Girls 117

2019 State Championships

Kamehameha’s Alana Vivas (top) beat Waianae’s Sadie Reyes to win the 117-pound title at Officials. Photo by Kat Wade/Special to the Star-Advertiser.



(1) Alana Vivas (KSK) vs. Kili Terukina (Camp)
— Vivas, fall 1:15

Vivas: “I had no words. I just expected myself to keep moving and keep my pressure. It’s been a very long (journey). I’ve been practicing every single day.”

Notes: Pin happened so fast we missed it. Apologies. Vivas joins the great Kamehameha girls wrestlers with a state title.


Victoria Lee (Mili) vs. Sadie Reyes (Wain)
— Lee, D 7-2


Alicia Frank (Lah) vs. Codi-Jane Kamaka (Moan)
— Frank, D 8-3



(1) Alana Vivas (KSK) vs. Victoria Lee (Mil)
— Vivas, fall 1:50
Kili Terukina (Camp) vs. (2) Sadie Reyes (Wain)
— Terukina, D 8-4

What a group of surnames in these semifinals. Vivas is the obvious favorite after reaching the state final last year, she is the only one left who has a state medal on her mantle. Lee is new to states but it certainly didn’t faze her on Wednesday. Reyes, the OIA champion, gets the fourth-place finisher in her league last week and newcomer to the state scene.


(1) Alana Vivas (KSK) vs. Codi-Jane Kamaka (Moan)
— Vivas, fall 1:57
Victoria Lee (Mil) vs. Kyara Tagami (Kaln)
— Lee, fall :52
Kili Terukina (Camp) vs. Michaelah Vasquez (KK)
— Terukina, TF 16-1
(2) Sadie Reyes (Wain) vs. Lani Jenkins (Lap)
— Reyes, fall 1:29


(1) Alana Vivas (KSK) vs. Laylah Alvarado (Cast)
— Vivas, fall 1:59
Kitana Heinicke (Kona) vs. Codi-Jane Kamaka (Moan)
— Kamaka, fall 1:48
Ashlyn Agena (Waim) vs. Victoria Lee (Mil)
— Lee, fall 1:54
(4) Alicia Frank (Lah) vs. Kyara Tagami (Kaln)
— Tagami, fall 2:53
(3) Pualani Louis (Keal) vs. Kili Terukina (Camp)
— Terukina, dec. 5-2
Mona Hirose (Pun) vs. Michaelah Vasquez (KK)
— Vasquez, fall 1:39
Lani Jenkins (Lap) vs. Alana Morris (Mol)
— Jenkins, fall 3:07
(2) Sadie Reyes (Wain) vs. Jennifer Kimura (Kais)
— Reyes, fall 2:59


Precious Samuelu (McK) vs. Laylah Alvarado (Cast)
– Alvarado, fall 3:21
Kyara Tagami (Kaln) BYE
Celine Sahara (Roos) vs. Kili Terukina (Camp)
— Terukina, fall 4:46
Katlyn Vangorder (Rad) vs. Jennifer Kimura (Kais)
— Kimura, dec. 9-7


Laylah Alvarado (Cast) vs. Kitana Heinicke (Kona)
— Alvarado, fall 4:18
Ashlyn Agena (Waim) vs. (4) Alicia Frank (Lah)
— Frank, fall :49
(3) Pualani Louis (Keal) vs. Mona Hirose (Pun)
— Louis, fft.
Alana Morris (Mol) vs. Jennifer Kimura (Kais)
— Kimura, 4-1

Laylah Alvarado (Cast) vs. Lani Jenkins (Lap)
— Alvarado, fall :56
(4) Alicia Frank (Lah) vs. Michaelah Vasquez (KK)
— Frank, fall 2:52
(3) Pualani Louis (Keal) vs. Kyara Tagami (Kaln)
— Tagami, dec. 12-11
Jennifer Kimura (Kais) vs. Codi-Jane Kamaka (Moan)
— Kamaka, fall 2:09

Laylah Alvarado (Cast) vs. (4) Alicia Frank (Lah)
— Frank, fall 2:06
Kyara Tagami (Kaln) vs. Codi-Jane Kamaka (Moan)
— Kamaka, D 10-3

(4) Alicia Frank (Lah) vs. Victoria Lee (Mil)
–Lee, fall 0:59
Codi-Jane Kamaka (Moan) vs. (2) Sadie Reyes (Wain)
–Reyes, fall 3:58