Girls 97

2019 State Championships

Campbell’s Jazmyn Enriquez beat Baldwin’s Liana Ferreria to win the 97-pound weight class at Officials. Both went on to win league titles this year and could meet again with the state title on the line. Photo by Kat Wade/Special to the Star-Advertiser.



(1) Jazmyn Enriquez (Camp) vs. Precious Tampos (Moan)
— Enriquez, fall 3:42

Enriquez: “I’m proud of myself, winning by pin made it even more better. To be honest I was kind of nervous, a little jitters and anxiety. It was never easy, especially for my last year. I had my fair share of getting beat up.”

Notes: Enriquez beat Tampos 5-0 in the OIA final and scores the takedown to take a 2-0 lead … Tampos starts down in the second period and gets taken for a ride as Enriquez remains in control … Enriquez works the pin with 18 seconds left. First state title for Enriquez.


Liana Ferreira (Baldwin) vs. Erin Hikiji (Mil)
— Ferreira, D 6-3


Liliana Campbell (Hilo) vs. Giana Ragudos (Aiea)
— Campbell, fall 1:15



(1) Jazmyn Enriquez (Camp) vs. (4) Lilliana Campbell (Hilo)
— Enriquez, fall 2:51
Precious Tampos (Moan) vs. Erin Hikiji (Mil)
— Tampos, D 3-0

Enriquez was pushed in the semifinals but has to be pleased that the ILH’s best girls didn’t make it to the semifinals. She lost to Sarah Obra Nakata in the first round two years ago and Zoe Omura twice last year. She gets a semifinal rematch this time after beating Campbell in the semifinals last year to rob the Viking of her first medal. Tampos beat Omura in semifinals after losing to Obra Nakata in consolation last year, she has three years of experience at states but will get her first medal this year. This is Hikiji’s first state tournament after taking third at the OIA championships behind Enriquez and Tampos.


(1) Jazmyn Enriquez (Camp) vs. Sarah Obra Nakata (Pun)
— Enriquez, fall 1:28
Giana Ragudos (Aiea) vs. (4) Lilliana Campbell (Hilo)
— Campbell, fall 1:38
(3) Zoe Omura (Iol) vs. Precious Tampos (Moan)
— Tampos, dec. 7-5
Erin Hikiji (Mil) vs. (2) Liana Ferreira (Bald)
— Hikiji, dec. 10-8


(1) Jazmyn Enriquez (Camp) vs. Jaysha Cachuella (Kapo)
— Enriquez, fall :58
Sarah Obra Nakata (Pun) vs. Trinity Mowat (Mol)
— Obra Nakata, fall :31
Kelcie Ito (HBA) vs. Giana Ragudos (Aiea)
— Ragudos, fall 2:52
(4) Lilliana Campbell (Hilo) vs. Jaylina Tran (Roos)
— Campbell, fall 3:47
(3) Zoe Omura (Iol) vs. Cheville Gumban (Far)
— Omura, fall 1:14
Madison Kalamau (Wain) vs. Precious Tampos (Moan)
— Tampos, MD 12-1
Andrea Faldonea (Keal) vs. Erin Hikiji (Mil)
— Hikiji, MD 16-3
(2) Liana Ferreira (Bald) vs. Kacey Lei Quillopo (ULS)
— Ferreira, fall :52


Jaysha Cachuella (Kapo) BYE
Evyn Pontes (Lei) vs. Jaylina Tran (Roos)
— Tran, fall 2:05
Kiara Lovelle (Nan) vs. Cheville Gumban (Far)
— Gumban, dec. 10-3
Caitlin Larkin (Kalh) vs. Kacey Lei Quillopo (ULS)
— Quillopo, dec. 10-6


Jaysha Cachuella (Kapo) vs. Trinity Mowat (Mol)
— Cachuella, fall :45
Kelcie Ito (HBA) vs. Jaylina Tran (Roos)
— Ito, fall :58
Cheville Gumban (Far) vs. Madison Kalamau (Wain)
— Kalamau, dec. 8-5
Andrea Faldonea (Keal) vs. Kacey Lei Quillopo (ULS)
— Faldonea, fall 2:29

Jaysha Cachuella (Kapo) vs. (2) Liana Ferreira (Bald)
— Ferreira, fall 1:41
Kelcie Ito (HBA) vs. (3) Zoe Omura (Iol)
— Omura, fall 2:46
Madison Kalamau (Wain) vs. Giana Ragudos (Aiea)
— Ragudos, dec. 5-1
Andrea Faldonea (Keal) vs. Sarah Obra Nakata (Pun)
— Obra Nakata, fall 2:00

(2) Liana Ferreira (Bald) vs. (3) Zoe Omura (Iol)
— Ferreira, fall 3:29
Giana Ragudos (Aiea) vs. Sarah Obra Nakata (Pun)
— Ragudos, MD 8-0

(2) Liana Ferreira (Bald) vs. (4) Lilliana Campbell (Hilo)
–Ferreira, MD 13-4
Giana Ragudos (Aiea) vs. Erin Hikiji (Mil)
–Hikiji, MD 11-1