Girls 184

2019 State Championships

Kealakehe’s Roxie Umu, right, earned the shutout over Baldwin’s Sierra Vida to win the girls 184-pound final last year. Photo by Dennis Oda/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Roxie Umu (Keal) vs. (2) Shannon Jaramillo (Lah)
— Jaramillo, D 2-0

Jaramillo: “I have been training so hard. I am a Jaramillo and everybody is a state champ so I wanted to be one too and did all of the training. I knew Roxie was tough and I wasn’t supposed to win. I didn’t believe I was supposed to win but I saw my sister and family in the stands and knew I had to win.”


Jacinta Fonoti (Mil) vs. Siera Vida (Bald)
— Vida, D 11-6


Anela Kahuli Apo (KSK) vs. (3) Dylan Huddy (Mryk)
— Apo, Fft.



(1) Roxie Umu (Keal) vs. Anela Kahuli Apo (KSK)
— Umu, fall 2:32
(3) Dylan Huddy (Mryk) vs. (2) Shannon Jaramillo (Lah)
— Jaramillo, fall 4:50

So many deserving champions here but Umu is in the way. The Kealakehe senior is a defending state champ looking to repeat and has won 12 matches in her state career with only three losses. She has never finished lower than fourth, even as a freshman. She gets the ILH3 in Kahulu-Apo, but that is deceiving since she has two years of experience and finished fourth last year. Huddy would like to make it to the TV portion of the show after falling to Umu in the semifinals last year, Jaramillo is in her second semifinal after making it two years ago when she finished fourth.


(1) Roxie Umu (Keal) vs. Siera Vida (Bald)
— Umu, fall 3:08
Anela Kahuli Apo (KSK) vs. Jalyssa Ingram (Aiea)
— Apo, fall 3:38
(3) Dylan Huddy (Mryk) vs. Antonia Tomas (Lei)
— Huddy, dec. 8-2
Jacinta Fonoti (Mil) vs. (2) Shannon Jaramillo (Lah)
— Jaramillo, fall 1:36


(1) Roxie Umu (Keal) vs. Fia Ito (Far)
— Umu, fall 1:00
Harley Ceberano (Pun) vs. Siera Vida (Bald)
— Vida, fall 1:44
Bernie Lindsey (Kapo) vs. Anela Kahuli Apo (KSK)
— Apo, fall :28
(4) Alana Dela Pena (Moan) vs. Jalyssa Ingram (Aiea)
— Ingram, def. (inj.)
(3) Dylan Huddy (Mryk) vs. Alysha Kapihe (Kapo)
— Huddy, fall 1:37
Kiana Kaneshiro (Hilo) vs. Antonia Tomas (Lei)
— Tomas, fall 3:13
Maile Kepano-Ferreira (Keaau) vs. Jacinta Fonoti (Mil)
— Fonoti, fall :20
(2) Shannon Jaramillo (Lah) vs. Kiara Dozier (Rad)
— Jaramillo, fall 1:56


Fia Ito (Far) BYE
Jalyssa Ingram (Aiea) BYE
Alysha Kapihe (Kapo) BYE
Kiara Dozier (Rad) BYE


Fia Ito (Far) vs. Harley Ceberano (Pun)
— Ito, Fft.
Bernie Lindsey (Kapo) vs. (4) Alana Dela Pena (Moan)
— Lindsey, Fft.
Alysha Kapihe (Kapo) vs. Kiana Kaneshiro (Hilo)
— Kapihe, fall :33
Maile Kepano-Ferreira (Keaau) vs. Kiara Dozier (Rad)
— Kepano-Ferreira, dec. 4-3

Fia Ito (Far) vs. Jacinta Fonoti (Mil)
— Fonoti, fall :40
Bernie Lindsey (Kapo) vs. Antonia Tomas (Lei)
— Tomas, dec. 5-1
Alysha Kapihe (Kapo) vs. Jalyssa Ingram (Aiea)
— Kapihe, fall 1:38
Maile Kepano-Ferreira (Keaau) vs. Siera Vida (Bald)
— Vida, fall :34

Jacinta Fonoti (Mil) vs. Antonia Tomas (Lei)
— Fonoti, fall 1:48
Alysha Kapihe (Kapo) vs. Siera Vida (Bald)
— Vida, fall 1:39

Jacinta Fonoti (Mil) vs. Anela Kahuli Apo (KSK)
— Fonoti, fall 3:46
Siera Vida (Bald) vs. (3) Dylan Huddy (Mryk)
— Vida, Fft.


OIA: Alana Dela Pena, Moanalua
ILH: Dylan Huddy, Maryknoll
MIL: Shannon Jaramillo, Lahainaluna
BIIF: Roxie Umu, Kealakehe
KIF: Bernie Lindsey, Kapaa