LIVE BLOG: Hawaii Officials Tournament

Kamehameha's Dustin Dano wrestled Waianae's Michael Alpuro in a 160-pound bout at Officials on Friday. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.

The two-day Hawaii Officials Tournament is underway at Leilehua. Brackets and results will be posted below.

For Day 2 results, click here.

Intriguing quarterfinal matchup at Girls 225 pitting top seed and No. 9 Pound-for-Pound Tangiteina Niutupuivaha of Kahuku against Farrington’s Lavenia Fotu. Fotu won Officials in 2016 and a state title in 2017 and has been ranked as high as No. 5 pound-for-pound in her career, but did not compete last season.

Leilehua’s Kelani Corbett is the only two-time Officials champion in the field of 506 total wrestlers (317 boys, 189 girls).

Here are the latest Hawaii Prep World pound-for-pound rankings. Seven of the 10 ranked boys and eight of the 10 girls are in the field.

UPDATE: Two top seeds out in the Round of 16 as Waiakea’s Brayden Spain pins Boys 113 No. 1 seed Kenji Carino of Aiea, and 220 No. 1 seed Brock Ai of Kamehameha loses 12-7 to Punahou’s John Egami.

6 p.m.: Girls quarterfinals have begun.

For an easier to find list of semifinal matchups, click here.


106 Pounds

(1) Mason Stefanelli (Punahou) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Leilehua)
Tobey Ravida (Baldwin) vs. Jayce Kamimura (Kalani)

(1) Mason Stefanelli (Punahou) vs. Dayne Takai (Moanalua)
— Stefanelli, Fall 1:24
Coby Lawrence (Kauai) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Leilehua)
— Chanthabouasith, Fall 1:10
Tobey Ravida (Baldwin) vs. Chaz Kuikahi Molina (Kamehameha)
— Ravida, Fall 1:45
Keane Foster (Farrington) vs. Jayce Kamimura (Kalani)
— Kamimura, Fall 3:51

(1) Mason Stefanelli (Punahou) Robert Frias (‘Iolani)
— Stefanelli, Fall 1:45
Waipakawiw Parker (Kamehameha) vs. Dayne Takai (Moanalua)
— Takai, Dec. 9-5
Coby Lawrence (Kauai) vs. Kallen Hashizaki (Waiakea)
— Lawrence, Fall 1:08
Cyrus Bucsit (Saint Louis) vs. Khansith Chanthabouasith (Leilehua)
— Chanthabouasith, Fall 1:33
Tobey Ravida (Baldwin) vs. Aiden Shikuma (Waiakea)
— Ravida, Fall 1:51
Chaz Kuikahi Molina (Kamehameha) vs. Isaiah Siaris (Mililani)
— Molina, Dec. 8-4
Randy Kubo (Damien) vs. Keane Foster (Farrington)
— Foster, 11-9
Jayce Kamimura (Kalani) vs. Micah Ongies Vellalos (Pearl City)
— Kamimura, Fall 1:20

Robert Frias of ‘Iolani won a 5-2 decision over Pac-Five’s Jarren Seson


Brayden Spain (Waiakea) vs. Thomas Nitta (Kalaheo)
Dreddin Villalpando (Saint Louis) vs. Sheydon Tomisato (Kamehameha)

Brayden Spain (Waiakea) vs. Breyson Chang (Pac-Five)
— Spain, Fall :37
Thomas Nitta (Kalaheo) vs. Kainoa Monkres (KS-Maui)
— Nitta, Dec. 6-2
Keane Escaba (Moanalua) vs. Dreddin Villalpando (Saint Louis)
— Villalpando, Fall 3:39
Sheydon Tomisato (Kamehameha) vs. Benjamin Vento (Waiakea)
— Tomisato, TF 18-3

(1) Kenji Carino (Aiea) vs. Brayden Spain (Waiakea)
— Spain, Fall 3:33
Breyson Chang (Pac-Five) vs. Matthew Cook (Radford)
— Chang, Fall :48
Raffe Perreira (Damien) vs. Thomas Nitta (Kalaheo)
— Nitta, Maj. 13-0
Kainoa Monkres (KS-Maui) vs. Jack Kobayashi (Kalani)
— Monkres, Fall 3:08
Roden Zyru De Guzman (Baldwin) vs. Keane Escaba (Moanalua)
— Escaba, Dec. 10-5
Dreddin Villalpando (Saint Louis) vs. Ramos Suzuki (Kalani)
— Villalpando, Fall 1:03
Sheydon Tomisato (Kamehameha) vs. Scott Fujishima (Pac-Five)
— Tomisato, Dec. 6-4
Benjamin Vento (Waiakea) vs. Chase Drumeller (Campbell)
— Vento, Fall 1:10

Brayden Spain of Waiakea won a 9-4 decision over Hale Robinson of Punahou
Kalaheo’s Thomas Nitta won a technical fall, 20-3, over Kapolei’s Kauhane Harding
KS-Maui’s Kainoa Monkres def. Mililani’s Nicholas Diamond 8-1
Moanalua’s Keane Escaba pinned Kapolei’s Kinau Mcbrayer in 1:51
Saint Louis’ Dreddin Villalpando def. Mililani’s Dylan Cuesta by pin, 1:03
Pac-Five’s Scott Fujishima pinned Leilehua’s Dylan Ramos in 2:23
Waiakea’s Benjamin Vento def. ‘Iolani’s Samuel Rivers by pin at 4:38

Nanakuli’s Randall McCabe, right, faced Pearl City’s Tyler Dang at 120 pounds. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.


** Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) is No. 2 pound-for-pound
Brant Porter (Kamehameha) is No. 10 pound-for-pound

(1) Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) vs. Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin)
Koby Chun (Kaiser) vs. Brant Porter (Kamehameha)

(1) Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) vs. Joseph Vento (Waiakea)
— Asuncion, Fall 1:09
Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin) vs. Randall Mccabe (Nanakuli)
— Valdez, Fall :24
Koby Chun (Kaiser) vs. Carmello Castillo (Hilo)
— Chun, Fall 1:55
Rylan Smith (Waiakea) vs. Brant Porter (Kamehameha)
— Porter, Fall 1:08

(1) Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) vs. Kobi Tanioka (‘Iolani)
— Asuncion, Fall :34
Joseph Vento (Waiakea) vs. Ezekiel Matutuino (Kamehameha-Maui)
— Vento, Fall 5:11
Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin) vs. Peter Natividad (Leilehua)
— Valdez, Fall :46
Randall Mccabe (Nanakuli) vs. Tyler Dang (Pearl City)
— Mccabe, Fall 2:59
Koby Chun (Kaiser) vs. Ammen Tawfik (Pac Five)
— Chun, Dec. 13-8
Kekoa Young (Punahou) vs. Carmello Castillo (Hilo)
— Castillo, Dec. 6-4
Josiah Tamasaka (Pearl City) vs. Rylan Smith (Waiakea)
— Smith, Fall 4:00
Brayden Gushikan (Moanalua) vs. Brant Porter (Kamehameha)
— Porter, Fall :50

Elijah Asuncion (Moanalua) BYE
Jayven Chinen Zablan (Damien) vs. Kobi Tanioka (‘Iolani)
— Tanioka, SV-1 3-1
Joseph Vento (Waiakea) BYE
Ezekiel Matutuino (Kamehameha-Maui) BYE
Gabriel Valdez (Baldwin) BYE
Peter Natividad (Leilehua) vs. Mason Stoll-Tolentino (Kauai)
— Natividad, MFF
Randall Mccabe (Nanakuli) vs. Ethan Chai (Kalani)
— Mccabe, Fall 3:03
Tyler Dang (Pearl City) BYE
Koby Chun (Kaiser) BYE
Ammen Tawfik (Pac Five) vs. Camreyn Hornos (Campbell)
— Tawfik, Fall 1:08
Chasen Callahan Koko (Nanakuli) vs. Kekoa Young (Punahou)
— Young, Dec 9-8
Carmello Castillo (Hilo) BYE
Josiah Tamasaka (Pearl City) BYE
Rylan Smith (Waiakea) BYE
Brayden Gushikan (Moanalua) vs. Dustin Bajarin Frietas (‘Iolani)
— Gushikan, Dec 9-6
Brant Porter (Kamehameha) BYE


** Kysen Terukina (Kamehameha) is No. 1 pound-for-pound
(1) Kysen Terukina (Kamehameha) vs. Elijah Kaawa (Saint Louis)
Caleb Shimaoka (Waiakea) vs. Brady Hoshino (‘Iolani)

(1) Kysen Terukina (Kamehameha) vs. James Lum (Pearl City)
— Terukina, Fall 1:45
Elijah Kaawa (Saint Louis) vs. Kanoa Lanoza (Lahainaluna)
— Kaawa, Dec. 5-1
Kahilihiwa Joy (Baldwin) vs. Caleb Shimaoka (Waiakea)
— Shimaoka, Dec. 9-6
Baily Yee (Saint Louis) vs. Brady Hoshino (‘Iolani)
— Hoshino, Fall :48

(1) Kysen Terukina (Kamehameha) vs. Oilver Nishikawa (Punahou)
— Terukina, Fall :51
James Lum (Pearl City) vs. Timothy Nakamoto (Waiakea)
— Lum, 6-4
Elijah Kaawa (Saint Louis) vs. Ridge Ono (Kalani)
— Kaawa, Fall 2:29
Keola Bright (Nanakuli) vs. Kanoa Lanoza (Lahainaluna)
— Lanoza, Maj. 14-4
Kahilihiwa Joy (Baldwin) vs. Alec Fong (Moanalua)
— Joy, Maj. 21-8
Prestiege Kahookele Himal (Nanakuli) vs. Caleb Shimaoka (Waiakea)
— Shimaoka, Maj. 15-1
Baily Yee (Saint Louis) vs. Cole Pruett (Kahuku)
— Yee, Maj. 11-2
Joshua Paz (Campbell) vs. Brady Hoshino (‘Iolani)
— Hoshino, Fall 2:59

(1) Kysen Terukina (Kamehameha) BYE
Kolson Tanaka (‘Iolani) vs. Oilver Nishikawa (Punahou)
— Nishikawa, Fall 3:43
Jordan Nakamura (Pac Five) vs. James Lum (Pearl City)
— Lum, Fall 1:25
Rylen Uyeno (Kaiser) vs. Timothy Nakamoto (Waiakea)
— Nakamoto, Dec 6-2
Elijah Kaawa (Saint Louis) vs. Ashton Manibusan (Radford)
— Kaawa, Fall 1:20
Ridge Ono (Kalani) vs. Trystan Ahyat (Kamehameha-Maui)
— Ono, Dec 13-10
Keola Bright (Nanakuli) vs. Kainoa Sumailo (Campbell)
Bright, Maj 10-0
Kanoa Lanoza (Lahainaluna) BYE
Kahilihiwa Joy (Baldwin) BYE
Alec Fong (Moanalua) vs. Makoa Goeas (Kamehameha)
— Fong, Dec 6-3
Prestiege Kahookele Himal (Nanakuli) vs. Jory Daack (Radford)
— Kahookele Himal, TF 16-0
Evan Kurashiga (Mililani) vs. Caleb Shimaoka (Waiakea)
— Shimaoka, Dec 8-4
Baily Yee (Saint Louis) vs. Jesse Jeremiah (Kamehameha)
— Yee, FF
Atalbert Debrum (Kapolei) vs. Cole Pruett (Kahuku)
— Pruett, Fall 1:43
Josue Loera (Leilehua) vs. Joshua Paz (Campbell)
— Paz, Maj 17-3
Brady Hoshino (‘Iolani) BYE


(1) Casen Watanabe (Punahou) vs. Jonah Chew (Kamehameha)
Zeff Dudoit (Lahainaluna) vs. Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis)

(1) Casen Watanabe (Punahou) vs. Jedaiah Borge (Kalaheo)
— Watanabe, Dec. 13-11
Kai Yawata (‘Iolani) vs. Jonah Chew (Kamehameha)
— Chew, Dec. 8-3
Zeff Dudoit (Lahainaluna) vs. Logan Leialoha (Radford)
— Dudoit, Dec. 9-7
Isaac Ignacio (‘Iolani) vs. Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis)
— Ursua, Fall 5:49

(1) Casen Watanabe (Punahou) vs. Bryce Otsuka (Pac Five)
— Watanabe, Maj. 11-2
Jedaiah Borge (Kalaheo) vs. Noa Helm (Kamehameha-Maui)
— Borge, Fall 3:29
Kahekili Pahio (Kamehameha) vs. Kai Yawata (‘Iolani)
— Yawata, Dec. 4-2
Christophe Lockert (Kailua) vs. Jonah Chew (Kamehameha)
— Chew, Fall 1:41
Zeff Dudoit (Lahainaluna) vs. Dante Bareng (Aiea)
— Dudoit, Fall :38
Logan Leialoha (Radford) vs. Roderick Rockett (Mililani)
— Leialoha, Fall 4:00
Bronson Adric (Baldwin) vs. Isaac Ignacio (‘Iolani)
— Ignacio, Dec. 5-2
Waylon Spain (Waiakea) vs. Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis)
— Ursua, Dec. 9-2

(1) Casen Watanabe (Punahou) BYE
Jonah Kapihe (Campbell) vs. Bryce Otsuka (Pac Five)
— Otsuka, Maj 8-0
Cheyse Amburgey (Mililani) vs. Jedaiah Borge (Kalaheo)
— Borge, Fall 2:17
Noa Helm (Kamehameha-Maui) vs. Taylor Aiu (Kahuku)
— Helm, Dec 11-8
Kahekili Pahio (Kamehameha) vs. Kade Okura (Kalani)
— Pahio, TB-1 6-4
Kai Yawata (‘Iolani) vs. Moses Saucier (Castle)
— Yawata, Maj 10-2
Christophe Lockert (Kailua) vs. Jaizik Sanabria (Leilehua)
— Lockert, Dec 11-10
Weiyi Zheng (Aiea) vs. Jonah Chew (Kamehameha)
— Chew, Dec 11-10
Zeff Dudoit (Lahainaluna) BYE
Anthony Lopez (Campbell) vs. Dante Bareng (Aiea)
— Bareng, Maj 11-13
Logan Leialoha (Radford) vs. Nathaniel Garcia (Pearl City)
— Leialoha, Fall 5:14
Roderick Rockett (Mililani) vs. Danny Boy Tauyan (Leilehua)
— Rockett, Fall 1:35
Bronson Adric (Baldwin) vs. Journey Feliciano (Kapolei)
— Adric, TF 18-2
Isaac Ignacio (‘Iolani) vs. Matthew Nochi (Moanalua)
— Nochi, Maj 21-8
Josiah Lum (Pac Five) vs. Waylon Spain (Waiakea)
— Spain 8-3
Ansen Ursua (Saint Louis) BYE


(1) Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) vs. Blaze Sumiye (Moanalua)
Kanaipono Tapia (Kamehameha) vs. Elijah Diamond (Mililani)

(1) Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) vs. Jayven Lomavita (Pearl City)
— Desantos, Fall 4:26
Greyson Lee (Castle) vs. Blaze Sumiye (Moanalua)
— Sumiye, Fall :42
Elijah Apao (Hilo) vs. Kanaipono Tapia (Kamehameha)
— Tapia, Fall 3:10
Bryson Leong (Leilehua) vs. Elijah Diamond (Mililani)
— Diamond, 10-4

(1) Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) vs. Kamakana Rivera (Saint Louis)
— Desantos, Fall 3:33
Tanner Higa (Pac Five) vs. Jayven Lomavita (Pearl City)
— Lomavita, Dec. 11-9
Greyson Lee (Castle) vs. Keanu Moreno (Mililani)
— Lee, Inj. 2:41
Blaze Sumiye (Moanalua) vs. Daniel Branigan (Waianae)
— Sumiye, Fall 5:16
Logan Redd Ledda (Kailua) vs. Elijah Apao (Hilo)
— Apao, Fall 1:58
Zachary Urabe (Punahou) vs. Kanaipono Tapia (Kamehameha)
— Tapia, TF 17-2
Bryson Leong (Leilehua) vs. Shawn Araki (‘Iolani)
— Leong, Maj. 15-3
Evan Nishada (Pac Five) vs. Elijah Diamond (Mililani)
— Diamond, Maj. 19-9

(1) Kaena Desantos (Leilehua) BYE
Mark Nakai (Kaimuki) vs. Kamakana Rivera (Saint Louis)
— Rivera, Fall 2:12
Tanner Higa (Pac Five) vs. Anthony Farr (Kamehameha)
— Higa, Fall 3:16
Jayven Lomavita (Pearl City) vs. Kaimanu Abregana (Kapolei)
— Lomavita, Fall 0:43
Greyson Lee (Castle) vs. Trevor Tamashiro (Kaiser)
— Lee, Fall 4:43
Keanu Moreno (Mililani) vs. Ryno Kahalewai (Nanakuli)
— Moreno, Dec 8-3
Chase Daack (Radford) vs. Blaze Sumiye (Moanalua)
— Sumiye, Fall 3:09
Daniel Branigan (Waianae) BYE
Logan Redd Ledda (Kailua) BYE
Joseph Higuchi (Damien) vs. Elijah Apao (Hilo)
— Apao, Fall 0:21
Zachary Urabe (Punahou) vs. Karter Nitahara (Moanalua)
— Urabe, 6-2
Kanaipono Tapia (Kamehameha) vs. Jules Marinas (Baldwin)
— Marinas, Fall 1:59
Bryson Leong (Leilehua) vs. Aaron Laparejo (Farrington)
— Leong, Fall 1:24
Shawn Araki (‘Iolani) vs. Jaiden Ogata (Kauai)
— Araki, Dec 9-7
Kalae Rivera (Saint Louis) vs. Evan Nishada (Pac Five)
— Nishada, Dec 4-2
Elijah Diamond (Mililani) BYE


** Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) is No. 5 pound-for-pound
(1) Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) vs. Naikoa Simao (Leilehua)
Vincent Terrell (Punahou) vs. Manaiakala Wolfgramm (Kamehameha)

(1) Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) vs. Billy Treu (Baldwin)
— Wusstig, Dec. 10-4
Devin Shimabukuro (Pac Five) vs. Naikoa Simao (Leilehua)
— Simao, Fall 5:21
Vincent Terrell (Punahou) vs. Pookela De Santos (Leilehua)
— Terrell, Dec. 4-2
Manaiakala Wolfgramm (Kamehameha) vs. Bryson Shields (Kalaheo)
— Wolfgramm, Inj. 5:26

(1) Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) vs. Chaden Mic Kahalioumi Vinl (Kamehameha)
— Wusstig, Fall 1:55
Thomas Mccreadie (Kaiser) vs. Billy Treu (Baldwin)
— Treu, Maj. 17-7
Cameron Hirota (Mililani) vs. Devin Shimabukuro (Pac Five)
— Shimabukuro, Fall 3:10
Naikoa Simao (Leilehua) vs. Kruze Keanu (Kahuku)
— Simao, Fall 4:51
Vincent Terrell (Punahou) vs. Molena Kekauoha (Kailua)
— Terrell, Dec. 7-4
Kaimana Mcbrayer (Kapolei) vs. Pookela De Santos (Leilehua)
— De Santos, Fall 3:12
Caleb Lutz (Pac Five) vs. Manaiakala Wolfgramm (Kamehameha)
— Wolfgramm, Fall 3:33
Bryson Shields (Kalaheo) vs. Jesse Dudoit (Lahainaluna)
— Shields, Fall 5:26

(1) Noah Wusstig (Moanalua) BYE
Ezekiel Lee (Pearl City) vs. Chaden Mic Kahalioumi Vinl (Kamehameha)
— Kahalioumi Vinl, Fall 1:09
Cyress Lewis Blades (Castle) vs. Thomas Mccreadie (Kaiser)
— Mccreadie, Fall 1:11
Billy Treu (Baldwin) vs. Tanumafili Fotu (Farrington)
— Treu, TF 15-0
Cameron Hirota (Mililani) vs. Ray Garcia (Campbell)
— Hirota, Fall 4:21
Devin Shimabukuro (Pac Five) vs. Kolby Kon (Iolani)
— Shimabukuro, Fall 1:34
Wes Remiticado (Saint Louis) vs. Naikoa Simao (Leilehua)
— Simao, Fall 0:59
Kruze Keanu (Kahuku) BYE
Vincent Terrell (Punahou) BYE
Cody Yamashita (Damien) vs. Molena Kekauoha (Kailua)
— Kekauoha, Maj 13-2
Kaimana Mcbrayer (Kapolei) vs. Karson Kam (Nanakuli)
— Mcbrayer, Maj 18-5
Pookela De Santos (Leilehua) vs. Tymon Paleafei (Farrington)
— De Santos, Fall 3:12
Sheldon Mashino (Moanalua) vs. Caleb Lutz (Pac Five)
— Lutz 2:43
Manaiakala Wolfgramm (Kamehameha) vs. Mason Chung (Mililani)
— Wolfgramm, Fall 5:58
Matthew Williams (Kaimuki) vs. Bryson Shields (Kalaheo)
— Shields, Dec 11-4
Jesse Dudoit (Lahainaluna) BYE


** Branden Pagurayan (Kapolei) is No. 4 pound-for-pound
Boltyn Taam (Moanalua) is No. 9 pound-for-pound

(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapolei) vs. Braden Akima (Kamehameha)
Jhael Jb Jose (Leilehua) vs. Boltyn Taam (Moanalua)

(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapolei) vs. Stone Franczyk (Pac Five)
— Pagurayan, Dec. 8-3
Mark Butcher (Kalaheo) vs. Braden Akima (Kamehameha)
— Akima, Dec. 12-8
Jhael Jb Jose (Leilehua) vs. Kekoa Schatz (Kamehameha)
— Jose, Dec. 11-7
Cameron Nishida (Pac Five) vs. Boltyn Taam (Moanalua)
— Taam, Dec. 4-0

(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapolei) vs. Colton Millet (Radford)
— Pagurayan, TF 16-1
Stone Franczyk (Pac Five) vs. Haven Estelita (Pearl City)
— Franczyk, Fall 5:41
Mark Butcher (Kalaheo) vs. Laakea Maele Lapastora (Waianae)
— Butcher, Fall :48
Matai Suitonu (Radford) vs. Braden Akima (Kamehameha)
— Akima, Dec. 13-9
Jhael Jb Jose (Leilehua) vs. Chaden Sugihara (Damien)
— Jose, Dec. 8-4
Kekoa Schatz (Kamehameha) vs. Aukahi Kalama (Kauai)
— Schatz, Fall 3:38
Hanalei Kahookaulana (Hilo) vs. Cameron Nishida (Pac Five)
— Nishida, Dec. 7-1
Kanoa Aruba Starwood (Kamehameha-Maui) vs. Boltyn Taam (Moanalua)
— Taam, Dec. 12-5

(1) Branden Pagurayan (Kapolei) BYE
Colton Millet (Radford) vs. Anson Spain (Waiakea)
— Millet, Dec 8-7
Stone Franczyk (Pac Five) vs. Bravery Gladman (Moanalua)
— Franczyk, TF 18-2
Ethan Moniz (Leilehua) vs. Haven Estelita (Pearl City)
— Estelita, Dec 7-2
Mark Butcher (Kalaheo) vs. Lyle Silva (Hilo)
— Butcher, Fall 3:54
Laakea Maele Lapastora (Waianae) vs. Cole Cadinha (Kaiser)
— Maele Lapastora, Dec 7-6
Adam Perez (Campbell) vs. Matai Suitonu (Radford)
— Suitonu Maj 18-5
Noa Takeyama (Punahou) vs. Braden Akima (Kamehameha)
— Akima, Dec 7-3
Jhael Jb Jose (Leilehua) vs. Jet Li Lam (Waianae)
— Jose, TF 16-0
Chaden Sugihara (Damien) vs. Mason Yoshino (Kaiser)
— Sugihara, Dec 10-5
Malcolm Bell (Campbell) vs. Kekoa Schatz (Kamehameha)
— Schatz, TF 16-0
Aukahi Kalama (Kauai) vs. Sebastian Simon Ganti (Farrington)
— Kalama, Fall 1:19
John Newton (Radford) vs. Hanalei Kahookaulana (Hilo)
— Kahookaulana, Fall 1:52
Quinn Gatiuan (Pearl City) vs. Cameron Nishida (Pac Five)
— Nishida, Fall 0:48
Kanoa Aruba Starwood (Kamehameha-Maui) vs. Mieszko Stachowski (Mililani)
— Aruba Starwood, Fall 4:38
Derek Perez (Lahainaluna) vs. Boltyn Taam (Moanalua)
— Taam, Maj 13-3


(1) Makana Tapia (Kamehameha) vs. Craig Nava (Pac Five)
Hudson Pak (Punahou) vs. Dustin Dano (Kamehameha)

(1) Makana Tapia (Kamehameha) vs. Austin Murray (Baldwin)
— Tapia, Fall 1:30
Khali Vilavong (Campbell) vs. Craig Nava (Pac Five)
— Nava, Dec. 13-6
Nathan Miller (Mililani) vs. Hudson Pak (Punahou)
— Pak, Dec. 8-4
Ikona Rapoza (Hilo) vs. Dustin Dano (Kamehameha)
— Dano, Dec. 11-4

(1) Makana Tapia (Kamehameha) vs. Taylor Daack (Radford)
— Tapia, Dec. 10-6
Austin Murray (Baldwin) vs. Carson Salakielu (Leilehua)
— Murray, Fall 1:44
Khali Vilavong (Campbell) vs. Kahiau Kaniho (Kamehameha)
— Vilavong, Fall 4:41
Craig Nava (Pac Five) vs. Keaka Kuaana (Lahainaluna)
— Nava, Dec. 11-4
Nathan Miller (Mililani) vs. Simeon Johnson (Kalaheo)
— Miller, Dec. 7-2
Hudson Pak (Punahou) vs. Orin Ching (Pac Five)
— Pak, Fall 2:49
Zachary Kaliko (Saint Louis) vs. Ikona Rapoza (Hilo)
— Rapoza, Dec. 15-12
Dustin Dano (Kamehameha) vs. Brandon Acidera (Leilehua)
— Dano, Fall 1:08

(1) Makana Tapia (Kamehameha) BYE
Jack Mair (Kaiser) vs. Taylor Daack (Radford)
— Daack, Fall 0:27
Austin Murray (Baldwin) BYE
Carson Salakielu (Leilehua) BYE
Khali Vilavong (Campbell) BYE
Nathan Mason (Damien) vs. Kahiau Kaniho (Kamehameha-Maui)
— Kaniho, Fall 1:22
Craig Nava (Pac Five) vs. Timothy Uriam (Kapolei)
— Nava, Maj 18-7
Keaka Kuaana (Lahainaluna) BYE
Nathan Miller (Mililani) BYE
Simeon Johnson (Kalaheo) vs. Vincent Schmidt (Campbell)
— Johnson, Fall 2:49
Hudson Pak (Punahou) vs. Orion Manibusan (Moanalua)
— Pak, TF 16-0
Orin Ching (Pac Five) BYE
Zachary Kaliko (Saint Louis) BYE
Ikona Rapoza (Hilo) BYE
Michael Alpuro (Waianae) vs. Dustin Dano (Kamehameha-Kapa)
— Dano, Fall 3:51
Brandon Acidera (Leilehua) BYE


** Rysan Leong (Kalaheo) is No. 6 pound-for-pound
(1) Rysan Leong (Kalaheo) vs. Matai Mataafa (Saint Louis)
Mason Andrews (Radford) vs. Blaze Pascua (‘Iolani)

(1) Rysan Leong (Kalaheo) vs. Andrew Adiniwin (Moanalua)
— Leong, Fall 3:30
Matai Mataafa (Saint Louis) vs. Shane Barry (Pearl City)
— Mataafa, Dec. 5-0
Mason Andrews (Radford) vs. Dean Miura (Waiakea)
— Andrews, Maj. 16-6
Brian Himalaya (Waianae) vs. Blaze Pascua (‘Iolani)
— Pascua, Maj. 18-6

(1) Rysan Leong (Kalaheo) vs. Cesar Caoili Ii (Campbell)
— Leong, Fall 1:30
Andrew Adiniwin (Moanalua) vs. Elijah Oliveira Kalala (Lahainaluna)
— Adiniwin, Fall 5:08
Micah Davidson (Radford) vs. Matai Mataafa (Saint Louis)
– Mataafa, Fall :57
Shane Barry (Pearl City) vs. Ashton Raquino (Leilehua)
— Barry, Fall 2:46
Jeremy Lorenzo (Moanalua) vs. Mason Andrews (Radford)
— Andrew, Fall 2:35
Andrew Jang (Punahou) vs. Dean Miura (Waiakea)
— Miura, Fall 1:55
Brian Himalaya (Waianae) vs. Edward Kelly (Leilehua)
— Himalaya, Fall 1:07
Tre Taylor (Saint Louis) vs. Blaze Pascua (‘Iolani)
— Pascua, Fall 3:24

(1) Rysan Leong (Kalaheo) BYE
Joshua Arcayena (Pac Five) vs. Cesar Caoili Ii (Campbell)
— Caoili Ii Maj, 10-2
Andrew Adiniwin (Moanalua) BYE
Elijah Oliveira Kalala (Lahainaluna) BYE
Micah Davidson (Radford) BYE
Zachary Genobia (Kamehameha-Maui) vs. Matai Mataafa (Saint Louis)
— Mataafa, Fall 3:15
Shane Barry (Pearl City) vs. Jeriah Faria (Farrington)
— Barry, Fall 3:42
Ashton Raquino (Leilehua) BYE
Jeremy Lorenzo (Moanalua) BYE
Chase Kanae (Aiea) vs. Mason Andrews (Radford)
— Andrews, Fall 2:46
Andrew Jang (Punahou) BYE
Dean Miura (Waiakea) BYE
Brian Himalaya (Waianae) BYE
Edward Kelly (Leilehua) BYE
Tre Taylor (Saint Louis) vs. Kento Ibarra (Kapolei)
— Taylor, Inj. 2:20
Blaze Pascua (‘Iolani) BYE


(1) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapolei) vs. Zander Manuel (Punahou)
Kainalu Huddy (Kamehameha) vs. Ty Bates (Lahainaluna)

(1) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapolei) vs. Hamartrya Tharpe (Kalaheo)
— Keliihoomalu, Inj. :14
Hoala Meyer (Saint Louis) vs. Zander Manuel (Punahou)
— Manuel, Dec. 6-1
Kainalu Huddy (Kamehameha) vs. Lahaina Kane (Kailua)
— Huddy, TF 21-6
Jaycen Crisostomo (Moanalua) vs. Ty Bates (Lahainaluna)
— Bates, TB-1 4-3

(1) Vance Keliihoomalu (Kapolei) vs. Ariston Bartley (Kamehameha)
— Keliihoomalu, Fall 2:54
Hamartrya Tharpe (Kalaheo) vs. Rylan Muramoto (Mililani)
— Tharpe, Fall 3:13
Schyler Pascual (Campbell) vs. Hoala Meyer (Saint Louis)
— Meyer, Fall 2:49
Ryan Penuliar (Leilehua) vs. Zander Manuel (Punahou)
— Manuel, Fall :41
Kainalu Huddy (Kamehameha) vs. Parker Stockdale (Mililani)
— Huddy, TF 19-3
Kyler Navarro Hiwauli (Waianae) vs. Lahaina Kane (Kailua)
— Kane, Fall 5:53
Jah Ren Ry Delim (Farrington) vs. Jaycen Crisostomo (Moanalua)
— Crisostomo, Fall 3:50
Austin Hughner (Radford) vs. Ty Bates (Lahainaluna)
— Bates, Fall 2:26


Darius Mynar (Kamehameha-Maui) vs. Austin Morris (Campbell)
Laakea Ane (Kamehameha) vs. Andrew Canonico (Punahou)

(1) Tao Tuulima (Kapolei) vs. Darius Mynar (Kamehameha-Maui)
— Mynar, Fall 1:10
Elijah Jam Ramos (Farrington) vs. Austin Morris (Campbell)
— Morris, Fall 1:25
Laakea Ane (Kamehameha) vs. Boston Opetaia (Saint Louis)
— Ane, Fall 3:26
Alejandro Blanco (Waiakea) vs. Andrew Canonico (Punahou)
— Canonico, Dec. 13-9

(1) Tao Tuulima (Kapolei) BYE
Darius Mynar (Kamehameha-Maui) vs. Aidan Fernandes (Pearl City)
— Mynar, Fall :44
Elijah Jam Ramos (Farrington) vs. Kaimipono Fisher (Kamehameha)
— Ramos, Dec. 10-4
Maake Panuve (Baldwin) vs. Austin Morris (Campbell)
— Morris, Dec. 12-5
Laakea Ane (Kamehameha) vs. Shingo Narita (Moanalua)
— Ane, Dec. 6-0
Boston Opetaia (Saint Louis) vs. Sean Waldrop (Kalaheo)
— Opetaia, Fall 1:38
Micah Kaaihue (Nanakuli) vs. Alejandro Blanco (Waiakea)
— Blanco, Fall :34
Andrew Canonico (Punahou) BYE


Zion Lista (Farrington) vs. Kainalu Kaililaau (Lahainaluna)
Taz Kahalewai (Nanakuli) vs. Charles Hanohano (Kapolei)

John Egami (Punahou) vs. Zion Lista (Farrington)
— Lista, Fall 2:50
Steven Ridep (Campbell) vs. Kainalu Kaililaau (Lahainaluna)
— Kaililaau, Dec. 5-3
Taz Kahalewai (Nanakuli) vs. Austin Saribay (Lahainaluna)
— Kahalewai, Dec. 11-7
Jack Carlisle (Castle) vs. Charles Hanohano (Kapolei)
— Hanohano, Dec. 7-3

(1) Brock Ai (Kamehameha) vs. John Egami (Punahou)
— Egami, Dec. 12-7
Zion Lista (Farrington) vs. Caleb Mccabe (Radford)
— Lista, Dec. 5-3
Steven Ridep (Campbell) vs. Nick Wild (Kaiser)
— Rideo, Fall 1:02
Jeremy Pangelinan (Saint Louis) vs. Kainalu Kaililaau (Lahainaluna)
— Kaililaau, 10-8
Hunter Guerrero (Saint Louis) vs. Taz Kahalewai (Nanakuli)
— Kahalewai, 6-4
Robert Jimeno (Farrington) vs. Austin Saribay (Lahainaluna)
— Saribay, Dec. 7-4
Mikey Ortiz Maae (Pearl City) vs. Jack Carlisle (Castle)
— Carlisle, Fall 2:33
Charles Hanohano (Kapolei) vs. Jason Chas Flores (Leilehua)
— Hanohano, Fall 3:33

(1) Brock Ai (Kamehameha) BYE
Sedric Crawford (Nanakuli) vs. John Egami (Punahou)
— Egami, Fall 1:54
Zion Lista (Farrington) BYE
Caleb Mccabe (Radford) BYE
Steven Ridep (Campbell) BYE
Nick Wild (Kaiser) BYE
Jeremy Pangelinan (Saint Louis) BYE
Kainalu Kaililaau (Lahainaluna) BYE
Hunter Guerrero (Saint Louis) BYE
Taz Kahalewai (Nanakuli) vs. Bradley Lilo (Moanalua)
— Kahalewai, Fall 1:09
Robert Jimeno (Farrington) BYE
Austin Saribay (Lahainaluna) BYE
Mikey Ortiz Maae (Pearl City) BYE
Jack Carlisle (Castle) BYE
Charles Hanohano (Kapolei) vs. Peter Nethon (Farrington)
— Hanohano, Dec 10-6
Jason Chas Flores (Leilehua) BYE


(1) Cody Bollig (Kamehameha) vs. Marcus Lombard (Kahuku)
Lazarus Simbahon Miura (Kamehameha) vs. Benjamin Tokanang (Baldwin)

(1) Cody Bollig (Kamehameha) vs. Kamren Arrington Kaeo (Nanakuli)
— Bollig, Fall 1:25
Malaefono Ale (Moanalua) vs. Marcus Lombard (Kahuku)
— Lombard, Fall 1:47
Rafael Leapaga (Kapolei) vs. Lazarus Simbahon Miura (Kamehameha)
— Miura, Dec. 7-2
Jeramiah Gabrillo (Radford) vs. Benjamin Tokanang (Baldwin)
— Tokanang, Fall 3:22

(1) Cody Bollig (Kamehameha) vs. Gregory Rucilez (Kalani)
— Bollig, Fall 2:45
Kamren Arrington Kaeo (Nanakuli) vs. Mose Timoteo (Campbell)
— Arrington Kaeo, Fall 1:06
Malaefono Ale (Moanalua) vs. Isaac Mamizuka (Kaiser)
— Ale, Fall :49
Pontus Thiravong (Radford) vs. Marcus Lombard (Kahuku)
— Lombard, Dec. 2-0
Harry Lloyd (Kaimuki) vs. Rafael Leapaga (Kapolei)
— Leapaga, UTB 3-2
Jace Filipo Rodrigue (Waianae) vs. Lazarus Simbahon Miura (Kamehameha)
— Miura, Dec. 3-2
Justice Smith (Moanalua) vs. Jeramiah Gabrillo (Radford)
— Gabrillo, Fall :18
Lopaka Feesago (Pearl City) vs. Benjamin Tokanang (Baldwin)
— Tokanang, Dec. 9-4

(1) Cody Bollig (Kamehameha) BYE
Gregory Rucilez (Kalani) vs. Jeremy Liu (Pearl City)
— Rucilez, Fall 4:00
Kamren Arrington Kaeo (Nanakuli) BYE
Mose Timoteo (Campbell) BYE
Malaefono Ale (Moanalua) BYE
Isaac Mamizuka (Kaiser) BYE
Pontus Thiravong (Radford) BYE
Marcus Lombard (Kahuku) BYE
Harry Lloyd (Kaimuki) BYE
Sione Holani (Hilo) vs. Rafael Leapaga (Kapolei)
— Leapaga, Dec 9-6
Jace Filipo Rodrigue (Waianae) BYE
Lazarus Simbahon Miura (Kamehameha) BYE
Justice Smith (Moanalua) BYE
Jeramiah Gabrillo (Radford) BYE
Mason Takamoto (Punahou) vs. Lopaka Feesago (Pearl City)
— Feesago, Fall 3:39
Benjamin Tokanang (Baldwin) BYE




(1) Zoe Omura (‘Iolani) vs. Liana Ferreria (Baldwin)
Precious Tampos (Moanalua) vs. Jazmyn Enriquez (Campbell)

(1) Zoe Omura (‘Iolani) vs. Erin Hikiji (Mililani)
— Omura, Dec. 9-6
Jaysha Cachuella (Kapolei) vs. Liana Ferreria (Baldwin)
— Ferreira, Fall 1:37
Savannah Ramos (Leilehua) vs. Precious Tampos (Moanalua)
— Tampos, Fall 3:24
Kacey Lei Quillopo (Pac-Five) vs. Jazmyn Enriquez (Campbell)
— Enriquez, Fall 2:30

(1) Zoe Omura (‘Iolani) BYE
Kaui Kamaka (Waianae) vs. Erin Hikiji (Mililani)
— Hikiji, Dec. 4-0
Jaysha Cachuella (Kapolei) vs. Evyn Potes (Leilehua)
— Cachuella, Fall 1:18
Giana Ragudos (Aiea) vs. Liana Ferreria (Baldwin)
— Ferreira, Maj. 13-1
Savannah Ramos (Leilehua) vs. Annicah Ma Hong (Pearl City)
— Ramos, Maj. 11-2
Precious Tampos (Moanalua) vs. Averie Medeiros (Hilo)
— Tampos, Fall 4:25
Kiara Lovelle (Nanakuli) vs. Kacey Lei Quillopo (Pac-Five)
— Quillopo, Fall 1:42
BYE Jazmyn Enriquez (Campbell)

Campbell’s Majesty Terukina wrestled Hilo’s Lilliana Campbell at 102 pounds. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.


(1) Tianna Fernandez (Baldwin) vs. Lilliana Campbell (Hilo)
Madison Jo Kogachi (Punahou) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)

(1) Tianna Fernandez (Baldwin) vs. Victoriana Kim (Mililani)
— Fernandez, Fall 1:27
Lilliana Campbell (Hilo) vs. Madison Kalamau (Waianae)
— Campbell, Maj. 15-6
Caitlin Yap (Moanalua) vs. Madison Jo Kogachi (Punahou)
— Kogachi, Fall 1:32
Khepri Barro (Leilehua) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)
— Funakoshi, Fall 3:34

(1) Tianna Fernandez (Baldwin) BYE
Kelcie Ito (Pac-Five) vs. Victoriana Kim (Mililani)
— Kim, Fall 2:47
Majesty Terukina (Campbell) vs. Lilliana Campbell (Hilo)
— Campbell, 5-3
Alexandra Ventura (Kapolei) vs. Madison Kalamau (Waianae)
— Kalamau, Fall 1:25
Caitlin Yap (Moanalua) vs. Kayla Serrao (Nanakuli)
— Yap, Fall :40
Jaunisty Malaia Naehu (Waianae) vs. Madison Jo Kogachi (Punahou)
— Kogachi, Dec. 11-4
Tien Pham (Kapolei) vs. Khepri Barro (Leilehua)
— Barro, Fall 1:32
Nalani Kirkman (Lahainaluna) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)
— Funakoshi, Fall 1:39


** Top seed Sami Saribay (Lahainaluna) is No. 10 pound-for-pound

(1) Sami Saribay (Lahainaluna) vs. Makena Abe (Mililani)
Allicia Mahoe (Kapolei) vs. Jazlynn Richards (Leilehua)

(1) Sami Saribay (Lahainaluna) vs. Zoe Medina (Hilo)
— Saribay, Fall 3:04
Makena Abe (Mililani) vs. Keara Botanes (Kapolei)
— Abe, Fall 1:18
Allicia Mahoe (Kapolei) vs. Nohea Moniz (Kamehameha)
— Mahoe, TF 18-2
Mya Cullen Leong (Campbell) vs. Jazlynn Richards (Leilehua)
— Richards, Fall 1:20

(1) Sami Saribay (Lahainaluna) BYE
Leinaala Castro (Kalani) vs. Zoe Medina (Hilo)
— Medina, Fall 5:31
Makena Abe (Mililani) BYE
BYE Keara Botanes (Kapolei)
Allicia Mahoe (Kapolei) BYE
Nohea Moniz (Kamehameha) vs. Taylia Lee (Hilo)
— Moniz, Fall 1:30
Mya Cullen Leong (Campbell) vs. Brook Chang (Kahuku)
— Cullen Leong, Maj. 12-1
BYE Jazlynn Richards (Leilehua)


(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Campbell) vs. Kaianne Sabagala (Kahuku)
Liuakalaik Tengan (Kamehameha) vs. Shantelle Mangrobang (Leilehua)

(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Campbell) vs. Harley Narahara (Kamehameha)
— Villalpando, Fall 3:42
Ashley Lavarias (Hilo) vs. Kaianne Sabagala (Kahuku)
— Sabagala, Dec. 5-2
Liuakalaik Tengan (Kamehameha) vs. Patricia Pahinag (Kalani)
— Tengan, Fall 5:46
Lydia Dudoit (Lahainaluna) vs. Shantelle Mangrobang (Leilehua)
— Mangrobang, Fall 2:27

(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Campbell) vs. Beri Maeda (Punahou)
— Villalpando, Fall :46
Shaena Sanchez (Kapolei) vs. Harley Narahara (Kamehameha)
— Narahara, Fall :20
Ashley Lavarias (Hilo) vs. Reynell Arakawa (Kailua)
— Lavarias, Dec. 13-11
Kaianne Sabagala (Kahuku) vs. Kelsie Caminos Freitas (Leilehua)
— Sabagala, Fall :157
Liuakalaik Tengan (Kamehameha) vs. Leialoha Kaili (Baldwin)
— Tengan, Fall 1:25
Patricia Pahinag (Kalani) vs. Brianna Rivera Holt (Waianae)
— Pahinag, Fall 1:30
Lydia Dudoit (Lahainaluna) vs. Miya Jhun (Moanalua)
— Dudoit, Fall :59
Jordyn Angelo (Kapolei) vs. Shantelle Mangrobang (Leilehua)
— Mangrobang, Fall 1:32


(1) Alana Vivas (Kamehameha) vs. Victoria Lee (Mililani)
Sadie Reyes (Waianae) vs. He Kili Terukina (Campbell)

(1) Alana Vivas (Kamehameha) vs. Kasey Toulze (Lahainaluna)
— Vivas, Fall :47
Jennifer Kimura (Kaiser) vs. Victoria Lee (Mililani)
— Lee, Maj. 17-4
Sadie Reyes (Waianae) vs. Janci Sampalo (Kalani)
— Reyes, Fall :26
Ashlyn Agena (Waimea) vs. He Kili Terukina (Campbell)
— Terukina, Fall 1:55

(1) Alana Vivas (Kamehameha) BYE
Markela Garrido (Campbell) vs. Kasey Toulze (Lahainaluna)
— Toulze, Fall 2:55
Jaycee Ichimura (Punahou) vs. Jennifer Kimura (Kaiser)
— Kimura, Dec. 7-5
Victoria Lee (Mililani) vs. Lani Jenkins (Pac-Five)
— Lee, Fall 1:23
Renele Andrion (Baldwin) vs. Sadie Reyes (Waianae)
— Reyes, Fall 4:51
Chez Panui (Aiea) vs. Janci Sampalo (Kalani)
— Sampalo, Fall 1:49
Tothsanaly Hongphao (Kapolei) vs. Ashlyn Agena (Waimea)
— Agena, Fall 1:21
BYE He Kili Terukina (Campbell)


** Top seed Ashley Gooman (Kamehameha) is No. 2 pound-for-pound

(1) Ashley Gooman (Kamehameha) vs. Kyara Tagami (Kalani)
Katie Reyes (Waianae) vs. Marisa Iha (Punahou)

(1) Ashley Gooman (Kamehameha) vs. Kaitlyn Vangorder (Radford)
— Gooman, Fall :41
Laieikawai Tancayo (Lahainaluna) vs. Kyara Tagami (Kalani)
— Tagami, Fall 1:09
Katie Reyes (Waianae) vs. Lainie Meyer (Kapolei)
— Reyes, Fall 3:52
Alicia Frank (Lahainaluna) vs. Marisa Iha (Punahou)
— Iha, Fall 1:33

(1) Ashley Gooman (Kamehameha) vs. He ino Terukina (Campbell)
— Gooman, Fall :55
Kaitlyn Vangorder (Radford) vs. Janessa Llego (Kauai)
— Vangorder, Fall 2:45
Madison Stephenson (Kapolei) vs. Laieikawai Tancayo (Lahainaluna)
— Tancayo, 3-1
Tiilei Oblero (Leilehua) vs. Kyara Tagami (Kalani)
— Tagami, Fall 1:18
Katie Reyes (Waianae) vs. Litatei Kanongataa (Kahuku)
— Reyes, Fall 2:30
Ivette Balboa (Kalaheo) vs. Lainie Meyer (Kapolei)
— Meyer, Fall 3:24
Shailynn Gullory (Kapolei) vs. Alicia Frank (Lahainaluna)
— Frank, Fall 1:51
Laamea Harbottle (Kamehameha) vs. Marisa Iha (Punahou)
— Iha, Fall 3:00

Kamehameha’s Alexis Nov Posiulai and Kapolei’s Caitlin Tynanes wrestled in a 127-pound bout. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.


** Top seed Nanea Estrella (Lahainaluna) is No. 3 pound-for-pound

(1) Nanea Estrella vs. Emily Paulino (Kalani)
Waihulakap Kahookaulana (Hilo) vs. Alexis Nov Posiulai (Kamehameha)

(1) Nanea Estrella vs. Taysia Hiu Tilley (Kahuku)
— Estrella, Fall 1:37
Ashlee Palimoo (KS-Maui) vs. Emily Paulino (Kalani)
— Paulino, Fall 3:53
Waihulakap Kahookaulana (Hilo) vs. Rachel Oshita (Moanalua)
— Kahookaulana, Fall 1:55
Danielle Santos (Kapaa) vs. Alexis Nov Posiulai (Kamehameha)
— Posiulai, Fall :54

(1) Nanea Estrella (Lahainaluna) BYE
Kianna Chargualaf (Campbell) vs. Taysia Hiu Tilley (Kahuku)
— Tilley, FF
Ashlee Palimoo (KS-Maui) vs. Kelly Ibarra (Kapolei)
— Palimoo, Fall :33
Emily Paulino (Kalani) vs. Kira Borengasser (Moanalua)
— Paulino, Dec. 4-3
Waihulakap Kahookaulana (Hilo) vs. April Kekuewa (Campbell)
— Kahookaulana, Fall :55
Rebecca Chan (‘Iolani) vs. Rachel Oshita (Moanalua)
— Oshita, Fall 1:00
Danielle Santos (Kapaa) vs. Faith Dellatan (Waianae)
— Santos, Fall 3:47
Caitlin Tynanes (Kapolei) vs. Alexis Nov Posiulai (Kamehameha)
— Posiulai, Fall 2:38


** Top seed Waipuilani Estrella Beauchamp (Baldwin) is No. 8 pound-for-pound

(1) Waipuilani Estrella Beauchamp (Baldwin) vs. Ileana Prado Domingo (Campbell)
Faith Joy Okubo (Moanalua) vs. Krystal Puahala (Kamehameha)

(1) Waipuilani Estrella Beauchamp (Baldwin) vs. Destiny Tuisano (Waianae)
— Beauchamp, Fall 1:45
Ileana Prado Domingo (Campbell) vs. Shanayah Marshall (Kapaa)
— Domingo, Fall :42
Faith Joy Okubo (Moanalua) vs. Cassie Kunukau (Nanakuli)
— Okubo, Maj. 8-0
Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kalani) vs. Krystal Puahala (Kamehameha)
— Puahala, Fall 3:43

Waipuilani Estrella Beauchamp (Baldwin) BYE
Destiny Tuisano (Waianae) vs. Journee Benkman (Kamehameha)
— Tuisano, Fall 2:53
Ileana Prado Domingo (Campbell) BYE
BYE Shanayah Marshall (Kapaa)
Faith Joy Okubo (Moanalua) BYE
BYE Cassie Kunukau (Nanakuli)
Sachi Sato (Pearl City) vs. Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kalani)
– Abaya, Fall :39
BYE Krystal Puahala (Kamehameha)


** Top seed Jahnea Miguel (Baldwin) is No. 4 pound-for-pound
Paige Respicio (Kamehameha) is No. 7 pound-for-pound

(1) Jahnea Miguel (Baldwin) vs. Heavenli Sardinha (Campbell)
Isabella Wong (Punahou) vs. Paige Respicio (Kamehameha)

(1) Jahnea Miguel (Baldwin) vs. Allysen Ramaila (Nanakuli)
— Miguel, Fall 3:59
Maria Maifea (Waianae) vs. Heavenli Sardinha (Campbell)
— Sardinha, Fall 3:35
Isabella Wong (Punahou) vs. Marcella Reynolds (Radford)
— Wong, Fall :39
Jolette Miner Ho (Kapaa) vs. Paige Respicio (Kamehameha)
— Respicio, Fall :19

(1) Jahnea Miguel (Baldwin) BYE
Marche Manzo (Pearl City) vs. Allysen Ramaila (Nanakuli)
— Ramaila, Fall 2:48
Maria Maifea (Waianae) vs. Kylee Bartholomew Tan (Kamehameha)
— Maifea, Fall 1:43
Heavenli Sardinha (Campbell) vs. Keila Olivas Low (Leilehua)
— Sardinha, Fall 1:28
Isabella Wong (Punahou) BYE
Marcella Reynolds (Radford) vs. Jaylin Paaaina (Kaiser)
— Reynolds, Dec. 12-7
Christiana Farin Yadao (Leilehua) vs. Jolette Miner Ho (Kapaa)
— Miner Ho, Fall 4:34
BYE Paige Respicio (Kamehameha)


(1) Taylor Peligrino-Hayase (Lahainaluna) vs. Tyeisha Takamori (Baldwin)
Jennifer Tongi (Kahuku) vs. Tiare Carlson (Waianae)

(1) Taylor Peligrino-Hayase (Lahainaluna) vs. Marisa Maiava (Moanalua)
— Peligrino-Hayase, Fall :40
Mehana Kapoi (Kamehameha) vs. Tyeisha Takamori (Baldwin)
— Takamori, Fall 4:55
Jennifer Tongi (Kahuku) vs. Precious Brown (Kamehameha)
— Tongi, Fall 3:17
Kimberly Kealoha (Mililani) vs. Tiare Carlson (Waianae)
— Carlson, Fall 1:15

(1) Taylor Peligrino-Hayase (Lahainaluna) vs. Anissa Wright (Campbell)
— Peligrino-Hayase, Fall 2:00
Tessa Jensen (Kapaa) vs. Marisa Maiava (Moanalua)
— Maiava, Fall 2:35
Heavenly Watson (Leilehua) vs. Mehana Kapoi (Kamehameha)
— Kapoi, Fall 3:30
Tia Leao (Hilo) vs. Tyeisha Takamori (Baldwin)
— Takamori, Fall 2:45
Jennifer Tongi (Kahuku) vs. Temehani Kerisano (Moanalua)
— Tongi, Fall :25
Precious Brown (Kamehameha) vs. Jazaria Hall (Radford)
— Brown, Fall 1:31
Kimberly Kealoha (Mililani) vs. Jamie Grilho (Aiea)
— Kealoha, Fall 1:05
Brooke Cabinian (Leilehua) vs. Tiare Carlson (Waianae)
— Carlson, Fall :38



Kira Jhun (Moanalua) vs. Kitana Lowery (Hilo)
Keahi Paas Basillo (Leilehua) vs. Shayna Kamaka (Baldwin)

(1) Kaleinani Makuaole (Waianae) vs. Kira Jhun (Moanalua)
— Jhun, Fall 1:25
Salamasina Sotoa (Kamehameha) vs. Kitana Lowery (Hilo)
— Lowery, Fall 4:27
Carli Denis (Kahuku) vs. Keahi Paas Basillo (Leilehua)
— Basillo, Fall 1:09
Alana Takata (Kauai) vs. Shayna Kamaka (Baldwin)
— Kamaka, Fall 1:53

(1) Kaleinani Makuaole (Waianae) BYE
Kira Jhun (Moanalua) vs. Isabella Hurtado Kahawai (Campbell)
— Jhun, Fall 3:04
Salamasina Sotoa (Kamehameha) vs. Hunter Ganoot (Aiea)
— Sotoa, Fall 3:32
Carsynn Passi (Pearl City) vs. Kitana Lowery (Hilo)
— Lowery, Fall 2:36
Carli Denis (Kahuku) BYE
Kiyomi Soares (Nanakuli) vs. Keahi Paas Basillo (Leilehua)
— Basillo, Fall :12
Vinarie Howard (Pearl City) vs. Alana Takata (Kauai)
— Takata, Fall 3:44
BYE Shayna Kamaka (Baldwin)


** Top seed Kelani Corbett (Leilehua) is No. 1 pound-for-pound

(1) Kelani Corbett (Leilehua) vs. Katherine Heim (Kaiser)
Luana Kanongataa (Kahuku) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moanalua)

(1) Kelani Corbett (Leilehua) vs. Francesca Evans (Pearl City)
— Corbett, Fall 2:49
Hannah Oshiro (Moanalua) vs. Katherine Heim (Kaiser)
— Heim, Dec. 19-13
Luana Kanongataa (Kahuku) vs. Mele Pamel Lua (Castle)
— Kanongataa, Maj. 15-6
Phiona Kerisiano (Nanakuli) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moanalua)
— Tupuola, Fall 1:28

(1) Kelani Corbett (Leilehua) BYE
Francesca Evans (Pearl City) vs. Kai Gamble (Campbell)
— Evans, Inj. 4:32
Markaiya Spencer (Waianae) vs. Hannah Oshiro (Moanalua)
— Oshiro, Fall :19
Mahogany Mcfadden Russel (Radford) vs. Katherine Heim (Kaiser)
— Heim, Fall 1:42
Luana Kanongataa (Kahuku) vs. Kaceylee Pua (Baldwin)
— Kanongataa, Fall 5:29
Mele Pamel Lua (Castle) vs. Aaleigha Robinson (Campbell)
— Lua, Fall :12
Phiona Kerisiano (Nanakuli) vs. Hulita Ahonima (Leilehua)
— Kerisiano, Fall 4:53
Leina Balancio Sadama (Waianae) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moanalua)
— Tupuola, Fall 1:32



(1) Siera Vida (Baldwin) vs. vs. Dylan Huddy (Pac-Five)
Alana Dela Pena (Moanalua) vs. Shannon Jaramillo (Lahainaluna)

(1) Siera Vida (Baldwin) vs. Antonio Tomas (Leilehua)
— Vida, Dec. 6-0
Kayla Antolin (Moanalua) vs. Dylan Huddy (Pac-Five)
— Huddy, Dec. 5-3
Alana Dela Pena (Moanalua) vs. Hekia Alexsdottir (Waianae)
— Dela Pena, Fall 1:10
Valerie Ramos (Damien) vs. Shannon Jaramillo (Lahainaluna)
— Jaramillo, Fall 2:31

(1) Siera Vida (Baldwin) BYE
Fiapapalia Ito (Farrington) vs. Antonio Tomas (Leilehua)
— Tomas, Fall 5:48
Kayla Antolin (Moanalua) BYE
BYE Dylan Huddy (Pac-Five)
Alana Dela Pena (Moanalua) BYE
Alysha Kapihe (Kapolei) vs. Hekia Alexsdottir (Waianae)
— Alexsdottir, Fall 5:02
Valerie Ramos (Damien) vs. Jacinta Fonoti (Mililani)
— Ramos, Fall 2:36
BYE Shannon Jaramillo (Lahainaluna)


** Top seed Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kahuku) is No. 9 pound-for-pound

Lavenia Fotu (Farrington) vs. Jane Hironaka (Kaiser)
Natasha Paleaei (Moanalua) vs. Shannlynne Mahoe (Nanakuli)

(1) Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kahuku) vs. Lavenia Fotu (Farrington)
— Fotu, Dec. 5-4
Ananda Alaimalo (Nanakuli) vs. Jane Hironaka (Kaiser)
— Hironaka, Fall 2:35
Natasha Paleaei (Moanalua) vs. Susana Mateaki (Kaimuki)
— Paleaei, Fall 1:46
Jenice Mcmoore (Waianae) vs. Shannlynne Mahoe (Nanakuli)
— Mahoe, Fall :45

(1) Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kahuku) BYE
Leona Toledo (Hilo) vs. Lavenia Fotu (Farrington)
— Fotu, Fall 1:42
Ananda Alaimalo (Nanakuli) BYE
Jane Hironaka (Kaiser) BYE
Natasha Paleaei (Moanalua) BYE
BYE Susana Mateaki (Kaimuki)
Jenice Mcmoore (Waianae) BYE
BYE Shannlynne Mahoe (Nanakuli)


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