Girls 225

2019 State Championships

Farrington’s Lavenia Fotu, top, is gunning for a repeat state title at 225 after sitting out last season. Photo by Steven Erler/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

OIA: Sila Fotu, Farrington
MIL: Tuu Helekahi, Hana
BIIF: Leona Toledo, Hilo



(1) Sila Fotu (Far) vs. Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kah)
— Niutupuivaha, D 6-2

Niutupuivaha: “When I first went to the match I knew she beat me multiple times so I knew I had to give it my all. It’s last the last match of the season — all or nothing. After she beat me at Officials and Eastern’s, I started to doubt myself thinking I couldn’t make it anymore. The faith that my teammates, my family and my coaches had in me — they really pushed me to my limits.”

Notes: Fotu has dominated the matchup all year but is banged up coming in. Niutupuivaha with control and almost pins Fotu, taking a commanding 5-0 lead after one as Fotu has the trainers come out once already … Fotu comes back with a takedown just inside the circle to start the second period … Niutupuivaha with the late escape and leads 6-2 with 13 seconds in the second period and again the trainers are out to look at Fotu … Niutupuivaha rides it out and defends her title, beating the 2017 champion.


(2) Leona Toledo (Hilo) vs. Natasha Paleaei (Moan)
— Toledo, D 6-1


(4) Myra Liufau (Keal) vs. Sequoia Warren (Bald)
— Liufau, fall 3:15


(1) Sila Fotu (Far) vs. (4) Myra Liufau (Keal)
— Fotu, fall 4:26
Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kah) vs. Natasha Paleaei (Moan)
— Niutupuivaha, fall 4:38


(1) Sila Fotu (Far) vs. Savannah Pilialoha (Waip)
— Fotu, fall :29
Sequoia Warren (Bald) vs. (4) Myra Liufau (Keal)
— Liufau, fall 3:06
(3) Tuu Helekahi (Hana) vs. Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kah)
— Niutupuivaha, fall 1:32
Natasha Paleaei (Moan) vs. (2) Leona Toledo (Hilo)
— Paleaei, dec. 7-5


(1) Sila Fotu (Far) BYE
Zyann Pavao (Keaau) vs. Savannah Pilialoha (Waip)
— Pilialoha, fall 3:11
Sequoia Warren (Bald) vs. Abcde Gohier (Mil)
— Warren, fall :49
(4) Myra Liufau, Keal BYE
(3) Tuu Helekahi (Hana) BYE
Lili Canario-Carvalho (Hon) vs. Tangiteina Niutupuivaha (Kah)
— Niutupuivaha, fall :13
Natasha Paleaei (Moan) vs. Keisha Keamo-Ah-Kiong (Nan)
— Palealei, fall 3:11
(2) Leona Toledo (Hilo) BYE


Zyann Pavao (Keaau) BYE
Abcde Gohier (Mil) BYE
Lili Canario-Carvalho (Hon) BYE
Keisha Keamo-Ah-Kiong (Nan) BYE

Zyann Pavao (Keaau) vs. (2) Leona Toledo (Hilo)
— Toledo, fall 1:40
Abcde Gohier (Mil) vs. (3) Tuu Helekahi (Hana)
— Gohier, fall 2:59
Lili Canario-Carvalho (Hon) vs. Sequoia Warren (Bald)
— Warren, fall :59
Keisha Keamo-Ah-Kiong (Nan) vs. Savannah Pilialoha (Waip)
— Pilialoha, dec. 3-2

(2) Leona Toledo (Hilo) vs. Abcde Gohier (Mil)
— Toledo, fall 1:58
Sequoia Warren (Bald) vs. Savannah Pilialoha (Waip)
— Warren, fall 4:35

(2) Leona Toledo (Hilo) vs. (4) Myra Liufau (Keal)
— Toledo, fall 4:10
Sequoia Warren (Bald) vs. Natasha Paleaei (Moan)
— Paleaei, MD 10-1