Girls 122

2019 State Championships

Kamehameha’s Ashley Gooman can finish with her career with a third state title. Photo by Cindy Ellen Russell/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Ashley Gooman (KSK) vs. (2) Makana Cooper (PC)
— Gooman, D 6-1

Gooman: “It’s been awhile but I missed it. Glad I’m ending with it. All three of them were difficult in different aspects. Not just the opponent but the level I had in myself. There was a lot of things I needed to work on and improve. I don’t think it was the fact that it was three. It was my last and I wanted it to be the one I remembered.”

Notes: Gooman with the takedown almost immediately but Cooper steadies herself, gets an escape and it’s 2-1 after one … Gooman starts on bottom but Cooper is hanging tough holding her down … Gooman just explodes underneath though for a quick reversal and it’s 4-1 after two as Cooper can’t get the single point … Gooman with one more nice taekdown and it’s a 6-1 victory for her THIRD state championship to cap a remarkable career.


Marisa Iha (Pun) vs. Katie Reyes (Wain)
— Iha, D 3-0


Tehya Caceres (KSH) vs. Keeya Bicoy (Molo)
– Bicoy, D 9-2



(1) Ashley Gooman (KSK) vs. (4) Tehya Caceres (KSH)
— Gooman, fall 1:33
(3) Keeya Bicoy (Mol) vs. (2) Makana Cooper (PC)
— Cooper, fall 1:35

League champions pollute the semifinals, which makes for some intriguing matchups before the expected Gooman-Cooper final. Gooman is going for her third state crown and is 13-1 all-time with the only loss coming to Tiare Ikei in last year’s final. She gets the BIIF champ, who will be rewarded with her first medal on Thursday. Cooper has wrestled almost as many state matches as Gooman in her shorter career, but only has a fourth and fifth place to show for it. Bicoy has as many years of experience as Cooper but this is the first time she has won more than one match and she will pick up her first medal.


(1) Ashley Gooman (KSK) vs. Katie Reyes (Wain)
— Gooman, dec. 9-2
Ino Terukina (Camp) vs. (4) Tehya Caceres (KSH)
— Caceres, dec. 8-2
(3) Keeya Bicoy (Mol) vs. Marissa Iha (Pun)
— Bicoy, fall 3:41
Rachel Oshita (Moan) vs. (2) Makana Cooper (PC)
— Cooper, fall 1:44


(1) Ashley Gooman (KSK) vs. Keisha Domingo (Waip)
— Gooman, fall :38
Laieikawai Tancayo (Lah) vs. Katie Reyes (Wain)
— Reyes, fall 1:42
Janessa Llego-Finney (Kail) vs. Ino Terukina (Camp)
— Terukina, fall 1:31
(4) Tehya Caceres (KSH) vs. Sierra Perryman (Maui)
— Caceres, fall 1:11
(3) Keeya Bicoy (Mol) vs. Autumn Arcangel (McK)
— Bicoy, fall 2:43
Kealani Archuleta (Pah) vs. Marissa Iha (Pun)
— Iha, fall :47
Tiani Gomes-Keahiolalo (Keal) vs. Rachel Oshita (Moan)
— Oshita, dec. 6-0
(2) Makana Cooper (PC) vs. Taysia Hiu Tilley (Kah)
— Cooper, fall 1:24


Keisha Domingo (Waip) vs. Aliza Leander (Kona)
— Domingo, fall 3:46
Sierra Perryman (Maui) vs. Tory Lu (KK)
— Perryman, fall :47
Ivette Balboa (Kalh) vs. Autumn Arcangel (McK)
— Arcangel, MD 18-8
Lainie Meyer (Kapo) vs. Taysia Hiu Tilley (Kah)
— Tilley, fall 1:52


Keisha Domingo (Waip) vs. Laieikawai Tancayo (Lah)
— Tancayo, fall 2:35
Janessa Llego-Finney (Kail) vs. Sierra Perryman (Maui)
— Perryman, TF 15-0
Autumn Arcangel (McK) vs. Kealani Archuleta (Pah)
— Arcangel, fall 1:29
Tiani Gomes-Keahiolalo (Keal) vs. Taysia Hiu Tilley (Kah)
— Gomes-Keahiolalo, fall 2:11

Laieikawai Tancayo (Lah) vs. Rachel Oshita (Moan)
— Oshita, fall 4:48
Sierra Perryman (Maui) vs. Marissa Iha (Pun)
— Iha, fall 1:17
Autumn Arcangel (McK) vs. Ino Terukina (Camp)
— Terukina, def.
Tiani Gomes-Keahiolalo (Keal) vs. Katie Reyes (Wain)
— Reyes, fall 1:56

Rachel Oshita (Moan) vs. Marissa Iha (Pun)
— Iha, fall 1:19
Ino Terukina (Camp) vs. Katie Reyes (Wain)
— Reyes, fall 1:55

Marissa Iha (Pun) vs. (4) Tehya Caceres (KSH)
–Iha, D 15-9
Katie Reyes (Wain) vs.(3) Keeya Bicoy (Mol)
–Reyes, MD 16-5