Girls 138

2019 State Championships

Baldwin’s Jahnea Miguel, left, took down Castle’s Sadie Antoque on her way to winning the girls 145-pound state final in 2018. She is one of two state champions in the field at 138 pounds this year. Photo by Dennis Oda/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Paige Respicio (KSK) vs. (2) Jahnea Miguel (Bald)
— Respicio, MD 15-4

Respicio: “The start of the match I was very dominant and I knew if I was to beat her to it first — be dominant first because she’s dominant first — then I could lead the whole match if I was just on it. Finally I bear her after all this time. She was amazing. She’s a great match.”

Notes: Two defending state champions going at it and neither has lost since Miguel beat Respicio in the state semifinals two years ago. I missed the start but Respicio has Miguel nearly pinned right off the bat … Miguel holds it off for a full minute but the damage is done, 5-0 … second period and it’s ALL Respicio … Miguel fights off pin after pin attempt but it’s a blowout. 14-0 until Miguel gets a reversal and is on top for two points. It’s over. Huge win for Respicio.


Lana Perez (Moan) vs. Jamie Grilho (Aiea)
— Perez, fall :54


Heavenli Sardinha (Camp) vs. (4) Kitana Lowery (Hilo)
— Sardinha, TF 16-0



(1) Paige Respicio (KSK) vs. Lana Perez (Moan)
— Respicio, D 7-2
Jamie Grilho (Aiea) vs. (2) Jahnea Miguel (Bald)
— Miguel, fall :50

Perez and Grilho will be trying to mess up the main event that everyone wants in Respicio and Miguel. Miguel beat the Warrior 8-1 in the semis two years ago and they both have gone unbeaten since with state championships last year and Miguel going for her third. Perez is back as the OIA champion after missing last year but she will be rewarded with her first state medal. Grilho is a wild card as the OIA runner up, but she is in her second state tournament and doubled her number of wins from last year.


(1) Paige Respicio (KSK) vs. Chaenel Deluna (Mol)
— Respicio, fall 1:40
Lana Perez (Moan) vs. (4) Kitana Lowery (Hilo)
— Perez, MD 11-3
(3) Jolette Miner Ho (Kapaa) vs. Jamie Grilho (Aiea)
— Grilho, dec. 7-4
Heavenli Sardinha (Camp) vs. (2) Jahnea Miguel (Bald)
— Miguel, fall 1:35


(1) Paige Respicio (KSK) vs. Kimberly Kealoha (Mil)
— Respicio, fall :51
Katrina Joy Mateo (Keaau) vs. Chaenel Deluna (Mol)
— Deluna, fall :50
Lana Perez (Moan) vs. Keila Olivas-Low (Lei)
— Perez, fall 1:12
(4) Kitana Lowery (Hilo) vs. Jacey Chung (PC)
— Lowery, dec. 12-7
(3) Jolette Miner Ho (Kapaa) vs. Marcella Reynolds (Rad)
— Miner Ho, fall 4:50
Taryn Titcomb (SH) vs. Jamie Grilho (Aiea)
— Grilho, fall 3:37
Brooke Camero (Waik) vs. Heavenli Sardinha (Camp)
— Sardinha, fall 3:18
(2) Jahnea Miguel (Bald) vs. Isabella Wong (Pun)
— Miguel, fall 5:45


Kimberly Kealoha (Mil) vs. Casiziti Tran (Kaim)
— Kealoha, fall 3:31
Maria Maifea (Wain) vs. Jacey Chung (PC)
— Chung, fall 2:05
Marcella Reynolds (Rad) vs. Mahulu Carvalho (KSH)
— Reynolds, fall 2:35
Isabella Wong (Pun) vs. Casiziti Tran (Kaim)
— Wong, fall 2:41


Kimberly Kealoha (Mil) vs. Katrina Joy Mateo (Keaau)
— Kealoha, fall 1:47
Keila Olivas-Low (Lei) vs. Jacey Chung (PC)
— Chung, fall 2:30
Marcella Reynolds (Rad) vs. Taryn Titcomb (SH)
— Reynolds, dec. 7-5
Brooke Camero (Waik) vs. Isabella Wong (Pun)
— Wong, fall 3:30

Kimberly Kealoha (Mil) vs. Heavenli Sardinha (Camp)
— Sardinha, fall 4:52
Jacey Chung (PC) vs. (3) Jolette Miner Ho (Kapaa)
— Chung, dec. 4-0
Marcella Reynolds (Rad) vs. (4) Kitana Lowery (Hilo)
— Lowery, fall 1:15
Isabella Wong (Pun) vs. Chaenel Deluna (Mol)
Deluna, dec. 6-4

Heavenli Sardinha (Camp) vs. Jacey Chung (PC)
— Sardinha, D 6-4
(4) Kitana Lowery (Hilo) vs. Chaenel Deluna (Mol)
–Lowery, fall 3:38

Heavenli Sardinha (Camp) vs. Lana Perez (Moan)
— Perez, fall 1:30
(4) Kitana Lowery (Hilo) vs. Jamie Grilho (Aiea)
— Grilho, D 6-4