OIA wrestling championships

TThere are five reigning OIA champions in the gym on the boys side, but none of them have won states. The two state champions in the brackets, Kaiser’s Chance Ikei and Campbell’s Tristan Ludiazo, have never won OIAs.

The toughest bracket looks like the 132-pound class, with OIA champions Liam Corbett of Leilehua and Isaac Diamond of Mililani, who won his OIA crown two years ago, joined by Ikei.

Others going for a second OIA title are Kapolei’s Jayson Pagurayan and Shandon Ilaban Totten and Mililani’s Zack Diamond.

The girls side has six wrestlers going for multiple OIA titles, led By Kristin Kojima of Roosevelt and Asia Lien Evans of Pearl City, who won in 2012. Angela Peralta and and Jocelyn Alo of Kahuku are going for repeats.

At least two girls are assured of failing in her bid to repeat. Reigning OIA champions Alicia Liemthisak of Campbell and Maria Garcia of Roosevelt are in the 127 class along with 2012 queen Asia Lien Evans of Pearl City.

Campbell’s Kalissa Pundyke is the lone state champion in the field, competing in the 102 class but seeded third behind Leilehua’s Brianna Leong, who has beaten her twice, and Kaimuki’s Nina Bean.

I will update results in about an hour when I get there, and follow with a live blog. Remember to follow Nick Abramo’s live blog from the seeding meeting on Sunday beginning at 1 p.m.

Championship finals are set, and there is one huge surprise on the boys side. Pound-for-pound No. 1 Zack Diamond lost to Waianae’s Sheldon Bailey in the semifinals. The Diamonds are the only OIA champion boys who failed to make the finals, Alicia Liemthisak of Campbell is the only girl who will not get a chance to repeat, losing to Anela Wasson of Kahuku in the semifinals.

Mililani coach John Robinson said both matches were close, but Zack Diamond lost on a takedown and Isaac fell on a late reversal. Zack hurt his knee during the match, but Robinson said he will be OK for states with a week to rest it. Isaac has been nursing a shoulder injury all season.

Boys: 1. Campbell, 2. Moanalua, 3. Kapolei, 4. Mililani, 5. Pearl City
Girls: 1. Campbell, 2. Waianae, 2. Pearl City, 4. Kahuku, 5. Aiea

UPDATE: Campbell swept both team titles for the second year in a row.

Here are the finalists, I will fill in details as each match goes on. They are announcing wrestlers right now:

Boys 106
Jayson Pagurayan, Kapolei (1) OIA CHAMP
Tayler Otsuka, Mililani (x)

Kapolei picks up a quick two points, he leads 6-2 after the first minute. He is bringing some energy. 9-2 with 20 seconds left in the first and he is working a pin but saved by the buzzer. 12-2 after one period. Pagurayan starts the second down and works the score to 14-2 before it ends with 1:48 left in the second. He repeats as OIA champ, that is rare this year.

Boys 113
Triston Santos, Campbell (1)
Andre Pagurayan, Kapolei (3)

These boys are both on the attack initially, Pagurayan is on the verge of being taken down when he clutches his eye, he took a thumb in there. Action is stopped as trainers attend to him, that saved him. Santos gets Pagurayan on his back for a 2-0 lead with 30 seconds left, he grows the lead to 5-0 after one period. Wow, Santos starts the second with a quick reverse, that boys is fast. 7-0, 130 left in the second and Santos in control. Pagurayan appears to have one eye closed, and having it ground into the mat isn’t helping matters. he’s game, but Santos sinks one in and has him pinned just after the buzzer. 7-0 Santos heading to the third. With his energy, don’t count Pagurayan out. 10-0 Santos, 1:34 left in the match, and pagurayan has finally run out of tricks. 12-0 Santos with a minute left. Timeout to attend to Pagurayan’s eye with 45 seconds left. They stop it again to work on him with 23 seconds left, maybe it is blood from his nose. Pagurayan won’t quit, picking up three points to lose 12-3. Santos is your champion.

Boys 120
Cayde Tagami, Roosevelt (1)
Draten Morisato, Kalani (2)

Having some connection issues in this barn, the wrestlers go through the first period scoreless. Morisato picks up 2 points midway through the second but Morisato pick up a point, 2-1 Tagami. They finish the second period really active, Tagami begins the third in the down position, but the match is stopped with 1:51 left in the second when blood is spotted on the mat. Both wrestlers check out good. Morisato tied it 2-2 with an escape at 1:30. We’re going to overtime, but not before we clean up more blood. Morisato is getting the attention from the trainers, Tagami just paces to stay loose. The match is stopped with 45 seconds left because of more blood somewhere on Morisato’s back. Morisato takes Tagami down with 25 seconds left but the referee doesn’t call it, no matter he gets another takedown with four seconds left and get the call that time. Morisato wins 4-2 in overtime. .

Boys 126
Shandon Ilaban Totten, Kapolei (1) OIA CHAMP
Antonio Ruiz, Moanalua (2)

This should be a good one, these boys always go to war. Ruiz seems the aggressor early, but Ilaban is always quick to counter. Ilaban picks up 2 points with 50 seconds left in the first, the window was open for a pin briefly but Ruiz got out of it. Ilaban leads 2-1 after the first period. Another stoppage for blood, these trainers are busy today. Ruiz begins the second with an escape, 2-2 with 1:41 left. Ilaban catches Ruiz with a minute left and sticks him for a pin on the line with 57 seconds left. That was some quick knockout power right there. Ilaban repeats as OIA champ.

Boys 132
Chance Ikei, Kaiser (1) STATE CHAMP
Joshua Gallarde, Campbell (3)

Isaac Diamond lost to Bishop Moore of Roosevelt in the quarters. This was the most stacked bracket in the tournament and it should be a great final. Ikei more aggressive in the first, but Gallarde came closest to scoring. They reset with 45 seconds left in the first. Ikei is wearing a splint on what looks like a broken finger, this is the time of year for that but we are almost to the end. The wrestlers go through the first period scoreless. Ikei gets too high and Gallarde goes up 1-0 on an escape. Every mistake costs you points. Gallarde is the aggressor in the second and goes into the third up 1-0. he starts the third on top and immediately snuffs Ikei’s escape attempt. Still 1-0 with 50 seconds left. Ikei is really limited with that finger. Gallarde picks up two more, leads 3-0 with 15 seconds left and wraps Ikei up the rest of the way. gallarde gets his first OIA title,Ikei fails to add a league to his state title last year.

Boys 138
Sheldon Bailey, Waianae (3)
Matthew Mantanona, Campbell (x)

Bailey beat Zack Diamond in semifinals, now he has to finish the run against an unseeded wrestler. Bailey has a Cassidy Oshiro-type style on his feet, staying low and constantly in Mantonga’s face. It doesn’t bother the Saber, though, and they get through the first period scoreless. Campbell with an escape early in the second, he leads 1-0 with 1:30 left. Bailey turns around and gets two more at the 1-minute mark, 2-1 Waianae. Campbell picks up a points to tie it with 4 seconds left. They go into the third period tied 2-2. Bailey with a reverse with 1:40 left, he leads 5-2 with 1:24 remaining. Bailey resets on top, and appears in complete control with a tight cradle until the combatants roll out of bounds with a minute left. Campbell with a reverse at 38 seconds, Bailey comes right back and scores on a reverse of his own. 7-4 Waianae. Campbell with another reverse with two seconds left but he runs out of time and Bailey takes the OIA title.

Boys 145
Swayne Lunasco, Castle (1)
Rodman Salagdron, Kapolei (x)

Lunasco on the attack early, but no score through a minute. Kapolei pops him, grabbing two points but not getting a shot at the pin when Lunasco rolls out of bounds. That was close, Kapolei up 2-0 with 41 seconds left. Lunasco ties it up immediately, 2-2 with 31 seconds left in the first. That is how we go into the second. Lunasco in top position, Salagdron appears to be trying to just make it out of the period so he can attack later. Still, Lunasco hasn’t come close to scoring. The second period ends the same as the first, tied 2-2, but the crowd is screaming for an escape call for Salagdron and it gets it, 4-2 Kapolei with a period left. That was huge. Lunasco ties it with 1:30 left, 4-4. Kapolei with two with 1:00 left, 6-4 Kapolei. LUnasco has seven seconds to score two points, he begins down and picks up one point but its not enough, Salagdron is an OIA champion.

Boys 152
Liam Corbett, Leilehua (1) OIA CHAMP
Marquise Dominique, Mililani (3)

With top-ranked Diamond and Ikei already falling is it Corbett’s turn to fall? He is No. 2 pound-for-pound in the state and shows why, putting Dominique in a freaky hold that hurt me to watch it. The Trojans arm was hanging limp during the hold and trainers are out with :59 left to attend to him. He is holding his back, but wants to wrestle as the officials confer. Leilehua coach talks the official into awarding Corbett two points and Mililani coach can’t reverse it. He is not happy about it, though. Corbett leads 2-0 with 41 seconds left in the first. He runs it to 5-0 to start the second period. 7-0 Corbett with 1L25 left in the second, he is in complete control. Dom picks up a point, 7-1 with 18 seconds left. Corbett up 9-1 after two periods, now the only question is if he will pin him. Dominique says no, attacking from the whistle and making it 9-3 with 1:47 left. Corbett runs it to 11-3 with a minute left, he is trying to turn him but can’t. Dominique won’t budge, and Corbett keeps an eye on the clock as it winds down to 10. And that’s how it will end, 11-3 Corbett. he repeats as an OIA champ after winning it for Radford last year.

Boys 160
Matthew Aguigui, Campbell (x)
Jacob Naosusuga, Waianae (x)

Waianae slams Campbell hard to the mat and leads 2-0 with 1:31 left as trainers attend to Aguigui. That hurt. Aguigui gets one back, Waianae leads 2-1 with 10 seconds left. The first period ends with Naosusuga up 6-1. He has been in control the whole way. Naosusuga starts the second on top and covers Aguigui quickly. Naosusuga sticks him with 1:19 left, he was just too strong.

Boys 170
Micah Arakawa, Kaiser (1)
Lopaka Lono, Leilehua (2)

Arakawa doing the work early, but Lono takes a 2-0 lead with 50 seconds left in the first. Kaiser comes back, Lono leads 2-1 after the first period. Lono spins for an escape, 3-1 with 1:45 left in the second and Arakawa’s shoulder is hurt bad. He pops right back up, though, and Lono attacks the shoulder to run the lead to 5-1 with 54 seconds left. They are running championships on all three mats right now, descriptions are going to be sparse. Lono leads 5-4 after 2 periods. Lono up 7-5 wit5h 45 seconds left, I was watching Angela Peralta work a first-period pin. Lono keeping Arakawa on the ground, but Arakawa picks up a point make it 7-6. Lono is your OIA champ.

Boys 182
Maui Lee, Pearl City (4)
Micah Tynanes Perez, Campbell (2)

Good to see Lee out there, and this is a tough opponent for him. Lee was rumored to be finished for the season with an injury. Tynanes Perez stays in his face, scoreless with 30 seconds left. Lee strikes first, leading 1-0 with 42 seconds left. Now he runs it to 3-0 with 15 seconds left in the second. Campbell gets one back, Lee wins 3-1 and is very emotional about it.

Boys 195
Jess Kanongata, Kahuku (1)
Spencer Yashiki, Moanalua (3)

Kahuku up 2-0 after the first period. Moanlaua comes back to tie it with 33 seconds left. Kahuku up 3-2, 20 seconds left. Kahuku has run the margin to 8-3 with 30 seconds left and appears to be in control. Kahuku wins 8-3.

Boys 220
James Sullivan, Campbell (4)
Jackson Fuamatu, Pearl City (2)

They almost get through the first perdiod scoreless, but Sullivan catches him on his back with 10 seconds left and goes into the second period up 5-0. Fuamatu with a takedown to narrow it to 5-2 with 1:30 left. Sullivan runs it to 7-2, but Fuamtu counters with two points to make it 7-4. Now 8-4 in favor of Sullivan. Fuamatu has turned it into sumo, throwing slaps that catch Sullivan off guard and the Charger puts the Saber on his back. He escapes, though, Sullivan leads 10-6 with 50 minutes left. Sullivan puts Fuamatu on his back with 30 seconds left, but cant turn him for the pin. Sullivan leads 13-6 though, and wins 15-6. Another first time OIA champion.

Boys 285
Tristan Ludiazo, Campbell (1) STATE CHAMP
JP Oishi, Radford (3)

Nobody is more clutch than Ludiazo, he always comes through at the end. Oishi won’t let it get to the end if he isn’t careful, though. Neither seems to want to engage in the first period and the referee is growing tired of it. Ludiazo works an escape to being the second, he leads 1-0 with 1:39 left. The next minute is uneventful, and so is the minute after that. We go to the third with Ludiazo up 1-0 and on top, but Oishi works an escape, 1-1. Ludiazo falls to his knees on the mat with 1:10 left, something is wrong. They shake hands and get back after it, we go to overtime. All eyes are on these two and there is a smattering of displeasure from the crowd. Oishi chooses down and gets his escape in the first seconds to go up 2-1. Ludiazo has turned it on now, lets see if he can escape. Yep, easy as pie, 2-2. Ludiazo takes a shot but these boys are too big to take down with a single leg. Ludiazo escapes to begin the next period, and he wins 3-2.

Girls 97
Alexis Nelson, Waianae (1)
Menjam Tamang, Roosevelt (2)

Nelson starts off on the attack, but Tamang is fending her off until Nelson gets two points 1.5 minutes in. She works the pin the rest of the way but Tamang works a reverse at the buzzer to tie it up at 2 after 1 period. Nelson starts the second period in the down position and Tamang goes to work until Nelson reverses a minute in. Wain 4, Roos 2, and that is how the second period ends. Tamang starts on her feet, Nelson leads 4-3. It’s now 6-3 as Nelson, in control, rides her. Tamang with a reverse with a minute left, 6-5. Tamang tries to stack her but she fails, 8-6 Nelson with 20 seconds left. Tamang needs an escape but she can’t turn the corner on the stronger Nelson. Nelson wins her first OIA title.

Girls 102
Brianna Leong, Leilehua (1)
Kalissa Pundyke, Campbell (3) STATE CHAMP

Both wrestlers stay on theri feet for the first minute, Leong takes control 2-0 and is riding her with a minute left. Leong dominates the first period but only gets a 2-0 lead out of it. Pundyke doesn’t seem to have an answer, but she is staying in it. Pundyke shows some life halfway through and works an escape but is pushed out before she can get it. Leong dominates after that, it is 5-0 going into the third. Pundyke starts down, works the escape but is thrown to the mat by Leong. Pundyke shows some life with a minute left, nearly rising off the mat for a reverse but Leong puts Pundyke’s face back on the mat. Pundyke’s last attempt at points in squandered with 15 seconds left, she wins her first OIA title 5-0.

Girls 107
Alana Alviar, Campbell (4)
Mikayla Abe, Pearl City (2)

Scoreless after one minute, both wrestlers stay on their feet and work hand control before they can shoot. Alviar is the first to hit the mat, but no points as she was thrown under the scorer’s table. 0-0 after one period. Abe starts in the down position and quickly gets up, working an escape after 30 seconds, 1-0 Abe. Abe follows with a takedown with 1:07 left, she leads 3-0. Alviar reverse, 3-2 with 42 seconds left in the second. Abe with an escape with 5 seconds left, 4-2 Abe going to the third. Alviar starts down, but these girls do not like being on the mat. Alviar woke the inevitable escape, 4-3 Abe with 1:16 left. Abe puts her down again, but they reset in the middle. Alviar never really shot the rest of the way, Abe wins the OIA title 4-3.

Girls 112
Kayla Lono, Lielehua (4)
Sarah Patanpaiboon, Campbell (x)

Neither girls can work a score through the first period, but they are both active. Campbell takes control out of the break, a lot of action but no scoring,. Lono finally works an escape, 1-0 with 1:08 left. Pantanpaiboon is taller with longer arms and using them to her advantage, ties it up at 1-1 with a minute left. Lono starts up with 30 seconds left, snuffs out an escape attempt. 30 more seconds. Lono nearly had the escape but was pushed out of bounds, she starts down with 17 seconds left. She does it again but the circle is not her friend, that has to be agonizing. She had this match over twice. 30 more seconds on the clock, and we break to attend to Lono, who has some blood coming from her upper lip. Lono starts down, immediately pops up and takes about six seconds to work the escape and grab the win. That was tight.

Girls 117
Kristen Kojima, Roosevelt (1) OIA CHAMP
Alexis Ford, Pearl City (2)

Kojima picks up two points with 1:13 left in the first, she is strong and Ford is in trouble. Kojima seems to have used a lot of energy working a pin she never received. The firs period ends 2-0 in Kojima’s favor, but Ford seems energized she is not down by more. Kojima starts the second period on top, she won’t let Ford rise hut Ford picks up a point to make it 2-1 with a minute left in the second. The second period ends with both wrestlers on their feet, 2-1 Kojima. Ford starts the third on top, and Kojima immediately picks up two more, 4-1 Kojima with 1:29 left. Kojima with another two, 6-2 with 1:06 left. Both girls have each other in a headlock and Ford overpowers Kojima, works the pin for about five seconds and leads 7-6. One wrong turn was all it took. Ford snuffs out Kojima’s fleeting attempt at an escape and wins 2-1 for her first OIA title.

Girls 122
Eliana Mundon, Aiea (4)
Allie Mahoe, Kapolei (2)

Mahoe is the favorite here but you never count out an Aiea girl in a big meet. Mundon picks up two points with 30 seconds left in the first. But Mahoe escapes right after that, 2-1 Mundon but Mahoe works an escape at the buzzer to go into the second period up 3-2. Mundon starts the second on top, She can’t stop ZMahoe from escaping to make it 4-2 but works her onto her back after the escape and has Mahoe in real danger on the line in front of Mahoe’s coaches. It takes her 15 seconds to work the pin. Wow, that was impressive. Mundon is in her first year of wrestling, I don’t know where we pulled that one out. Wow.

Girls 127
Asia Lien Evans, Pearl City (1) OIA CHAMP
Maria Garcia, Roosevelt (2) OIA CHAMP

OIA champs square off and Garcia is in trouble immediately, Evans is up 5-0 with 1:27 left in the first, but at least Garcia avoided being pinned. Now Garcia sticks Evens in a headlock and works the pin with 12 seconds left, getting the tap with five seconds left. Garcia repeats as OIA champion, Evans hightails it back to the locker room, that had to hurt. She was in control until the mistake.

Girls 132
Asia Igafo, Castle (1)
Viviana Barcina, Kahuku (3)

Another Barcina from Kahuku. Igafo begins with two points and has Barcina controlled but looks like she is leaving her an opening. Barcina doesn’t see it though, and gets caught in a cradle that Igafo turns into a pin with 15 seconds left in the first. Igafo is your OIA champ.

Girls 138
Natanya Kang, Pearl City (x)
Taysia Kano, Kapolei (2)

In doing my homework, I was surprised neither of these girls have won an OIA title before. They get through the first minute scoreless with Kang pushing Kano around but not scoring. Neither of them leave their feet in the first period. Kang starts down, she is hard to move and Kano loses her head gear. Wrestlers wait while the coach tries to repair it, it looks like they found some new headgear but it was a little bit of a delay. Kang gets a point from somewhere, she leads 1-0. One of these girls will be facing Teshya Alo next week. The second period ends with Kang up 1-0. Kang holding on for dear life to Kano’s leg and Kano knows what to do, turning it into two points. Kang rallies for one and its tied 2-2 with a minute left. 33 seconds left and Kapolei coach has a problem with the offical. Kano with the takedown, she leads 4-2 with 12 seconds left. Kang starts down, escapes from the full nelson for a point with three seconds left but runs out of time. Kano wins 4-3.

Girls 145
Angela Peralta, Campbell (1) OIA CHAMP
Lilia Kaku, Kahuku (2)

Peralta has no problem with Kaka, sticking her early and getting the pin after working on it for the entire first period before getting it with seven seconds left.

Girls 155
Shanaice Keaweehu, Kahuku (1)
Avei Laulemaga, Aiea (2)

Kahuku is relentless here, but she only leads 1-0 with 30 seconds left. She sticks her on her back, but misses the pin. Kahuku leads 6-0 after the first period. Aiea attacks to begin the second, narrowing the margin to 7-2. Kahuku reverses, though and works another pin but can’t get it. Aiea girl is tough, but she trails 12-3 after two periods. Aiea gets a point, 12-4 with 119 left, but Kahuku is outclassing her. Pins can come at any time, though, we’ve seen it already. Aiea escape with 30 seconds left. Keaweehu is your champion.

Girls 168
Caragh Morris, Campbell (4)
Teronica Amani, Waianae (3)

Morris jumps on Amani and leads 4-0 with 40 seconds left in the first. She catches her with 23 seconds left and works the pin, she is not going to get it. The buzzer sounds with Morris up 7-0. She goes right back to work in the second, but Amani is tough to move. Morris finally breaks her down and gets the pin with two seconds left in the second period.

Girls 184
Jocelyn Alo, Kahuku (1) OIA CHAMP
Sarah Miner, Aiea (2)

Alo had MIner stuck for a pin but Miner reversed it and got the pin after 1 minute. Miner is an OIA champion and is so emotional she needs to be carried off the mat on someone’s back.

Girls 225

Sabrina Alo, Kahuku (1)
Sabrina Hollins, Waipahu (2)

Hollins jumps on Alo from the whistle, and the only thing that saved Alo was going out of bounds. No Matter, Hollins catches her right at the restart and pins her with 1:32 left. That was too easy.


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