Girls 145

2019 State Championships

Lahainaluna’s Tayler Peligrino-Hayase is the No. 1 seed at 145 pounds. Photo by Bruce Asato/Star-Advertiser.



Sadie Antoque (Cast) vs. (2) Tiare Carlson (Wain)
— Antoque, fall 1:59

Antoque: “I’m so proud of myself. I always tell myself I can do it and I did. I did (doubt) before but not today. I was honestly surprised (about the pin) but I just kept going. I readjusted and I got it.”

Notes: Another OIA final rematch. Antoque was the defending OIA champ but Carlson pinned her in 1:49 … Antoque was a state runner-up last year … And Antoque reverses the tables and gets the state title.


Jennifer Tongi (Kah) vs. Tayler Peligrino Hayase (Lah)
– Peligrino-Hayase, D 6-1


Precious Brown (KSK) vs. Tyeisha Takamori (Bald)
— Brown, Def.



Sadie Antoque (Cast) vs. Jennifer Tongi (Kah)
— Antoque, fall 3:26
Tyeisha Takamori (Bald) vs. (2) Tiare Carlson (Wain)
— Carlson, fall 1:26

The OIA rules here with the MIL, BIIF and ILH champions all being upset and the top three from Oahu’s public school league all in the semis. Antoque made the state final last year after finishing fourth the year before but she is facing another girl who will pick up her third state medal on Wednesday in Tongi. Antoque does have a victory over Tongi in the semifinals last year to her credit, though. Carlson is coming off a third-place finish last year after making the semis and Takemori will get her first medal despite being the MIL2. Don’t discredit that ranking, though, she shared a league with Lahainaluna’s Tayler Peligrino-Hayase.


(1) Tayler Peligrino-Hayase (Lah) vs. Sadie Antoque (Cast)
— Antoque, dec. 3-1
Jennifer Tongi (Kah) vs. (4) Tia Leao (Hilo)
— Tongi, fall 1:23
(3) Precious Brown (KSK) vs. Tyeisha Takamori (Bald)
— Takamori, dec. 4-2
Taye Mowat (Mol) vs. (2) Tiare Carlson (Wain)
— Carlson, fall 1:26


(1) Tayler Peligrino-Hayase (Lah) vs. Marisa Maiava (Moan)
— Peligrino-Hayase, fall :59
Hunter Ganoot (Aiea) vs. Sadie Antoque (Cast)
— Antoque, fall 1:49
Tessa Jensen (Kapo) vs. Jennifer Tongi (Kah)
— Tongi, fall 1:42
(4) Tia Leao (Hilo) vs. Penny Gebhardt (Hon)
— Leao, fall 3:32
(3) Precious Brown (KSK) vs. Anissa Wright (Camp)
— Brown, fall 4:47
Tiani Thomas (KSH) vs. Tyeisha Takamori (Bald)
— Takamori, dec. 4-1
Janelle Chang (Pah) vs. Taye Mowat (Mol)
— Mowat, dec. 12-7
(2) Tiare Carlson (Wain) vs. Brooke Cabinian (Lei)
— Carlson, fall :16


Marisa Maiava (Moan) BYE
Penny Gebhardt (Hon) BYE
Jazaria Hall (Rad) vs Anissa Wright (Camp)
— Wright, dec. 5-3
Brooke Cabinian (Lei) vs. Huong Pham (Kaim)
— Cabinian, fall 1:50


Marisa Maiava (Moan) vs. Hunter Ganoot (Aiea)
— Ganoot, dec. 7-4
Tessa Jensen (Kapo) vs. Penny Gebhardt (Hon)
— Jensen, fall :58
Anissa Wright (Camp) vs. Tiani Thomas (KSH)
— Wright, fall 3:44
Janelle Chang (Pah) vs. Brooke Cabinian (Lei)
— Cabinan, fall 1:53

Hunter Ganoot (Aiea) vs. Taye Mowat (Mol)
— Mowat, fall 2:16
Tessa Jensen (Kapo) vs. (3) Precious Brown (KSK)
— Brown, MD 14-0
Anissa Wright (Camp) vs. (4) Tia Leao (Hilo)
— Wright, fall 4:03
Brooke Cabinian (Lei) vs. (1) Tayler Peligrino-Hayase (Lah)
— Hayase, fall 1:16

Taye Mowat (Mol) vs. (3) Precious Brown (KSK)
— Brown, def.
Anissa Wright (Camp) vs. (1) Tayler Peligrino-Hayase (Lah)
— Peligrino-Hayase, fall 1:29

(3) Precious Brown (KSK) vs. Jennifer Tongi (Kah)
–Tongi, D 7-5
(1) Tayler Peligrino-Hayase (Lah) vs. Tyeisha Takamori (Bald)
–Peligrino Hayase, fall 1:34