Girls 168

2019 State Championships

Leilehua’s Kelani Corbett, right, is closing in on a fourth straight state title. File photo by Bruce Asato / Honolulu Star-Advertiser.



(1) Kelani Corbett (Lei) vs. (2) Kapoina Bailey (Kona)
— Corbett, D 4-1

Corbett: “I knew she was a tough opponent. She was my teammate from summer travels. I knew it was going to be a grind out. Don’t let any of my holes be exposed. One of the main reasons I went to 168 was I wanted better competition.”

Notes: Corbett going for the slam. A close first round with Corbett getting two late is 2-0 before Bailey cuts it in half and almost gets more. Really tight battle. 2-1 after two with Corbett starting on the bottom in the third period. Really close match but Corbett with a late reversal to get it done.


Luana Kanongataa (Kah) vs. Mele Pamela Lua (Cast)
— Lua, D 4-1


Francesca Evans (PC) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moan)
— Tupuola, fall 2:11



(1) Kelani Corbett (Lei) vs. Luana Kanongataa (Kah)
— Corbett, fall 1:23
Alexis Tupuola (Moan) vs. (2) Kapoina Bailey (Kona)
— Bailey, fall 2:50

Everyone is watching for the rare slam out of Corbett, she is 14-0 in her state career and most of them weren’t even close. If she gets it she will certainly have to earn it, meeting familiar foe Kanongataa in the semis. The Red Raider has wrestled 13 times at states and gotten better every year with a fourth-place finish last year. She can tell you all you need to know about Bailey, as the senior has lost to the Big Island champ in each of the last two years. The Konawaena queen has been in two state finals already and is going for the first repeat state title in school history after being the first from the school to win last year. OIA runner up Tupuola will challenge her, though, finishing third with four wins last year and boasting of a 7-5 record at states in her time to Bailey’s 9-3.


(1) Kelani Corbett (Lei) vs. Mele Pamela Lua (Cast)
— Corbett, fall 1:12
Luana Kanongataa (Kah) vs. (4) Fayannie Rosario (Lah)
— Kanongataa, dec. 8-6
Lilliane Toledo (Hilo) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moan)
— Tupuola, fall 3:19
Francesca Evans (PC) vs. (2) Kapoina Bailey (Kona)
— Bailey, fall 3:12


(1) Kelani Corbett (Lei) vs. Grace Tanuvasa (Waip)
— Corbett, fall 3:13
Mele Pamela Lua (Cast) vs. Jaye Lee-Kaiwi (Keaau)
— Lua, fall 4:17
Luana Kanongataa (Kah) vs. Krome Solis-Kalani (KSH)
— Kanongataa, fall 2:14
(4) Fayannie Rosario (Lah) vs. Kehani Siuta (Aiea)
— Rosario, MD 14-5
(3) Alina Mauai vs. Lilliane Toledo (Hilo)
— Toledo, MD 13-3
Janvier Bentley-Smith (Mol) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moan)
— Tupuola, fall 3:48
Kaceylee Pua (Bald) vs. Francesca Evans (PC)
— Evans, fall 5:28
(2) Kapoina Bailey (Kona) vs. Mahogany McFadden-Russell (Rad)
— Bailey, fall 3:46


Lei Robinson (Camp) vs. Grace Tanuvasa (Waip)
— Tanuvasa, fall 4:22
Kehani Siuta (Aiea) vs. Nanea Kahoonei-Awai (Wain)
— Siuta, fall 1:20
Phiona Kerisiano (Nan) vs. Lilliane Toledo (Hilo)
— Toledo, fall 4:25
Mahogany McFadden-Russell (Rad) BYE


Grace Tanuvasa (Waip) vs. Jaye Lee-Kaiwi (Keaau)
— Lee-Kaiwi, fall 1:27
Krome Solis-Kalani (KSH) vs. Kehani Siuta (Aiea)
— Siuta, fall 3:00
(3) Alina Mauai vs. Janvier Bentley-Smith (Mol)
— Mauai, fall 1:48
Kaceylee Pua (Bald) vs. Mahogany McFadden-Russell (Rad)
— Pua, TF 16-0

Jaye Lee-Kaiwi (Keaau) vs. Francesca Evans (PC)
— Evans, dec. 2-0
Kehani Siuta (Aiea) vs. Lilliane Toledo (Hilo)
— Siuta, fall 2:29
(3) Alina Mauai vs. (4) Fayannie Rosario (Lah)
— Rosario, fall 2:16
Mahogany McFadden-Russell (Rad) vs. Mele Pamela Lua (Cast)
— Lua, dec. 6-3

Francesca Evans (PC) vs. Kehani Siuta (Aiea)
— Evans, fall 2:20
(4) Fayannie Rosario (Lah) vs. Mele Pamela Lua (Cast)
— Lua, D 4-1

Francesca Evans (PC) vs. Luana Kanongataa (Kah)
— Kanongataa, D 5-4
Mele Pamela Lua (Cast) vs. Alexis Tupuola (Moan)
— Lua, fall 2:36