D-I STATE FINAL: Hilo/Waipahu

Waipahu 42, Hilo 22

Waipahu wins its first state football championship in school history and finishes the season 10-4. Hilo ends a nine-game winning streak to end the year at 9-2.

Nobody has rushed for more yards in a career in the state tournament than Waipahu’s Alfred Failauga. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.


at Aloha Stadium
Waipahu (10-4) 14 14 7 7 — 42
Hilo (9-2) 7 0 7 8 — 22

Waip—Matthew Fiesta 29 pass from Cody Marques (Brycen Amorozo kick)
Waip—Saxon Tote 15 pass from Alfred Failauga (Amorozo kick)
Hilo—Kalae Akui 63 pass from Kyan Miyasato (Joshua Rosario kick)
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 15 pass from Marques (Amorozo kick)
Waip—Deacon Kapea 38 interception return (Amorozo kick)
Hilo—Kyler Aguiar 4 pass from Miyasato (Rosario kick)
Waip—Alfred Failauga 2 run (Amorozo kick)
Waip—Jayven Reyes 11 run (Amorozo kick)
Hilo—Kyler Aguiar 80 pass from Miyasato (Akui pass from Miyasato)

RUSHING—Waipahu: Failauga 21-151, Reyes 8-41, Marques 11-13, Fiesta 1-(minus 2). Hilo: Kaleo Ramos 14-40, Lyle Silva 2-6, Isaiah Toki 1-(minus 3), Legend Figueroa 1-(minus 12), Miyasato 13-(minus 66).
PASSING—Waipahu: Marques 8-15-2-150, Failauga 1-1-0-15, Tote 0-1-0-0. Hilo: Miyasato 11-23-1-213.
RECEIVING—Waipahu: Tote 4-98, Fiesta 3-46, Reyes 2-21. Hilo: Aguiar 8-129, Akui 1-63, Guyson Ogata 1-14, Ramos 1-7.


(3:33) Hilo recovers the onside kick at the Waipahu 45. Elijah Apao on the recovery. Camanse with another sack for Waipahu, which has 11 sacks for the game. Camanse with a tackle of Miyasato and it’s fourth-and-12. Incomplete. Waipahu ball. That should do it.

(6:02) Hilo ball on the 20. Akui almost has another long TD, 75 yards, but he drops a perfect ball from Miyasato. Miyasato doesn’t worry about it. On third-and-27 he hits Kyler Aguiar for an 80-yard TD. Akui catches the two-point conversion. 42-22, 3:34, Q4.

(8:01) Waipahu ball on the Hilo 48. Jeromy Reyes-Orcino with a third-down sack of Marques to force a punt.

(10:18) Hilo ball on its 17. Vikings three-and-out. Camanse and Aleaga teamed up on the third-down sack.

Junior Jayven Reyes with an 11-yard TD for Waipahu to make it 42-14, 10:26, Q4.

Waipahu’s Alfred Failauga breaks off a 47-yard run and he now has more career rushing yards than anyone else in the history of the state tournament, beating Pesefea Fiaseu‘s mark of 668 yards.


(:12) Excellent punt by Hilo nets 59 yards. Marauders start on their 23. END 3.

(2:32) Hilo ball on its 30. Hilo drops a pitch and settles for a loss. Third-and-long. Zachary Camanse with a sack on third down to force a punt.

(7:15) Ball on the 31 for Waipahu. A 15-yard face-mask penalty on Hilo aids the Waipahu drive as Failauga takes it inside the 40. Failauga up to 97 yards on 17 carries as he takes it inside the 20. Third-and-6 and Marques is stopped by LB Kalen White. Fourth-and-3 and Waipahu will go for it. Marques keeps it to the 9 for a first down. Timeout Hilo. 3:12 on the clock. Waipahu goes with the triple-option and Marques keeps to the 2. Alfred Failauga with a 2-yard TD run. 35-14, 2:39, Q3.

(11:52) Hilo will start on its 39. Aguiar, who did not catch a pass in the first half of the semifinal win over Maui, catches his fourth pass of this game for 9 yards to start the second half. Lyle Silva gets his first carry for Hilo and an encroachment penalty by Waipahu allows another Hilo first down inside the 40. Third-and-6 and Kaleo Ramos rips off a 13-yard run to the 18. Aguiar with another catch, 11 yards to the 7. First-and-goal. Kyan Miyasato with a 4-yard TD pass to Kyler Aguiar. Hilo starts the second half with a much-needed TD. Waipahu 28, Hilo 14, 7:22, Q3.

Hilo will receive.

at Aloha Stadium
Waipahu (9-4) 14 14
Hilo (9-1) 7 0

Waip—Matthew Fiesta 29 pass from Cody Marques (Brycen Amorozo kick)
Waip—Saxon Tote 15 pass from Alfred Failauga (Amorozo kick)
Hilo—Kalae Akui 63 pass from Kyan Miyasato (Joshua Rosario kick)
Waip—Branson Jay Reyes 15 pass from Marques (Amorozo kick)
Waip—Deacon Kapea 38 interception return (Amorozo kick)

RUSHING—Waipahu: Failauga 12-64, Marques 5-9, Jayven Reyes 1-(minus 1), Fiesta 1-(minus 2). Hilo: Kaleo Ramos 5-24, Isaiah Toki 1-(minus 3), Miyasato 8-(minus 48).
PASSING—Waipahu: Marques 8-13-2-150, Failauga 1-1-0-15, Tote 0-1-0-0. Hilo: Miyasato 6-15-1-104.
RECEIVING—Waipahu: Tote 4-98, Fiesta 3-46, Reyes 2-21. Hilo: Kyler Aguiar 3-20, Akui 1-63, Guyson Ogata 1-14, Ramos 1-7.


(:52) Waipahu ball on its 23. Marques scrambles for 8 and Waipahu calls timeout. Alameda with his second sack of the game but he throws Marques to the ground well after he was wrapped up and is whistled for a 15-yard penalty. Kalen White with the second INT of the game for Hilo. Vikings have it on the Waipahu 44 with 13 seconds left.

(1:33) Hilo ball on its 33 but it again goes nowhere and has to punt with 52 seconds remaining.

Hilo struggling to move the ball as it simply can’t handle the Waipahu defensive line up front. Wild play as Waipahu tips the punt, fields it, gets a good return, but then fumbles and Hilo gets the ball back.

(4:44) Waipahu ball on its 30. Marauders try a double-pass with Tote but it’s incomplete. Kahiau Walker with an interception of a Marques pass and Hilo gets the ball back.

(9:51) Ball on the Hilo 8. Third-and-3 and Miyasato finds Kyler Aguiar to move the chains. Aleaga though comes flying for the second sack by the freshman. Hilo’s Guyson Ogata now has to limp off and it’s third-and-4. Waipahu jumps early and gives up a first down. Kaleo Ramos with a nice 11-yard run and the Vikings stringing together a nice drive here. Montero though quickly with his second sack and fifth already for Waipahu. Gambino Devoux adds a sack and Hilo has to punt.

(10:17) Hilo ball on its 25. Deacon Kapea with the INT for Waipahu and he brings it back 38 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Kapea does it again. 28-7, 9:58, Q2.

Waipahu second-and-8 at the 21 to start the second quarter. A couple of nice Failauga runs and then Tote gets open deep for another big gain. 41 yards on the pass from Marques to the Hilo 15. Marques to Reyes for a 15-yard TD. 21-7, 10:25, Q2.


END 1: Waipahu 14, Hilo 7

Waipahu’s Matthew Fiesta caught a 29-yard touchdown to cap the Marauders’ opening drive in the D-I state final against Hilo on Saturday. Photo by Jamm Aquino/Star-Advertiser.

(:20) Waipahu ball on its 19. A 7-yard screen pass to Tote after a penalty on Waipahu ends the first quarter.

(1:35) Hilo ball on its 45. Matthius Aleaga with a sack to help force a three-and-out.

(3:32) A nice return and Waipahu has it on its 45. A couple of pre-snap penalties by Waipahu and it’s third-and-9 after Failauga is stopped for no gain. Junior DL Joshua Niro with the sack and forced fumble. Waipahu recovers but it’s a big loss on the play. Punt time.

(4:34) Hilo ball on its 35. DL Abraham Montero with the second sack for the Marauders and it’s third-and-long. Miyasato DEEP to Kalae Akui and it’s a 63-yard TD pass. Big play for the Vikings. XP is good. 14-7, 3:42, Q1.

(7:21) Marauders ball on their 35. RB Alfred Failauga breaks away for a 9-yard gain. Quickly 16 more yards for Failauga to the Hilo 40. Hilo’s Kayden Alameda with a big TFL on Failauga and it’s now third-and-8. Marques just wide on his throw and it’s fourth down. Waipahu goes for it and Marques gets out of the pocket and scrambles for 14 yards. Waipahu already 2-for-2 on fourth down. Failauga makes a defender miss and gets 9 yards to the 15. Trick play and it’s a 15-yard TD pass from Failauga to Tote. Touchdown Waipahu. First passing attempt in the three-year career of Failauga. 14-0 Marauders, 4:43, Q1.

(8:58) Hilo ball on its 31. First look at Vikings QB Kyan Miyasato. Manuele Pulusia greets him with a third-down sack and it’s a three-and-out for the Vikings offense.

Marauders quickly to third-and-13 but Saxon Tote gets one foot in and hauls in a perfect pass from Cody Marques for 35 yards to the Hilo 40. Marques converts a fourth down with a pass to Branson Jay Reyes and then hits Matthew Fiesta for a 29-yard TD. Marauders cash in on opening drive to lead 7-0, 9:05, Q1.

Waipahu will receive.


Cody Marques, Fiva Tulafale, Kealii Barrett, Savior Iaulualo
Hilo: Elijah Apao, Kalen White, Kaleo Ramos, Sione Holani

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For Waipahu’s roster, click here.
SERIES HISTORY: First meeting

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2004: Hawaii Prep 41, Waipahu 16, at Radford
2006: Waipahu 27, KS-Hawaii 12, at KS-Hawaii
2006: Kauai 17, Waipahu 6, at Vidinha Stadium
2011: Waipahu 19, Lahainaluna 14, at Waipahu
2011: Iolani 34, Waipahu 0, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Lahainaluna 52, Waipahu 14, at War Memorial
2017: Konawaena 53, Waipahu 50, at Konawaena
2018: Waipahu 20, Iolani 19, at Waipahu

Rushing attempts, game: Alfred Failauga, 42
Rushing attempts, career: Alfred Failauga, 99
Rushing yards, game: Alred Failauga, 283
Rushing yards, career: Alfred Failauga, 547
Rushing touchdowns, game: Alfred Failauga, 4
Rushing touchdowns, career: Alfred Failauga, 5

Passing completions, game: Braden Amorozo, 22
Passing completions, career: Braden Amorozo, 32
Passing attempts, game: Braden Amorozo, 40
Passing attempts, career: Braden Amorozo, 58
Interceptions, game: Braden Amorozo and Cody Marques, 3
Interceptions, career: Braden Amorozo, 5
Passing yards, game: Braden Amorozo, 336
Passing yards, career: Braden Amorozo, 536
Passing touchdowns, game: Braden Amorozo, 3
Passing touchdowns, career: Braden Amorozo, 5

Receptions, game: Matthew Fiesta, 7
Receptions, career: Matthew Fiesta, 13
Receiving yards, game: Matthew Fiesta, 152
Receiving yards, career: Matthew Fiesta, 214
Receiving touchdowns, game: Matthew Fiesta, 2
Receiving touchdowns, career: Matthew Fiesta, 3

Career rushing yards
1. Alfred Failauga, 547
2. Greg Alip, 247
3. Keo Palimoo, 139
4. Matt Soueira, 80
5. Matapua Tulafale, 68

Career passing yards
1. Braden Amorozo, 536
2. Cody Marques, 163
3. Austen Benito, 136
4. Gil Fernandez, 114
5. Ezekiel Kapanui-Reyes, 83

Career receiving yards
1. Matthew Fiesta, 214
2. Alika Asing, 136
3. Ryan Winfree, 95
4. Zeondre Benjamin, 94
5. Isaac Yamashita, 79

2000: Kaimuki 20, Hilo 0, at Wong Stadium
2003: Farrington 27, Hilo 0, at Keaau
2013: Campbell 42, Hilo 27, at Keaau
2014: Kahuku 20, Hilo 10, at Aloha Stadium
2015: Mililani 62, Hilo 18, at Aloha Stadium
2016: Leilehua 26, Hilo 25, at Keaau
2017: Hilo 26, Maui 7, at Wong Stadium
2017: Hilo 35, Damien 19, at Aloha Stadium
2018: Hilo 35, Maui 24, at Keaau

Rushing attempts, game: Kaleo Apao, 25
Rushing attempts, career: Kahale Huddleston, 49
Rushing yards, game: Kahale Huddleston, 216
Rushing yards, career: Kahale Huddleston, 364
Rushing touchdowns, game: Kahale Huddleston, 2 (twice)
Rushing touchdowns, career: Kahale Huddleston, 5

Passing completions, game: Kyan Miyasato, 19
Passing completions, career: Kyan Miyasato, 25
Passing attempts, game: Kyan Miyasato, 31
Passing attempts, career: Kaale Tiogangco, 49
Interceptions, game: Sione Atuekaho Kyan Miyasato and Matt Hassenritter, 2
Interceptions, career: Kyan Miyasato, 3
Passing yards, game: Kyan Miyasato, 230
Passing yards, career: Kyan Miyasato, 296
Passing touchdowns, game: Kyan Miyasato, 3
Passing touchdowns, career: Kyan Miyasato, 3

Receptions, game: Kyler Aguiar, 7
Receptions, career: Kahale Huddelston, 9
Receiving yards, game: Guyson Ogata, 79
Receiving yards, career: Kahale Huddleston, 92
Receiving touchdowns, game: Donovan Faoa Kelly, Kainalu Tiogangco, Isaac Lerma, Shelton Lerma, Ka’aho Kaawa-Wilson, Makana Kanehailua, Guyson Ogata, Kyler Aguiar, 1
Receiving touchdowns, career: Isaac Lerma, 2
Longest field goal, game: Rayce Takayesu, 31
Most field goals, career: Rayce Takayesu, 2

Career rushing
1. Kahale Huddleston, 364
2. Kaleo Apao, 223
3. Kaleo Ramos, 161
4. Kaale Tiogangco, 147
5. Royden Nabarro, 141

Career passing
1. Kyan Miyasato, 296
2. Kaale Tiogangco, 270
3. Sione Atuekaho, 147
4. Kaleo Apao, 134
5. Donovan Kelly, 102

Career receiving
1. Kahale Huddleston, 97
2. Guyson Ogata, 79
3. Donovan Kelly, 70
4. Kyler Aguiar, 66
4. Kaonohi Botelho, 66


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