Girls 155

2019 State Championships

OIA champion Kaleinani Makuaole of Waianae is the top seed at 155 pounds. Photo by Dennis Oda / Honolulu Star-Advertiser.



(1) Shayna Kamaka (Bald) vs. (2) Kaleinani Makuaole (Wain)
— Kamaka, D 5-4

Kamaka: “Ever since last year during states when I got third it broke my heart. I came home and I wasn’t the same but my parents, my brother, my dad, my coaches and my teammates all helped me to push because they knew the potential I could reach. That girl, she has a lot of heart. I respect her so much. Throughout the season we haven’t really wrestled each other. This was our first time and I loved the experience.”

Notes: 0-0 after one. Kamaka takes control in the second and leads 5-0 but Makuaole escapes to start the third and then digs in deep on a single leg. She gets it for 2 and it’s 5-3 with 1:20 to go. Kamaka holds on 5-4.


Hannah Oshiro (Moan) vs. Sunni Chow (Mol)
— Chow, Def.


(3) Amy Sotoa (KSK) vs. Keahi Paas-Basilio (Lei)
— Paas-Basilio, D 7-3



(1) Shayna Kamaka (Bald) vs. Hannah Oshiro (Moan)
— Kamaka, fall 4:51
Sunni Chow (Mol) vs. (2) Kaleinani Makuaole (Wain)
— Makuaole, MD 12-1

Kamaka is one of the best unsung wrestlers in the state and is the highest state placer left with a third after falling in the semis last year and she faces newcomer Oshiro, who finished third in the OIA last week. Makuaole seems like she has done everything on the state level except take the top step, reaching the semifinals for three straight years and getting to the finals two years ago. She needs to watch herself against Chow, who has won seven times on the state level and took sixth last year.


(1) Shayna Kamaka (Bald) vs. Keahi Paas-Basilio (Lei)
— Kamaka, fall :37
Hannah Oshiro (Moan) vs. (4) Kira Spencer (Keal)
— Oshiro, fall 1:24
(3) Amy Sotoa (KSK) vs. Sunni Chow (Mol)
— Chow, dec. 2-1
Natalie Grider (Keaau) vs. (2) Kaleinani Makuaole (Wain)
— Makuaole, fall 1:39


(1) Shayna Kamaka (Bald) BYE
Shaelynne Lagaret (Hon) vs. Keahi Paas-Basilio (Lei)
— Paas-Basillo, fall :41
Alana Takata (Kauai) vs. Hannah Oshiro (Moan)
— Oshiro, fall 2:53
(4) Kira Spencer (Keal) vs. Kayla Leong (McK)
— Spencer, fall 5:29
(3) Amy Sotoa (KSK) vs. Katie Heim (Kais)
— Sotoa, fall :58
Madison Deponte (KSH) vs. Sunni Chow (Mol)
— Chow, fall :52
Natalie Grider (Keaau) vs. Luana Chung-Hualama (Hilo)
— Grider, dec. 8-4
(2) Kaleinani Makuaole, Waianae vs. Amber Leota (Kah)
— Makuaole, fall 3:49


Kayla Leong (McK) BYE
Katie Heim (Kais) BYE
Amber Leota (Kah) BYE


Shaelynne Lagaret (Hon) BYE
Alana Takata (Kauai) vs. Kayla Leong (McK)
— Leong, fall 3:54
Katie Heim (Kais) vs. Madison Deponte (KSH)
— Heim, fall 1:15
Luana Chung-Hualama (Hilo) vs. Amber Leota (Kah)
— Leota, dec. 9-3

Shaelynne Lagaret (Hon) vs. Natalie Grider (Keaau)
— Grider, fall 1:14
Kayla Leong (McK) vs. (3) Amy Sotoa (KSK)
— Sotoa, fall 4:49
Katie Heim (Kais) vs. (4) Kira Spencer (Keal)
— Heim, fall 1:16
Amber Leota (Kah) vs. Keahi Paas-Basilio (Lei)
Paas-Basilio, dec. 5-0

Natalie Grider (Keaau) vs. (3) Amy Sotoa (KSK)
— Sotoa, fall 1:51
Katie Heim (Kais) vs. Keahi Paas-Basilio (Lei)
— Paas-Basilio, fall 2:23

(3) Amy Sotoa (KSK) vs. Hannah Oshiro (Moan)
— Oshiro, fall 4:13
Keahi Paas-Basilio (Lei) vs. Sunni Chow (Mol)
— Chow, Def.