GAME NIGHT 10/26: Moanalua/Leilehua

No. 8 Moanalua 21, No. 7 Leilehua 20, 2OT


Fa’amasino complete to Lee for 4 yards to the 16. Second down. Fa’amasino scrambles for 7 yards to the 9. First-and-goal. Pass is tipped around and CAUGHT. It went out of the hand of a receiver into the hands of Dacyres Domingo. Touchdown. XP for the win coming….Griffin Motas is the kicker. IT IS GOOD. MOANALUA HAS ITS FIRST OIA D-I FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP AND SECOND LEAGUE TITLE EVER.

Leilehua will get the ball first to start the second OT. Incomplete pass on first down. VEREEN UP THE MIDDLE. HOUSE CALL. TOUCHDOWN FROM 20 YARDS. But the extra point is NO GOOD. 20-14 Mules. Career-high 153 yards on the ground for Vereen.


Mules just need a field goal to win. Ball at the 20. Ramos is open DEEP..T…no. What defense by Jesus Lopez Jr. to knock it away at the last second. Now third-and-10. Mules call a timeout and then throw a pass back across the field to Cody Akagi but he only gets 5. Raymond will try another field goal. This one from 33 yards. WIFE LEFT. Overtime No. 2 coming.

Moanalua will go first from the Leilehua 20 in the south end zone. Fa’amasino has Lee open on the double move but Leilehua’s Selau Aiava makes a great play on the ball after he nearly catches it to bat it away at the last second. Third-and-10. Throw into double coverage is CAUGHT. At the 1. How did York go and get that between two defenders? Timeout Moanalua with first-and-goal at the 1. Moanalua on its third QB. Touchdown Moanalua but flags everywhere. Delay of game for snapping ball before the ready for play signal. Ball back at the 6. Scary pass to York is caught with tight coverage but only for a yard. Now a delay of game penalty on Moanalua. Two critical mistakes move the ball back from the 1 to the 10. Still second-and-goal. Fa’amasino’s pass is high and tipped and PICKED. Narwin Luther with the INT. Mules now get the ball with a chance to win it.


Konapiliahi Raymond’s 26-yard field goal is……nope. Moanalua calls timeout to try to ice the kicker. Here we go a second time. Moanalua is out of timeouts. The kick HITS THE LEFT GOAL POST AND IS NO GOOD. We are going to overtime.

(2:36 on clock). Leilehua ball on its 30. Pass is CAUGHT by Ramos. He escapes a defender and has room. He has blockers. HE. IS GONE. TOUCHDOWN. NO. Flag is on the field. Illegal man downfield is the penalty. That wipes out a 68-yard TD from Turangan to Ramos. Third down and Turangan puts a perfect ball in there to Ramos down the sideline. 35 yards to the Moanalua 32 with 1:24 to go. Akagi with a catch down to the 21. Under a minute to go. Smith with a jump cut to the outside and he is down to the 10. Smith gets a yard to the 9. Timeout Leilehua with 25 seconds left. Smith in at RB with Vereen getting looked at by the trainers. Incomplete pass on second down. 21 seconds remaining. Third-and-goal at the 9. Leilehua runs it into the middle of the field and is down at the 9. They let the clock tick to 2 seconds and call timeout. Here we go for the second game in a row.

Moanalua ball on its 35 with 3:58 to go. Pass caught by York who escapes and ALMOST breaks it but gets 9. Darius Johnson gets a first down. York gets open inside the 30 but the pass can’t get there. Then Fa’amasino almost gets picked and that could have gone the other way. Moanalua punts.

Jayzon Ramos with a 25-yard punt return to the Moanalua 17. Mules ball with 4:30 to go. Turangan finds Jonathan Vasquez. TOUCHDOWN from 15 yards out. XP is GOOD. 14-14, 4:01, Q4.

8:04: Na Menehune ball on their 4 with 5:26 on the clock. Junior Brayden Fa’amasino now in at QB, third different QB for Moanalua tonight. Third-and-4 and his pass to Lawsen Lee is high. Moanalua will have to punt from its 11.

8:03: Leilehua has benefited from one pass interference call going to the end zone here … did they just get another on a fourth-down incompletion? NO …. the flag is waved off and Moanalua takes over on downs at its 4 with 5:26 to play.

8:00: Leilehua has ground-and-pounded it into the red zone behind the legs of Vereen. … but a potentially key holding call puts the Mules back to the 15. Clock ticking.

7:54: Holding call submarines the drive for Na Menehune. Punting unit comes on and this one takes a Leilehua hop to the Moanalua 44. Another short field for Leilehua with 9:36 to play.

7:52: First play of the fourth and Moanalua might’ve just lost another playmaker. Jansen York is holding his arm coming off the field after a 7-yard pickup.

7:48: CLUTCH for Moanalua as Aukai Grace comes down with the fourth pick of Turangan tonight, this one in the end zone at the end of the third quarter. Moanalua takes its 14-7 lead into the final period.

7:47: Kealohi fires one low coming out of a timeout and Na Menehune punt it away, no return at the Moanalua 49.

7:44: Wakefield for Leilehua has about five tackles for loss tonight, including a few sacks. He just dropped Jansen York for a loss on first down and Leilehua followed with a sack of Kealohi on second down. Na Menehune looking for a very long third-down completion here late in the third … just to stop bleeding field position.

7:41: Leilehua takes advantage of the sublime position. A couple of pass completions from Turangan gets the Mules up to the 19, where Jemell Vereen takes it and busts a couple of tackles on his way to the end zone. MULES ON THE BOARD, with 1:43 left in the third.

7:38: It’s a nice punt return for Leilehua, which begins this drive up at the Moanalua 41. Mules looking to get on the board.

7:36: Nothing doing for Moanalua this drive. It’s a very quick three-and-out with another sack of Kealohi by Jashawn Wakefield, who’s been a menace on the pass rush tonight.

7:34: Leilehua gets up to the Moanalua 22. On fourth-and-11, Turangan heaves it high to the end zone to Kalei Akagi. But Aukai Grace times his defense perfectly and breaks up the pass in the end zone.

7:28: Kealohi gets Na Menehune up to the Leilehua 33, but then absorbs a couple of sacks.

7:21: Leilehua kicks off to Moanalua to begin the third quarter. It’s a squibber and Moanalua starts on its 35.


7:03: Turangan just tossed his third pick of the first half, this one hauled in by Christian Sison, his second of the night. He returns it to the Leilehua 37 with 29 seconds left in the half. But Na Menehune can’t do anything with it as Kealohi is sacked for a loss of nine and the half expires. It’s 14-0 Moanalua at intermission.

6:59: Moanalua punts it away, but during the return, another Na Menehune player goes down hurt. This time it’s Aukai Grace. Thankfully, he’s able to walk off after a minute. Leilehua will start this drive at its 20 after being assessed a personal foul. It has 1:04 and two timeouts until halftime.

6:55: There, Kealohi just rolled out and completed a pass on his first attempt for Moanalua. It goes for 7. But the Na Menehune offense is clearly hampered with Javar gone and Kealohi, one of the team’s two best receivers, having to take snaps.

6:53: However, a personal foul and a sack of Turangan have pushed Leilehua back to the 22, now on fourth and goal. … Turangan looks to the end zone under pressure … but he overthrows his man past the back left pylon. Moanalua takes over on downs at the 22.

6:51: A little trickery here as Leilehua goes double pass, as Turangan throws it behind the line of scrimmage and to the left to Jayzon Ramos, who heaves it deep to Kalei Akagi for a gain of 40 yards to the Moanalua 5. Akagi has all seven pass completions for Leilehua tonight.

6:47: Moanalua has not yet showed a willingness to pass with Rudy Kealohi back there in place of RJ Javar. Three straight runs means a three-and-out for Moanalua. Leilehua takes over at the Na Menehune 45.

6:44: After a Moanalua timeout, a big-time sack of Kekoa Turangan on third-and-6 forces the Mules to punt. Moanalua takes over at its 5, though, so Mules are gaining an edge in position.

6:41: Leilehua is on the move into Moanalua territory, aided by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Na Menehune.

6:36: It’s Rudy Kealohi in at backup QB for Na Menehune. Moanalua is getting pushed way back after some penalties, a snap that’s mishandled and a sack of Kealohi. Moanalua punts it — it’s a good one — and Leilehua has it on its 26.

6:34: Turangan has thrown his second pick of the night looking deep. This one’s taken by Rashod Tanner.

6:29: Kickoff goes out of bounds, ball at the 25 for Leilehua’s first drive after the long stoppage of play.

6:27: Play has resumed. Griffin Motas knocks in the extra point on Javar’s keeper touchdown.

6:23: Javar is lifted onto a stretcher and loaded into the ambulance. A cheer of “RJ!” goes up from his teammates. The teams begin to warm back up.

Ambulance arrives for Moanalua quarterback RJ Javar.

6:18: There’s the ambulance for Javar.

6:17: The teams are cooling down, and have headed back to their benches.

6:15: The touchdown has been called good, but Javar remains down with a crowd of people attending to him. This is really not good. Leilehua coach Mark Kurisu is over near the scrum. Sounds like an ambulance is about to enter the stadium.

6:06: Moanalua opens the second quarter in the red zone and is pushed back to the 8 on a loss of 4 on a rush. Then RJ Javar keeps it when he can’t find an open man …. he dives for the left pylon and is hit helmet to helmet. The touchdown is called good, but concern for Javar, who stayed down and is being attended to. A Leilehua player was called for targeting and ejected, although the officials may have had the wrong player initially. Now they change it and junior Ethan Kuth can head to the showers early.


5:59: PICK as Moanalua DB Christian Sison comes down with Turangan’s deep ball.

5:56: It’s a three-and-out right back for Moanalua, which has a pass over the middle broken up nicely by Leilehua’s Selau Aiava. Mules taking over on their 47 late in the first.

5:53: Leilehua gets a good return up to its 36, but goes three-and-out after getting up to the 44 and facing fourth-and-2. Punted and Moanalua has it on its 15.

5:48: Leilehua punts it to the Moanalua 20. On their second play, Na Menehune look over the top and RJ Javar has a WIDE open Jansen York. York catches it at about the Moanalua 45 and runs it all the way untouched for the 76-yard score at the 5:38 mark of the first. 7-0 Moanalua.

5:42: Vareen looking for some ground redemption for Leilehua. Coach Mark Kurisu going to him in heavy doses after he fumbled on the first drive.

5:39: Nothing doing for Moanalua and quarterback RJ Javar, who are undone by a couple of false starts. Na Menehune get a 33-yard field-goal attempt from Griffin Motas, but he’s no good. Game remains scoreless at the 8:44 mark of the quarter.

5:36: Leilehua gains a single first down behind QB Kekoa Turangan before Jamell Vareen fumbles it and Moanalua LB Chase Tau recovers at the Mules’ 19.

5:31: Moanalua kicking off to Leilehua left to right.

5:30: We’re getting underway for the OIA Division I championship. Moanalua going for its first at this classification, Leilehua its first since 2007 and the days of Andrew Manley.

4:50 p.m.: The D-II championship game between Kaimuki and Roosevelt just ended on a dramatic walk-off field goal. Gonna be a little while before Moanalua and Leilehua get going, folks.

Series history: Leilehua leads 24-3
Last meeting: Moanalua 24, Leilehua 20, 8/30/2019
Moanalua roster
Leilehua roster


  1. ILH October 26, 2019 4:54 pm

    Good win for the Bulldogs from KAIMUKI.

  2. Chicken Grease October 26, 2019 8:47 pm

    Why didn’t they give to Vereen for 2?!??

  3. Jacob Makaiwi October 26, 2019 9:07 pm

    Shucks, devastating. Great job Moanalua, you guys were clutch in the end where it matters. To the Mighty Mules, no worries, you’re still in the state tournament and still get chance! Seems turnovers were a big factor for the Mules along with missed field goals, but it’s all good just minor mistakes to fix 🤙🏾 I pray that the injured Moanalua players get better. Good luck to both teams moving forward. Go Mules!

  4. Big C October 26, 2019 10:33 pm

    Hope all is well for Javar. Good game Na Menehune!

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