Girls 112

2019 State Championships

Campbell’s Alizeih Villalpando beat Kamehameha’s Haley Narahara in the 112-pound final at Officials. Photo by Dennis Oda/Star-Advertiser.



(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Camp) vs. Rita Morales (Wain)
— Villalpando, fall 3:15

Villalpando: “I came from third place last year to making it. I came from 127 and then I cut down and it was the best weight cut in the world because now I’m a state champion. Usually I try for bars only but I could hear my coaches yelling from the side and they always tell us to listen so this time I decided to listen and I went for the bar and the half.”

Notes: Villalpando works the pin in the second period for her first state title.


Haley Narahara (KSK) vs. Lydia Dudoit (Lah)
— Narahara, fall 3:54


Kelsie Caminos Freitas (Leil) vs. Kiki Motta (KSH)
— Motta, D 9-7



(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Camp) vs. Kelsie Caminos Freitas (Lei)
— Villalpando, fall 2:37
(3) Kiki Motta (KSH) vs. Rita Morales (Wain)
— Morales, D 10-3

The OIA rules here, even with its runner up not in the semifinals. League champion Villalpando has lost only once at states in marching to third place last year but Caminos Freitas has five wins on this stage of her own. Morales matches Villalpando with a state third at a different weight class last year and has won at least once match for four straight years, going 4-1 last year for her lone medal. She opposes Motta, who entered the building on Wednesday having never won at states but propelled into the semifinals and carries the flag for the BIIF.


(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Camp) vs. Ashley Lavarias (Hilo)
— Villalpando, dec. 10-3
Kaya Akana (Waim) vs. Kelsie Caminos Freitas (Lei)
— Freitas, fall :42
(3) Kiki Motta (KSH) vs. Anjelynn Baron (Roos)
— Motta, fall 1:34
Rita Morales (Wain) vs. (2) Harley Narahara (KSK)
— Morales, fall 2:55


(1) Alizeih Villalpando (Camp) vs. Kaianne Sabagala (Kah)
— Villalpando, fall :44
Ashley Lavarias (Hilo) vs. Faith Inatsuka (Mryk)
— Lavarias, Def.
Kaya Akana (Waim) vs. Beri Maeda (Pun)
— Akana, fall 3:48
(4) Renele Andrion (Bald) vs. Kelsie Caminos Freitas (Lei)
— Freitas, dec. 9-7
(3) Kiki Motta (KSH) vs. Kailee Wilcox (Nan)
— Motta, fall 3:31
Barbara Simon (Mol) vs. Anjelynn Baron (Roos)
— Baron, fall 1:20
Lydia Dudoit (Lah) vs. Rita Morales (Wain)
— Morales, fall 4:36
(2) Harley Narahara (KSK) vs. Kaiulani Bednorz (Keaau)
— Narahara, fall :30


Kaianne Sabagala (Kah) vs. Chez Panui (Aiea)
— Sabagala, fall 1:32
Jennifer Gallardo (Keal) vs. Kelsie Caminos Freitas (Lei)
— Caminos Freitas, fall 3:41
Kailee Wilcox (Nan) vs. Alyssa Mateo-Grafton (Moan)
— Wilcox, fall 1:20
Kaiulani Bednorz (Keaau) BYE


Kaianne Sabagala (Kah) vs. Faith Inatsuka (Mryk)
— Sablaga, fft.
Beri Maeda (Pun) vs. (4) Renele Andrion (Bald)
— Andrion, fall :50
Kailee Wilcox (Nan) vs. Barbara Simon (Mol)
— Wicox, fall :39
Lydia Dudoit (Lah) vs. Kaiulani Bednorz (Keaau)
— Dudoit, fft.

Kaianne Sabagala (Kah) vs. (2) Haley Narahara (KSK)
— Narahara, dec. 6-0
(4) Renele Andrion (Bald) vs. Anjelynn Baron (Roos)
— Baron, dec. 4-0
Kailee Wilcox (Nan) vs. Kaya Akana (Waim)
— Wilcox, fall :18
Lydia Dudoit (Lah) vs. Ashley Lavarias (Hilo)
— Dudoit, dec. 11-5

(2) Harley Narahara (KSK) vs. Anjelynn Baron (Roos)
— Narahara, D 2-0
Kailee Wilcox (Nan) vs. Lydia Dudoit (Lah)
— Dudoit, fall 2:06

(2) Harley Narahara (KSK) vs. Kelsie Caminos Freitas (Lei)
–Narahara, MD 9-1
Lydia Dudoit (Lah) vs. (3) Kiki Motta (KSH)
–Dudoit, fall 4:15