Girls 102

2019 State Championships

Baldwin’s Tianna Fernandez earned the win at Officials at 102 pounds by beating Aiea’s Brianna Funakoshi in the finals. Photo by Kat Wade/Special to the Star Advertiser



(1) Tianna Fernandez (Bald) vs. (2) Majesty Terukina (Camp)
— Fernandez, fall 1:44

Fernandez: “I was focusing. It was the last match of season and I just gave it my all. It means everything. I’ve been wrestling for four years trying to be a state champion and now I finally did it.”

Notes: QUICK two points to start for Fernandez … Fernandez works the pin with 16 seconds left in the first round and her fourth state medal is the BIG ONE.


Kennedy Javier (Mili) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)
— Funakoshi, D 4-1


Savannah Ramos (Leil) vs. Kalai Tengan (KSK)
— Ramos, fall 2:18



(1) Tianna Fernandez (Bald) vs. Kennedy Javier (Mil)
— Fernandez, fall :23
(3) Kalai Tengan (KSK) vs. (2) Majesty Terukina (Camp)
— Terukina, D 4-2

Fernandez is locked in for her fourth state medal, she reached the state final two years ago. She has a matter of redemption to earn against Javier, the Trojan beat her in consolation last year to force her to slip to fifth. Both of them are 8-3 in state matches, with Javier winning five last year. The other semifinal is made up of relative newcomers, with Tengan coming off a fifth-place finish last year and Terukina unbeaten in her first state tournament.


(1) Tianna Fernandez (Bald) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)
— Fernandez, dec. 10-6
Kennedy Javier (Mil) vs. Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun)
— Javier, dec. 9-8
(3) Kalai Tengan (KSK) vs. Nalani Kirkman (Lah)
— Tengan, dec. 3-0
Savannah Ramos (Lei) vs. (2) Majesty Terukina (Camp)
— Terukina, fall 2:57


(1) Tianna Fernandez (Bald) vs. Keara Botanes (Kapo)
— Fernandez, fall 3:43
Kaycie Tanimoto (HBA) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)
— Funakoshi, dec. 6-5
Shaelin Manibog (Kauai) vs. Kennedy Javier (Mil)
— Javier, fall 1:37
(4) Taylia Lee (Hilo) vs. Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun)
— Kogachi, fall 5:07
(3) Kalai Tengan (KSK) vs. Jaunisty Malaia-Naehu (Wain)
— Tengan, fall 3:14
Caitlin Yap (Moan) vs. Nalani Kirkman (Lah)
— Kirkman, fall 3:21
Shannen Arellano (Keal) vs. Savannah Ramos (Lei)
— Ramos, fall :22
(2) Majesty Terukina (Camp) vs. Hannah Li (Roos)
— Terukina, fall :42


Keara Botanes (Kapo) BYE
Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun) vs. Brook Chang (Kah)
— Kogachi, fall :53
Tiffany Ly (Kaln) vs. Jaunisty Malaia-Naehu (Wain)
— Malaia-Naehu, fall :43
Hannah Li (Roos) BYE


Keara Botanes (Kapo) vs. Kaycie Tanimoto (HBA)
— Tanimoto, fall 1:27
Shaelin Manibog (Kauai) vs. (4) Taylia Lee (Hilo)
— Lee, fall 4:51
Caitlin Yap (Moan) vs. Jaunisty Malaia-Naehu (Wain)
— Malaia-Naehu, dec. 5-3
Shannen Arellano (Keal) vs. Hannah Li (Roos)
— Arellano, fall 4:22

Kaycie Tanimoto (HBA) vs. Savannah Ramos (Lei)
— Ramos, fall 4:41
(4) Taylia Lee (Hilo) vs. Nalani Kirkman (Lah)
— Kirkman, fall 3:49
Jaunisty Malaia-Naehu (Wain) vs. Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun)
— Kogachi, dec. 3-2
Shannen Arellano (Keal) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)
— Funakoshi, fall 4:45

Savannah Ramos (Lei) vs. Nalani Kirkman (Lah)
— Ramos, fall :50
Madison-Joy Kogachi (Pun) vs. Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea)
— Funakoshi, D 5-3

Savannah Ramos (Lei) vs. Kennedy Javier (Mil)
–Javier, D 9-7
Brianna Funakoshi (Aiea) vs. (3) Kalai Tengan (KSK)
–Funakoshi, D 5-4