Brock Hedani 4-9, Brody Bantolina 3-3.
PASSING—Leilehua: Turangan 20-24–1-251. ‘Iolani: Chong 8-11–0-91.
RECEIVING—Leilehua: Ramos 6-134, Kalei Akagi 6-36, Landyn Jumawan 6-26, Vereen 1-38, Jonathan Vasquez 1-17. ‘Iolani: Wailoa Manuel 5-72, Noah Gaudi 1-9, Ryan Sunada 1-6, Kamana 1-4.

(:20) ‘Iolani ball on its 38.

(2:40) Mules ball on their 30. Vereen rips off a 22-yard gain into ‘Iolani territory. Jonathan Vasquez carries defenders for 17 yards on his first catch for Leilehua. Jumawan nearly comes up with a diving catch in the end zone. Turangan finds Ramos on the same route as the previous TD for a 16-yard score. 28-7 Mules, :25, Q2.

(4:12) Raiders ball on their 37. Offensive pass interference call on ‘Iolani backs the Raiders up. Noah Gaudi catches his first pass of the game but well short of marker. Punt.

(7:01) Mules ball on their 40 after a short punt. Ramos with a big 33-yard grab over the middle to go over 100 yards receiving already. Leilehua calls timeout second-and-goal at the 9. Pei with a tackle for loss to make it third-and-goal at the 11 but Turangan finds an open Ramos in the end zone for an 11-yard TD. 21-7 Mules, 4:18, Q2. Turangan 17-20, 220 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT in first half. Ramos 5 rec, 118 yards, 2 TD.

(9:34) ‘Iolani ball on its 31. Manuel with two more grabs to get the ball past midfield. Jaku Hanohano-Baptista with a tackle for loss on second down and then a sack on third down to put a quick and sudden end to that ‘Iolani drive.

(11:53) Mules ball on their 20. Turangan converts a third down with a pass to Ramos for 6 yards. Third-and-10. Turangan hits Landyn Jumawan for 6 yards and Leilehua has to punt. Mules called for illegal motion on the punt which was fumbled and recovered by the Mules although it looked like there was interference. Nonetheless they will punt again.

‘Iolani has it first-and-goal at the 4 to start the second quarter. Kamana’s first catch back from injury is a 4-yard TD. 14-7 Mules, 11:53, Q2.

First Quarter Box
Leilehua (6-1, 4-1) 14
‘Iolani (7-1, 5-1) 0
Lei—Jemell Vereen 38 pass from Kekoa Turangan (Konapiliahi Raymond kick)
Lei—Jayzon Ramos 54 pass from Turangan (Raymond kick)

RUSHING—Leilehua: Vereen 9-34. ‘Iolani: Jonah Chong 4-15, Brock Hedani 3-4, Brody Bantolina 1-2.
PASSING—Leilehua: Turangan 10-12–1-159. ‘Iolani: Chong 3-5–0-53.
RECEIVING—Leilehua: Kalei Akagi 4-36, Landyn Jumawan 3-17, Ramos 2-68, Vereen 1-38. ‘Iolani: Wailoa Manuel 3-53.

(2:28) ‘Iolani ball on its 33. Kalani Atwood with a huge sack of Chong for a loss of 13. Chong has time on third-and-long and goes DEEP down to the middle to Manuel who jumps up and gets it. Great catch for 47 yards. Carter Kamana in the game for ‘Iolani after missing the last five with an injury. Chong on third down bounces off a would-be sacker and then turns on the jets for 23 yards to the 4. First-and-goal as the quarter ends.

(3:55) Leilehua ball on its 22. Akagi breaks a tackle out in open space and turns a short pass into 21 yards. Third-and-7. Slant to Jayzon Ramos, who trucks a safety and can not be caught from behind. A 54-yard TD makes it 14-0 Mules, 2:34, Q1. Turangan 10-12, 159 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT already.

(4:58) Raiders will have it on their 33. Deep ball down the sideline to Manuel who goes full extension and can’t quite haul it in. Chong flushed out on third down and can only get 2 yards. Three-and-out.

(9:23) Mules ball on their 2. Landyn Jumawan with tow grabs including a 5-yarder on third-and-2 to move the chains. Jemell Vereen picks up 5 on third-and-1 for a first down. Mules need eight plays to get to midfield and continue to drive. A targeting penalty on ‘Iolani pushed the ball to the Raiders 23. A personal foul backs up Leilehua 15 yards but the Mules hit on a screen pass from Turangan to Vereen for a 38-yard TD. 7-0 Leilehua, 5:09, Q1.

(10:41) ‘Iolani ball on the Leilehua 9. Jonah Chong at QB. Option pitch on third-and-goal at the 3 and Brock Hedani is stopped at the 1. ‘Iolani will go. Hedani is stuffed with Ashton Raquino leading the charge. Turnover on downs.

(12:00) Mules ball on their 20. Senior Kekoa Turangan at QB. Turangan completes his first pass to Kalei Akagi for a first down but then is nearly picked off a dropped pass by Micah Camat. Third down and he is picked by Lanakila Pei, who returns it inside the 10.

Leilehua will receive.

Cy Achohido, Jemell Vereen, Terrance Lokan, Gabriel Araki
‘Iolani: Lanakila Pei, Carter Kamana, Jonah Chong, Micah Camat

Kickoff will be right around 5:10 p.m.
Series history: Leilehua leads 7-3-1
Leilehua roster
‘Iolani roster


  1. "UNITY=STRENGTH" October 5, 2019 3:45 pm

    My best to both teams today win and/or lose battle on the front line’s who will step up and lead there team to victory you want it TAKE IT!!! Focus threw and threw every point matter’s no matter where it come’s from HeHe!!!:)

  2. Jacob Makaiwi October 5, 2019 7:11 pm

    Iolani is hanging in tough, but Leilehua is shooting themselves in the foot this whole second half. They are lucky Iolani is still down 2 touchdowns. Better rely are being smart other than relying on luck because Iolani has the momentum this whole second half. 4th quarter time! Go Mules!

  3. Jacob Makaiwi October 5, 2019 7:12 pm

    On being smart

  4. Hau’ulaBoy October 5, 2019 7:54 pm

    Haha, good job Mules. Way to close it out.

  5. Jacob Makaiwi October 5, 2019 8:12 pm

    A win is a win, but that second half wasn’t good. And idk why these boys were making selfish penalties that could have costed them the game. Awesome play at the end, but the excessive stuff afterwards… smh. Obviously I’m a huge Mule fan, but watching how the boys conducted themselves the second half was disheartening. Awesome job to Iolani! Should have pulled off the win, but Leilehua and number 11 was clutch when it counted. Just hope these boys play smart through the rest of the season because if they don’t, the season may end soon. And either way I’d rather have a team that loses with class rather than a team that wins without class. Go Mules!

  6. Jacob Makaiwi October 5, 2019 8:26 pm

    Football wise: Leilehua did awesome the first half. Their huge front 7 on D stopped any hope for an Iolani rushing game practically causing Iolani to throw the whole game. Their offense was clicking. Second half belonged all to Iolani until the interception at the end. The Raider’s QB was amazing and made such smart decisions. MLB for the Mules was a little too slow to cover the slots crossing and gave some yards to the QB scrambling. The DB’s gave lots of space for Iolani receivers to work. Lucky the blitz got the QB a few times. Iolani played double coverage on Ramos the second half which payed off because no other player other than the RB was productive. But it’s easy to stop the run when they D knows that the pass wasn’t a threat in the second half. So good Defense for Iolani. But a win is a win! I’m just a fan, but just some observations for both teams. Go Mules!

  7. Hau’ulaBoy October 5, 2019 8:40 pm

    Great insight Jacob. Way to be a fan with class. Hope your Mules keep kicking @$$ and taking names. That D you guys have is dang good. Good luck. RR4L

  8. Jacob Makaiwi October 5, 2019 9:49 pm

    Mahalo my bradah! I appreciate all your insight too, especially for your team and their opponents. You’re full of respect and I respect you bro. Big Red always has a chance to win it all! Let’s see if they can pull it off against Punahou tonight. They’re not used to being underdogs, but they are used to never giving up. Those kids on the North Shore and their fans have such passion for football and the Red Raiders! I should know, I married an RR4L and lived down in Hau’ula and Laie for a couple years with her before moving back Wahiawa. Haha. Take care my bradah 🤘

  9. Bring It November 2, 2019 3:07 pm

    Listen to Felipe O’s commentary at the end of the game when he says Iolani QB was faking getting pushed into the steel retainer wall after #55 LB dirty Afoa shoved him 5 yds out of bounds. This is what happens when you have kiss okole scrubs who never played the game serve as play by play analyst. Afoa and Kiaka are the 2 dirtiest players in Div 1. Afoa had 3 personal fouls on the last drive of that game and Felipe tries to attribute blame to Iolani receivers and QB. Weak Manong. Afoa even cheap shotted participants a the Level Up Elite combine at Farrington this past summer. Whats wrong with you? Maybe crybaby Billy will come to your aid too. 2 plugs who neva play anything.

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