LIVE BLOG: State Wrestling Day 1

Wrestlers prepare for battle on the first day of the HHSAA Chevron state wrestling championships.
Wrestlers prepare for battle on the first day of the HHSAA Chevron state wrestling championships.

Going to write updates at the top of this post rather than the bottom so I don’t have to scroll. The mats are cleared and we are almost ready to roll.

They just started the consolation round, but I have to get to work and write a story. Wrestling starts tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Girls team scores after two rounds: Lahainaluna 73, Kamehameha-Kapalama 68, Campbell 62, Pearl City 54, Kapolei 44.

Girls 220: Williams advances. Semis: Mataafa vs. Williams, Borden vs. Tehotu. Consolation winners: Pahoa, Campbell, Waianae, Hawaii Prep.

Girls 175: Miner advances. Scheidt advances. Semis: Fautanu vs. Miner, Scheidt vs. Alo. Consolation winners: Nanakuli, Waianae, Waiakea, Molokai.

Girls 155: Morris advances. Tabion vs. Arroyo Haro, Morris vs. Nakoa. Consolation winners: Nanakuli, HKM, Kaiser, Honokaa.

Girls 140: Jaramillo wins. Hernandez wins quickly. Kam advances, she will face Hernandez in the semis. Jaramillo vs. Kam, Okubo vs. Hernandez. Consolation winners: None, all byes.

Girls 135: Dudoit Vasquez advances. Peralta advances. Kano advances. Semis: Dudoit Vasquez vs. Peralta, Kawaihae vs. Kano. Consolation: Molokai, Honokaa, Damien.

Girls 130: Boteliho advances. Semis: Alo vs. Igafo, Botheliho vs. Butac. Consolation winners: Lahainaluna, Watanabe, Punahou, Molokai.

Girls 125: Paaaina beats Mercado. Wasson wins. Yamaguchi advances. Semis: Paaaina vs. Wasson, Yamaguchi vs. Torres-Umi. Consolation winners: Kaiser, Mililani, Radford, Lahainaluna.

Girls 121: Angela Lee wins. Pacheco matches her with a win. Torres-Umi advances. Semis: Pacheco vs. Evans, Torres-Umi vs. Lee. Consolation winners: Honokaa, McKinley, Kealakehe, King Kekaulike.

Girls 117: Semis: Dilliner vs. Guillermo, Liemsithisak vs. Tominaga. Consolation winners: Lanai, Punahou, Waianae, Farrington.

Girls 113: Another top seed goes down: Semis: Bahilot vs. Ford, Futa vs. Kojima. Bahilot beat Mauliloa 5-2. Consolation winners: Leilehua, KS-Hawaii, Kailua, Mid-Pacific.

Girls 109: Barcina wins over Freitas. Semis: Barcina vs. James, Newman vs. Le. All OIA semifinals. Consolation winners: Pearl City, Radford, Kamehameha, Punahou.

Girls 105: Semis: Enos vs. Pascual, Takaesu vs. Kaulili. Consolation winners: Waianae, McKinley, Punahou, Farrington.

Girls 101: Semis: Gonsalves vs. Mahoe, Pundyke vs. Wong. Consolation winners: Moanalua, Leilehua, PRI, Pearl City.

Girls 97: Semis: Phanthadara vs. Navarro, Chaves vs. Imai. Consolation winners: McKinley, Mid-pacific, Radford.

Boys team scores after two rounds: Lahainaluna 75.5, Pearl City 59.5, Kamehameha-Kapalama 56.0, Campbell 55.5, Kapolei 46.5, Punahou 46.5.

Boys 285: Semis: Muti vs. Tia, Fuamatu vs. Mowat. Muti beat top seed Pavao 7-6 in a weird match that had the clock stop three times, but Keaau’s protest was denied.

Boys 220: Furuta wins. Ludiazo breaks open his match, leads 5-0 with 1:29 left. Ludiazo wins 7-1. Semis: Furuta vs. Gaughen Haili, Ludiazo vs. Fuamatu. Consolation winners: MId-Pacific, Honokaa, Hawaii Prep, St. Anthony.

Boys 195: Chan wins a close one. Sanborn wins. Tokioka wins. Laros wins. Semis: Chan vs. Sanborn, Laros vs. Tokioka.

Boys 182: Rodriguez wins. Gonzalez wins. Wiseman wins. Semis: Rodrigues vs. Hoshino, Gonzalez vs. Wiseman. Consolation winners: Punahou, Lahainaluna, KIM, Kahuku.

Boys 171: Vaana Kikuyama wins. Kiehm wins. Hoshino wins. Semis: Kiehm vs. Vaana Kikuyama, Hoshino vs. Williams. Consolations winners: Radford, Lanai, St. Francis, Maui.

Boys 160: Cooper advances 9-1. Waki advances. Agmata advances. Lono advances. Semis: Cooper vs. Waki, Agmata vs. Lono. Consolation winners: Radford, Kamehameha-Kapalama, Mililani, Kamehameha-Hawaii.

Boys 152: Solomon advances, no problem. Ikehara advances. Kamaka advances for Leilehua. Graziano advances. Semis: Solomon vs. Ikehara, Kamaka vs. Graziano. Consolation winners: Kapolei, University, Mililani, Damien.

Boys 145: Corbett advances. Jaramillo advances. Semis: Jaramillo vs. Lunasco, Inouye vs. Corbett. Consolation winners: Hilo, Punahou, Pahoa, Moanalua.

Boys 138: Chism advances. Akeo in control, up 15-2 in the second. Akeo advances. Stevenson advances. Semis: Akeo vs. Chism, Pascua vs.Stevenson. Consolation winners: HBA, Nanakuli, Kailua, Moanalua.

Boys 132: Terao advances. Two wins away from his fourth title. Zack Diamond advances. Moore advances. Joshua Crimmins advances. Semis: Terao vs. Moore, Diamond vs. Crimmins. Consolation winners: Kapolei, Lanai, Campbell, Konawaena.

Boys 126: top seed Alex Ursua needs an escape in the sixth period to get past Mid-Pacific’s Cole Chandler, 1-0. Semis: Ursua vs. Panlasigui Domingo, Tabiolo Fecilda vs. Nakama. Akina, the second seed, lost by default. Consolation winners: Waipahu, Waiakea, Punahou, Kamehameha-Kapalama.

Boys 120: Balagso advances for Lahainaluna. Spain advances. Ruiz advances. Semis: Balagso vs. Spain, Ruiz vs. Natividad.

Boys 113: Wigzell advances. Ilabon Totten advances with a 6-4 win over Connor Lee of Punahou. Semis: Terukina vs. Ikei, Wigzell vs. Ilabon-Totten. Cons winners: Kalani, HBA, Campbell, Waianae.

Boys 106: Valeriano wins. Kato beats Lanias to meet him in the semis. Pagurayan wins and will meet Cabanban in the semifinals. Cabanban won 12-4 and Pagurayan win 5-1. Consolation winners: KSK, Leilehua, Pahoa.

Girls team through first round: Lahainaluna 32, Campbell 30-5, Kamehameha 30, Pearl City 21, Hilo 18, Waianae 18. Kamehameha still has 11 wrestlers alive, Lahainaluna and Campbell have eight each.

Girls 220: Mataafa wins. Stanley wins. Tanuvasa wins by pin. Tehotu wins. Alo wins. Borden wins. Quarters: Mataafa vs. Lualemaga, Alo v.s Williams, Stanley vs. Borden, Tanuvasa vs. Tehotu.

Girls 175: Miner wins. Tehotu wins. Taua wins. Alo wins. Quarters: Fautanu vs. Tehotu, Miner vs. Murakami Samala, Taua vs. Scheidt, Waiwaiole vs. Alo.

Girls 155: Tabion wins. Morris wins. Nakoa wins. Kala wins. Times wins. Quarters: Tabion vs. Times, Arroyo Haro vs. Medeiros, Kala vs. Morris, Nakoa vs. Kanakanui.

Girls 140: Jaramillo wins. Okubo wins. Quarters: Jaramillo vs. Vierra, Kam vs. Araki, Okubo vs. Manley, De Ponte vs. Hernandez. Hernandez had a bye.

Girls 135: Dudoit Vasquez wins. Matsuura wins. Peralta wins. Kang wins. Tate Williams wins. Quarters: Dudoit Vasquez vs. Matsuura, Kang vs. Peralta, Williams vs. Kawaihae, Kano vs. Ching.

Girls 130: Fuamatu wins. Butac wins. Rodriguez wins. Quarters: Alo vs. Fuamatu, Igafo vs. Lopez, Boteliho vs. Rodriguez, Gampon vs. Butac.

Girls 125: Mercado, Yamaguchi, Torres-Umi all win. Paaaina has a bye. Sana wins. Quarters: Paaaina vs. Mercado, Sana vs. Wasson, Garcia vs. Yamaguchi, Kunioka vs. Torres-Umi. That’s tough.

Girls 121: Lee wins. Pachecho wins. Torres Umi wins. Quarters: Pacheco vs. Johnson, Evans vs. Carlson, Torres Umi vs. Guerra, Takase vs. Lee.

Girls 117: Dilliner announced as a winner. Liemsithisak wins. Quarters: Dilliner vs. Corpuz, Guillermo vs. Hernandez, Liemsithisak vs. Castro, Galanto vs. Tominaga. Tominaga beat No. 2 seed Norlyn Cabonce 9-5.

Girls 113: Kojima wins. Futa wins. Funai wins. Mariano wins. Quarters: Mauliola vs. Bahilot, Ford vs. Hirata, Futa vs. Funai, Mariano vs. Kojima.

Girls 109: Barcina wins. Quarters: Freitas vs. Barcina, James vs. Taylor, Say vs. Newman, Patanapaiboon vs. Le. They all won by fall except Taylor, who won 13-8.

Girls 105: quarters: Enos vs. Alviar, Pacual vs. Traxler, Miyao vs. Takaesu, Rivera vs. Kaulili.

Girls 101: Quarters: Gonsalves vs. Mesick (both won by fall), Aruda vs. Mahoe (both won by fall), Encinas vs. Pundyke (both won by fall), Bean vs. Wong (Bean by fall, Wong by TF).

Girls 97: on the mat. Phanthadara wins. Brandi Yoshida wins. Navarro wins. Chaves wins. Quarters: Phantadara vs. Kawamura, Navarro vs. Arakaki, Chaves vs. Yoshida, Nelson vs. Imai.

Boys team after first round: Lahainaluna 34.5, Campbell 29.5, Pearl City 25.5, Kamehameha-Kapalama 25, Iolani 21.5, Kapolei 18.5, Punahou 18.5. Lunas and Sabers each have 10 boys still alive. Punahou had 13 wrestlers, only seven still alive for their titles. Kamehameha has nine left, Pearl City 8 and Iolani 7. Kapolei started with nine and have five left.

Boys 285: Pavao wins. Tia wins. Kapolei’s Isaiah Alapai wins. Greenbaum wins. Quarters: Pavao vs. Muti, Tia vs. Alapai, Fuamatu vs. Greenbaum, Lam Sam vs. Mowat.

Boys 220: Yamashiro through. Campbell’s Ludiazo beginning the third up 6-1. Molokai’s Albino wins. Ludiazo struggling to finish but still in control 6-2, 30 seconds left. Aiea’s Jennings wins. Gaughen Haili wins. Ludiazo makes it official. Fuamatu of Pearl City wins. Quarters: Furuta vs. Yamashiro, Gaughen Haili vs. Jennings, Albino vs. Ludiazo, Chatman vs. Fuamatu.

Boys 195: Logan Sanborne advances. Paul Joe advances. Mahvan Tau gets through. Boman Tokioka advances. Russell Laros right behind him as a winner. Baldwin’s Garcia wins. Quarters: Chan vs. Kapesi Brady, Sanborn vs. Joe, Tau vs. Laros, Garcia vs. Tokioka.

Boys 182: Hoshino advances. Quarters: Rodrigues vs. Sullivan, Lee vs. Hoshino, Gonzalez vs. Young, Tuulima vs. Wiseman. Wow, this class is stacked. Moses Wiseman wins.

Boys 170: Jonah Hosino wins. Castle’s Rodney Williams was up 7-1 before winning via pin. Quarters: Kiehm vs. Palimoo, Vaana Kikuyama vs. Holt, Marrero vs. Hoshino, Mikkelsen vs. Williams.

Boys 160: Blake Cooper advances. Baldwin’s Troy Waki advances. Campbell’s Francis Taua joins him. Lahainaluna’s Thomas Rosen St. John announced as a winner. Lopaka Lono gets through. Christian Agmata advances.

Quarters: Cooper vs. Chan, Waki vs. Kahookaulana, Agmata vs. Taua, Lono vs. Rosen St. John.

Boys 152: Lahainaluna’s Robert Campos advances. Waiakea’s Allen Ikehara gets through. Waianae’s Michael Graziano announced as a winner. William Valdez of Punahou wins. Tristen Kamaka advances. Quarters: Solomon vs. Cabanting, Farias vs. Ikehara, Campos vs. Kamaka, Graziano vs. Valdez.

Boys 145: Jaramillo bleeding from the nose but up 7-2 in the second. He extends it to 11-3. Kamehameha’s Kieth Correa advances. Jaramillo’s match stopped again for blood. Announcer asks wrestlers to unplug their appliances outside of the arena and not to use the sockets, breakers in the Blaisdell are starting to trip. That’s a new one. Jaramillo wins 21-6. That was easy. Joshua Hao of Campbell advances, gets a nice hand. Quarters: Jaramillo vs. Yoshikawa, Correa vs. Lunasco, Hao vs. Inouye, Riviera vs. Corbett.

Boys 138: Braydon Akeo advances as the top seed. Wyatt Chism advances as well. Baldwin’s Stevenson announced as a winner. Quarters: Akeo vs. Dano, Chism vs. Lee, Pascua vs. Naosusuga, Sardinha vs. Stevenson.

Boys 132: Josh Terao pins Kapolei’s Skyler Albright in the first period. Punahou’s Joshua Crimmins gets through. Lahainaluna’s Justin Inovejas beat Campbell’s Shannon Dacanay in a match pitting two team contenders. Mililani’s Zack Diamond advances.

Quarters: Terao vs. Durham, Moore vs. Kuahuai, Inovejas vs. Crimmins, Slavens vs. Diamond.

Boys 126: Campbell’s Dillon Quitagua advances. Quarters: Ursua vs. Chandler, Panlasigui Domingo vs. Murakami, Quitagua vs. Tabiolo Felicilda, Nakama vs. Jahfrey Akina.

Boys 120: Top seed Lahainaluna’s Christian Balagso advances.

Quarters: Balagso vs. Agustin, Nakasone vs. Spain, Urabe vs. Ruiz, Somera Rickard vs. Natividad.

Boys 113: Cayde Tagami of Roosevelt is the first boy to advance here, followed by Kaiser’s Chance Ikei. Top seed Blaysen Terukina of Kamehameha is up 8-0 and will win, but Kalani’s Chaden Morisato is going to take him the distance. It’s over, Terukina wins. A little bit of homework from earlier in the week tells me that Shayden Terukina and Zach Hernandez were the two biggest stoppers of recent memory, both pinning their way through the state twice. Jason Spiker was the last to do it, in 2009.

Quarters: Terukina vs. Tagami, Ikei vs. Quevedo, Wigzell vs. Ng, Lee vs. Ilabon-Totten.

Boys 106: Brandon Aceret of Waialua and Mililani’s Kainoa Lanias hit the mat first. They are all alone out there. Maui’s John Paul Zane is the first winner of the day, pinning No. 4 seed Elison Galanto of Kealakehe. Cody Cabanban of Saint Louis is announced as a winner as well. No. 2 seed Jayson Pagurayan of Kapolei advances with a 4-1 win over Kerry Mizota of Mid-Pacific. Lanias wins his bout. Shazer Valeriano of Campbell beats Kamehameha’s Jayden Key Byrd.

Quarters: Kato vs. Lanias, Valeriano vs. Zane, Domingo vs. Cabanban, Watase vs. Pagurayan.

It sounds like a lot of changes to the brackets, I will try to keep up with the action here.

The first boys match of the day, Punahou’s Cameron Kato vs. Dallas Frederick of Waianae, will not be contested. Kato has a bye into the quarterfinals.

Fun with numbers:

Since 2000, a top four seed has won the boys state wrestling tournament 91 percent of the time.

The top seed wins 69 percent of the time.

State champs by league all time:
ILH 243
OIA 308
MIL 58

Girls top seed wins 60 percent of the time and a top four seed wins 81 percent of the time.

Girls by league (since 2000):
ILH 49
OIA 90
MIL 11

It looks like we are a long way from starting, but the HHSAA has tapped me into the live brackets. That’s pretty cool.


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    There is also team standings. Right now, Lahainaluna boys and girls are in first after Quarter Final Round.

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