Girls 132

2019 State Championships

Baldwin’s Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp is the reigning state champion at 127 pounds. Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Advertiser



(1) Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Bald) vs. (3) Krystal Puahala (KSK)
— Estrella-Beauchamp, MD 9-0

Estrella-Beauchamp: “I honestly feel like I did good but I know I can improve on a lot of things. Overall I think I did good but it can only get better. I don’t want to be comfortable. There will be a target on my back and I want to work hard, keep pushing, keep grinding.”

Notes: Possible show stealer here … Estrella-Beauchamp off to a 4-0 start through the first period and she starts on the bottom in the second period but is held there … 4-0 in the third … Puahala tries to throws Estrella-Beauchamp but the MIL champ falls right on top and Puahala in a world of trouble … 9-0 final.


Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kaln) vs. Faith Joy Okubo (Moan)
— Okubo, D 5-1


Kanani Chan (KSH) vs. Chanel Hunter (PC)
— Hunter, D 2-1



(1) Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Bald) vs. Kanani Chan (KSH)
— Estrella- Beauchamp, fall 3:58
(3) Krystal Puahala (KSK) vs. (2) Faith Joy Okubo (Moan)
— Puahala, D 2-1

Estrella Beauchamp is the defending champion here and is 10-1 in her career after taking third two years ago. She gets one of the darlings of the tournament in the BIIF champ, who broke a six-match losing streak on Wednesday and finds herself in the semis and assured of her first state placing as a senior. Oahu champs face off in the other semifinal and it might be the match of the round. Puahala made it all the way to the final last year before falling to all-time great Teniya Alo and Okubo is one of the tournament’s most experienced wrestlers. Okubo is assured her fourth state medal after a fourth and two fifths, and has taken the mat 20 times in her career. She has never won fewer than three matches in any state tournament.


(1) Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Bald) vs. Chanel Hunter (PC)
— Estrella-Beauchamp, MD 13-1
Kanani Chan (KSH) vs. (4) Ini Marshall (Kapaa)
— Chan, dec. 10-5
(3) Krystal Puahala (KSK) vs. Ariez Igafo (Cast)
— Puahala, fall 5:50
Naleo Pruett (Kah) vs. (2) Faith Joy Okubo (Moan)
— Okubo, fall 1:20


(1) Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Bald) BYE
Kianna Chargualaf (Camp) vs. Chanel Hunter (PC)
— Hunter, dec. 4-0
Kanani Chan (KSH) vs. Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kaln)
— Chan, dec. 9-3
(4) Ini Marshall (Kapaa) vs. Kai Auna Lagmay (Kaim)
— Marshall, fall 3:08
(3) Krystal Puahala (KSK) vs. Caitlyn Tynanes (Kapo)
— Puahala, fall 3:07
Ariez Igafo (Cast) vs. Kelsey Lee Bicoy Juario (Mol)
— Igafio, dec. 8-7
Naleo Pruett (Kah) vs. Serenity Truth (Rad)
— Pruett, fall 1:53
(2) Faith Joy Okubo (Moan) vs. Destiny Tuisano (Wain)
— Okubo, fall 2:23


Kai Auna Lagmay (Kaim) BYE
Caitlyn Tynanes (Kapo) BYE
Destiny Tuisano (Wain) BYE


Kianna Chargualaf (Camp) BYE
Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kaln) vs. Kai Auna Lagmay (Kaim)
— Pineda Abaya, fall :59
Caitlyn Tynanes (Kapo) vs. Kelsey Lee Bicoy Juario (Mol)
— Juario, dec. 7-5
Serenity Truth (Rad) vs. Destiny Tuisano (Wain)
— Tuisano, fall :58

Kianna Chargualaf (Camp) vs. Naleo Pruett (Kah)
— Chargualaf, dec. 7-1
Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kaln) vs. Ariez Igafo (Cast)
— Abaya, dec. 7-2
Kelsey Lee Bicoy Juario (Mol) vs. (4) Ini Marshall (Kapaa)
— Juario, fall :55
Destiny Tuisano (Wain) vs. Chanel Hunter (PC)
— Hunter, fall 2:04

Kianna Chargualaf (Camp) vs. Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kaln)
— Abaya, fall 2:28
Kelsey Lee Bicoy Juario (Mol) vs. Chanel Hunter (PC)
— Hunter, fall 1:51

Phoebe Pineda Abaya (Kaln) vs. Kanani Chan (KSH)
–Pineda Abaya, D 5-1
Chanel Hunter (PC) vs. (2) Faith Joy Okubo (Moan)
–Okubo, D 9-3