Girls 145

2020 State Championships

TOP SEED: Tyeisha Takamori, Baldwin
2019 state sixth (145)
2020 MIL champ (145)



Tiare Carlson, Waianae vs. (2) Anissa Wright, Campbell
— Carlson, Dec 5-0

Notes: Carlson pinned Wright at Paani … One of these two will win their first state title … Carlson up 3-0 after an early takedown .. Carlson adds another takedown in the third to make it 5-0 … It’s over.


(1) Tyeisha Takamori, Baldwin vs. (3) CJ Pascual-Tabuyo, Mid-Pacific
— Pascual-Tabuyo, Dec 7-3


Amber Leota, Kahuku vs. Chaenel Deluna, Molokai
— Leota, Dec 5-1



(1) Tyeisha Takamori, Baldwin vs. Tiare Carlson, Waianae
— Carlson, fall 2:47
(2) Anissa Wright, Campbell vs. Chaenel Deluna, Molokai
— Wright, Dec 5-4


(1) Tyeisha Takamori, Baldwin vs. Isabella Wong, Punahou
— Takamori, Dec 8-0
(4) Tia Leao, Hilo vs. Tiare Carlson, Waianae
— Carlson, fall 1:49
Amber Leota, Kahuku vs. Chaenel Deluna, Molokai
— Deluna, Dec 5-4
(2) Anissa Wright, Campbell vs. Madison Deponte, KS-Hawaii
— Wright, fall 3:21


(1) Tyeisha Takamori, Baldwin vs. Adonija Robertson, Radford
— Takamori
Isabella Wong, Punahou vs. Ariez Igafo, Castle
— Wong
Tessa Jensen, Kapaa vs. Tiare Carlson, Waianae
— Carlson
(4) Tia Leao, Hilo vs. Temehani Kerisano, Moanalua
— Leao
(3) CJ Pascual-Tabuyo, Mid-Pacific vs. Amber Leota, Kahuku
— Leota
Janelle Chang, Pahoa vs. Chaenel Deluna, Molokai
— Deluna
Madison Deponte, KS-Hawaii vs. Lainie Mefy, Farrington
— Deponte
(2) Anissa Wright, Campbell vs. Zeignalynn Mew-Kang, Pearl City
— Wright


Adonija Robertson, Radford vs. Ariez Igafo, Castle

Tessa Jensen, Kapaa vs. Temehani Kerisano, Moanalua

(3) CJ Pascual-Tabuyo, Mid-Pacific vs. Janelle Chang, Pahoa

Lainie Mefy, Farrington vs. Zeignalynn Mew-Kang, Pearl City


Adonija Robertson, Radford vs. BYE
— Robertson
Mehana Kapoi, Kamehameha vs. Temehani Kerisano, Moanalua
— Kerisiano, Dec 4-3
Hunter Ganoot, Aiea vs. Amber Leota, Kahuku
— Leota, Dec 4-3
BYE vs. Zeignalynn Mew-Kang, Pearl City
– Mew-Kang